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Demography Is Our Destiny

The census numbers for 2020 have just been released and what has been predicted for years is now coming to pass:  Whites — or citizens of European descent — have declined to approximately 58% (235.4 million) of the total US population (circa 331 million) as opposed to more than 63% in the 2010 census. The Hispanic or Latino cohort has increased by  23.3% over the past ten years (now 62.1 million and growing).  Blacks or African-Americans constitute 14.1% of the national population, making them the second largest minority group after the Hispanics.  In the same context, Asians as a percentage of US population grew by a whopping 90.3% to 22,621,000.  By all demographic standards, minorities are rapidly challenging White dominance.

In 1960 the percentage of Whites was 88.6% of total population, an increase of 27.6% compared to the 1950 census.  The growth of People of Color or ethnic minorities has dramatically increased as a percentage of our country’s population over the past six decades. Even more revealing is the comparative increase in what the census qualifies as “mixed-race individuals.”  In 2010 there were nine million mixed-race citizens; in 2020 that number had increased by 226% to 33.8 million (census numbers reflect “self-reporting” of racial status). The “browning” of America, long hailed by liberals as a form of demographic revenge against White “colonialists and oppressors of minorities,” is now a reality that we must accept.

Although estimates vary, Whites are slated to be a plurality of total population within the next twenty years or so.  Liberals are cheering this projected reduction of white influence and political clout.  Former president Bill Clinton has even gone on record as celebrating the demise of “whiteness” in American politics and culture. Other so-called experts have also welcomed this blending of all races into a sort of ethnic anonymity where being white will not be a factor in social and political choices.

As critics evaluate the cultural landscape of the future, the new “Brazil of the North” — a revamped America — will take its place on the international scene much sooner than we had expected.  Multiculturalism will thus be a way of life for all Americans, not a distant goal to be attained by political struggle and infighting between liberal and conservative factions. This being the case, what are our alternatives for survival as an ethnic group (White advocates and European descendants) in a highly diversified America?  Indeed, based on census numbers, can we survive at all with any degree of integrity, much less dignity? Our prospects seem somewhat dismal at the present time.

The creative and transformative genius of America, from its origins to the current day, has primarily come from people of European heritage…and to a certain degree from those of Asian descent. Very few immigrants from Third World countries — with the exception of India (which by current standards is the sixth wealthiest nation in the world but is ranked as a Third World country) — have contributed the ideas, energy, and innovative capital that have helped to create the huge economic and scientific dominance Americans now enjoy.

America was founded by Anglo-Saxon idealists and intellectuals (our “founding fathers”) who were in turn heavily influenced by European thinkers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. We owe our inception and longevity to these far-sighted and courageous individuals who risked their lives for a political experiment that very few believed could succeed. They alone created this unique example of a democratic-republican government that has served as a beacon of hope to the world for over two hundred and forty years.

In discussing White survival, we need to examine the harsh realities of legal and illegal immigration and its demographic impact. Let us keep in mind that the middle- and upper-class Latinos do not immigrate to the United States. Those who are storming the southern border, mestizos and the desperately poor, can offer only physical labor to justify their inclusion in American society.  On the other hand, Jews of Askenazi origin have dominated scientific research ever since the 1930s (the result of a mass exodus from European totalitarianism).  They have also distinguished themselves in many areas of academia and financial markets.  The long list of Nobel Prize winners in chemistry, physics, economics, and literature attests to their unique contributions to American success and world recognition.

Nonetheless, to avoid the homogeneity of a white ruling class (associated with past oppression), Jews have long been proponents of a widely diversified population through unrestricted or loosely vetted immigration.  In an effort to combat anti-Semitism they have worked closely with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (Montgomery, Alabama) to identify so-called “hate” groups or those organizations which espouse white advocacy and aggressively promote the interests of the white majority. Jewish militants are also represented by the Anti-Defamation League (founded in 1913), headquarted in New York City, that has supported a wide range of organizations and movements that are hostile to acknowledging the legitimacy of white advocacy groups (e.g. American Renaissance, V-Dare, Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents, et al).  Although resolutely pro-Israel, left-wing Jewish organizations have not taken a firm stand against the tenets of woke philosophy in the remaking of America. The majority of Jews embrace the ideals set forth by the Democratic Party in America and contribute generously to its causes. The Hungarian Jewish immigrant, George Soros, and the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, have given millions of dollars to support woke policies, political activists in radical movements,  and to influence electoral results at the national level.

As President Trump once emphasized, our immigration policies should favor those individuals who can bring technical skills and intellectual acumen to the table.  This would include people who have the resources and educational background to make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of our country.  Many nations have similar immigration policies (to wit: Mexico) that require applicants to be self-sufficient and not become a burden on the host country. This requirement has been rejected by the Biden-Harris administration, thus encouraging the massive assault on our borders by illegal aliens. “Compassionate” generosity of this sort assures that the white majority will be eventually overtaken by POCs (People of Color) within the next generation.

Democratic pundits have countered these concerns with the argument that over time the current wave of immigrants and their offspring will be assimilated into the mainstream of American life.  They cite the numerous ethnic groups — Italian, Irish, Polish, Cuban, Hungarian, Russian, et al. — who were first viewed with suspicion but later accepted as productive citizens, serving (in theory) as examples of the gradual and successful assimilation of foreigners into our way of life.

With the exception of the massive Marielito influx of Cubans under Castro which included inmates from Cuban prisons and psychiatric institutions, immigration has been most successful when effected in a deliberate and orderly manner.  The uncontrolled and only partially vetted influx of Central American, Mexican, and foreign immigrants at the southern border and their arbitrary reassignment to various sites in America has cast doubt on the smooth and effective transition of these immigrants into our society.  Many of the illegal migrants (some infected with the corona virus and others who have criminal pasts) are being forcibly transported to areas where there are few immigrants and will most likely, in due time, resettle in major cities where immigrant communities are well established and more compatible.  It is estimated that more than two million illegal migrants will cross the border this year alone (2021).

Islamic immigrants have created a ghetto-like community in Dearborn, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit).  In addition, there are Islamic citizens and mosques in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other heavily diversified cities.  The arrival of Afghan refugees (many of whom are unvetted and could be members of terrorist cells) will swell their numbers dramatically in the near future. 

Immigration, therefore, has become a political weapon in the hands of the current Democratic regime.  Their aim is to let large numbers of illegal and poorly trained immigrants enter the United States, have them become dependent on governmental subsidies for survival, lure them with promises of a pathway to citizenship, and anticipate that, when granted citizenship, they will vote for the party that made their good fortune possible. With family resettlement privileges, their numbers will increase even more in the years to come as exemplified in current census statistics. It has recently been revealed that hundreds of thousands of Afghan “refugees” are now being processed by the State Department  at Mid-eastern country entry gates for relocation in the US and receptive European countries.  Only a small percentage of these migrants worked with or were supportive of the American occupational forces in Afghanistan.

The White majority, which is now rapidly dwindling, must face the reality of what is happening.  They must oppose all efforts to diminish or condemn the contributions of White people to the development and uniquely democratic character of the United States. Once people of European origin become a minority or plurality in America, there will be a major shift in power.  It is now impossible to establish White voting blocs in Congress, such as the African-American caucus or Latino advocacy groups, because of the “systemic racism” implicit in such  associations.  The same is true of attempts on college campuses to create pro-white discussion groups.  Courageous politicians who argue in favor of freedom of expression by criticizing woke policies are branded as “racists” and their careers are put in jeopardy. In many ways, Whites have been demeaned to the point of accepting their own (unfounded) guilt and not imposing their will on radical minority demands or unfavorable legislation.

As Jared Taylor (American Renaissance) has stated repeatedly: what other country in the world would deliberately surrender its ethnic and political leadership to another racial group under the guise of atonement for sins of the past? What country would permit immigrants to accumulate in such large numbers over time that political power would be demographically transferred to the migrants?  No rational country or government would permit this massive transformation of its ethnic and social equilibrium.  America’s leaders are willfully enabling this paradigm shift in the balance of domestic power to favor minority immigrant populations.

In a predictable manner, America has been engaged on the slippery slope of international decline.  Its enormous military and economic dominance has masked this tendency for a number of years.  Recently, however, there have been a number of issues that underscore this loss of leadership; they are occurring primarily within the country and not from foreign adversaries.  There are an increasing number of cracks in our armor.

As our country becomes more and more diversified through immigration, there will be a marked decline in the respect for constitutional checks and balances.  Progressive activists are promoting a total revision of historical events and traditions through woke-driven propaganda and their radicalized views on “white patriarchy” and legislation attributed to white legislators.  Movements such as: the Green New Deal, Critical Race Theory, systemic white racism, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, et al, are now an integral part of the ongoing debate about social legislation. These radical ideas that downgrade white contributions to American history are being taught in grammar schools as well as junior high and high schools in certain regions of the country.

Textbooks that favor woke radicalism in racial matters are now common in university classrooms, even at West Point and US military training facilities.  In this manner, the Democratic Party stands unified in its attempts to create a new America based on socialist views of an “equitable society” where governmental fiat or executive orders will replace local or regional self-government.

The limited Constitutional autonomy granted to the states will be progressively challenged and melded into an overarching federal authority. In due time, the barriers raised by White-enacted laws and regulations will be circumvented and a new society inspired by “equality” will be born. The end result will be that People of Color and social activists will be given their “long-denied” role in high-level policy decisions. Instead of brown skin tones, the dominant color of American leadership will be incrementally “green.” If current infrastructure legislation is approved by Congress, the future of American society will be forever changed.  Socialist priorities will be implemented on a massive scale. In this case, there will be no turning back to a purely free market or a long-enduring capitalist economy.

History teaches us that great empires and civilizations are subject to an inevitable rise and fall over time.  Modern-day Italians are the undistinguished heirs of a once-powerful empire that controlled most of Europe and the Mediterranean Basin for almost 500 years.  The Greek empire under Alexander the Great defeated the Persians and occupied a large portion of the Mediterranean, reaching as far as India.  The Romans in turn conquered the Greeks who today are a distorted echo of the great civilization it was under Socrates and Plato.  The pharaohs of the Egyptian empire were conquered and replaced by a number of invading powers.  Today’s Egypt is only a faint shadow of its past grandeur.  In Europe, Spain, Portugal, France, and England have shed their colonial empires and reverted to the status of second-echelon countries which can no longer exert political influence on the world stage.  All great civilizations follow a cycle of growth, dominance, and senescence that historians have long documented.

America has attained its limit of world dominance and is now experiencing an extended period of decline.  One element of this phenomenon is the attempt to exclude Whites from playing a decisive role in academic, corporate, or even local governance.  All White initiatives are, in the eyes of the progressives, race-based or “systemically racist.”  Anyone of Caucasian or European extraction is automatically classified as “racist” based on his heritage. School boards across the nation are incorporating this nonsense in their civics curricula.

If Whites wish to set up discussion groups and/or politically oriented clubs at universities, they will be vilified as “racist” organizations (see above). In many instances, college/university administrations will prohibit students from taking these initiatives.  The only recourse available to White advocates would be to take legal action.  This intervention, unfortunately, is costly, very time-consuming, and dissuades individuals from getting involved.

Another sign of America’s declining influence in the world is the fact that China, as a rising world power, will operate with impunity in its zone of influence, ignoring all forms of civic or social justice.  Politicians and diplomats in Washington are cognizant of our limitations in the Far East. Biden is now obsessed with the implementation of woke programs that would radically transform America while ignoring the rising threat of Chinese dominance. Trillions of dollars are being sought through legislation for this purpose.  If federal control is exerted over local elections as anticipated by the Democrats, the very nature of our country will be forever changed.  Primary White interests will be not included in legislative action.  Consequently the vast number of disenfranchised White advocates will grow in size and pose a serious threat to our political stability if concessions are not made.  Many Republican politicians (RINOS) have unfortunately demonstrated their inability or unwillingness to oppose costly legislation that favors Democratic policies aimed at making our country a socialistic haven.

To maintain our viability as a nation, we must have a cadre of leaders who believe in the founding principles of our country.  We cannot survive when these precepts are being constantly challenged.  Sympathetic politicians, whether Democratic or Republican, most speak out against repressive measures that limit freedom of speech and assembly. A variegated America is at risk of being splintered into warring factions or tribes.  If the will to compromise is weakened or discouraged, effective or just legislation will fail.

Authoritarian government will be the only alternative in this case. This trend is prevalent in democratically-governed countries that have taken repressive measures to control their populations.  Australia is sadly a prime example of how the federal government can intrude in the lives of its citizens. It has initiated anti-democratic programs such as: the confiscation of firearms, stringent limitations on personal freedoms (in an effort to control the corona virus), a national arrest warrant issued against an unmasked individual who sneezed in an empty elevator, and a number of other abusive actions.  New Zealand has also implemented similar measures that limit the freedoms of its citizens. With respect to Western nations, the imminent needs of the State are now superseding individual liberties. The patience and methodical progress required by republican government are giving way to expedience in an effort to implement policies deemed “necessary” to the public weal.

We are building a house of cards that can be destabilized by an unforeseen crisis.  Afghanistan is only a prelude to our loss of political leadership on the global stage; as a result, we will face a long series of challenges to our dominant position in world politics.  At the same time, the forces of progressive change at home will question the legitimacy of the White establishment from kindergarten to the adult workplace. How we react to these aggressive actions will determine our fate over the years to come.  The failure to speak out and offer cogent objections to the woke culture of today will ensure our long-term subordination to socialist ideologues who seek our destruction and humiliation.

Silence and passivity on our part will foster an attitude of assent and compliance.  Ultimately change will be effected by the strong and insistent voices of white militants as well as like-minded politicians who can oppose the abuses of radicalized socialism and woke philosophy.  Without this will to prevail, we will all be victims of a social revolution we formally reject.

The future belongs to the outspoken proponents of White advocacy rights and those who have pride in our European heritage.  We do not encourage nor condone acts of violence in this quest.  We endorse a form of civilized opposition, not rebellion or revolution, to achieve our goals of respect and equitable treatment.  The future will not be controlled by socialist activists as a result of our alleged surrender.  Cowardice in the face of intimidation and legal manipulation is not acceptable. Democrats have a steadfast belief that America must be restructured at all costs and that a modified socialism is the only path to take.  The defense of white interests in any context will be denied  and will eventually be eliminated by legal and social means.

As enlightened patriots, we reject this dangerous rhetoric.  We must insist and demand that power be shared with reasonable and conservative minds on the Right. America as we once knew it and as it should be tomorrow will be a melding of cooperative forces from both sides of the aisle guided by a single purpose:  to build our future on the positive aspects of communal history and refuse the denigration of the heroes, statesmen, and heritage American group whose sacrifices ensured the longevity and uniqueness of our modern civilization.

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