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Oblivious to Evil

Conservatism — this refers to protecting and nurturing the best of human endeavor — has always faced an uphill task because humanity is self-destructive through the relentless need for attention by individuals. This requires people to draw attention to themselves by doing the illogical or at least tangential.

If you wonder why we always portray wise men as hermits living on top of mountains, consider that it may be a recognition that those free from the cycle of drama are able to acquire wisdom because they are not constantly distracted by the social pressure to be quirky, unusual, victimized, posturing, and other monkey behaviors.

Most of us, if told that humanity came about when a demigod from a far-off planet stopped by here and had a one-night stand with a monkey, would think that this made a great deal of sense. We could not admit that in public however; the last time someone said humans and monkeys were similar, it kicked off a century of political drama.

Living for drama is not bad per se, but as the economists would tell us, everything in life is a tradeoff, and the question is what else we could be doing with our resources. Instead of scattering collateral damage in our paths, for example, we could develop higher quality relationships and output.

Egalitarian society makes our situation even worse. When everyone is equal, you have to prove your worth to have anything starting at zero, and you then must defend what you have against the social and moral insinuations of others, all of which mask their own self-interest and desire to draw attention to themselves.

This means that all of our thinking is internal, or the conflict between people, instead of focused on the external, such as how to adapt to our environment by making a functional civilization. Democracy makes us slowly oblivious to anything but a world of human symbols, emotions, and judgments.

People rely on conservatives to counter-balance this tendency. Where the majority of people, including Leftists, are me-first individualists who have figured out how to vote for what they want being given to them “free” by government at the expense of others they hate, conservatives are realists.

The first tenet of realism may be ironically very similar to what religions tell us. You must think of the all, or your actions as they impact other things than yourself: people, nature, culture, history, future, ideas. This is the primal blasphemy to individualists, since they want to believe that they can do whatever they want without consequences.

We might call their outlook simply anti-adaptive. They want inverted Darwinism. That is, instead of a species adapting to their environment, they want the environment to adapt to the species. This view assumes humans as the center of the Earth, and denies the whole of reality to pursue this vision.

People who deny the whole of reality to focus on a part become inverted thinkers. They must maintain the illusion, therefore they start denying some methods and approving of others, since methods lead to realization and one can maintain an illusion by denying methods that lead toward seeing through the illusion.

This puts conservatives at odds with what most people want (but should not have, since it is self-destructive) as well as the current environment out there. This means that by nature conservatives are heretics, blasphemers, apostates, insurrectionists, subverters, and adventurers. We go where others have said non plus ultra at least mentally.

Conservatives at this time however have brainwashed themselves by allowing our choices of methods of thinking to be limited. Since WW2, but starting after the Civil War, our society has selected conservatives for those who have no awareness of genetics, including race, ethnicity, social class, and the natural inequality of IQ in individuals.

This sets up a dividing line: conservatives who are able to talk about genetics are the real deal, and those who are in denial are servants of the decline.

Unfortunately for us, the voters have selected out any real conservatives, which happened first after the Civil War and picked up speed after WW2. In fear of being Hitler, we neglected the greater threat, which was of becoming Stalin through the power of diversity to erase national culture and replace it with government.

Right now conservatives try to be race-blind which leads to the absurd conclusion that race does not exist, a condescending artifice that is not believable nor meets the needs of minorities, something the Left capitalizes on by recognizing their tribes and the unique needs of each.

Conservatives labor under the idea that the Left is opposed to its own hypocrisy. They like to say things like “switch the races” whenever an anti-White article appears, figuring that even Leftists will see that their own principle of equity would prevail here.

However, these conservatives fundamentally misunderstand egalitarianism. The goal of “equality” is not to treat everyone fairly; it is to have everyone arrive at the same result, and it does not mind adjusting that result downward by taking from the productive to give to the unproductive and in the process making the country less productive.

To Leftists, the symbol — an encapsulation of human intent, emotion, judgment, or numerics — matters more than the reality because the symbol affects mental state, and Leftism like drug abuse or lottery-playing is fundamentally about improving the mental state of its adherents.

Naturally, like overeating or gambling it is not successful in the long term because the effect is fleeting, but in the short term it gives its users a boost of self-righteousness, self-pity projected as empathy, supercilious superiority to non-Leftists, and other warm feelings that vanish so quickly that another boost is needed.

Conservatives therefore need to know that they are struggling with a pathology, not a legitimate philosophy concerned with our survival. It is an attempt to make people feel better before the end, and it is inherently apocalyptic, which is why it attracts collapse to any societies in its grip.

Therefore when conservatives try to make Leftists be consistent with principle, they are misreading the principle. It is not about achieving fairness; it is about achieving uniformity, because only then would the Leftists feel safe and anonymous enough to continue their existence as prey animals.

However conservatives cling strongly to a conservative interpretation of Leftism, believing that there is an objective meaning to words that makes them “magic” and somehow controls their interpretation by the lowest common denominator. They are merely projecting.

Consider the case of the Black Student Union. A university receiving federal funds decides to open a place for Black students and only Black students. Conservatives object, citing Lincoln and Civil Rights laws, since this discriminates against Whites.

No one does anything. The conservatives flop their wings and then retreat, defeated. Why? No one cares about excluding Whites; all egalitarian systems known to history and humanity operate by taking from the successful to give to the unsuccessful. Whites are viewed as successful.

In the same way, when Hamas murders and rapes its way across Israel — we might as well put this down here in print, since it will be erased from history, since “ZOG” is less powerful than global democracy — egalitarians see only wealthy Israelis versus poor, low-IQ Palestinians, and favor the latter.

Similarly, whenever the Japanese have a tiff about fishing rights with the Vietnamese, the world sides with the Vietnamese. Every house in Japan has a toilet and television; much of Vietnam lives in mud huts with hearths constructed from old cluster bomb casings. The poorer and more pitied victims win out over the wealthier and smarter oppressors.

The Left always cheers for the underdog for this reason. They do not want a story where the best person wins; they want a tale where no one wins and no one loses, but everyone sits around in a condition of heat-death with exactly equal possessions, wealth, status, and abilities.

As the old saying goes, this is not a bug but a feature. Pluralism means that all viewpoints co-exist, but this necessarily means abolishing the founding viewpoint which would otherwise contradict them. The majority must die so that the plethora of minorities can thrive!

Instead of trying to force the Black Student Union to admit Whites, which really goes against its purpose and the needs of Black students, we need to demand a White Student Union where non-Whites are not admitted. We need to be able to fly our flags, have our beliefs, and do our thing without criticism of others.

Naturally, this will not be approved. After all, it rejects the idea of equality by doing away with the blood libel of race guilt. Without its unwilling sponsors, diversity cannot survive. This is why diversity never happens naturally, only by government action, and whether forced at first or not, it rapidly becomes forced.

Remember those photos of the National Guard “integrating” public schools at bayonet point?

White people are victims of their own cleverness. Like Prometheus, they try to defy the order of nature and the gods and get away with it by using clever little systems like equality to argue for a higher moral order than nature based in the human individual, not the whole of reality.

Democracy is exactly what most people think it is: mob rule in which we each steal as much as we can. All egalitarian systems are this way; you cannot raise up the lower, so you must lower the higher, and redistribute their wealth and power to the lower.

People in groups tend toward Communism, which is basically subsidized anarchism with babysitters, if given material luxury and freedom. All societies die by this process. The question of forming civilization remains germaine because no one has figured out how to get over this hurdle yet.

Every civilization dies the same way. Conservatives backed off of taking a stand against it because the voters turned on actual conservatives. Until we fix that root problem, we are never going to get anywhere in terms of stopping the problem at the root, and therefore we will always be pretend conservatives arguing for limited Leftism.

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