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Draw attention to yourself with a hoax for pity points

Oliviera, a 26-year-old lawyer, told Zurich police she was attacked by three skinheads, one with a Nazi symbol tattooed on the back of his head, outside a Zurich train station on Monday. Pictures have shown her stomach and legs scarred with the initials of the rightwing Swiss People’s party (SVP).

The woman’s family told the Brazilian media she had been speaking Portuguese outside Stettbach train station shortly before the attack.

All week, Oliviera has been interviewed from her hospital bed by police and forensic experts. Her fiance said she was suffering from nightmares. “She woke up sweating and screaming,” said Marco Trepp.

The SVP won 29% of the vote in the last election and is known for its anti-immigration stance

We’ve seen this before: a defenseless person, whether a young woman or a minority or both, is set upon by those perceived to be the violent, primitive, dumb majority, in contrast to the enlightened state of all defenseless victims since Christ.

Yet, it’s all lies:

Swiss authorities said she was not pregnant when the attack was alleged to have happened. And according to medical experts, she may well have cut herself. The head of Zurich University’s forensic medicine department, Walter Baer, said that “any experienced forensic doctor would not hesitate to assume that this was a case of self-infliction”.

Chastened by the sudden twist to the episode, Brazilian officials were silent.

The Guardian

Can the SVP sue to have her removed from the country or jailed for slander? That’d be nice.


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