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Escaping Non-Biological Frameworks

When humans create civilizations, they invent Systems, or procedures for getting things done. The more System you have in your world, the less reality you will have, so these eventually self-destruct. This shows us typical human solipsism: exclude all but the human, then get whacked in the face by reality.

Our modernity society grew around the idea of a System instead of people of quality to run it. As life shows us, “Systems” including meritocracies tend to select people who are good at the System instead of those who are good at thinking, discerning, and making the fine-tuned decisions required for long-term positive outcomes.

People like Systems for social reasons; that is, they want to believe that they are good, and that no one else will get something which they cannot have, or be able to attack them for their inadequacies. The failing of humanity is its fear.

Systems tend to operate on social principles. Whatever is most popular, wins. People can do whatever they want as long as they do not do something that destabilizes the System, including both the basic taboos (murder, assault, rape, theft) and the primary taboo (not supporting the System).

Ironically, Systems tend to replace more functional ways of life based on the quality of people, and replicate their worst aspects without the good. As Edmund Burke observed:

As these are the pretexts, so the ordinary actors and instruments in great public evils are kings, priests, magistrates, senates, parliaments, national assemblies, judges, and captains. You would not cure the evil by resolving that there should be no more monarchs, nor ministers of state, nor of the gospel; no interpreters of law; no general officers; no public councils. You might change the names. The things in some shape must remain. A certain quantum of power must always exist in the community, in some hands, and under some appellation.

You cannot get rid of power, hierarchy, and social standards; you can only replace them with other versions which, since they are based on the fear of individuals weaponized by a collective or Crowd, will be inferior.

Social methods choose utilitarian outcomes, or those which most people think are good. However, very few are qualified to be neurosurgeons, airplane pilots, athletes, and professors; why do we think that the everyday person, especially in the echo chamber of a group, makes a good leader?

Systems value method over outcome. They are perpetual means-over-ends systems, which restricts behavior to that which is unthreatening, in turn making any actual goal impossible, since having a goal will conflict with something else that the herd desires.

In a System, it does not matter who you are, but what you believe, and if you have the right ideology, you can be part of the System and will be promoted for this fact. Not surprisingly, Systems universally end in incompetent permanent bureaucratic classes running the society into the ground.

If we accept that people have different quality and innate abilities, equality goes out the window, so societies in the grip of a System make this their primary taboo. You must support the System, and to do that you must support equality, the bureaucratic method of treating each case as identical to all others with no consideration for time, quality, or prior events.

In the name of equality, we support diversity, which is how we know that every Western society at this time is in the grips of Leftism, since they all demand denial of ethnic identity:

The liberal state does not recognize any ethno-cultural identity of its citizens. No relevant Western nation includes the defense of ethno-cultural identity in its constitution. At best, the liberal state is neutral regarding the identities of its citizens, at worst it tries to overcome them. Right-wing populists meanwhile dream of a “liberalism without foreigners” as it perhaps existed in the first one to three decades after World War II.

Thus we see things come full circle. Citizens adopt System, System dominates citizens, System replaces citizens. You cannot get rid of the kings; you can only get inferior substitutes, and pay for it with a Darwin Award for your nation. Yay democracy!

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