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Diversity Enslaved America

Totalitarianism consists of a system where there is a ruling ideology, only those who follow it get ahead, and those who speak out against it are suppressed. This type of tyranny is power for its own sake, or leadership whose primary goal is to stay in power and consider consequences secondarily.

Diversity enslaved America. If you speak out against diversity publicly, you cannot hold down a normal job; you will be fired with a phone call. Your family and friends will abandon you. You will be subject to attacks on the street and the cops will do nothing. You are unperson.

On the other hand, to get ahead, you must repeat the usual mantras and slogans about how diversity is our strength, increases our earnings, makes us more resistant to disease, and will enhance our creativity to make us competitive in the next century.

Because of this filter, in public you will hear the same lies repeated by people who do not care if they are lies. To them, saying these things is no different than getting their car inspected, paying taxes, or taking the trash out on Tuesday night. They are required parts of the job.

Even more, they will pretend to be enthusiastic about them because the normies want to hear that everything is fine, we are winning and not failing, someone else will take care of the problem, and no one needs to change. Cheerleaders for diversity preach this nonsense all the time.

You can notice that diversity is failing, but you cannot criticize it. If you get in an altercation with someone of minority status, the crowd will come down against you and throw you in jail (or worse). They will take your job, home, retirement, and social group and cast you out into the ghetto.

They will feel a great sense of triumphant glee at this revenge. They are terrified that things might in fact be heading toward suicide, so they kill the messenger whenever someone notices that the emperor does not have new clothes after all and we are killing the goose that laid golden eggs.

They will feel stupid if it is revealed that they have spent much of their lives, fortunes, time, and energy on something that is at best an illusion and worse a path to a collective Jonestown Kool-Aid chugging contest. Therefore, they take it out on you.

Since everyone lives by supporting a lie, realism is optional, and therefore people act out a codependency relationship with the system. They rage at it but rely on it, so their criticism is never of its core, only that they did not get their share.

The sublimated rage that this produces gets taken out on whoever does not conform, obey, and fall into line to repeat the dogma and go through the motions. If you step out of line, you make them look like fools, force them to admit cowardice, and make it necessary for them to change their thinking.

People fear that above all else: thinking, because it requires changing thinking, which requires that they change their own behaviors instead of relying on governments, jobs, personal trainers, television, and education to do it for them.

You are enslaved by diversity. Most of your budget goes to anti-racism and anti-poverty programs which are mostly diversity programs. Affirmative action has riddled the system with incompetents and thieves like the carpetbaggers of old. Your culture is being erased before your eyes.

And you are afraid to say anything. Are you a free person, or a slave? A slave cannot notice the obvious failure of a widely-praised program, but a free person can. You do not see many people saying the obvious about not just diversity but COVID-19, the debt, or the increasing incompetence of everything.

Welcome to Clown World. It got turned upside down by the Enlightenment, when we threw out culture, natural order, tradition, and the divine so that individualism could be our new agenda. In the 1960s this reached its peak, and now we live in Xenophile Occupation Government (XOG) that punishes dissent.

Even worse, our fellow citizens punish dissent, too, because they are afraid of losing what they already have. They live in terror like you do. No one wants to be the first to notice that diversity has failed, and therefore our other programs based on equality are probably parasitic nonsense as well.

This does not end until we end it, but no one wants to be the first to speak up. They will be crucified, and who wants to give up their lives for the other people in a society that daily forces us to lie? Diversity has turned us against ourselves and erected a tyranny to keep order in the midst of chaos.

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