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DiversityWatch (April 30, 2023)


Conservatives demand order, Leftists want individualism. The two have become so confused at this point that your average conservative knows nothing more than enough guns, Jesus, and flag to keep the whole mess afloat.

Neither party will discuss demographics and the long-term consequences of the bourgeois takeover of a West that was once functional but now is mired in neurosis, narcissism, and public preening.

In reality, diversity of any form and composition destroys unity. Your culture goes away and gets replaced by a long list of rules to keep the chaotic mess held together at the boundaries. Politics becomes a job and no one expects it to end well.

As your leaders keep pushing for demographic replacement to keep growth high enough to pay the entitlements promised the Boomers, watch for the oncoming default and consequent third world war, in which a quarter to a third of your population will perish.

This is a good thing: we need a “Berlin 1945 moment” for democracy, individualism, and the bourgeois middle class pretending that it can run a nation like it runs its shops, based on catering to special interests and offending no-one. In the end, everyone pays.




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