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DiversityWatch (November 16, 2023)


  • Mayo Clinic is Sued For Suspending Doctor Over Online Posts on Covid and Transgenderism

    Diversity propaganda has expensive consequences when it is finally discovered to be, as usual, unrealistic (most people say “untrue,” but “truth” is a human construct that projects what we can individually cogitate onto a group, who have different mentations and therefore do not understand the symbols exactly as we do).

  • Osama bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America’ Goes Viral 21 Years Later — on TikTok

    The third world has declared war on the first world. It has kicked off this war with the Jews, who it sees as Whites, and like Whites as a privileged minority similar to the Japanese who are ruling the world through higher IQ and therefore must be erased. Caught between defending some of the victims of the past war and trying to pander to the aggressors in the next war, the mainstream media does what it always does to make diversity appear to be non-failing and censors the text.

  • Leftist tears down YAF Berlin Wall display at Michigan Tech

    The diversity accidentally admit the quiet part out loud: they support Communism, their neurotic hwite supporters want them in the country because they will vote for Communism, and they want to suppress the forces that resist Communism like unmixed White people.

  • Without Papers Pizza vindicated as City drops all charges

    COVID-19 was a goodthinker test. You either bowed to the authorities and went along with a bungled illusion, or you recognized that your society had become weaponized against you and started being alienated. As human societies age, they lose a sense of why they do what they do, and cliques form that oppose what is obviously the best way to do things. These cliques eventually weaponize society against the realistic, intelligent, and good because the clique fears anyone who might Know Better. They did the same thing with mention of race and diversity almost a century ago.

  • 4 injured in random stabbings on the campus of Louisiana Tech University

    Diversity creates resentment because groups will always be unequal, therefore discontent comes out in passive-aggressive ways through crime and vandalism, in this case a student stabbing four people in a “random act of violence.”

  • Top House Democrats evacuated from DNC headquarters as police clash with protesters calling for Gaza ceasefire

    In the war of the third world versus the first, happening in an egalitarian system of wealth transfer from the productive oppressors to the unproductive underdog victims, whoever is the biggest victim gets their way, and Jews are shocked to find out that they have been downgraded from “victims” to “White oppressors,” just like the DNC is now shocked to find out that the non-White vote now wants control of the party. Leftists, like most criminals, never think through the consequences of their plans past that first step where they steal, manipulate, or dominate their target, and so they are perpetually shocked when their moment of great victory turns into an uncontrolled and destructive situation.

  • Russia says Ukrainian forces have crossed a key river but face ‘hell fire’ and death

    Russia winning this war would have looked like a months-long campaign ending in Ukrainian capitulation. Instead, Russia finds itself in a quagmire, which generally means a war that cannot be won cleanly but from which the participants are afraid to withdraw lest they lose face on the international political scene. Russia has lost massive face, and Xi grins because this puts them more into his palm while forcing the United States to invest further in its Ukrainian proxies. In the meantime, Russian losses are inching upward toward their Afghanistan levels as the war drags on, making it more of a political obligation than was ever intended.

  • Keir Starmer suffers major Labour rebellion over Gaza ceasefire vote

    In the UK too the Leftist party finds itself shocked that people do not want to do things the White way, but prefer the third world way, which means that the radicals take over the party as it pursues Communism through the genocide of White people.

  • 8 juveniles face murder charges in ‘senseless’ attack on student that was captured on video, police say

    After several years of minority privilege meaning no consequences for their crimes, minority youth are shocked to find that they might be held accountable, although most likely a Leftist DA or lawyer will steer them into sixteen months of treatment programs instead of the ten years of jail they deserve. This follows another minority defendant facing adult charges after his fourth assault on an innocent person. One wonders how much collateral damage our great diversity illusion has left behind over the years.

  • Mother of boy, 6, who shot teacher faces sentencing

    This woman gets under two years in prison for having a gun while using marijuana, while the parents of Ethan Crumbley face manslaughter charges. Our legal system is as terrified of appearing “racist” as the Rotherham police who ignored a massive grooming gang for a dozen years in order to keep the racial arrest statistics looking good for their higherups.

  • Ghana reparations summit calls for global fund to compensate Africans for slave trade

    Slavery was the norm in most of the world until the West ended it. Slaves were sold by Africans who wanted to get rid of war captives, criminals, and the insane. Any reparations deal should involve repatriation of all African-descended people in the West to Africa. With that, it becomes a good way of healing this wound and moving on; without it, this is just another third world shakedown of the first world.

  • noyb files complaint against EU Commission over targeted chat control ad campaign

    The EU gets caught using Twitter as a propaganda organ while calling for increased censorship and monitoring to stop people from noticing and mentioning the utter failure of diversity in all forms in which it has been tried.

  • South Wales Police PPD Bursary

    The diversity industry unleashes yet another jobs program where you can only be hired if you are “from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background” so that it can pack the ranks with loyal followers of the coming Third World Neocommunist agenda.

  • I Was Canceled for a Cartoon About Hamas’ Human Shields. I Stand by My Cartoon—and Its Critics

    We are seeing a massive popular uprising in favor of Hamas because Hamas stands with the third world, not the first world, and therefore everyone interested in the third world dominating the first world argues for a “ceasefire” which means that Israel stops removing Hamas and demanding the hostages be returned, something they are currently enforcing with not just bombing but boots on the ground. Ramirez pointed out that by situating their weapons depots, command posts, and barracks in tunnels under hospitals, schools, orphanages, and civilian housing, Hamas were like the Viet Cong before them using civilians as shields to either discourage attacks or play the victim in public when the inevitable attacks happen. If you slid a kid under a falling bomb headed for a military target, people would see that this was an obvious deception, but if you slide your military target under the kids all the luvvies, neurotics, and diversity worldwide throws a tantrum. As usual, censorship follows diversity wherever it goes.

  • Told You: The Left’s Hate Crime Double Standard Has Consequences

    When you portray one group as evil for succeeding, and explain the failures of all other groups as oppression by this group, you create a lynch mob ready for murder. However, this is what your leaders intend, because that way they get perpetual rule over a third world globe which will never stop approving of more free stuff from government and will have no alternatives to reveal how badly Leftism is failing as everything gets steadily worse year after year. At that point, there will be no one left who can tell the difference between impoverished kleptocracy and a functional government anyway.

  • The Politics of Tribal Nonsense

    It turns out that the victim story told to us by third world minorities worldwide — the Continuing Oppression Narrative, or CON — was based on bad science, fraudulent autopsy reports, and other political machinery that was designed to hide the fact that diversity is not just failing, but collapsing in apocalyptic ways, and it is easier to blame Whitey (or the Jews) than to accept that we have to change our thinking and do something different, which comes in part from seeing that these victim groups were poor, corrupt, filthy, and disorganized before Western contact and continue to have the same results because their behaviors and abilities have not changed.

  • Pandas, fentanyl and Taiwan — takeaways from Biden’s long-awaited meeting with Xi

    Feelgood symbolic activities dominate a summit that seems more like Xi giving Biden permission to go ahead and crumble on any hard points while posturing on a few things that no one can actually fix. Not surprisingly the Chinese ramped up the propaganda designed to make it seem like a nice compliant America had arrived instead of that fearsome and functional place under Donald Trump.

  • DOJ, FBI and Congress team up for legal mischief

    Somehow people find it hard to believe that the China-funded Clintons took over the DOJ and through it the FBI, and turned those into political apparat similar to the KGB in the cold old Soviet Union. Now that we have proof of them concocting conspiracies about Trump, excusing the many crimes of the Biden crime family, persecuting dissidents, engineering fake assassination plots in Michigan, and spreading propaganda and censorship through social media, about the only other shoe to drop is how they instigated a crowd into the January 6th “insurrection” for media points.

  • Museveni accuses UN of ‘conserving’ terrorism

    As usual, the UN adopts whatever group pledges to “human rights” and ignores the fact that their presence is actually destabilizing the region and resulting in more suffering. The UN exists merely to force its preferred system of global democracy on all participants whether they want it or not. It does this because in terms of the votes, the third world has control of the globe, and the first world strategy of keeping them compliant by doling out packets of money is not working. The third world wants global communism so it can take the wealth of the first world.

  • YouTube Suspension for Mises Media Channel is a Good Reason to Subscribe to Rumble

    The censorship regime takes down a couple videos by lolberts about the COVID-19 scam, prompting all of us who have been censored relentlessly for decades because of our views on race, diversity, ethnicity, social class, and eugenics to laugh and welcome them to the club. Democracy cannot survive without constant censorship, surveillance, and propaganda at this point because all of its Utopian “new” reforms have turned out to be ancient human ills dressed up as altruism, progress, empathy, innovation, compassion, and “freedom.”

  • Google Maps will dodge South Africa’s crime hotspots

    It is always useful to check in with existing diversity experiments to see how well things are going. In South Africa, giving Blacks the vote meant they dominated elections and shortly thereafter, positions in government, the bureaucracy, and the industry that supports it. Since these were political positions, they were given to people for loyalty not competence or even a desire to show up, leading to a civilization which cannot keep the lights on nor manage its own affairs, meaning that soon it will be taken over by an Asian power.

  • Elon Musk’s Disturbing ‘Truth’

    After the Holocaust, Jews invested heavily in diversity, believing that it would save them from ethno-nationalists who tend to kick out foreign-blooded people. Elon Musk gives the nod to someone mentioning this, causing a paroxysm in the Jewish establishment, mainly because they realize that with the third world turning on Israel and by extension Jews, its previous alignment against Whites will now go under the microscope as well, and people are going to be looking to find out who screwed up and why. In the meantime, no one mentions the Irish who pushed the Hart-Celler Act (Hart was Irish, and the Act was passed thanks to the lobbying of Ted Kennedy) and previous to that had endorsed pro-diversity political machines and supported the overthrow of the WASPs.

  • Cost of Illegal Immigration Greater Than Annual Gross Domestic Product of 15 States

    This only represents the direct costs, since there are many more expenses under the surface that no one is talking about mainly because no one in the educated meritocratic elite cared about what people in Red states thought.

  • The Parties Have Irreconcilably Different Visions for America

    The sad reality is that very few Republican and Democratic officials or candidates agree on the state of the country or what the actual problems are that we face. More importantly, they do not have shared goals for what our community or nation ought to be.

    Republicans always want the more stable society of their youth, while Democrats pine for a Utopia that has never existed and never will, but conveniently justifies their individualism. With diversity however there can be no agreement because one side wants to preserve the country and the other to destroy it so it can be remade in the image of that diversity Utopia.

  • ‘Digital Discrimination’ in the Crosshairs of New FCC Rule

    The federal government just gave itself the power to scrutinize the business practices of ISPs for “digital discrimination,” meaning that now ISPs will be forced to hire more minorities, and those minorities will enact the censorship that they used to at Twitter, Meta, and Reddit. In this way, the government creates an indirect censorship regime where without getting its hands dirty, it can ensure that other people do its dirty work, following the Clinton model of appointing diversity to the head of whatever it wants destroyed, in this case free speech on the internet.

  • X fails to remove hate speech over Israel-Gaza conflict

    The fact that “experts” are praising a vast censorship regime tells us just how unpopular and contentious diversity is as a topic, since it requires constant censorship and propaganda in order to keep the lid on discussion of its failure and illogicality.

  • ‘Tinkering with a failed plan won’t stop the boats’: Suella Braverman calls on Sunak to ‘end spin’ over Rwanda and says Parliament must amend Illegal Migration Act to deliver flights next spring

    She is correct in that without patching human rights law, the country is obligated to take in migrants and refugees whether legal or not, but in the long term, they will need to get rid of the welfare state that is attracting parasites from all over the world. Additionally, they would do better going back to “natural rights” instead of “human rights” because that would end the obligation of government to save everyone from themselves.

  • Biden not expected to be charged in classified document probe: report

    Investigate to exonerate: this is the Washington way. Al Capone got nabbed for tax fraud because he practiced good OpSec in his criminal dealings, destroying evidence, working through intermediaries, and funneling money to businesses and charitable foundations instead of owning it directly. The Clintons, 0bamas, and Bidens do the same thing, so it is very hard to catch them in the act, but probably fairly easy to vote them out.

  • Finland to close Russia border points amid heavy migration

    Russia and China are doing their best to dump migrants on the West, knowing that this will hasten collapse and bring about a new world order.

  • Spain: Pedro Sanchez set for new term in divided country

    Ethnic conflict of a much older kind divides Spain as Catalan separatists gain enough power to elect a president based on a deal to support him in exchange for amnesty for past alleged crimes by separatists. In this case, diversity that occurred during or before the medieval era continues to plague a modern nation-state today.

  • European Countries Still Reluctant to Apply the Real Solutions to the Migrant Crisis

    A thoughtful discussion walks through some of the options for lessening the crisis, but misses the big point: unless these countries end the socialist welfare state and take legal action to protect their founding populations, the immigrants will continue to come and will overwhelm and replace the indigenous natives.

  • Central Park Rape—Councilman Yusef Salaam Still Guilty As Hell

    Walking through the evidence, Ann Coulter shows us that despite another suspect being named who probably participated in the assault and rape, the CP5 were also guilty of participation and were exonerated and paid off for political reasons.

  • Discrimination charge filed against Michigan hair salon that told trans clients to ‘seek services at local pet groomer’

    Human rights rules like those enshrined in the 14A mean that no one can refuse service to anyone else, even if the group that person is from represents a statistical risk or a rejection of the beliefs of the person providing services. Funny how actual “freedom” went away with Lincoln, just like the Southerners said it would.



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