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DiversityWatch (November 8, 2023)




  • U.S., NATO to Suspend Participation in Landmark Cold War Arms Treaty

    East Slavs continue aggression toward Western Europe as the Russian economy faces dire long-term effects, while simultaneously China pushes for war in its theater before its economy implodes. Either way, the world is gearing up for war.

  • Mass Grave Recalls the Ugly Past of a City Where ‘Life Is Sweeter’

    Let us pick apart Leftist propaganda:

    But beneath Sugar Land’s success lies a disturbing piece of Black history. For decades after slavery was abolished in the United States, a prison farm that grew sugar for the Imperial refinery relied on the forced labor of prison inmates, most of them Black men, including many who had been locked up for conduct as minor as loitering or not having a job.

    The weasel words here are “as minor as” which is the equivalent of McDonald’s statement “made with 100% beef,” which promises only that some 100% beef goes into the burger, if we read by the letter of the language and not the intent of its common usage. Saying that convicts were locked up for crimes “as minor as” requires only that some of them were locked up for these crimes, possibly in addition to others, and conceals the likely fact that most of them did something far more serious or did the minor crime in addition to something far more serious.

    In 2018, the remains of 95 African Americans — 94 men and one believed to have been a woman — were found during the construction of a technical school in Sugar Land.

    We are led to believe this is a mass grave in the sense of a big trench with bodies dumped in it after a killing, but in fact it looks like a prison graveyard for those who died indigent without family in prison. They admit later in the article that these were “unmarked graves” which does not state whether these graves once had markers that rotted away or were later removed.

    The group also knows, from its analysis of the remains, that they endured great suffering — from gunshot wounds, sun stroke, traumatic brain injuries and pneumonia.

    Note that they do not say when these injuries were inflicted. Someone who went to prison with a healed bullet wound or traumatic brain injury and then died of pneumonia and was buried in a grave with a wooden marker would qualify. Their propaganda always uses weasel words because their audience is self-pitying and likes images of suffering that validate its fear of reality and its manic desire to replace it with (illusory) human control.

  • ‘Stop the Steal’ Is Working

    Two centuries ago, political machines like Tammany Hall operated by the same principles by which the third world endures: a wealthy warlord, controlling everything, traded favors for loyalty. In that case, they bought votes from the new Irish immigrants who could rely on the warlord for quick loans, getting out of jail, or even just a case of whisky every election season. Now the political machines — these are endemic to democracy — work by mail-in voting, “helping” the non compos mentis elderly to fill in ballots, busing loads of alcoholic homeless to vote in exchange for a bottle, and other nasty tricks. The voters tolerated a dubious election; this was not the first. The systematic refusal to investigate it by the government however put people on edge, and now as Biden scandals, vote fraud, and other political machine trickery come tumbling out of even the lapdog press, suspicion runs high and Trump remains the only straight shooter on the ticket. He also correctly identified issues like immigration, big government, and the welfare state as not just ideological/symbolic problems but everyday commonsense real-world ones, and the voters are starting to see how he was right all along.

  • GOP Donors Learn Nothing, Support Immigration Enthusiast Nikki Haley

    The GOP suffers from the conflict between pragmatism and realism. Pragmatism says worth with the system as it is, which means carrying forward failed Leftist programs as well as semi-functional conservative ones, where realism says look at results in reality and ditch anything that is underperforming. To keep the welfare state (social security, obamacare, welfare, HUD) alive, the GOP must keep the Keynesian circular Ponzi scheme going and that requires pumping up our numbers with a constant flood of cheap labor. The voters want off of that treadmill and to focus on increasing the value of our production instead, consistent with supply-side economics as even Left-leaning “conservatives” like Hitler recognized, which will require tackling difficult French Revolutiony issues like unions and the regulatory bureaucracy.

  • Platforms Must Stop Unjustified Takedowns of Posts By and About Palestinians

    Privacy activists finally notice social media censorship, having slept through the last couple decades of massive censorship of opinions regarding race and diversity in general. We now know this censorship was government-sponsored at the same time the post-Clinton USA pushed hard for worldwide diversity and humanism.

  • Kmart: Australian supermarket pulls ‘Merry Ham-mas’ Christmas bag

    Apparently a “Jewish group” objected to the similar of “Ham-mas” to “Hamas.” While one can sympathize with them, this is ridiculous, even if the original product should have been pulled for other reasons.

  • Star of David graffiti in Paris – the Russian connection

    It is easy to play the Western press since it is an ideological press. Ideology means designing our plans based on symbols that reflect approved methods, deflecting the question of goals, and therefore if you find the right combination of symbols, fear of heresy breaks out and the media fans the flames, giving you the publicity and division you wanted. The best part: no one can tell if this was pro-Israel or anti-Jewish symbolic vandalism.

  • Lloyd’s of London will pay £52million over historical slavery links – but will not give cash directly to descendants of slaves

    The shakedown continues. Just like in the third world, the bureaucrats will get the money and spend it mostly on salaries, leaving whatever “inequalities” they bemoan intact so they can ask for more in the next election cycle.

  • Harris County is the most ethnically diverse county in Texas, new state population data shows

    The new South Africa slowly reveals itself: a county which votes almost exclusively for Leftists, is deep in debt, has dubious accounting, and cannot seem to have roads without massive potholes everywhere.


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