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Caste systems and biodiversity

In leading the collective evolution of our species we will need caste systems to prioritise those individuals who go further, those individuals who, in looking after themselves well, are able to emit the excess contribution toward our biosphere.

That is opposed to eating it, becoming fat, insolent, insects that attack details because the complexity of a social superorganism’s function is beyond their analogue on/off definitions to comprehend.

Having received a few criticisms about the previous posts, some individuals have found it impossible to dissociate class systems with caste systems. In the definitions of class we play social appearance, in caste we play biological ability – nothing else is concerned here, it doesn’t matter how many memes you let rape your mind, it doesn’t matter about their position in today’s hierarchy, because modern day class systems are corrupt.

The caste gives to each what their skill is required to benefit firstly themselves, and overabundantly, like the fruits of a tree, the fruits of our culture; allow the outflow of their energy to benefit those around them – aiding our collective evolution together. 

Many people are lost on definitions such as selfish/ selfless. Some people will say that ‘we’re all selfish’, and to a certain, lowly altitude in evolution it is correct. But think, evolution gives animals an Id that then evolves beyond into the Ego and Super Ego.

The Id is the foundationary trait and that’s for feeding, fucking, fighting and fleeing – secondly came the ego, and sure, we had alot of mediocre fun playing with lowly traits, but we evolved from these with the introduction of a social ego. There from the foundation, the secondary traits began to emerge in reflection toward our nurture. The social animals began to look after their offspring well rather than sodomizing them like paedophile chimps – the latter would be a symptom of ghoulish devolution, it takes evolutionary energy from a collective rather than reinforcing it.

Let’s bring in psychology, let’s analyse the psychology of our ‘four levels of humans’, or more in general, four levels of life.

The terms “id,” “ego,” and “super-ego” are not Freud’s own. They are latinisations by his translator James Strachey. Freud himself wrote of “das Es,” “das Ich,” and “das Ãœber-Ich“—respectively, “the It,” “the I,” and the “Over-I” (or “Upper-I”) – Source

Further to the elitification of our species, we need to add the term das Ãœber-Es, the Over-It, for which very organised and sufficient species begin to increase the evolution of all those in their presence through killing, nihilistic Ãœber-moralism, evolutionary creationism, organic mechanization and other ‘cross-pollinating’ ingredients which increase the biodiversity and hierarchy of nature beyond its limitations. They are those that have gotten Over-It, over the boundary of our biological evolutionary inertia. Through which life can pre-adapt to extreme environments such as the Moon, and Mars – ultimately to increase the fruits of the planets via getting Over-It, because on their own, nothing will significantly evolve onto those dead worlds.

Here are the four levels of life explained that little bit further:

  • Id – Selfish individuality – necessary prerequisites for organism survival – will fuck fight feed and flee, will not nurture over 25% productivity in our caste system. Over this 25% threshold and it will evolve into the natural ego whereby the excess energy through nurture acts as a higher selection process based on appearances and desired social traits guided by organic surrogation.

Insects like the stag beetle are a good example of an ‘Id species’ – they just fuck, fight, feed, and flee – they do not nurture their offspring, they just climb up a tree, kill other beetles in their way, have a 3 second fuck and then after the brief courting, will throw their mating partner off the tree. After falling down from the height of a very tall tree, they will go and dump their eggs in a hole or a dead log and then.. die.

Sigmund Freud spoke of the Id: 

It is the dark, inaccessible part of our personality, what little we know of it we have learnt from our study of the dream-work and of the construction of neurotic symptoms, and most of this is of a negative character and can be described only as a contrast to the ego. We all approach the id with analogies: we call it a chaos, a cauldron full of seething excitations… It is filled with energy reaching it from the instincts, but it has no organisation, produces no collective will, but only a striving to bring about the satisfaction of the instinctual needs subject to the observance of the pleasure principle.

The Id contains everything that is inherited, that is present at birth, is laid down in the constitution — above all, therefore, the instincts, which originate from the somatic organisation, and which find a first psychical expression here (in the id) in forms unknown to us.

This, in terms of space faring organisms would be viewed as a healthy 0-25% productivity, it is selfish but contributes toward the biosphere, it is not controlling our civilization therefore is not going to drag it down to the level of an insect, it’s a food source for higher things – these would not be in our caste system, any human that wishes to imitate them would be achieving what is called devolution - I called them a ‘ghoul’ for living below the levels of social organisms, for living as an insect should.

  • Ego – Selfish collective – necessary prerequisites for social organism survival – will kill it’s offspring that it determines unfit, such as many bird species will kill off their weak offspring as it is not socially desired, (this is the healthy ego as opposed to our humanist definition, the ‘evil ego’ that cannot satiate itself naturally so decides to become desperate, alienated and attention seeking). Organic surrogation is initiated through the ego at between 26-50% productivity in our caste system

So Freud, What is the Ego?

…The ego is that part of the id which has been modified by the direct influence of the external world … The ego represents what may be called reason and common sense, in contrast to the id, which contains the passions … in its relation to the id it is like a man on horseback, who has to hold in check the superior strength of the horse; with this difference, that the rider tries to do so with his own strength, while the ego uses borrowed forces [Freud, The Ego and the Id (1923)]

An ‘Ego species’ of animal would be similar to a bird species, they build a nest to nurture their offspring, to nurture the natures in respect to organic memes, therefore eliminating those genotypes which are undesirable, unpopular toward the social hierarchy. Therefore any obsolete offspring that are not desired by the social collective are then terminated by the big overbearing parent.

With the Ego comes the birth of significant memes, these organic memes thrive within the 26-50% productivity and acts as primitive idealism toward nature, shaping the species as the species shapes the meme. Birds of paradise are a great example, non-human primates are also.

  • Super Ego – Selfless through individual selfishness – with this the ego is well satiated with organic memes and energy from food. It has achieved the first of many singularities between gene and meme. Like the ego, the super ego will kill off undesired offspring, yet in its decayed phase uses moralism which is inorganic surrogatism, to prevent these dysfunctional offspring from facing nature (equality).

The super ego operates through the 51%-75% productivity range and allows the meme to evolve upon itself through the externalization of inorganic surrogation, a meme that nurtured a nature can then be inscribed onto rock, stone, paper and therefore achieve relative immortality toward the gene that created it and also contributing collectively to nurture others through those memetics that are then beyond themselves individually. This is the individual selflessness, it is selfishness of the higher type, it isn’t fucking, fighting, feeding and fleeing, but is evolved from them to create tools that go beyond those desires – an extension of them into the immaterial, the ideal – into culture.

So let’s ask Freud again, what is the super ego?

The Super-ego can be thought of as a type of conscience that punishes misbehavior with feelings of guilt. For example: having extra-marital affairs.

The super-ego retains the character of the father, while the more powerful the Oedipus complex was and the more rapidly it succumbed to repression (under the influence of authority, religious teaching, schooling and reading), the stricter will be the domination of the super-ego over the ego later on — in the form of conscience or perhaps of an unconscious sense of guilt (The Ego and the Id, 1923).

Ants, termites and bees are the primitive examples of a civilization, a social superorganism/ inorganic organism. But the best example of this is humanity and other cultured species.

The dangerous part of this is that those who ignore memes rather than overcome them will be controlled by them – those below 50% productivity, or more appropriately, evolutionary velocity – they are too slow and cannot outpace the memes created through civilization and therefore become domesticated, and we then have them caught in our meme trap, our culture, from there they can be either excelled or slowed down to the point of devolution – proles and then ghouls begin to emerge as a by product of domestication when it is unattached from a societal goal.

Artisans are those who are the creators of civilization, they are the warriors, artists, crafters, and anything which requires an actual ability. They give life to the memes, they give ideas their own individuality as material possessions so that they can spread over the world and tame all that is too slow to over come it, they generate wealth from this tapping of evolutionary energy, by cultivating the world according to their needs. Yielding more fruits then nature would on her own, at least, it has the potential.

Through that yielding of nature beyond nature, we can terraform other dead planets and increase the total expanse of the earth derived biosphere into interplanetary space, domesticating dusty rocky worlds and exceeding their evolutionary velocity so that the environment can sustain complex life, so that the universe can become further more conscious of itself.

  • Super Id – Selfless through collective selfishness – this is what occurs when a meme becomes self sustainble and then self evolutionary, the meme escapes from human hands through the help of technology. The evolutionary speed at which observing, overcoming this is beyond 76% of productivity toward 100% and beyond. Like the id, the super id will put instincts before all else, yet the super id has superior instincts and therefore allows a biosphere to govern itself. Collective survival is put before everything else, as if everything was it – it is concerned for the health of everything, it is the materialization of the social superorganism.

An example of this is a collective conscience, something which puts collective evolution before everything else. It doesn’t care whether it expels itself individually, it serves a goal and is fixated on that goal and destroys everything in its way.

A great example of this ‘collective conscience’ would be what is coming to life through all the wires, cables and information that we pour into the void called the internet. The internet internalizes nearly everything we do regarding technology, every time we search on google, every time we go onto facebook, more and more information is being centralized within the cloud of information within the internalized web-like structure between each machine, ultimately a foundation for it, a gravity.

97% of our population could not understand this, and that’s why they are obsolete, most of them cannot survive without technology, they arn’t above the 76-100% evolutionary velocity/ productivity to be able to tame this kind of memetics, and therefore will become domesticated by it losing their individuality to the hive-mind.

Carrying onwards from the four types of psychology regarding the four types of caste, we return to the cycle of evolution from A Guide to Cosmic Evolution

Along the bottom is the evolution of the ‘deity eye’, this all seeing eye of the biosphere, and the four castes are represented by the four steps, the four algorithms up toward the unification of idealism and realism. Let’s re-examine this, there are four types of caste:

  • Those who are 0-25% productive are controlled by the external environment. (natural hierarchy, meaning who can reproduce the most survives)
  • Those who are 26-50% productive are still controlled by the external environment yet are able to take advantage of their internalization, their socialization to give them that edge over the lesser beings. (natural>social hierarchy, meaning who is the most valued in appearance and socialized control skills reproduces the most)
  • Those who are 51-75% are able to create memetics, create tools which they can use to control the lesser in relation to the social superorganism, they reinforce the social collective. (natural>social>civil hierarchy, a combination of the previous two but with added skills toward memetic creation and cultivation)
  • Those who are 76-100% productive, those who have such a great intellectual speed and ability to join distinct ideas together, they are the ones who gear memetics to achieve a goal – i.e. create a religion, create ideologies, create discipline to prevent an entire population of parasitic proles from commiting ecocide and killing everything in the process all because they’re too stupid to take responsibility for their own actions. (natural>social>civil>mech hierarchy, combination of all the others, the singularity occurs and the biosphere reaches a saturation point from which it can evolve deities from its derivatives)

Regarding the loud mouth socializers, their incessant cries of contradiction will always moan about ideologies that draw too different ingredients gathered from distinct realities, from different dimensions of our whole existence – and it is because they are flatlanders living on a two dimensional strip of paper, crying when a three dimensional object passes through their flat conception of reality – they’re morons and become outsmarted and overrun by higher dimensional problems which require multiple ideologies in order to angulate collective goals for society.

They are part of the group that is beneath the evolutionary velocity required to maintain a civilization from consuming itself with ecocide – civilized creatures need to over-come themselves to prevent intraversion, otherwise they lack the honour of civilization and become what is known as a prole, and at worst, a ghoul. The ghoul is a creature which hides beneath the necessary bar of civilization, they won’t put themselves up to the challenge and will slow everything down by evolving into the counter-productive direction. 

With the inversion of our goals, the lesser beings, majorly proles with a poisonous undercaste of ghouls, caused by the down-breeding stupidity without concern for collective health, will evolve themselves into little insects monkeys that roll around in their faeces of a culture.

They ghoul around like Id species, placing their primary biological desires before everything else, rather than what is good for the Earth. They become all defensive when you try to point out to them that their values came out of the backside of some alpha-meme that is just out to control them – such as equality and liberalism, nature isn’t concerned with you individually, only that genetics are transmitted and re-emitted into memetics.

But, I give these meme’s a tip, these memetic creations of liberalism and equality help to disperse the technological, mechanized grid required for the internet to reach critical mass, all countries are ‘developed’, dispersed equally, globally – from where, the inorganic memes implode the core of civilization like the iron core in a death star, and a supernova will tear the world in a rapture – a memetic chest burster. 

The fate of humanity rests on those who are beyond the crowd

Humanity shall become like the mammals in the era of the dinosaurs in our continued, polluted, animated corpse of a planet - little creatures hiding beneath the rubble, keeping out of the way – nature will have her revenge. The variety of deaths toward our common humanity are endless!

Choose your favourite extinction event! It can be anything from external threats like asteroids, coronal mass ejections from our sun, gamma ray bursts, gravity tsunamis through gravitational lensing toward extrasolar bodies. Or best of all, which is way more likely, best of all has got to be our own stupidity with ecocide and nuclear fallout, and then even memetic singularity and nuclear fallout. If we don’t adapt to nature the environment will out haste us in its evolution.

Regardless, the best of humanity needs to over-come itself using all the tools it can (caste systems, religions, ideologies etc) before nature finds an alternate route – and it will.

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