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Eugenics: The Appeal Will Never Die

Its appeal can be understood instantly: much as we breed horses, cull our fields, and choose strains of yeast and hops for our beer, we can use this power to make better humans.

As this young lady says:

Yes, I do believe in selective breeding. Anyone who has ever said black women should “choose better” also believes in selective breeding. I also believe that through selective breeding and REAL matriarchal nurturing by Dark Magical females, the offspring of melanated women can be the most physically, intellectually, emotionally and mentally balanced and adaptable human beings on the planet: the ‘New Super Race’. There’s one more thing (a specific piece of biotechnology) that would set the “super race” apart from all other humans. But I won’t share that here. The idea would only be ridiculed by simple folk.

Humans can and should be bred to live up to the fullest of their potential. There is nothing ‘racist’ about wanting human race to be brilliant.

Her specific methods may not be comprehensible or sensible to this writer, but her general approach shows why eugenics is one of the enduring fascinations of humanity.

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