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DiversityWatch (November 11, 2023)


  • Sherman school officials put trans student at center of real-life drama over “Oklahoma!” production

    You do not have to believe in objective reality as universal and absolute to make decisions that work for your people, in your culture, and who are in your community. This is what culture does: chooses semi-arbitrary paths that work for a group. Transgenderism, like diversity and atheism, is a strike against culture and therefore threatens every individual. The people who are drawn to transgenderism are generally confused and therefore are used as symbols rather than real humans by the Left. While many of us believe the solution involves acceptance and localization, i.e. this is something that is both not bullied and kept private, when transgenders are used as political symbols they become targets.

  • Apple discriminated against US citizens in hiring, DOJ says

    Absolutely no one is surprised. The diversity got hired, and now it only hires other diversity, which conveniently for management produces no superstar programmers or designers, only rule-followers who can be easily changed out if headquarters needs to do something insane. Healthy companies want high-performers; senescent companies want obedient servants.

  • Bizarre reason Clifton Springs mums are being threatened with stalking charges

    We think of the loan transgender kid who wants to use the opposite sex toilet because his “gender” — personal, identity-related conception of his sexual identity — has shifted to the opposite extra, which is like being homosexual but with extra steps. The problem is that most of the current crop of “transgenders,” created by socialized medicine which lists sex changes as legitimate responses to psychological problems that can easily be shoehorned into gender dysphoria, are fundamentally people with mental health problems who are prone to do very dangerous things. As a result, parents want the transgender boys who do not easily pass to be out of the girls bathroom. That is, if you look like a girl, act like a girl, and think like a girl, you are welcome, but if you are a big hairy man in a dress with schizophrenia and a past rape conviction, they want you to stay far away. This offends human rights law, the basis of democracy as we fought for in the world wars, and therefore is taboo to governments who persecute it lest these governments lose the basis for their implied legitimacy and funding.

  • Cat litter for pupils rumour denied by school in letter

    Government replaces identifying with a culture and its niche hierarchy by removing all focus except on the individual, which now means that people “self-express” instead of creating a place within a social order based on organic culture, nature, and the divine. Since society subsidizes this self-expression, it becomes a contest to see how far people can push the limits and have society subsidize it, which someone took to a hilarious level by pretending to identify as a cat and requesting large litter trays at school. Like the Montreal teacher with the huge fake bosom satirizing transgenderism, this mocks self-expression itself, and the school now has to make the obligatory po-faced statement.

  • Coffee shop to close after four-decade run in downtown Kalamazoo

    Woman who owns coffee shop loses her grandfather, a retired police officer, so places sign supporting cops in the window of her store, which causes backlash from the diversity that eventually forces store to close.

  • A cautionary tale about Wikipedia censorship and the Twitter Files

    Political correctness works by eliminating those who do not support The Narrative. Wikipedia and Google take that further by rating sources according to their social acceptability, and use that as a way of dropping everyone else from the results in order to present a propaganda front. In a decentralized version of this, Leftists everywhere drop friends who do not have the “right” opinions, hire and contract only fellow Leftists, and socially ostracize those who are not enthusiastic enough about the latest trends. This shows us the nature of means-over-ends thinking: if you remove the bad methods, the logic goes, only the good remains, and you do not need to have a goal other than yourself. Individualism leads to a contrarian denial and destruction of the real world, and that leads to symbolic airy nonsense that produces support for insane ideas like diversity.

  • Hamas Ally CAIR Has Been Operating With Impunity Inside America for 30 Years

    People focus a great deal on the Jewish-American lobby, but they forget that every other ethnic group, industry, union, religion, foreign power, and single-issue group also has a lobby, and all of these are warring it out for compromise and concessions in Washington, which is why bills run into the hundreds of pages and are mostly footnotes and exceptions so that each group gets what it bargained for. Televised elections mean that voters get even more oblivious because they simply wait for whoever has the most ads to tell them how to vote, or listen to late-night “comedians,” since they figure that whatever is popular is winning and they should support that. Democracy may be the dumbest form of government ever created.

  • Border Bollocks

    Instead of cracking down on illegal immigration, the Biden Administration came up with a solution: make them legal by having them register as refugees. That way, the symbolic count of number entering the country illegally goes down, and he can claim victory while letting in as many future Democrat voters as possible. He most likely tells himself that what he is doing is morally good because by removing Republicans, he is defending the poor and promoting equality, which both lets him feel pity toward others and feel justified in stealing as much as he can carry. Such is the pathology of Leftists.

  • Why I Won’t Be Seeking Re-Election to Senate

    Manchin finds Washington too partisan, which is a common refrain these days, but no one looks at the fact that the Overton Window has shifted so far to the Left that it forces division on us. Democrats want full diverse Communism, Republicans want 1980s America back because it was more functional. There is nothing regressive about admitting that we went down a wrong path and need to go back to the step before our wrongfooting and make a better choice.

  • The Militia at the Center of the Darfur Genocide Kills Hundreds in Sudan

    Another diversity conflict bursts into full insanity, this one caused by the influx of Arabic genetics into Africa. No one wants to admit that diversity causes perpetual strife, but when you identify this and separate populations, wars no longer masquerade as a type of domestic strife but are recognized as genocide, outbreeding, and conquest campaigns.

  • Indigenous soldiers determined to carry on family legacies

    The Mongolian immigrants willing to fight for their new host nations get celebrated for being exceptions to the usual diversity rule, which is lack of support or outright sabotage for the host nation, as the USA found in Vietnam with its African troops.

  • Want higher graduation rates? New study shows public spending on families is key

    More Leftist “wet streets cause rain” jibberish. High school graduation is a “key predictor of health and well-being later in life” because those who can graduate high school are generally higher-IQ and have more discipline (read: less insanity from mute load). This is the same logic that enabled dumping money on higher education, which promptly ruined it because it was no longer a signal of higher-IQ and diligence, but of ability to get government loans.

  • Germany is working on a plan to send some asylum seekers to Africa while their cases are decided, marking a U-turn for a country that has long been open to migrants.

    Across the board, first-world countries are recognizing that unless they make immigration a lot harder, they are going to be submerged in refugees. Of course the most essential things — rejecting diversity as a policy, and rejecting the Keynesian circular Ponzi scheme welfare state as dysgenic theft — still elude them, but people in democracy are mentally-addled and think very slowly.

  • Ethical, environmental and political concerns about climate change affect reproductive choices

    The climate change propaganda has terrified first world people into reproducing below maintenance rate, although has done nothing about The Ecocide (which can be fixed with Half Earth) or the larger problem of overpopulation, which can be fixed by abolishing the welfare state and disconnecting from the third world, where the population boom is occurring.

  • FBI seizes New York mayor’s phones in corruption probe

    Diversity government continues to be as broken and tribalistic as it is in the third world, much to the surprise of urban and suburban goodthinkers who do not want to awaken to the fact that enemies surround them, democracy cannot rule them, and dysgenics brought on by easy jobs and credit cards is about to turn them into hominids.

  • US Border Agent says his job is misunderstood, unfairly villainized

    Most Americans are so drugged by the sleeping pill of the cognitive drug-virus of equality that they have forgotten the Iron Rule of nature: all things — ideas, groups, individuals, behaviors, methods — act only in their own self-interest alone. Your enemies are merely competitors, which means the competition are the enemy. Democracy seduces people into a hypnotic sleep-state where they deny anything but the individual in themselves and others, therefore are unable to see groups or differences between individuals, which leads them to make themselves into perfect victims for sociopathic exploiters and foreign invaders.

  • As Migrants Keep Coming, El Paso Spends Millions to Keep Them Off the Streets

    Who pays for immigration? The taxpayers, first to house the newcomers, and then to subsidize them with housing, education, healthcare, school meals, daycare, and welfare while they pay no income taxes. Illegal immigration is a massive wealth transfer from the first world to the third world, which delights the intellectuals in charge who believe pacifism is more enlightened than realism because thinking this gives intellectuals claim to being our new priests and leaders, despite actually being burnt-out chunks of human neurosis that went through education from lack of other claim to cause for living.

  • The FCC’s New Racial Broadband Rule

    The FCC applies disparate impact, a legal doctrine that says that if one group is succeeding less than others it must be subsidized because “racism” or “discrimination” is the cause, a backhand way of asserting the equality of all people despite all credible evidence to the contrary. These costs will be passed on to the groups that are not flailing or failing, another wealth transfer from first world populations to third world populations, powered by the Cro-Magnids who created Western Civilization only to have egalitarianism destroy it.

  • New site documents #landback movement, supporting return of land to Indigenous owners

    Leftists want to give land belonging to someone else back to Mongolian Amerind tribes, who despite claiming that they did not recognize property rights, now want property rights, and want us to excuse the centuries of Hamas-style warfare they perpetrated on first world settlers.

  • Washington Post Removes Hamas Cartoon After Backlash From Staff and Readers

    Apparently pointing out that Hamas, like the Viet Cong, situates its weapons and command structure near hospitals, mosques, orphanages, and schools has become a controversial issue. The Left has mostly united in support of the third world group (Hamas) against the first world group (Israel) because egalitarianism commands that you always support the underdog, even if they started this series of events with an attack in which civilians were raped, tortured, and killed, then hid in tunnels that just happened to run beneath civilian sites.

  • Study: $2.1B property tax hike would hit economy

    Voters view tax money as free money because they think it is being taken from others, and intend to cheat on their own taxes however possible, so they assume that there are no consequences for hiking taxes. Each time taxes are raised, prices go up. Most voters not only are unaware of this but will argue vigorously against it despite knowing nothing about it. This Keynesian tax scheme was used to fund diversity, which was argued to business as a massive expansion of the consumer base and a way to keep salaries low after unions wrecked any hope of positive relations between management and labor.

  • Last day to register to vote in Houston’s runoff election in December

    In the most diverse part of the world, your choices are crazy Sheila Jackson Lee and whitish cuck Leftist John Whitmire, neither of whom will do anything to arrest the widespread corruption in deeply debt-ridden diversity city Houston.

  • Canada’s Multicultural Utopia Now a Balkanized Grievance Factory

    Conservatives selected out any race realists long ago, so the official voices adopted a view that minorities simply needed to “assimilate” or adopt the political, economic, legal, and social systems of their host nation. It turns out that culture is genetic and cannot be adopted, and as a result, diversity has become exactly what its critics said it would be, namely a warring group of contrary ethnic interests. This happens everywhere diversity is tried, no matter what groups are involved. Far-Righters like to focus on Jews and Negroes, but the basis of diversity support comes from egalitarian White and whitish/hwite voters.

  • Alabama riverboat deckhand is charged with assault over viral brawl between black cruise staff and white pleasure craft owners

    If the races were reversed, hate crimes charges would have been filed. All the White and whitish participants have already been indicted and pled out or are facing charges. In the meantime, moving the boat caused the fight in the first place, so Pickett is getting indicted for instigating the conflict.

  • Study finds link between school desegregation and midlife cognitive function

    Out come the cherry-pickers:

    An especially significant study observation: Black adults in the study presumed to have had five years of exposure to desegregated primary schooling had similar cognitive function scores as their white peers, effectively eradicating Black-white cognitive disparity. This association remained even after adjusting for state-level education quality and education levels.

    They found the Black kids with high scores and “presumed” that these were the kids who were exposed to desegregated primary schooling. If it were not for the lab coats, no one sane would accept this as “science.”

  • Moody’s warns US credit rating at risk due to large fiscal deficits causing ‘negative’ outlook

    It turns out that spending all your money on anti-racism and anti-poverty programs — the welfare state is at least three-quarters of our budget, more if you include state and local — simply bankrupts you and at some point, people no longer want to buy your debt because your society is failing and you are run by a senile warmongering potato.

  • Germany to make military ‘the backbone’ of Europe’s defense

    Europe slowly realizes that it needs to be ready for war or war will inevitably come to it, which requires shifting spending from the refugee-loving welfare state back toward military and infrastructure, which will change it from an impotent dependency economy to a production-oriented one. Europe is very close to realizing that the world wars were a mistake, and democracy is not its savior but its undertaker.

  • Study: Exclusionary rhetoric use by any political party increases votes for far-right parties

    Again: the Left stands for individualism, which in groups requires “equality,” while the Right points out that people are different and we need niche hierarchy based on competence in reality, not meritocracy or affirmative action. Any rhetoric that points to differences between people leads people to realize on some level that the Left is a scam and only the Right offers a realistic and therefore, non-deceptive, platform.

  • Liberals table ‘anti-scab’ legislation, satisfying NDP supply deal commitment

    Showing us why conservatives always lose, Canada’s free market party endorses unions, fully knowing that unions support the Left and bring organized crime, as part of a concession as part of a compromise in order to bring what is effectively a powerful lobby on their side. They are so clever in manipulating the system that they forget the goal, as is common in means-over-ends thinking. You are no kings, clowns. You are Leftists who like Jesus and patriotism.

  • ‘Bridging The Divide’ two-day DEI summit at UW-Madison omits antisemitism

    Jews were the token victim group until the third world showed up, and now have been degraded to “oppressor” status on the basis of defending themselves while being part-White, rather wealthy, and belonging to a first-world nation instead of the sainted noble savages of the third world who are now busy raping, killing, and torturing people across the world.



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