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Clown car octuplet mom is bag of crazy

Putting in a few words at the BBC, on their article about the typically appallingly detached-from-reality Nadya Suleman Gutierrez:

I think many Americans are waking up to the entitlement culture among us.

Many of us still believe that Natural Selection is a good idea, and that those who cannot accomplish the very minimal tasks required for survival in this society — graduate high school, get some kind of job, establish housing, save some money — are probably idiots we’d be better off without.

Against this culture, which was what built this country from a banana republic colony into a superpower, there’s the entitlement culture. They want what they want, just because they’re here and they’re human, and anyone who would deny anything to them or anyone like them is “teh debbil fascits,” which is how you say “an evil fascist” in their pidgin internet-speak.

The Daily Mail

Luckily, the original article pretty much makes this clear:

‘There’s no such thing as a supermum – but I’m trying!’ this one-woman baby machine trills, as she attempts to justify her decision to undergo the fertility treatment which produced the world’s first all-surviving octuplets, even though she already has six young children – but no husband, job or money.

You suspect that Suleman, 33 – who appears to have conveniently forgotten the material price of her self-confessed obsession with procreation (it will cost the Californian taxpayers up to £2.1million in medical fees and welfare handouts) – would blithely gabble on in this vein for ever if no one interrupted her.

With jawdropping naivety, she describes the three-bedroom bungalow, which belongs to her mother Angela, as ‘one big play den’.

She has stripped away all but the most basic furniture to accommodate what she regards as the true essentials of family life: trampolines, swings, wooden horses, toy tractors and a huge playhouse.

Inside, the ambience is little short of bedlam. The walls are smeared with food and scribbled writing; the windows are not covered with curtains but old bed sheets; clothes are scattered everywhere; and the six children run Nadya ragged.

She has, for example, changed her first and second names several times during her 33 years. She also insists that she has never had plastic surgery, even though those who see her regularly say otherwise, and she looks radically different than she did in photographs taken a few years ago.

During her formative years, she says her Palestine-born father and Lithuanian mother slept in separate rooms, staying together only for her sake and splitting up when she left home, aged 20.

The story the grandmother tells this weekend in a mass-selling U.S. magazine contains significant differences.

More damagingly, Angela claims that the sperm donor is really her daughter’s besotted Mexican-American former boyfriend, who wanted to marry her, but was rejected because she was determined to have the children on her own.

The donor was duped into providing sperm in the belief that it would lead to a lasting relationship, she allegedly told the magazine. She added that her daughter was not capable of caring for six children, let alone 14.

O, joyous disaster!

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