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DiversityWatch (November 27, 2023)


  • NYC law banning discrimination based on height and weight goes into effect

    Equality — a form of reality pattern denial, since if things were equal in nature all activity would cease, a state of living death like primitive visions of the Judeo-Christian Heaven — takes its final form: reality does not matter, just be useless but compliant and the Crowd will support you. Now equality can begin penalizing anyone who insists on the obvious reality instead of the symbolic fantasy which is pitched by the neurotics who have been produced by easy living and individualism in democracy, which nonetheless is so unstable that its citizens live in a constant state of trauma.

  • Poll Shows Canadians Moving Beyond Naive ‘Diversity Is Our Strength’ Rhetoric

    People repeat “diversity is our strength” because diversity is a symbol tied to emotions, not a blueprint linked to results in reality. When diversity hits its tipping point of twenty percent in certain crucial areas, the monster reveals itself, and people realize that it is in fact coming for them. However, it is too late, because diversity already controls a swing vote, which means that people who pander to diversity come out to run the political machine on the votes of the anti-majority coalition.

  • Arizona gave families public money for private schools. Then private schools raised tuition.

    When school choice became an issue, supposedly savvy conservatives upbraided me for suggesting that we just cut that property taxes and let people purchase education for their children with the money they would save. Now they see why I was right: when you give free money to “the poor” (mostly a synonym for “the diversity” here in the US) they will take their kids to private schools, which rapidly realize that this is a threat to the quality of education they can deliver and raise their own rates to keep the poor kids out. Poverty arises from lower IQs. So does crime and vandalism.

  • ‘F*ck White People’: YAF chapter shares video of campus group speaker blaming white people for ‘where we are in our world’

    Every now and then the third world tells you exactly what they think, which is a simple option, really: they either admit that the first world is doing something right that no one else is doing, or they deny this and instead blame the first world for succeeding, claiming that its success comes from theft instead of having functional institutions that the third world lacks, having higher IQ, and having suppressed individualism so that collaboration could occur. Whatever we have, they want to steal, desecrate, and destroy so that no one has more than they do. The drive toward equality is a reaction in fear to evolution.

  • Black Friday is an environmental nightmare. The Victorians had a much more sustainable approach to fashion

    The Victorian approach was to end diversity, make sure that only the upper classes could really afford fashion, and then reuse and repair items instead of acquiring new ones in order to show off newfound wealth to other proles like in the third world.

  • Having a single parent doesn’t determine your life chances. Data shows poverty is far more important

    Some days you might think we created science and language merely to lie to one another. In this study, poverty is a proxy for lower IQ, and as you hear around here daily, lower IQ means lower wealth-generating potential because the latter comes from having skills. Instead of admitting that to have a first-world society we need people with skills, democracy has attached itself to the “warm bodies” narrative which holds that it does not matter who you get, so long as you hit them with socialist subsidies, state education, and lots of rules and procedures. As the competence crisis shows us, this is not working out so well.

  • Climate crisis: What to consider if you’re questioning whether to have children

    They want all nice White people to stop having kids so that the third world diversity can take over, since it — being lower average IQ — is more pliable and can be “bought” for “free” stuff from government, which ensures continuity and perpetuity of Leftist rule.

  • The far right is moving into Europe’s mainstream

    His point here is a good one: the far-Right does not want at the present time to create a far-Right dictatorship, but to change the dialogue and therefore stop the slide to the Left and into the suicide brought by diversity, which now gentile and Jew alike (as well as everyone else) can recognize as entirely toxic. Most of what we need to do now involves repealing civil/human rights laws and socialist benefits. With those gone, the entire Leftist model collapses, and so does the diversity industry, at which point our societies can become self-sufficient again. Ironically, this is also best for the environment because it slashes commuting and transport pollution.

  • When Does Federal Debt Reach Unsustainable Levels?

    According to the economists and actuaries, we have about twenty years left of reckless spending before the monetary system collapses. Most likely, we will blow through the debt money far sooner because spending like this tends to accelerate at an exponential rate because as government grows, so do the many sources requiring money. We spent it all on anti-racism and anti-poverty programs, so surely those problems have been erased; if they were not, it was because all along this was a jobs program for bureaucrats and other parasites.

  • How to Avoid Defeat in Ukraine

    For some reason, after meeting with Xi Jinping, Biden no longer wants to confront Russia, so he is withholding vital weapons from Ukraine and giving them humanitarian aid instead in order to force them to accept Russian occupation. Biden seems to have never encountered a war he could not lose. In reality, the will in Ukraine is there to fight, but they face a better-armed adversary with more young lives to waste. If we disrupted the Russian network of allies while giving Ukraine serious weaponry, Ukraine would be enough of a threat to Russia that Russia would accept a saner negotiated peace.

  • Human rights law demands climate change adaptation, researchers say

    Tyranny always arrives saying that it is acting in your best interests, and human/civil rights law provided a blank cheque for the bureaucracy to attain unprecedented wealth and power. Now they desire the final transformation: a worldwide bureaucracy that keeps everyone but bureaucrats living in tiny concrete apartments, eating soy goo, and owning nothing but spending all day fixated on entertainment. This is most convenient for the bureaucrats, unfortunately for us it also destroys civilizations.

  • Minor, in a Major Key

    Leftists want to re-write history to make inconsequential Black classical composers seem like they were major figures, when in fact they had nothing to do with the wider musical movement. First they tear down your statues, then they edit the books, and finally they retcon diversity into your past so it seems inevitable that everyone race-mixes and we get a new equal grey race that lives in peace through apathy.

  • Lost Iraqi child at Polish-Belarus border was a total fake

    When the Left needs to drum up support, it either tells partial truths or wholly invents stories to manipulate the credulous and neurotic base into overthrowing conservatives.

  • Ferris State U.’s Jim Crow Museum features tree with noose, KKK robes, ‘whites only’ signs

    Instead of recognizing that diversity has always been a problem, they moralize, which is a way of using self-pity to control others.

  • 5,200 years of migrations from Mexico to California may be the origin of a mystery language

    Aztecs may have had a Peruvian origin and later spread northward into parts of California, although most were eventually driven off by the Amerinds of North America who were famed for their delight in torture, rape, murder, and theft.

  • Here’s why union support is so high right now

    Study finds that when people believe their own social status to be low, they join unions in order to strike back against those above them. It turns out that all these demands for “equality” have nothing to do with suffering and everything to do with jealousy and revenge.

  • Antisemitism in Germany: A ‘lack of empathy?’

    The Left always pitches empathy and altruism, but the truth is that having different populations in the same country is a recipe for insanity, conflict, and collapse.

  • Poor Inuit housing ‘direct result of colonialism’: federal housing advocate

    As usual, the diversity grift continues. “Human rights” justifies free housing, advocates say, which shows us how egalitarianism was always about property and never about justice.

  • Samuel Paty: Six French teenagers on trial over teacher’s murder

    Unlike most teachers, this one followed a spirit of inquiry and openness, which prompted the diversity to murder him because they know that if subjected to actual intellectual rigor, their justifications of victimhood would collapse and diversity would be seen as the Leftist occupation that it is.

  • Suspect in shooting of 3 men of Palestinian descent near the University of Vermont pleads not guilty

    Man who was barely paying attention finally notices the threat of diversity, so acts out in an inefficient manner by shooting three of the third world parasite army and then getting arrested.

  • ‘Frightening’ – Germans are assaulted, murdered, and raped in huge numbers by migrants, according to federal crime data

    Life is mathematical. Your tribe is either autonomous or a vassal. If it is a vassal, it is subject to the rules of another tribe which can destroy it at any time. For this reason, in a diverse society, every tribe fights for power, and they do it through crime, sabotage, subterfuge, vandalism, and grifting. We see the same results in every country foolish enough to drink the diversity kool-aide.

  • New Zealand’s new PM to scrap ‘generational smoking ban’

    Diversity has so bankrupted our governments that they depend on taxes from cigarette sales to stay in business.

  • Tightening the initial standard immigrants must meet when seeking asylum is a focus of talks aiming at a bipartisan border deal in the Senate.

    They continue to attempt patching a broken system, forgetting that the diversity comes here for the free stuff, if you let any in more will come, and that our citizens are getting paid less than they need, especially after the hurricane of currency devaluation that is Bidenomics.

  • Virginia doctor, Siavash Sobhani, who was born in US loses his CITIZENSHIP after applying for new passport because his dad was Iranian diplomat and he wasn’t entitled to claim it

    Any fraud that was used to obtain a benefit invalidates that benefit. This even applies to presidential amnesties and immigration laws. If these are found to be dubious, almost all diversity could find itself without American or European citizenship. When conservatives make things work again, the voters will be receptive to this because the diversity wrecking ball threatens their futures.

  • Rep. Gallagher seeing red over satanic Christmas tree in Wisconsin: ‘Absolutely crazy’

    Pluralism means that every religion can be represented, just like diversity means that you get ethnically replaced. One wonders if these people even look words up in the dictionary before voting in support of them because their coworkers think it is a good idea.

  • Ireland’s Leader Leo Varadkar Pushes for New “Hate Speech” Laws

    So it always goes when people start noticing the failures of diversity and socialism. In this case, these new laws may force you to unlock your phone if you are suspected of anti-diversity speech, thought, or imagery.

  • Christie blames Trump for nationwide spike in Islamophobia, antisemitism

    Ask yourself who the collaborators are. They are more interested in using diversity as a justification for slamming their political opponents and arguing for their own power than they are interested in the effects of diversity on their nation. What do they care, after all, since they live in exclusive gated communities on fat government salaries which they can increase to match “inflation” with a vote at any time. Trump irritates the bureaucrat class because he intends to replace them with people who can do the job better and cheaper. They fear competition, and diversity is their hedge against the Herd waking up and making things right.

  • Border Patrol chiefs tell lawmakers of ‘demoralizing’ migrant surge

    Someone is giving these migrants the entry points, routes, and cash to travel them, and it has resulted in a wave that completely overwhelms our own system, which is being sabotaged by Democrats from within. The Left are peasants pretending to be kings and it is not working out so well for us when they are in power.

  • To Shrink Learning Gap, This District Offers Classes Separated by Race

    “But that is going back to segregation,” whined conservatives who ignore how much ethnic identity plays a role in the well-being of most people on Earth. Having given up their own ethnic identity to a religion and a flag, they have no idea what it means to want to be around people like you and why the lack of stress brought on by members of other groups in the classroom leads to better learning.

  • How asylum-seekers pay to cross Russian-Finnish border

    Getting into the West is like winning a lottery. When you get here, you immediately get on the socialist benefits train and housing, food, and work are provided for you, with the latter being optional. This is why people are willing to pay to get in. The backstory about fleeing unstable regimes is a joke because all of the third world is comprised of unstable regimes which are run from behind the scenes by mafias and warlords anyway. The Clintons want to recreate that system here.

  • With antisemitism rising as the Israel-Hamas war rages, Europe’s Jews worry

    Slowly it is dawning on people that the ethnonationalists were right: you are only safe, confident, and happy among your own people in your own nation, and never as a foreigner dwelling abroad.

  • Wealthy Jewish families are rejecting the Ivy League for ‘Plan B’ schools

    The Ivy Leagues just managed to alienate one of the few groups keeping their statistics up. Expect Whites to bail as well, and soon these schools will be hard-pressed to keep their place in the ranking. Go woke, get buck broke.

  • Irish villagers erect roadblocks to stop government from bussing migrants into their community

    Over the past two decades, Ireland has been inundated with migrants, fundamentally changing the character of the cities. The people in rural areas want to avoid the same fate, but the diversity government is hellbent on replacing its native population. Then again, if we sent all the Irish-descended Americans back, the diversity would be greatly minimized, contributing to the unpopularity of others coming there.

  • Majority of Brits want 5-year immigration freeze to allow public services to catch up

    As we have told you here before, the diversity experiment comes down to paying for the welfare state. Most people in the West no longer believe in their nations, which seem permanently ruined by democracy, and therefore just want to keep the free stuff from government rolling until they personally expire.

  • Framing nationalism in former colonies

    The secret to ending diversity involves finding strong nationalist elites, usually from among the wealthy, who are willing to guide a society after the diversity is removed. Nationalism works; internationalism produces only confusion and decline.

  • What may have sparked the mutiny in Sierra Leone

    A typical diversity event:

    High unemployment mean lots of people want steady government jobs, she explains. This means the stakes are high during elections – people feel they need to be affiliated with certain parties in order to have access to state jobs and other benefits.

    “If your political party loses, that means someone else comes in and if you’ve been open about your political affiliation you lose all you have: influence, opportunities and access.”

    She explains: “When a new government comes in, even within the military and the police, when it comes to promotions, transfers, retirement they favour certain ethnic groups.”

    Internal ethnic conflict slowly destroys nations. We see the same thing going on here in the West, where minorities view Democrat wins as bringing them wealth, although that might be changing as the Democrats switch loyalty to Hispanics and China at the expense of other minority groups.

  • Mexico cancels conference on 1960s and 1970s rights violations raising claims of censorship

    Mexico continually struggles with the tensions between its Amerind workers and its European ruling class. This got out of control in the 1960s and 1970s, but continues in the present through the tendency of the workers to want socialism while the elites want a more libertarian state.

  • Overturning of Roe v. Wade led to 32,000 additional births, study finds

    Conservatives may be surprised to find warm fires in the afterlife because these births were most likely dysgenic. People who abort are doing so to keep household expenses down when they are in a dubious situation in which to be raising another child. Since they can no longer legally abort, and seem to lack the time and financial resources to go to other states, this means an explosion of impoverished low-IQ people. Not all warm bodies are the same, conservatives. You of all people should know that.

  • ‘We need to demolish mosques in Sweden,’ right-wing leader Jimmie Åkesson tells party congress

    I have to disagree here. You need to say “Sweden for ethnic Swedes” and send everyone else home whether White, hwite, or not. Anything else is trying to use a current problem to write a much broader policy, and this always ends in tears generations later. Do you want to be replaced by Poles, Hungarians, Irish, and American immigrants? Either way the Swedes get genocided by ethnic replacement.

  • Irish Prime Minister vowed to change ‘very white’ country

    This passes for “wisdom” among the educated, who are stuck in the 1930s because that is when their teachers were taught, and that knowledge has passed down because repeating what your teachers believe is how you get ahead in the education meritocracy. In reality, their country needs to be functional, and diversity is a surrogate for doing that.

  • A nation grappling with psychological impacts of collective trauma

    They point to COVID-19, but imagine the greater damage done by diversity, equality, atomization, democracy, and socialism over generations. Living in egalitarian societies make people hopeless because the victims always win instead of the best people. Truth is secondary to what the Crowd wants to believe. That means that in these societies, you never get rewarded for doing good, only for acting out a part and fooling the herd.

  • NY retailers lost $4.4 billion due to organized shoplifting rings in 2022: group

    Prices just went up by $4.4bn as well. The voters, perpetually stymied by cause-effect logic, find themselves surprised that this is happening. Then again, the losses from all those BLM riots were internalized as well at a time when our currency has been devalued by reckless government diversity spending.

  • Blame Ireland’s migrant surge, not ‘right-wingers,’ for Dublin riots

    When you transform a country, you destabilize it, and when you rule through negative moralism like Political Correctness, people cannot speak up about failing things and therefore become despondent and self-destructive. This sets up the tinder for some really great riots and ethnic violence.

  • ChatGPTFails a Moral Choice Problem

    When you set up symbolic moral absolutes based on methods in the means-over-ends style, some methods (such as ethnonationalism and its derivates) become entirely excluded, which leads to weird logic traps like this one. If racism is the ultimate sin, then sacrificing a billion White people is preferable. Before you blame ChatGPT, consider that most of your voters and politicians would say the same thing.


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