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DiversityWatch (November 25, 2023)


  • Germany: Illegal migration drops due to new border checks

    Just like what happened in San Francisco when the streets were cleaned so our Communist overlords could visit, Germany finds that overcoming fear of “racism” allows it to apply its laws and lessen an intractable problem. In fact, applying common sense could go farther: diversity does not work; old citizenship laws can be changed and citizenships revoked; deportation of foreigners in order to preserve indigenous German DNA is not “genocide.” With Jews rethinking their support for diversity at the same time ordinary White and hwite people are finally seeing the true cost of diversity as it crests a fifth of the population in some areas, support for the great worldwide human rights and democracy New World Order is fading fast.

  • Grave New World

    Jünger showed us a world before democracy and civil rights took over, combining an affinity for the ancient with a desire to use technology toward useful ends. Unlike most writers, he does not fall into the pity trap of religion or politics in trying to lift up the suppressed. While critical of most movements, including the National Socialists, he points out that politics has drifted away from discussion of reality instead a talk about what can be achieved through compromise with what people already believe, most of which by its nature as belief and not demonstrable, repeatable pattern is biased against reality.

  • As Migration to Europe Rises, a Backlash Grows

    As predicted, diversity seems great to the voters when it is small, a novelty, contrarian, and in the backyard of someone else without real consequences for most voters, but when they realize that it means their deaths and replacement, and even more the loss of the free stuff from government, even the bourgeois Leftist voters — to be bourgeois is to want government to fix the problem, and to not have to pay attention, which fits more with Leftism and the bureaucracy than culture and charity — are starting to realize that they have endangered more than their nations, history, future, and genetics, but worse, they have threatened their own lifestyles. Democracy makes people into self-serving neurotic pigs.

  • Ex-policeman Derek Chauvin stabbed in prison

    The Left are celebrating this one on social media. In the meantime, George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose and Derek Chauvin got railroaded, but it usually takes a few years for the hype to die down before the herd can admit its mistake. Did government do this? It was the implement; mass panic and the bourgeois desire to sweep the problem under the rug and issue platitudes created the pressure that led to a faked autopsy report and false conviction.

  • NYC Black Friday shoppers feel the sting of high inflation, soaring prices: ‘They say I’m getting a deal but I’m not’

    They call it inflation, but what it really is might be better described as devaluation, which is what happens when there is too much free money floating around and therefore prices go up to compensate for the higher taxes, regulations, affirmative action, unions, lawsuits, and other parasites at the same time that prices zero to the new minimum provided by free government money and simultaneously, fewer people work because it is easier to live off the state or take early retirement and get out of the system. Most of the people 55+ around here have taken early retirement or partial retirement as a way of not having to deal with the nightmare that DEADS has created.

  • Minnesotans aren’t happy about the six finalists for the new state flag

    When you eliminate your culture, you now have many cultures, and therefore there is no lowest common denominator that represents everyone except that you like money, food, sex, and television. Maybe they could put a cheeseburger on it, except it would have to be vegan. They do not want any symbol that seems to represent one group because that is, in a diverse pluralistic multicure, viewed as excluding other groups, so they need a symbol that fits absolutely everyone. Perhaps the flag based around the asterisk is the best option: a wildcard, it represents everything with total neutrality, and therefore disappoints everyone like the equal poverty of socialism or the equal ineptitude of a race-mixed population.

  • Charlottesville City Schools taking actions after fights and other issues close high school Nov. 17

    Diversity is working so well that schools have become war zones and no one knows how to stop it because if your statistics suggest racial inequality, you will be accused of being “racist” and replaced with someone who will simply bust the White and hwite kids and let the diversity run free. The idea of schools segregated by race has not yet come up, but it will, because Black schools and Hispanic schools can have whatever discipline standards they want and not spit out bad statistics. In fact, that allows them to cook the books if they want, so that no one has to feel things got out of control.

  • School stabbing: suspect was previously arrested for knife possession

    As usual, just like in Rotherham and Minneapolis, the authorities are so terrified of being called “racist” that they refuse to take any serious action against minority suspects, which emboldens criminals to the point that they commit blatant crimes and expect zero actual punishment. Eventually this pushes the population too far, at which point all the revengeful people call them “racists” because it is fun to watch the suffering of others and tie their hands, especially from safe condos in gated communities.

  • Shellenberger: The Alliance Between Advertisers And Democrats Pushing Censorship

    Advertisers are baffled about how to sell to a new audience of diverse people. You can sell to a niche, but then your costs go up because there are thousands of niches. You can try to sell to everyone, but this creates the Black-man-White-woman couples we see on television. You could try using green people or purple people… for now, business wants to censor any mention of the fundamental problem of diversity in the hopes that it just blows over and they can keep removing White people from television in order to show us a glorious grey person future that absolutely no one believes in except the thoroughly self-indoctrinated.

  • Washington Post: Russian, Chinese companies discuss possible underwater Crimean tunnel project

    The Chinese hand behind the Russian invasion of Ukraine shows itself. Putin talks about what happened in 2014, but neglects to mention the Holodomor and how the Soviets and later Russians shipped Russians into Ukraine with the hopes of taking over strategic areas. Republicans have made a big show of being against this war because of the expense, but they forget that what we are sending to Ukraine and Israel is small compared to what we spend on the welfare state, diversity, and keeping the big government machine running.

  • Time to rethink Christmas as half of country not Christian, says diversity group

    This is an older article, but it bears repeating: pluralism means you no longer agree, but agree to disagree. That means that you no longer have anything shared except the lowest common denominator, which turns out to be individualism. If you want to turn a functional nation into rabble, take away their culture and replace it with pluralism. It was obvious in the early 1990s that this is what multiculturalism and diversity were intended to be, but as usual the solipsistic voters slept.

  • The olive oil you’re using may be fake

    Most of the world runs on mafia-style government. Most of the rest are infiltrated by organized crime of various types (bratva, triads, Cosa Nostra, rabbinical clans) because not only are humans obsessed by crime as an easy way out, but more importantly, human governments both raise costs above market levels through the market distortions of taxation, legal protection for unions, lawsuits, affirmative action, excessive regulation, grants, and impulsive leadership decisions, but also slow down activity through bureaucracy. If you need a solution fast, you contact the local don and he gets it done with a few phone calls and snaps of his fingers. Then you owe him a favor, but you are protected, because he has bought your loyalty. He will call on you at some point to hide a body, dump nuclear waste into the mediterranean, bribe a cop, or look the other way when your business partner takes two to the heart and one angled upward at the base of the skull, but you will be in good with the real authority, the shadow government behind the government. The Clintons, Pelosis, Schumers, 0bamas, and O’Bidens bought into the same scheme and now run it as a marketplace of trading favors. Capitalism? Government did this to you, and because actual capitalism is outlawed, the markets have turned to organized crime.

  • Farm robots ripping out weeds the old-fashioned way to reduce herbicide use, strengthen harvest

    Seeing the absolute crisis which is diversity created by the raise in cost of labor in the West caused by government distortions, business has turned toward automation yet again as a way past the unions and government. My suggestion to business: tally up the percentage of each list price that goes to taxes, regulations, lawsuits, unions, and affirmative action compliance. When workers realize that over half of the cost of everything they buy goes to these wealth transfer programs, they will have a different attitude at the ballot box.

  • Elon Musk calls strikes ‘insane’ as Swedish workers take on Tesla

    Socialist-style government has made the cost of the labor in the West more expensive, which means that jobs are flowing overseas, so the solution from democracy is more unions and therefore, more costs and instabilities because strikes paralyze business, which virtually guarantee the move to automation and overseas labor. They did the same thing in America, which is why most American cars are assembled in America from parts imported from the wider world.

  • Global women’s rights groups silent as Israeli women testify about rapes by Hamas

    This is the same way global human rights groups sleep through the events in South Africa, Rotherham, and America, where diversity crime is raging out of control. The implicit idea behind democracy is that we are all equal and therefore anyone who has more has stolen it, so any action against them as revenge is explicitly good, and we should all sit back and clap as the third world takes revenge on the rich of the first world. The people behind these groups tend to have non-profit or government jobs, live in dingy city apartments, and exist in perpetual debt, so it does not improve their situation, but they think it makes them feel better about it.

  • Migrant children sexually abused in ‘rape tents’ while crossing deadly Darien Gap: report

    Similarly, the usual cheerleaders of human rights seem to be sleeping through this one. When you create an extralegal situation like illegal immigration, the usual rules stop applying, and no one wants to get involved lest they invoke the wrath of wealthy Leftist NGOs, so everyone shrugs and turns up the radio to drown out the screams from the jungle.

  • 24% of Canadians will turn to charitable services for help within the next six months, new poll suggests

    A quarter of Canadians are living on charity and another quarter are employed by the government, which means that fully half of the society depends more on government than industry, agriculture, or other productive trades. No wonder Canada leads the West in cucked bourgeois liberalism.

  • Woman claims New York City Mayor Eric Adams sexually assaulted her in 1993

    Leftists have been arguing against any evidence in sexual assaults cases for decades, changing rape law to sexual assault law, wherein no proof of the victim fighting back or even objecting out loud is required. This enables them to use women as a weapon against any successful man. With Anita Hill and Christine Blasey-Ford not provoking widespread outrage, the Left figured it could write a law to bring down Donald Trump, but instead it seems to have snared a bunch of Leftists who have become inconvenient enough that the Clinton political machine felt the need to remove them.

  • Families Ripped Apart as Pakistan Expels Tens of Thousands of Afghans

    Diversity does not work out well anywhere. In Pakistan, Muslims are expelling fellow Muslims for being of a different ethnic group, knowing that if foreigners interbreed with Pakistanis, there will no longer be Pakistanis, and the resulting loss of culture which make the nation even more third-world in social cohesion. In the meantime, having foreign people and their inbuilt engineering flaw of foreign ways walking among its people will make Pakistan more unstable at a time when its government walks a fine line between the religious fundamentalists and the soulless Leftists anyway.

  • Inside Ohio State’s DEI Factory

    Civil rights law created an industry that fulfills legislatively-created anti-poverty and anti-racism programs. Over time, this has become a giant Ponzi scheme that hands out worthless degrees to people that it then forces to be hired as affirmative action mascots and DIE/ESG experts, essentially creating a vast pro-diversity jobs program that business funds and customers pay for through increased prices across the board. Why are college costs skyrocketing? Look to the added administrators and departments designed to make the diversity agenda seem functional for a few more years.

  • 500 German police raid properties of Hamas supporters throughout the country

    Any time diversity runs into problems, the mentally-addled democracy-afflicted first world people try to ban the bad behaviors instead of realizing that diversity itself is a problem and any bad behaviors suppressed will simply thrive in private. You cannot censor, surveil, and propagandize your way to victory in this hopeless fight.

  • New Orleans’ Dem Mayor Latoya Cantrell says she’s facing federal probe because of her RACE after spending $30k on first class flights then saying economy was unsafe for black people

    Another politician who was elected because of her race gets caught engaging in third-world style corruption, and she falls back on the classic line to invoke race card privileges, namely blaming “racism” for resulting in her being caught for her crimes, which she feels means the accusations are illegitimate and should be swept under the rug. Everywhere diversity goes, it chooses its champions from those who most exhibit exaggerated characteristics of that ethnic group as a means of shaming other groups with its power. “Look, we are going to elect an absolute hoodrat instead of one of those nice college-educated Negroes, and you are going to have to put up with it and be reminded daily that your world is retarded-insane because we are the captain now.”

  • German police target far-right ‘Reichsbürger’ in raids

    As one hand cracks down on radical Islam, the other cracks down on radical Nativism, with the idea being that by suppressing mention of the failure of diversity, government can continue to manage diversity and make it seem like a success instead of being revealed as the utter failure that it is.

  • Brothels that serviced politicians and military officials raked in millions: ‘Record keeping was impeccable’

    Chinese-run prostitution network may have been an epicenter of blackmail and manipulation of the American government, since the impeccable record-keeping and organized approach is suggestive of not just organized crime but foreign government involvement.



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