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DiversityWatch (February 11, 2024)


  • Weaponized DOJ Is Biden’s Only Chance of Winning

    Dying empires adopt diversity and then use that new power base to take out the original population. The resulting society consumes itself because it is operating on illusions and then ends up a third world ruin. As pointed out here before, the Clintons took over the DOJ and have been using it to “rule from the bench” as they once used the Supreme Court.

  • Testimony to Congress on the Threat of Online Censorship and the Need for Free Speech

    Our government is now actively participating in propaganda programs and censorship in the USA to avoid knowledge of how badly diversity, socialism, COVID-19, regulations, and other fond notions of democracy are going. Without this censorship and propaganda, it collapses. That is a tyrannical regime, but even more, it is a fragile one. Equality destroyed another civilization.

  • Why Israel Is Winning in Gaza

    How to fight back against diversity and win instead of using the dumb tactics that America adopted because of the pressure from the popular vote.

  • A State of the Union for the Middle Class

    Opportunity and normal life got killed by diversity taxes, unions, regulations, lawsuits, affirmative action, and other parasites which each chipped off enough of each transaction to make life in America mediocre and expensive while shutting down opportunities except through the education bureaucracy, which is used to politically indoctrinate people.

  • Nato says Trump comments ‘undermine all of our security’

    Trump demands that NATO allies “pay their dues” and throw in their 2% GDP for defense. They realize that this means sacrificing their extensive socialist entitlements programs. However, in the end, getting rid of those is much healthier than keeping them.

  • Alabama radio station booted from air after 200-foot tower vanished without a trace

    Government rules demand that local AM station broadcast on FM band as well. Steal the FM tower, and the radio station is forced off the air by government. How exactly is this bureaucracy helping anything?

  • FAA Inspectors Won’t Fix Boeing

    Unions destroyed Boeing. In response to their incursions, it outsourced and destroyed itself in the process. With its new diverse and union workforce as well as its H-1Bs and foreign partners, Boeing is busy trading one its once-good name with airplanes that are going to explode even before the affirmative action pilots can crash them (this program usually favors women, especially those from minority groups, but now will focus on transgenders, many of whom are periodically suicidal).

  • A Concrete Jungle Where Bad Dreams Are Made Of

    Illegal aliens — “migrants” — have made it to the promised land where they are given free stuff and can walk on crimes that would get them killed anywhere else. This formula for chaos was brought to you by the Democrats needing more free stuff voters.

  • A game changer to solve homelessness? Keeping people housed

    The neocommunists have a novel idea, namely cost-shifting to private business by requiring landlords to avoid evicting those who are not paying rent. Next stop will be a shortage of rental properties as landlords exit the business and an increase in slumlord dwellings where you can live rent-free, but you gotta pay protection money instead.

  • An alleged gang rape shocks Italy, and provides fodder for an ascendant far right

    Most people refrain from crime because they want their neighbors to like them. If you view the host population as an enemy, however, you enjoy committing crimes because your people will like you more.

  • Indonesia‚Äôs president, who mingles with people and listens to Metallica, still popular in last term

    The problem with democracy is that even a leader with 70% popularity has to compromise with those entrenched in industry, government, and other powerful interests. The aristocrats saved us from this fate.

  • American allies worry the US is growing less dependable, whether Trump or Biden wins

    This compensatory anti-Trump hit piece buries the lede: political instability created by Democrats has made America weak, which is having ripple effects in the world and its economies. This threatens normal life for most people on Earth and is why momentum has shifted to Trump.

  • Adams imposing curfew at some migrant shelters after Times Square shooting

    Politically, no one can face how much of a disaster this has become. This reprises Rotherham and Rochdale where knowledge of crimes was suppressed so that no one got called “racist.” White and hwite neurotics, who have little understanding of cause-effect, have created this crisis by enjoying putting others down with nasty Left-leaning epithets, paralyzing society to act against certain problems.

  • Why Are College-Educated Republicans Returning To Support Trump?

    College is supposed to brainwash us into being neutered neurotics. However, it also creates a culture of critique that turns skepticism toward any Establishment. At this point, those in power are seeing their rule fade and covering up the problems for political reasons, so the college-educated are turning against them.

  • China issues ‘No. 1 central document’ for 2024, charting roadmap for promoting rural revitalization

    China admits that the great outsourcing boom is over and wants to double down on Communism.

  • The Constantine Hoax and the Forgery of Western History

    How organized religion overthrew the aristocracy and paved the way for the disaster in which we now live. Perhaps “the Jew” Hitler described was simply a religion authored by Jews that, through its reliance on tikkun olam style humanistic thinking, led the way to moralism replacing realism and therefore, an abandonment of all functional values and realism.

  • Public Works has $46.3 million in extra revenue. So why raise water rates again?

    As diversity turns government into a battle between ethnic special interests, corporate lobbyists, and foreign powers, corruption becomes the normal and shaking down the functional American middle class becomes normal procedure.


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