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Counterpoint: Obama Coup Makes More Sense Than Trump Coup

An article in the Los Angeles Times suggests a military coup against Donald Trump should he win the election. This viewpoint amounts to a declaration of war against the will of the American people, not as represented by their elites but as they are in everyday life.

The truth is that if there were to be a military coup it would be against Obama or Hillary because those democratic leaders have worked to undermine America, the spiritual and practical ideal that the American military serves. Military personnel are not stupid: they favor Trump by a 2-1 margin. A coup against the very man they are voting for is a liberal pipe-dream.

President Obama has done a number of things to undermine the US military and foreign policy. He overly telegraphed drawdown levels and a host of other somewhat malicious mistakes. First he failed to assist the student protesters in Iran against the mullahs. Then he failed to support Mubarak in Egypt and let the Muslim brotherhood take over. He compared US Middle East policies to the crusades at the Easter press conference, which was terrible for troop morale, and showed he is on the side of the Islamists against the US. He laid off many top generals and made many experienced vets retire so he could promote younger, more inexperienced yes-men.

I personally have friends who were laid off from the job in the army for basically no good reason. They tell me they think its to reduce their retirement pay and benefits. Obama put gays in charge of branches of the armed forces such as the Navy in order to make a political point, weakening the competence of those branches in the process. He promoted a woman for being a woman despite her lack of qualification to the highest position in the air force.

Obama aided and abetted ISIS by funding rebels who handed over their weapons and vehicles without being vetted. He downplayed them by famously calling them the “JV team” and ignored them until they took Mosul and almost drained a dam that could have killed millions. He continues to flood the US with Iraq and Syrian war refugees despite the fact that such refugees have already shot up much of Europe and have threatened the US. These are all legitimate reasons why the US military should consider sequestering Obama until the end of his term while they regain control over their own forces so that the war on terror can be won instead of encouraged.

The military has another reason to distrust Obama: he has shown his willingness to sacrifice those working for him. Obama has encouraged a race war by jumping the gun and condemning the police in the media without giving the officers due process and the right to confront their accusers in a fair and speedy trial (in regards to controversial largely urban shootings). He has purposely fanned the flames of resentment against police to where now police officers have been killed en masse in multiple cities across the US. The men and women who are enforcing his laws can be conveniently sacrificed to make him look good.

Hillary Clinton is equally deserving of a military coup. She managed to raise $200 billion for the Clinton Foundation by selling US policy to the highest bidder. She circumvented security regulations which if done by a lower-ranking officer would have resulted in a court martial. She also abandoned Americans at Benghazi, and left them to die, then shrugged it off with “What difference does it make?” Like Obama’s symbolic sacrifice of police officers, Clinton’s indifference to the death of her own staff shows a narcissistic and self-promoting agenda that is toxic in a world leader.

The idea that Trump will be a dictator is a left wing fantasy in the first place. Obama has abused executive orders and privileges for extremely malevolent purposes for the last eight years. But the media glosses over that and assumes Trump will be ten times worse and must be pre-empted. The guy hasn’t even had a single day in office and the left wing and RINO talking heads are already suggesting he should be removed.

If the Los Angeles Times wants to talk about preemptive attacks or coups then they should take a look at themselves. By calling for a left wing preemptive coup against Trump they have revealed themselves as treasonous propaganda artists who seek nothing less than the destruction of our government simply because they fear a strong conservative leader. With their calls for a coup, they have opened the door for blowback. As more people see the damage Leftists have done to this country, it is more likely a coup will occur — but against the Left, not Trump.

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