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The post-WW2 narrative held that we were good in the West because we were diverse and democratic; we were the anti-Hitler, doing the opposite of everything he did, and therefore we were so good that we could do anything we felt like doing because we had already proven that we were not Hitler, even a little bit.

In order to keep our political system intact, we embrace a bundle of notions derived from equality as a concept. These describe policies that have not yet failed catastrophically, but may not be succeeding either. This list of concepts is necessary for us to say that we are indeed not Hitler.

We all know on some level that if any member of this bundle loses the faith of the governed, the whole thing will unravel. If diversity fails, for example, the ball of yarn will unravel until equality itself — close to the center — also unravels. Then we might discover the core of contrarian individualism, and that would not do at all.

Previously, around here we referred to this bundle as D.E.D.S. for “democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism.” However, upon discovery of the contrarian nature of egalitarianism and altruism that seeks to isolate and alienate people to demoralize them, it makes sense to expand this definition.

Hence D.E.A.D.S. for “democracy, equality, atomization, diversity, and subsidies/socialism.” Socialism means workers own the means of production which means subsidies for existing, and atomization is the end result of the demoralization program, where people exist in a bourgeois bubble of self-interest that denies nature, culture, and the divine.

All of these come from the egalitarian bubble which occurs when people decide to ignore reality and focus on socializing. They do this so that they can do whatever they want, have someone else babysit, and benefit from someone else cleaning up and absorbing the cost.

In order to con other people into supporting this, they style it not as “absolute lack of accountability for me” but “near absolute lack of accountability” for everyone, and set up rules that they intend to break immediately. Their goal is to cheat on their own system.

Equality starts with the idea of equal representation before the law, a policy which victimizes those who mostly do good and empowers those who mostly do bad. If you go into a courtroom with a lifetime of good choices, you get the same “justice” as someone who mostly made bad choices, as if to penalize you for trying to do the right thing.

It rapidly becomes the idea that the individual can demand things from government in order to have his equality restored. If someone is poor, since he is presumed equal, it is assumed that some misfortune has befallen him to make him poor, not his alcoholism, low IQ, mental health problems, laziness, or simple lack of desire to work.

(This is not a rant in favor of jobs. Many things that need doing are not paid; many things that are paid do not need doing. Jobs reward procedure over achievement and therefore invent lots of false measurements to reward the loyal and obedient, sort of like how schools reward mindless memorization.)

D.E.A.D.S naturally arises from the same individualism that motivates egalitarian thinking generally. Egalitarians are individualists, meaning that they want the individual to be the highest goal. That requires pushing aside contradictory ideas like nature, natural order, culture, and the divine.

Instead you get many flavors of equality:

  • Democracy: political equality means that the votes of the many overwhelm anyone who knows what they are doing, which means that in order to get elected, politicians must lie and manipulate the herd with emotional appeals to rage or pity, and demoralize the population so guilt and shame control them.
  • Equality: the root of our mess, equality can only be proven by equity or equal outcomes, and therefore always becomes a need to make everyone equal, which translates (every time) into taking from the strong to give to the weak, which eventually makes everyone equally weak and the society collapses like the Soviets.
  • Atomization: culture like nature and indeed reality itself compete with the ideology of equality, so governments and commerce wage war against these, aided by a vast crowd of contrarian malcontents. The result is people with no way to connect with each other, isolated by fear of what the crowd will turn on next.
  • Diversity: genetic equality starts with the war against classism and from that branches out to other ethnic groups and eventually other races, which benefits the egalitarians by erasing culture and forcing politicization of the population into an ideology of individualism or the denial of the need for civilization outside government.
  • Socialism: economic equality can either be a whole system or part of a system in any state where entitlements or subsidies exist, and it operates to try to end poverty, a war that cannot be won because abilities differ and with the high taxes of socialism, everyone is poorer and therefore more at risk.

Wherever you see a civilization collapse, some form of D.E.A.D.S was adopted. Diversity has been a known friend of tyrants for over two millennia, democracy is widely understood to implode after two centuries, socialism always runs out of other people’s money, and equality produces ideological zombies.

Most of the failures of the Right in the postwar period involve failure to correctly identify the enemy. We do not fight people; we fight ideas. As long as people rely on these ideas, the regime will continue. When they start to doubt D.E.A.D.S., then the wheels of history turn again.

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