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DiversityWatch (November 3, 2023)


  • Australian intelligence needs a better strategy to meet its recruiting challenge

    “Conventional wisdom” in any field usually refers to following trends. The new trend has been for awhile to assume that all the Whites are going to die and so we need to replace them with diversity in all fields. Results turn out to be less than expected, but no one wants to feel out of step, so even Australian intelligence agencies are following yet another moronic trend.

  • PM orders aid for 162 Thais trapped in Myanmar fighting

    Diversity conflicts break out all over the world yet the first world press is reticent to cover them in depth. Could it be that seeing diversity fail everywhere it is tried would have an effect on our voting here? The Leftist Establishment — the “deep state” of permanent bureaucracy, which depends on civil rights for its legitimacy — cannot have that.

  • Jewish Lives Matter

    “Antisemitism” like “racism” is a predictable response to diversity, and diversity advocates scapegoat it for the consistent and widespread failures of diversity. We need a WASP America, and reparations-with-repatriation for everyone else, including Muslims and Jews, especially now that Muslims are going to commit a genocide upon Jews that we will be blamed for. In the meantime, most anti-Jews are blaming the wrong thing for the source of our decline, even if diversity is a contributing factor along with the nepotism and aggression of specific diversity groups.

  • Hezbollah leader threatens to escalate his group’s fighting in ‘holy war,’ says US will have to ‘pay dearly’

    Bullies are people who do not have actual strength who are hoping to scare others into compliance by demonstrating a specific strength. Your average high schooly bully for example has a disaster home life, but he is bigger than some kids, so he threatens to beat them up despite not being a trained fighter and therefore, potentially losing to any kid who knows some karate, jiu-jitsu, or just street smarts (hit him in the nuts, hit him in the nose, then kick him in the base of the skull). In this statement, Hezbollah actually signals weakness because it identifies an Israeli invasion as the only trigger for its attack. In other words, Hezbollah is backing down while signaling hard on strength it does not have. Almost all third-world politics is bullying, and like all bullies, they never have a Plan B. They either scare you into submission or back down.

  • Moving the Goal Posts on the Hunter Biden Investigation

    Looks like the common denominator between the Clintons, 0bama, and Biden is China. They all seemed to get quite rich taking in mystery money for favors. The New Tammany Hall has figured out how to enrich itself using globalism.

  • Defund the United Nations to save the world from Hamas and other butchers

    The UN is a democracy of nations. The third world wants to destroy the first world, and they own the vote at the UN. This means that whenever the UN acts, it acts to destroy and replace the first world. What did George Washington say about entangling alliances?

  • Many divorcees end up with nothing or only debt after divorce, says new study

    It turns out that the best defense against divorce is to remortgage the house, spend all your money, go into debt, and then laugh as the court crashes with a divide-by-zero error.

  • German voters see antisemitism on the rise

    Germans, tired of being blamed for the Holocaust, are now seeing anti-Semitism rise again, this time from the third world refugees that Germany has unwisely allowed to settle there.

  • Serbian authorities detain over 700 illegal migrants as crackdown on Hungarian border continues

    Poorer countries have a lot more to lose with this immivasion, since they have less spare cash to spend on housing, feeding, medicating, and placing these migrants. For this reason they are the first to start stopping the flow, but as Western Europe finds itself faced with debt, military expenses, and recession, it will fall into line as well.

  • Jordanian national arrested in Houston allegedly planned attack on Jews

    With diversity, international conflicts happen in your nation as well as abroad, and without a constant surveillance state will be more frequent.

  • Loudoun County students stage walkout to protest transgender bathroom policy

    People want to share bathrooms with others of the same biological sex so that they are not subject to the judgment of the opposite biological sex, which 98% of them rely on for future mates and families.

  • Did We Steal America from the Indians?

    The “Noble Savage” myth dies hard, but looking into Amerinds, one finds wandering groups that enslaved, killed, raped, and tortured each other in a primitive society which had none of the benevolent attributes granted to it by liberal retellings.



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