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Decentralizing Facebook And Replacing Social Media


Companies are self-serving machines that at best feign concern for the public with cheerful slogans and tax deductible donations. Monsters like Facebook and Google fit somewhere between parasites and scavengers as they aggressively collect and interconnect your private information to sell it for maximum value to advertisers. Without tracking you and reading your email, they could not exist.

Ad blockers and other privacy tools reduce the intrusion, and choosing alternative search engines, other email services, and turning off cell phone location monitoring reduce Google’s reach into your life.

Facebook’s corporate strategy depends upon cheap foreign labor to write its software and keep machines working, so the company’s politics favors leftism and globalism for its promise of expanding the H-1B visa program to ostensibly acquire indentured servants instead of having to pay the expensive wages of native workers in Palo Alto accustomed to first world living standards.

Upon realization that Facebook is primarily two technology pieces — a personal blog to post to and a blog viewing aggregator — an alternative service using a blog standard like WordPress is not difficult to conceive. It’s already possible to export your Facebook history, so past posts can be moved to a new platform, needing only a replacement for the communication piece that connects people.

Friends could read each other’s aggregated posts with a browser plugin or 3rd party website that stores friend lists and histories.

People with blogs could choose to show ads and collect their own revenue from interesting posts instead of having that money sent to Facebook.

Likewise, fans of bands, movie directors, ball throwers, or semi-famous people could get news aggregated from the blog pages of originators they wish to follow.

In an even lighter mode, this could replace the failing Twitter which is racing to a rapid death as it attempts to infuse corporate ideology into its product while pulling crazy stunts such as promoting phony trending tags and suppressing legitimate trending topics.

We are reminded to push that which is falling to benevolently help failure to most quickly meet its destination, and there is good reason to replace what has shown wicked character.

Weirdos like Zuckerberg imagine they are genius kings with a solid empire, but their multi-billion dollar companies don’t do anything special and can be replaced in a matter of months, cutting out bloat, control, censorship, and firmly rejecting their political agenda.

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