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DiversityWatch (April 19, 2023)


If you want to get anything done by yourself, you face the reality of the situation and do what is necessary.

If you are in a group however, stating that bald reality in human terms will provoke pushback. Everyone has to be unique and have a divergent opinion, even if differing only in details, and no one wants to cede territory to you, especially if you are right.

For that reason, to get anything done in a group you have to get everyone else to agree that the problem is not a problem, then state your objection mildly and wait for the crisis to play out. It takes a tragedy for humans to change; only when staring at piles of bodies do they change their thinking.

People fear adaptation more than anything else. That requires adjusting their thinking to fit reality, then choosing the best option, which is always a tradeoff or “lesser of several evils.” This also puts them at risk in case they are wrong, and makes them feel bad if they are right for having done it wrong for so long.

Most human philosophies consist of the idea that the world is not as obvious, but instead is something symbolic which we can use to rationalize our desires, almost all of which are a variety of anarchy with subsidies.

If you leave it up to a human group, you get well-intentioned suicide. This is why we must let tragedies play out until unbearable, because only then does the solipsistic human monkey start to feel the need to change his thinking.



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