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The Evil Emperors of The Amerikan Empire IV: William Jefferson Clinton


Democracy fetishists like to claim that democracies will consistently avoid really bad leaders. They’ll readily admit to not exactly nominating Charlemagne for the presidency in recent US elections. But they’ll insist that the democratic rise of Hitler was far more of a Black Swan Event than the reigns of Roman Emporers Commodus or Elegabolus.

Strip away the shrink-wrap cocoon of ego-gratifying, jingoistic Whig History and we discover that at least six recent Amerikan Emperors could qualify as legitimate evil emporers who have materially and morally worsened the commonweal of the average decent American citizen. Today we describe the nefarious contributions of the odious William Jefferson Clinton.

Just what do we expect from our leadership? Is there a belief that Caesar’s Wife must be above suspicion? Maybe we could start with Caesar himself. Whether you like, dislike or don’t even notice the policies of an encroaching government, the behavior and the values of a leader set a pace for the entire society. As H. Ross Perot famously put it: “If his wife can’t trust him, why should we?” Did H. Ross have a point instead of a nuerosis? Yes he did.

The biggest failure in moral criticisms of Bill Clinton is to focus on his torqued-up sexuality and clearly warped lower chakras. Badly torqued morality warps what you do with your smarter head as well. When somebody is in charge of something important, like the nation that dduring the 1990s was the unchallanged global superpower, an evil man has the opportunity to leave a depraved and lasting legacy. Bill CLinton’s legacy would not be his choice in sexual paramours. Instead it the choices of talented, dedicated and evil people he made and the extent to which he empowered and stocked the armories of the Amerikan Cathedral.

When Mencius Moldbug spoke of the Cathedral he described the key institutions: the media, the universities, the government. Bill Clinton added fourth and fifth pillars: the corrupted and converged industrial firm and the weaponized non-profit organization. Yet these pillars of the Cathedral are just the architecture. Bill Clinton’s evil genius was in how he provided this Modern form of tyranny bricks and mortar. A Cathedral only serves effectively if it is staffed with the proper cadre of priests.

When you hear the names Eric Holder, George Stephanopoulos, Jamie Gorlick, John Corzine, Rahm Emanuel, James “Serpent Head” Carville, Paul Begala, Huma Abedin, Webster Hubbell, and Sandy Berger several things come to mind. There is corruption. There is partisanship. There is the certain, twisted loyalty. They all, above all other considerations, protect The Precious with the unhinged ferocity of Gollum. Every one of them owes the majority of their success and prominance to their connections to Bill and Hillary Clinton. It is to the Clinton Empire they pledge their alliegance and service, rather to the myriad of institutions into which these cyphers have all been strategically plugged.

When Goldman-Sachs forbids its senior managers from donating to predidential candidates not named Clinton, Bill CLinton’s recruitment and cultivation of malignant people extends his power over Amerika far past the end of his reign. When Matt Lauer (A Clinton Foundation member good and true) moderates a presidential debate in which Hillary Clinton competes, we see the continued dividends of Bill CLinton’s investment in Cathedral Staff. When Lauer is castigated for disloyalty by “fair and unbiased” media figures like Paul Begala of CNN, that Clinton Army continues its march.

When Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are taxpayer-renumerated parking places for Eric Holder, Jamie Gorlick and Rahm Emanuel until another Democratic Party Administration can take office, the Clinton Crony Maintenance Plan shows its logistical brilliance. When Sandy Berger can go into The National Archives and stuff documents that Bill and Hillary don’t like seeing stored there into his underwear and walk out of the building in broad daylight, we are now a nation of men, not laws.

To understand why Bill CLinton is an Evil Amerikan Emperor, ignore the stupid and salacious. We on the Alt-Right waste no time dragging $100 dollar bills through the trailer park along with Lindsay Graham. A Chinese aphorism states: “If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want a century of prosperity, grow people.”

If you’ve ever stopped and wondered why every decision made by the government, why every media story promotes ¡HILLARY!, why all universities are celebrating (((Diversity))), then go ahead and ask the simple, exasperated question: “Who hires therse guys!?” The answer in a depressing number of cases is one of Amerika’s most insidious evil emperors. The guy who hired all these people who help Cthulhu swim far more rapidly to port is none other than William Jefferson Clinton. The mess upon the dress is far less sticky and disgusting than the ongoing staff of sycophants who continue governing Amerika on behalf of Bill Clinton long after his last helicopter flight away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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