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DiversityWatch (February 24, 2023)


Humanity — the species, starting with its brightest minds — finds itself leaving the Age of Symbolism and moving to a more realistic era where we see longstanding social institutions like culture as essential, since culture means working together without the neurosis of dogma and control:

Cultural embeddedness, which reflects whether individuals have adopted the core values, beliefs, and norms entrenched in the organization’s culture, helps an individual generate ideas that others will view as useful.

We might generalize the options available to human societies:

  • Natural Rights: government cannot restrict you from doing what you can do in nature, barring personal injury violations like murder, rape, theft, and assault. This allows a flexible society if it has culture, but becomes anarchistic over time, making a weakened society that then tends toward wanting more centralized control.
  • Human Rights: created by government, and giving goverment a “blank cheque” to monitor all parts of life, human rights create a powerful centralized entity that then must decide in case of conflict rights who is worthy of reward, which in egalitarian systems (take from strong, give to weak) means that society slowly kills off its most promising members.
  • Tradition: pairs of duty/privilege come with having a niche role in the larger society as a whole, defined by culture and the social hierarchy it produces, in which each person knows what they must do and what must be rewarded, so the best rise (and who cares about the rights of non-contributors, anyway).

If the herd seems to be feeling unease, it is because Marjorie Taylor Greene — partially MAGA, still RINO on diversity — pointed out what everyone has been feeling:

“We need a national divorce,” Greene said in a shocking President’s Day tweet.

“We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government. Everyone I talk to says this,” added Greene, who was re-elected to the House last November. “From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s [sic] traitorous America Last policies, we are done.”

The nation Leftists want and the nation conservatives want are incompatible. The Hart-Celler Act killed any hope of compromise because the diversity wants socialism and WASP America wants a functional society that rewards the good instead of collective reward.

Diversity is our misfortune.


  • Nearly 1 million apply for asylum in EU in 2022

    The agency said it received some 966,000 applications in 2022, which is 50% more applications it received in 2021.

    The numbers include applications for countries in the European Union, as well as Norway and Switzerland that are not members of the EU.

    Globalism means global neoliberalism, or the mixed economy which uses free markets to stimulate its tax revenues so it can pay socialist entitlements, where the first world takes resources from the third world and adds value to them through manufacturing and advertising, then makes massive profits which further stimulate taxes and grow government. Since WW2, government spending has distorted markets to the point where now corporations depend on the government for the regulations that “create jobs” and the entitlements programs that pay out huge profits to Big Pharma for things like COVID-19 vaccines and transgender surgeries. When conservatives warned about overpopulation and plummeting global average IQ, it turns out that they were right, because now we have masses of impoverished low-ability people, and they all want to emigrate to the West because that is the “easy answer” to all of their problems.

  • Psychology researchers find communication is key in reducing prejudice in workforce

    The study, which was published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, found that police officers who felt their autonomy was more supported by supervisors ultimately reported less antagonism toward diversity initiatives.

    Moller, the study’s lead researcher, says the evidence-based motivation strategies investigated in the study are designed to increase the likelihood of buy-in, not just with individual programs but more extensively throughout society.

    In other words, they are looking forward to new ways to socially condition the population to accept diversity by convincing people to feel a sense of power by slamming other for not being diversity-positive enough. The neurotics reinvent this theory every few years.

  • Family of sexual assault victim told to remove ‘foreign nationals’ post by Gardai

    “We can’t understand it,” he said. “We were asked to take down a social media post where we had identified the attackers as foreign nationals, because no one has been arrested and women need to know this information.”

    “We were asked by the Gardai why we said it was foreign men, and then asked to take the post down. Then we were asked not to talk about what had happened to anyone.”

    Wherever diversity goes, censorship follows, because diversity cannot sell itself on its own merits and instantly provokes dissent as the path of its failure becomes clear. That generally happens once the diversity percentage gets out of the single digits, and it does not matter which foreign population it is, only that it is one or more foreign populations being imported into a land. The neurotics reinvent this one every century.

  • Mothers’ alcohol consumption before and during pregnancy is linked to changes in children’s face shapes

    The more alcohol the mothers drank, the more statistically significant changes there were. The most common traits were turned-up nose tip, shortened nose, turned-out chin and turned-in lower eyelid

    Higher mute load means flatter, rounded faces with small curved noses and other Mongoloid features. This can occur not just through alcohol, but bad food and any of the toxic stuff floating around Ohio these days.

  • Two U.S. Supreme Court cases this week could upend the entire internet

    At the heart of the legal battle is Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a nearly 30-year-old federal law that courts have repeatedly said provide broad protections to tech platforms but that has since come under scrutiny alongside growing criticism of Big Tech’s content moderation decisions.

    The law has critics on both sides of the aisle. Many Republican officials allege that Section 230 gives social media platforms a license to censor conservative viewpoints. Prominent Democrats, including U.S. President Joe Biden, have argued Section 230 prevents tech giants from being held accountable for spreading misinformation and hate speech.

    Censorship is driven by fear of “hate speech” which includes all legitimate criticism of diversity. The Left wants to “hold providers accountable” which is a sleight-of-hand for legally forcing them to remove any content which points out how diversity is leaving skidmarks in the bed. This season for the Supreme Court is fraught with potential for either great destruction or great benefit as the Court considers Affirmative Action and its obvious collision with the Fourteenth Amendment, First Amendment, and Thirteenth Amendment rights of Whites:

    If the court were to ban affirmative action, the decision would be part of a larger, profound conservative transformation of constitutional law. The court, for example, demonstrated its willingness to reconsider landmark rulings when it overturned the 1973 abortion decision in Roe v. Wade.

    …But it was the the 14th Amendment that addressed discrimination against Black Americans by ensuring that no state may deprive any person “the equal protection of the laws.”

    Written in broad, general language, the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause was designed by the 39th Congress to open the door to different interpretations by future generations. Today’s arguments for and against affirmative action are based on differing interpretations of the meaning of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

    You will note that our writers here have been writing about the 14A for some time while all other conservative sources have ignored it.

  • Bags with hateful, antisemitic flyers found in Riverside Terrace, a historically Black and Jewish area

    Anti-Defamation League southwest director Mark Toubin said the group listed on the hateful flyers is associated with similar incidents in the Houston area. While the flyers are aimed at recruiting and raising money for their organization, Toubin said they can have a more sinister ripple effect.

    “Once hate starts, you never know where it ends. And far too many times we’ve seen it in in violence, including in the murder of numerous people at one time,” Toubin said, citing the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, an anti-Semitic hate crime where 11 people were killed.

    While blaming The Jews™ for the stupid decisions made by Western Civilization, including democracy and equality which led to diversity, misses the point and sends people running after a scapegoat instead of making the obvious fixes, it is high time to bring these ideas out into the public discourse so they can be analyzed and discussed rather than legitimized by the persecution brought against them. However, diversity requires abolishing free speech as has been the norm in this country since the second world war.

  • Seattle becomes first US city to ban caste discrimination

    The caste system in India dates back over 3,000 years and divides Hindu society into rigid hierarchical groups.

    The ordinance passed by Seattle on Tuesday follows similar bans on caste bias that have been introduced on the campuses of US universities in recent years.

    “Caste discrimination doesn’t only take place in other countries,” said Ms Sawant, who is the only Indian American on the Seattle city council.

    Informal caste systems make sense because they mirror the IQ bands of a population: 90% are below 115 IQ points and are destinated to follow, 9% are in the 115-125 IQ band and can follow principle, and the remaining 1% are 125+ and can think independently if raised properly and nurtured by culture and independence from grinding stupidity like day jobs, taxes, commuting, mass religion, and public image contests such as voting or popular music. We need more caste discrimination, not less, but as is the norm with diversity and globalism, when you import the world, their problems become your problems.

  • Alleged anti-Semitic slurs spark brawl between Jewish, Catholic schools in Florida after soccer game

    Parents of the players from the Jewish school asserted that someone said, “Hitler was right” during the fight, and that other opponents spewed different anti-Jewish slurs.

    Christians seem to be in denial that their religion has Jewish origins. Jews seem in denial that wherever they go, diversity fails just as it does with any other group, and passing laws to hold that back works until popular sentiment turns and then fails catastrophically as it did in Germany and Russia. Jewish people will be happiest in Israel, where all Jews and only Jews belong. Palestinians are a political forgery comprised of people from nearby Arab states.

  • Neighborly cooperation can ensure your genes survive, new research finds

    The study found that social animals that work closely with their nearest neighbors to repel other groups can maximize the chance of their genes surviving, because those neighbors are likely to carry the same genes too.

    Nationalism works. Diversity is genocide.

  • Roald Dahl books rewritten to remove language deemed offensive

    Puffin has hired sensitivity readers to rewrite chunks of the author’s text to make sure the books “can continue to be enjoyed by all today”, resulting in extensive changes across Dahl’s work.

    Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is now described as “enormous” (formerly: “fat”). In The Twits, Mrs Twit is no longer “ugly and beastly” but just “beastly”.

    In The Witches, a paragraph explaining that witches are bald beneath their wigs ends with the new line: “There are plenty of other reasons why women might wear wigs and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.”

    Sensitivity readers or their equivalent took over American literature at the end of the 1980s, and since that time it has produced zero works of actual literature and lots of pretentious popular fiction, leading to the promising writers fleeing to pulp and genre fiction instead of attempting literature. In the meantime, do you really think you will fool any halfway intelligent kid by calling someone “enormous” instead of “fat”? Maybe the under-115s.

    Even better, the people who are promoting this censorship are neurotic Whites and hwites who are telling the rest of us what to think from their Whitopian luxury condominiums:

    Part of being an author is writing outside of personal perspectives and experiences. Sensitivity reads provide tailored feedback to help authors feel confident about narrating subject matters beyond their own experiences.

    According to data from the UK Publishers Association in 2022, half of those working in the publishing sector have attended a Russell Group university (compared with only 6% of the UK’s population) and nearly a third were raised in London or the affluent South East of England. Of those surveyed, 82% were white and only 15% weren’t British, even though at least 19 sovereign nations around the world are majority native English speaking.

    In other words, these sensitivity readers are a propaganda arm designed to fend off attacks by other Leftists on the publishing industry, which cannot function without its private college Whites and hwites.

  • Addressing social isolation may be key in preventing mass shootings, study finds

    “When we are isolated from our social circles, we lose that functional component of our loved ones being frank with us when our behavior might become inappropriate,” said Samuel West, Ph.D., an assistant professor of psychology at Virginia State University who led the study while he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Injury and Violence Prevention Research Lab at VCU Health.

    Diversity isolates people not just because fewer others share their culture and way of viewing the world, but literally spreads them out as people try desperately to move away from the ghetto. Two hundred years ago there were Chinese, Arab, Jewish, Indian, Italian, and Irish ghettoes across the West, but people have forgotten how long diversity has failed in an effort to stick with the Leftist Narrative.

  • Biden spurns US energy producers, turns to Venezuela for millions of barrels of oil: ‘Outright hostility

    The U.S. is on track to receive nearly 3 million barrels of crude oil from Venezuela this month, Reuters reported. That’s because oil producer Chevron is shipping more than 100,000 barrels per day of Venezuelan crude to the U.S. under a license from the Treasury Department.

    Last year, the Biden administration authorized Chevron to expand production in Venezuela and to resume exports of Venezuelan oil. Venezuela, an OPEC member, has been under U.S. sanctions, with its oil frozen for the past several years, due to international outcry over the conduct of Venezuela’s socialist government.

    The Left wants to transfer wealth from the first world to the third world while retaining first world control. This is typical of egalitarianism: take from the strong to give to the weak because you cannot make the weak strong.


  • The five FILTHIEST cities in America — including Houston, Newark, San Bernardino, Detroit and Jersey City – are all run by Democratic mayors

    It found that Houston, Texas was the dirtiest city in the country, followed by Newark, New Jersey; San Bernardino, California; Detroit, Michigan; and Jersey City, New Jersey. Detroit was also previously named the most stressful city.

    Houston is 23.3% White, Newark is 12.1% White, San Bernardino is 12.7% White, Detroit is 10.6% White, and Jersey City is 25.9% White. Might we say instead that diversity — note the wide range of races represented in these cities — itself is a cause of permanent Leftist rule and filth? Leftism is the only modern system to repeatedly collapse because it cannot feed its own people, mirroring the normal conditions in the third world.

  • Houston ISD faces $60M deficit as enrollment declines by 20,000

    13 Investigates found there are 20,724 fewer students enrolled at HISD now compared to when the pandemic hit during the 2019-20 school year. There are currently 189,337 enrolled.

    Michael Love, the executive officer of HISD’s Innovation and Strategic Initiatives, told 13 Investigates that he doesn’t expect enrollment to bounce back to pre-pandemic totals, in part, due to declining birth rates and charter schools.

    Parents finally realized that the schools were teaching to 90 IQ children and were on a warpath against anything that requires a higher IQ, including normal life. Anyone who could get their kids out of the school system has done so or is planning to do so.

  • Medical-legal partnerships are valued by immigrant, migrant populations

    While immigration status is increasingly recognized as an independent social determinant of health, understanding best practices for health care systems that might mitigate the health disparities that result from unequal health care access dictated by immigration status is just beginning to be studied.

    People fleeing the ruins of their own bad decisions to places with free stuff really like the free stuff and any lawyers getting paid $500 an hour to argue for that free stuff.

  • Consumer debt hits record $16.9 trillion as delinquencies also rise

    Debt across all categories totaled $16.9 trillion, up about $1.3 trillion from a year ago, as balances rose across all major categories.

    Despite a decline in originations, mortgage balances increased to $11.9 trillion, up about $250 billion from the third quarter and about $1 trillion from a year ago. Originations for new home loans and refinancings fell to $498 billion, less than half where they were for Q4 in 2021 and a drop of about $135 billion from the third quarter.

    Mortgage loans considered in “serious delinquency” of 90 days or more rose to a rate of 0.57%, still low but nearly double where they were from the year prior. Auto loan debt delinquencies rose 0.6 percentage point to 2.2%, while credit card debt jumped 0.8 percentage point to 4%.

    This tells you exactly how well the diversity economy — sustained by taxes on White people to pay for diversity and enrich government in the process — is going. Diversity of any form is fatal to civilization.

  • Schools’ surge in marketing to attract pupils fuels inequalities globally

    The research, published today in the Review of Educational Research and led by the University of Bristol, shows how the increasing trend of parents being able to choose which primary and secondary school their child goes to has resulted in greater rivalry, driving an industry of marketing activity in both public and paid-for schools, sometimes at the expense of improvements to education.

    Affirmative Action worldwide means that the smarter kids go to a few schools and everyone else gets left behind in mediocre schools designed for people with the IQ of two grapefruits and a coney.

  • Seoul removes women-only parking spaces in gender policy reversal

    Such a move feeds into what critics say is a culture of anti-feminism that has characterised South Korean politics over the past few years.

    Men in South Korea increasingly argue that polices designed to advantage women are discriminatory.

    The current government has removed the term “gender equality” from its school ethics curriculum and is trying to close its gender equality ministry.

    It turns out that equality is a zero-sum game: in order to raise up the weak, you must take from the strong, and this makes your civilization weak. Guess they will have to fix the epidemics of rape and assault instead.

  • Left-wing ‘disinformation’ groups rake in cash with blacklist of conservative news outlets

    The blacklist contains at least 2,000 sites, according to Melford, and is sent to big ad firms, which have more and more leaned on the “nonpartisan” organizations to combat disinformation.

    The firms are then pressured to cease doing business with right-leaning, conservative news outlets — among them Newsmax, the Federalist, Daily Wire and The New York Post, according to the Examiner.

    When government controls the economy, no business can afford to be seen as anti-diversity, so they subscribe to these blocklists in order to show attempted compliance.

  • A Black Professor Trapped in Anti-Racist Hell

    In the wake of the George Floyd protests, a group of black Telluride alumni pressured the association to examine the racism that, they claimed, was baked into the organizational culture. “We have all experienced anti-blackness within the association and through its programs,” their open letter said. The result was a redesign of the summer seminars: Telluride would now offer only “Critical Black Studies” and “Anti-Oppressive Studies” seminars.

    Equality is the opposite of quality.

  • DNA research finds low genetic diversity among US honeybees

    The data showed that the nation’s managed honeybee populations rely intensively on a single honeybee evolutionary lineage. In fact, 94 percent of U.S. honeybees belonged to the North Mediterranean C lineage. Data reflected that the remainder of genetic diversity belongs to the West Mediterranean M lineage (3%) and the African A lineage (3%).

    Ironically, the problem they describe here is a side effect of human diversity: when multiple ethnic groups occupy a nation-state, they have fewer options for breeding and fewer areas to roam, therefore tend to experience a population crash as inbreeding rises.

  • UK counter-terrorism strategy needs to refocus on Islamism

    Britain’s counter-terrorism programme “Prevent” must refocus its efforts more on the threat posed by militant Islamism after becoming too concerned with right-wing extremism, an independent review of the often-criticised strategy concluded on Wednesday.

    When diversity brings in the taxpayer dollars, agencies focus on the easy task of arrested White LARPers at their computer keyboards and ignore real threats. This is the consistent with the general approach in democracy to focus on hot-button minor issues (abortion, inequality) while neglecting actual issues (productivity, quality, security, infrastructure). The voters flock to whatever is most symbolic, and this determines who gets to be a politician, so there is no point scapegoating the politicians who have been created by the voters. Democracy, like diversity and equality, is an evolutionary Dead End.

  • How selfishness can lead to fairness: Dynamics and risk sharing in groups of selfish individuals

    “Surprisingly, when individuals act out of pure selfish reasons, this can lead to a fair situation within the group,” says physics professor Clemens Bechinger.

    The reason why many animals organize themselves in herds is not necessarily the result of gregariousness or social behavior. One example is seals: On their own, they are easy prey for orcas or sharks. Instead, it is much safer within a group, because then the danger of an attack is spread out among many individuals.

    Self-interest works, collective reward does not. Meta: collective reward is a form of herding behavior because it enables the individual to cover their own profitable activities with a presumption of moral rightness while misdirecting others toward unprofitable activities and hiding this fact from the group.

  • JonBenét Ramsey DNA evidence eliminated suspects — but was hidden for years

    DNA evidence that was gathered under JonBenét Ramsey’s fingernails and from her underwear did not match her parents or other people close to the family, according to newly uncovered documents.

    Despite the apparent lack of proof, police in Colorado for years continued insinuating that the parents of the murdered child pageant queen were “under an umbrella of suspicion,” according to a new book on Lou Smit, the late Colorado investigator who tried to solved JonBenét’s murder until his death in 2010.

    The DNA test results were sent from Colorado’s Bureau of Investigation to lead detective Thomas Trujillo on Jan. 15, 1997.

    Thomas Trujillo is a diversity hire. With diversity, all of our institutions decline because we are choosing people for their race, gender, sex, and class instead of for competence.



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