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“Consooming” In The Brave New World

We know why consumerism is bad: it takes money from the upper half of the population, dumps it on the lower, and they then buy trendy and low-quality products. This creates a circular Ponzi scheme where people buy junk to fill the void in their souls, and products reduce their quality to match.

Recent underground Right memes have distinguished a new malevolent form of this activity known as “consooming,” or empty and unhealthy activities that stimulate a temporary shot of dopamine in the brain, causing people to get a momentary high and think modern life might be alright.

These activities include:

  • Consumption of Narrative media
  • Pornography, masturbation, and casual sex
  • Vegetable oils
  • Excess carbohydrates and sugar consumption
  • New-Film (Intersectional movies + Adult superhero movies)
  • Video games
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Virtue signaling
  • Messianic religions and Utopian political philosophies

Living this short-term pleasure based lifestyle encourages people to become thoughtless to anything more than their own desires. This extends the tendency of Enlightenment™ philosophies to focus on the individual as a messiah in his own film of triumph over reality.

This mirrors what Brave New World described: a society that leads people on with short-term pleasures in order to neutralize them so that a bureaucracy can rule them. These societies are called “anarcho-tyrannies” because they hide their control apparatus behind the selfish decisions of citizens.

In other words, you have no centralized authority to overthrow because it is invisible. It writes laws that subsidize or encourage bad behavior, but people see only the companies doing this and never connect the dots. This enables the tyrants to rule over a distracted, oblivious population.

Even more, because social mobility is a factor, every person starts out as a nobody and must draw attention to themselves to be important. For this reason, they clamor greedily to be part of the political “revolution” which is ongoing at the time.

Michel Houellebecq pointed out in Serotonin that another factor comes into play as well: using psychoactive drugs to reduce the perception of misery and pleasure alike, so that people are not just dependent on sources of temporary pleasure, but driven to them as a means of avoiding utter emptiness.

When we look at our human society consuming all of nature to erect more condominiums and MLK statues, we might be able to see the inner void shining through, and how ideology as a religion has not been a successful substitute for ordinary, organic, sane, healthy, and normal life.

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