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Trapped In the Pentagram

One wonders why the people who claim to advocate evil use the inverted pentagram and not the hammer and sickle. After all, the Soviets killed more people than any other group known to humanity, challenging Genghis Khan for the throne, where the occultists seem to have killed few if any.

Then again, posting a hammer and sickle in the decaying postmodern West is about as controversial as drawing a smiley face or dollar sign. It represents a known thing, a fragment of the dominant paradigm, where the pentagram suggests stepping outside of the present and hailing the old gods:

The song has the lyrics ‘Our gods became your Satan and Satan became our god,’ because Christianity viewed every older tradition as being connected with Satan. Everything that had to do with earthly pleasures and wasn’t regarded as Christian was considered evil and satanic. So, these two verses of the song are symbolic about what happened when Christianity was imposed, first in the European continent and then the rest of the world, dominating completely the western world and imposing its own version of ethics on what is evil or divine.

In this way, we understand both your modern Luciferian or Satanist and the reason that edgy people use the pentagram: it simply represents not the present way with a nod to the mysticism of the past, since the pentagram predated Satan and even Judeo-Christianity.

Symbols are sigils, generally, or representations of a path through both mentation and the world. The cross represents rising up to a final stage above Earth; the Star of David, with its four points outlining the “as above, so below, as behind, so ahead” represents an equal balance.

The pentagram on the other hand suggests a lack of equal balance. It recognizes that not only are the Earth and Heavens mirrored, but so are events across time, and the inner with the outer. This is a philosophy not of group action, but of individual niche-seeking.

This threatens our time because it rejects individualism. Me-first as a philosophy leads to the idea that all of what is external comes secondary to the individual, but the individuality of the ancients demanded that strength and order be found within in order to manifest externally.

An inverted pentagram shows us that the reality we are in is the smallest part of reality. It suggests that the world can only be discovered through intuition, and that this is not equally distributed. This ancient symbol existed before anyone conceived of a Satanic religion.

That is not to say that most Satanic religions are any more than gloss for edgy atheism. Most Satanists seem to combine the Leftist idea of loving everyone with a quasi-Nietzschean sense of rising above the rest by taking what you want without apologies. How… novel.

Like the Star of David, the pentagram appears in almost all esoteric religions and signifies a stage in a process. For the individual to rise to its full capacity, it first must understand the emptiness of individualism. That requires seeing the boundaries between individual and world erased.

“I am my own god” type of individualistic philosophies reject this and have more in common with the inverted cross, symbolizing energy descending from the heavens to Earth where it becomes enmired. Individualism takes the whole world and distills it to the desires of an individual.

Modern religions tend to do the same thing while proclaiming that they are not doing this. The idea of a moral god, arising from the idea of a binary morality and Heaven that operates by other rules than those of Earth, amounts to essentially human projection. This defeats its own aim.

We are trapped in the pentagram in the West. Coming from the cross and Star of David, we are not yet ready for what the pentagram offers, and people either reject it or corrupt with mainstream Satanism. The Luciferians have already deviated from this order toward a hermetic view but are few in number.

If this tells us anything, it is that sigils are superior to symbolism. When the sigil provides a map, it loses a sense of being a symbol in itself, or something to tie people together around external methods that regulate their mental state. It points to the next level.

Our quest is not so much to change religions as it is to change how we view the world. We cannot follow symbols any longer. We cannot run between signs of good and evil. We have to accept that good is a focus on what is real and creative, and everything else is error.

Reality is the only morality and it is unevenly perceived. This means that we can no longer rely on one symbol to create an external force that unifies us and points us toward goodness. We can only learn from reality and rise to whatever level at which we can be effective in the social order.

Fear of Satan on the Right mirrors fear of power on the Left. These are just symbols. They serve as an extended psy-op to distract us from what has happened, how we chose it, and how we can rise above it and move on to a better mental state, therefore a saner way of life.

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