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We who are unfortunate enough to live in a modern time find ourselves caught between two forces which will not help us: socially-acceptable politics which thinks only in legal and political terms, and biologically-aware politics which does not recognize the need to address legal and political thinking.

A saner approach is to look at the world through biological eyes, but recognize the need for political and legal systems to protect the biological quality of a population. Individuals must be sane, healthy, strong, and intelligent; societies must have enough of those individuals to keep the rest suppressed.

When a society fails to suppress the rest, it becomes ruled by meatsuits. The biology people talk about racial enemies, but your most dangerous enemies come from within your own race, and are not really enemies so much as parasites and careerists who will destroy civilization for relatively small reward to themselves.

Our conservatives in media make a big deal about “welfare queens,” but consider all of the people riding on the back of our civilization. Anyone whose job does not directly produce something of utility is a parasite. All the bureaucrats, paper-shufflers, committee members, salespeople, social workers, educators, and regulators are just parasitic meatsuits.

These meatsuits — sometimes called skinwalkers — are incomplete humans. They do not fully have a sense of purpose like a normal human being, nor do they understand how to do anything for an order larger than themselves. They are individualists, and this makes them into careerists who engage in parasitic jobs.

Yes, Shaniqua, Consuela, and Bobby Sue also eat up lots of our wealth through welfare dependency, but this is small compared to the vast amount of jobs created by regulations, affirmative action, unions, fear of lawsuits, and other things unrelated entirely to production.

Our society was better when it had fewer safety consultants, far fewer lawyers, and less concern for trying to save everyone from risk. We need risk; without it, clear and strong decisions cannot be made, and we are ruled by the committee which simply creates jobs and subsidies.

Every country on Earth is under attack by this system that seizes from producers and distributes to non-producers, and it slowly eats up every society with its slow decay. The system takes many forms — equality, socialism, diversity, feminism, corporatism — but always ends the same way.

Humanity is coming out of a period of mental fog where it re-established organized civilization but then gave it away to the parasites. In the future, people will see realism as the only pathway to sanity, and will separate society into producers and everything else, and prioritize the former.

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