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DiversityWatch (November 26, 2022)


What does the Age of Symbolism mean?

Humanity arose in an age of ignorance. We found ourselves capable of what is called higher thought and tried to come up with some reasons why as well as reasons why our world was logical. Early man, releasing the burden of knowing almost nothing, simply said “I do not know, but it seems benevolent” and created God or more accurately Godhead in which many gods represented the forces of nature that are also seen in human personality.

That however angered man after he domesticated fire. Now he had the power — like He-Man — and he wanted to remove knowledge of what he could not control, so he created superstition. If he avoided stepping on a crack in the dirt, he would not anger the gods, and therefore good things would come his way! Instead of facing a universe where he understood almost nothing of causality, he created a causality where a gesture could control the heavens.

Idol-worship came out of this naturally. Man wanted something he could control, so he invented superstition in the form of a tangible entity. Worship the golden calf and good things will come your way. If they do not, you worshipped the calf wrong; go back and try again. There was an answer for everything, just like in superstition, and even if it was wrong it at least made man feel better about the unknown. He felt like he was in control.

However, idols have a weak point, namely that if someone steals, captures, or destroys the idol, your gods are thrown down and so is your explanation of how the universe works that places you in a position of being in control. An idol like a sacred land places the spiritual in the hands of the material, and this upsets people because of the risk of the entire religion being disproven by an earthquake.

Consequently, people invented the abstract idol or symbol which conveniently dovetailed with language and pictographs, later alphabets like the runes. Where idols were presumed to be the only truth, symbols offer a truth and its opposite, which introduced for many the idea of moralistic religion in which there were “good” and “evil” and “good” consisted of forcing the “evil” to behave as if they were “good.”

Where superstitions and idols offered a somewhat truth-agnostic “truth” (belief mattered more than outcome) symbols presented a partial truth: they sort of explained reality, but because other symbols could exist, were always seen as conjectural in part. This made them unstable; instead of defending an idol or sacred land, the early human now needed to use words and images to defend his truth-concept against all other potential truths.

The Age of Symbolism brought about the idea of semiotic warfare. If you convinced others of your truth-concept, your gods and people won; if you were unable to come up with a snappy comeback or rejoinder, your gods and people became seen as lesser. Whoever had the best explanation won; this intensified as materials science was added into the mix with its own partial truths.

Like all terminal things, this brought about a sudden intensification of one area of life. In an effort to prove truth-concepts, people looked deeply into materials sciences and came to understand much of the way the world actually works, at least in a heuristic. However, like symbols themselves, this existed without context and was assumed to be universal, absolute, and complete when it is in fact an ongoing process of discovery.

It has taken some centuries but now the Age of Symbolism is winding down. Partial truths omit the larger story of the lifespan of a change, which will have an initial boost simply from the investment required to get it going, but then become enmired as the complexity of applying it and its disadvantages become known. Symbolism motivates people and discovers the material world, but in doing so, fragments our view of the world as whole and having a point.

Politically it existed through democratization. For symbols to be powerful, they must be universal, which means that “everyone” must like them, and in turn that filters out via natural selection any symbols which do not flatter the pretense of the herd of its own goodness.

Now we are seeing the failure of everything:

  • Democracy which seemed to save us from tyranny has become dictatorship of the plurality, forming coalitions based on what is least offensive, which serves only grievance interests that in turn drive it straight toward a socialist (subsidy-based) soft authoritarian state.
  • Equality means a constant struggle to lift up those who are unwilling or unable to help themselves, essentially transferring all of our time, money, and energy from constructive activities to trying to plug holes that consist of infinite demand which then blames us for not doing enough anyway.
  • Individualism appeared to be the dominance of the unique human being over nature, but turns out to be a Crowd of individuals demanding the lowest common denominator from each other, with whoever has the least victim status being stolen from.
  • Agriculture produced the classic doom pattern of a fast boom and then an immediate plateau, followed by riskier implementations which are now failing as we see that our pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and infernal combustion engines are all causing us fatal cancers and reproductive harm.
  • Bureaucracy looked like it meant “equal treatment” (which cannot exist because people are unequal, in unequal circumstances, with unequal needs) but now means red tape, taxes, protected groups like unions and affirmative action, and lawsuits add a 30% VAT at every level of production.
  • Globalism has been the dream of politicians, scientific managers, humanitarians, and industry efficiency experts since the early twentieth century because these people lose power when sudden problems appear and the best way to avoid getting deposed by revolution or impeachment is to ensure total control, but now we are seeing that it means a global credit score, corporate bullshit McJob wage slavery, consumerist empty existence, and ugly cities scoured of value by the underclass needed for the circular Ponzi scheme.
  • Meritocracy has been a favorite universal answer, like “education” and “reason” and “science,” to all of human problems, but its chosen city-on-hill elite ones seem to have panicked over a mild flu, hyped it into an excuse for totalitarian control, and used that as a bid for personal wealth, power, and importance. It turns out that schooling rewards those good at school, not those good at real-world solutions.

The Age of Symbolism carried forward the promises of idols, but made that system unstable because symbols can be countered with other symbols, bringing about an era of infighting that destroyed the West. No point blaming The Jews;™ they were caught up in it as well and are its victims also.

To leave the age of symbolism, we have to become radical realists of an ends-over-means morality, which unfortunately will either squeeze out or radically change Christianity. Apparently this is not a problem because it is dying anyway; that was probably inevitable because no one can disguise its foreign origin.

Ends-over-means thinking rejects control. On the other hand, control regulates external methods in order to create a unity of internal sensation so that people remain unwilling to change the course that they are on. Control is neutering, apathy, sabotage, and manipulation all in one; it is a form of solipsism, narcissism, or egotism as one would expect from a society devoted to individualism (equality = “every man a king” — if he can afford it at his corporate job after his socialist taxes for the diversity underclass).

In another vein, radical realism means rejecting dualism and materialism both. We cannot say that this world is formed of random material interactions any more than we can pretend that there is another perfect world that is what this one secretly wants to be. Life is more complex than either of those.

The philosophy in which I work, parallelism, suggests that we replace the individualist binary thinking yes/no pattern with one that looks at continuous parallels through the life of an action as understood in relative measurement to other options. In it, the only sin is failure to be realistic, and the only morality is function.

With that, we can wave our magic wand and dispell the miasma of the Age of Symbolism by seeing it as what it is: an infectious pathology spread through tokens, but most of all, an illusion. We did better to worship sacred groves of trees and embrace the mystery of life than we have with these false truth-concepts.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to optics. Most of humanity wants life to adapt to them instead of having to undergo the internal mental change required to adapt to reality. They react to fears or opportunities, but never do anything deliberately. Therefore they never look before the surface, only peer at the optics briefly.

To such people, logic is inverted: they cherry-pick reality, choosing what they can use, instead of trying to formulate a picture of the whole. Consequently, they seize on the optics that support their agenda, which is always collectivized individualism a.k.a. egalitarianism, and ignore cause, effect, and the whole of reality.

Coming out of the Age of Symbolism means recognizing these people for what they are, which is dependents on civilization. They cannot create it, and they seek to destroy it like they try to remove anything else which is realistic. Democracy gives them power and equality grants them perceived legitimacy.

The first step out of the mental ghetto of pathologies that is the Age of Symbolism begins with the rejection of that legitimacy, followed by a removal of their power, and then replacement of commerce/ideology with actual culture, at which point continental ethnic separation and the rise of hierarchy will follow.

That alone will be healing for a species that has wandered too long in the shadows.


  • Council ditches the term ‘BAME’ and will start using the phrase ‘global majority’ to refer to black and Asian people

    The local authority is not alone in abandoning the term BAME. The Government’s own style guide updated in December last year recommended dropping the expression after receiving a report on how Covid had impacted various communities.

    It stated: ‘We do not use the terms BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) and BME (black and minority ethnic) because they emphasise certain ethnic minority groups (Asian and black) and exclude others… The terms can also mask disparities between different ethnic groups and create misleading interpretations of data.’

    Research also found those from ethnic minorities were three times more likely to agree than disagree that the term ‘BAME’ was unhelpful. 

    Humanity moves in small steps. This acknowledges that Whites are a minority and that minority groups do not get along any more than Whites and any foreign group do. Diversity has admitted its own impossibility and the intent for White Genocide.

  • German Catholic Church amends law to allow LGBTQ employees

    Until now, employees of the Catholic Church could lose their jobs if were open about being in a same-sex partnership or if they remarried after a divorce.

    “Explicitly, as never before, diversity in church institutions is recognized as an enrichment,” the German Bishops’ Conference announced.

    Moralism succumbs to any new form of morality that claims the altruistic upper hand. Pedosexuality will be approved next, at which point the Church is going to want back all the money it paid to young boys sodomized by priests.

  • NYC’s Black schools chief isn’t sure racial integration is the answer

    “Sometimes our integration efforts can render really good fruit. But a lot of times we’re playing around on the margins,” he said in an expansive interview. “Historically, it’s been about how do we get a handful of Black students to be in schools with White kids who are better off. But what I always keep my mind on, and my focus on, is what about those other kids who didn’t get that opportunity? What are we doing about them?”

    For years, advocates have decried racial and economic segregation in New York City schools, partly because it has been so rare for students in high-poverty schools to succeed.

    In every case, the question is whether to allow top-performing students to have their own classes and their own schools. Doing so keeps many of their parents happy, but those classes and schools tend to be disproportionately White and Asian, so they also drive racial segregation.

    The long-term answer is that the promising minority students do best in schools that are not attempting equality and integration, and the others are probably not going to benefit from better education anyway due to their place on the Bell Curve. In the long term this is a shift from symbolism: it is better to produce a few winners than to enslave everyone to equal mediocrity.

  • Diversity Up, Public Safety Down

    Rowley is devoted to diversity and inclusion. “The evidence across the world is that the best companies and organisations benefit from diverse teams,” he has said. “It is not only about fairness, it is about being the most effective in a complex world.”
    The world is indeed complex, but London’s violent crime has risen steadily in recent years. Police in London recorded a quarter of a million violent crime offenses in 2021-22, a 10 percent increase from the previous year. A major driver of violence in the capital has been gang warfare. According to a Sky News investigation, roughly 200 gangs operate in London.

    Diversity means constant ethnic warfare disguised as crime. In addition, cultures differ; what is commonplace in Asia, Africa, the middle east, Central America, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, and Ireland is considered criminal in Anglo societies.

  • UK immigration nearly triples despite Brexit promises

    The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Thursday said the country had a net migration gain of 504,000 people between June 2021 and June 2022. That number was nearly triple the 173,000 registered the year prior.

    Egalitarianism says that whoever is succeeding owes whatever they have to everyone else. That wealth, power, and status then gets distributed, at which point it is meaningless, and everyone is equally poor, insignificant, and irrelevant. Humanity defeats itself with this approach every time. As Europe gets overwhelmed in a Camp of the Saints scenario, we will learn again and then forget.

  • Quebec study confirms practice of forced sterilizations of Indigenous women

    “No, he didn’t tell me anything,” another participant said, referring to the doctor. “He just said, `It would be better if you had a tubal ligation. You wouldn’t have any more children. You’ve had two, and that’s enough.’ That’s what he told me.”

    Out of the 35 study participants, nine had a forced hysterectomy or tubal ligation — a procedure that permanently blocks, clips or removes fallopian tubes, preventing egg fertilization. Thirteen participants said they underwent a tubal ligation or hysterectomy and were also exposed to “obstetric violence,” which the study describes as discriminatory acts, attitudes or remarks from health-care staff. Three participants reported forced abortions.

    No one knows how to manage fast-reproducing Mongolian populations. The only solution is continental separation.

  • US bans Chinese telecom, surveillance cameras

    The decision follows concerns raised by US intelligence agencies about potential snooping by Beijing and a law passed last year by Congress.

    The UK followed suit:

    In July, privacy advocacy group Big Brother Watch said the majority of surveillance cameras used by the British government were made by two Chinese companies: Hikvision and Dahua.

    At the same time, 67 British lawmakers called for an outright ban on devices made by the two partially state-owned companies. They cited privacy concerns and links to human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

    Dowden said companies subject to China’s National Intelligence Law could be forced to hand over information to Beijing’s security services.

    As the rubber meets the road, people are slowly rediscovering benevolent xenophobia as the only meaningful approach to foreign populations. Everyone wants to take over your nation if they can. This is the Iron Rule of nature.

  • Germany seeks to declare Ukraine’s Holodomor a genocide

    German lawmakers are set to vote on a motion to recognize the death by starvation of millions of Ukrainians in 1932-33 as a genocide, German media outlets reported on Friday.

    The text of the resolution says the great famine of 1932-33, or Holodomor, ought to “join the list of inhumane crimes committed by totalitarian systems, in the course of which millions of human lives were wiped out in Europe, especially in the first half of the 20th century,” the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported.

    The resolution says that amid Russia’s war on Ukraine, it is imperative to show that there must no longer be room to power-grabbing and oppression in Europe.

    Wherever multiple populations exist in the same state, co-dependent narcissism results: one harms the other, then gets harmed, so that everyone can be a victim in turn.

  • Black Hebrew Israelites chant ‘we are the real Jews’ at pro-Kyrie Irving NYC march

    A massive line of followers, all donning shirts of the group “Israel United in Christ,” were captured Sunday bellowing “we’ve got some good news” and “we are the real Jews,” according to footage posted on social media, which has since gone viral.

    The group was there in support of Irving, the Nets point guard who was suspended after he posted a link on social media to a Holocaust-questioning movie called “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake up Black America.”

    Members of the Israel United in Christ also protested at Barclays during Irving’s suspension, with a deacon telling saying “Kyrie Irving himself understands that not only are we Semitic ourselves, but it is contradictory and hypocritical to say someone is anti-Semitic when they are Semitic.”

    Diversity, like pluralism, is “agreeing not to agree.” This means that you have perpetual internal struggles or, like we do now, try to have certain favored groups for whom all others are sacrificed. However, this leads to backlash and then the cycle begins again.

  • What is the largest city in the world? Measured by population and area.

    The United Nations estimates the world will reach a total population of eight billion on Nov. 15th, 2022. With the current population growth, the U.N. also estimates the global population will reach 8.5 billion in 2030 and 9.7 billion in 2050.

    According to the World Populations Review, the top 10 largest cities by population:  

    1. Tokyo, Japan – 37,435,191 people
    2. Delhi, India – 29,399,141 people
    3. Shanghai, China – 26,317,104 people
    4. São Paulo, Brazil – 21,846,507 people
    5. Mexico City, Mexico – 21,671,908 people
    6. Cairo, Egypt – 20,484,965 people
    7. Dhaka, Bangladesh – 20,283,552 people
    8. Mumbai, India – 20,185,064 people
    9. Beijing, China – 20,035,455 people
    10. Osaka, Japan – 19,222,665 people

    Instead of choosing order, humanity chose freedom and growth in order to facilitate individualism with subsidies, and now our population has exploded out of control with most of those urbanized, causing urban heat islands which are disrupting the climate worldwide because we are building these cities worldwide.

  • Donald Trump’s former ambassador to Israel blasts ex-president for hosting ‘human scum’ white supremacist Nick Fuentes and ‘anti-Semite Kanye West’ at Mar-a-Lago

    ‘Even a social visit from an antisemite like Kanye West and human scum like Nick Fuentes is unacceptable. I urge you to throw those bums out, disavow them and relegate them to the dustbin of history where they belong.’ 

    Trump was reportedly ‘very taken’ with Fuentes during the impromptu dinner and was impressed by his ability to ‘rattle off statistics and recall speeches dating back to his 2016 campaign’ – but had no clue of his controversial background, sources told Axios.

    The Justice Department in a 2021 complaint referred to Fuentes, an alt-right figure, as a ‘white supremacist’ and ‘America First’ podcaster.’ In an episode of his podcast, Fuentes ‘jokingly’ denied the Holocaust and compared Jews who were burnt in Nazi concentration camps to cookies in an oven.

    If we want actual pluralism, we will have to tolerate the opinions of others even if intolerant. If we want enforced pluralism, we have to smash down anyone who disagrees with pluralism, at which point freedom becomes oppression yet again.

  • Biden DOE official: Democracy is based on white supremacy

    DOE Office of Educational Technology Deputy Director Kristina Ishmael (pictured) wrote that “[Democracy is] also built on white supremacy, which I see perpetuated in education circles when BIPOC folx are being told they’re too negative by addressing real issues instead of superlatives.”

    Nothing can survive the victimhood fad that is egalitarianism.

  • Manhattan pharma heiress says her mom had to hire $300-a-day DEPROGRAMMER to help her unlearn crazed woke views

    ‘This professor tells me about the patriarchy. I barely knew what the word meant. I didn’t know what she was talking about,’ she told the New York Post. ‘I wasn’t someone that into feminism. I just knew that I felt I had always been free to do what I wanted. I never experienced sexism.

    ‘But I was told there’s the patriarchy and you don’t even understand it’s been working against you your whole life. You’ve been oppressed and you didn’t even know it. Now you have to fight it. 

    ‘And I just went down this deep rabbit hole.’ 

    Egalitarianism is a philosophy of revenge by the individual against the world that makes him or her unimportant. It becomes a pathology, then a cult, and finally an obsessive mental illness. Time to deprogram everyone.

  • Climb Hire CEO Nitzan Perlman refused to hire ‘white people’: lawsuit

    A black executive was canned after he warned his boss that she couldn’t refuse to hire white people, he claims in a lawsuit.

    When McWilliams, who is black, asked whether she meant to say she was “trying to build a diverse company,” Pelman, who is white, allegedly snapped back, “I know what I am saying, and I know what it means. I will not hire another white person at Climb Hire, especially not in leadership.”

    Pathologies reward optics and feelings, not reality. Elsewhere the shakedown expands:

    An independent culture review of London Fire Brigade (LFB), led by Nazir Afzal – a former chief crown prosecutor for the North West – found ‘dangerous levels of ingrained prejudice against women’, while colleagues from minority backgrounds are ‘frequently the target of racist abuse’.

    Other examples of vile behaviour include a black employee finding a noose above his locker and a Muslim firefighter discovering a terrorism hotline sticker near his belongings. 

    Most likely fake reports. Guilt, pity, and shame are weapons and can be used for individual advancement, like this Afzal clown who just built a career for himself as official diversity merchant of the UK.

  • Genocide

    A simple interesting example: out here where I live, about 10 miles from here, there is a vast field/land of about several hundred acres entirely owned by one family, and on this land, 90% of the houses are owned by members of this single White family [they live in those houses].

    They flood America with third world races, who out breed White people, who all vote Left, who will gradually procreate with Liberal young White people to make future generations of halflings.

    You White city people are very ignorant about what is happening and being done to your race.

    Seems accurate. In cities, optics matter more than reality.



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