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Why Conservatives Always Fail

We might posit the existence of two political tendencies in humanity, the “localist” tendency which looks at what is known to the individual, and the “universalist” tendency which considers all of humanity to have one mind and one way of looking at reality.

The localists tend to rely on hard experience instead of theory, and to look toward time-honored methods because those have worked in diverse situations for aeons, instead of trusting in whatever trend is going on at the time. The universalists want to participate in those trends for a feeling of unity and peace.

Advantage goes to the universalists because they know how to motivate groups, and in fact derive their universalism from wanting to be part of the group and be protected by it. They work backward from what is popular to what they can believe; the localists work from what they know outward, and worry about popularity later because it is distant to them.

Conservatives belong to the localist group, and they are always taken unaware by trends because they are focused on the local. Universalists, on the other hand, manage to build consensus but are always taken unaware by the reaction that reality has to their little plans and schemes.

Although they have arguably the saner argument, conservatives always lose because they have no idea what the rest are talking about and no interest in it until it wins the election. They are busy with their jobs, families, neighborhoods, hobbies, churches, and friends.

Essentially oblivious to the wider world, conservatives always settle for the same coping strategy: they give up on the world and focus on what they can change, which makes them Useful Idiots as tax funding for the rest of the group. The more they try for a “Benedict Option,” the stronger their opposition grows.

If you need a reason to ignore conservative media, this tendency explains why they will never say anything of relevance to you. Their goal is simply to sell you things while convincing you to stay in your little localist circle, and they sell out to the universalists at the first chance they get.

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