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Non-renormalizability is Evolution

In response to a comment from a reader regarding dark matter here’s an extended comment replying to it as well as some interesting points unrelated, but as a consequence of it.

Our civilization having sprung from a nature that introduced no written language or symbolization toward everyday life  meant that we didn’t need symbols to represent our reality, we had our biological senses to receive information accurately enough to adapt toward it. Noticing this, our symbols are socialized, they are an extention of our senses beyond ourselves individually – they could mean anything to anyone. Some of the symbols we take for granted, like arrows, to any extraterrestrial would seem absurd, what do we mean by arrow? Is this able to represent our reality?

The answer is of course, yes, but that would require knowing the intuition of certain species, the host species, who have developed these symbols in reflection to their genetics toward their localization in reality. Different languages sound and symbolize differently, but the process of understanding is similar enough for them to socialize with each other, trade, and what not.

We didn’t evolve from symbols, they evolved from us – symbols are socialized and can mean anything. You must observe first and then correlate observation with these second rate symbols, prefering to maintain our first rate as a balancing between all things (a consensus between senses and symbols). ‘Maths’ isn’t the natural language of the universe, it’s artificial and is created through civilization, it’s a symbolic language and not the physical thing in itself – it’s idealism of the most practical type and we use this to wrap around as much symbolism as we can so that we can use the mass of it to crush others arguments that have ‘little evidence’, less symbolic mass.

Toward people in general; most of our angry athiests arn’t that bright, they are still modern regardless of how much they hate modern religion, they will utilize empiricism like a chimp ‘big stone = crush enemy HAHAHA’ ‘where iz yer big stone? you haz no big stone – I crush YOU!’

All in all this is what many people do to deny the possibility that x will evolve into z -  they say ‘z doesn’t exist! Where is your evidence?!’ without realising that through a process y, z can be evolved from x. 


It’s like saying a oak seedling can’t grow into a mighty oak, because it doesn’t have enough mass in it, because it isn’t as big as the mighty oak, because the ‘here and now’ doesn’t represent to our little earthling minds the obliterating potential of evolution and growth.

The most controversial and best example of this is God - God can be evolved – God as a superorganism and conscience that uses the entire universe as a foundation to higher universes that are beyond it, a pinnacle of evolution. Many people hate God (due to christianity, equality and everything else modern) and anything mentioning this causes irritation, they lack the potential of the impossible. So they say: ‘God doesn’t exist! where is your evidence?!’ And the evidence.. isn’t, it isn’t a big rock that you can smash people with to make your authority unchallenged.

It is an understanding through a process of evolution, of combining all of the forces in our universe into a compound, an organism, a machine that then transfers information between the organism across differing time dimensions. If we study the evolution of life thusfar we see that from a single cellular organism, we see that it hosts the potential to evolve into a multicellular organism, and from this into species of animal; into societies, into civilizations, into technology, spreading through interplanetary space, interstellar space, intergalactic space, cultivating all kinds of matter dark and light.

Having achieved that much, then possibilities toward mastering time travel open, and then when the organism is saturated, or is aging and nearly dead it disperses seeds like a tree, the ‘wind’ carries them and the nano-organism seed into every possibility it can – it will reach the beginning of time and re-write the past into a parallel universe, dispersing seeds uniformly throughout all mass – and there, like in a desert, the eggs of marine creatures will sit and wait, perhaps for ‘hundreds’ of years until the rain comes – from there the desert blooms into life - An evolutionary cycle of everything.

Dark Matter problems

When we look at the distribution of dark matter we can see that they ‘web’ toward each other, they have a bridge between them. All things that touch share information transfer, such as gravity. Dark matter exists in the centres of galaxies predominantly (where it is brightest, where the gravity is greatest. The universe is webbed together through dark matter, through gravity – yet is expanding as it is stretched and bonds decay, as dark matter decays into dark energy, and that into nothingness.

When we say massless particles are relativistic, we mean they distribute ‘equally’, uniformly across the entire cosmos, but what is fascinating now is what happens when ‘equality’ breaks. There’s a singularity and the cosmic pressure within it is so great that it can fuse into another particle, a particle with MASS. We’ll say dark energy is like a lesser form of gravitons, and alone it has negative energy, it is the cosmological constant, it pushes away rather than together, now when the universe was younger, space was a lot more hemmed in then these negative massless particles are today. This quintessence would fuse, it would socialize to form a group of these things as waves and then compound into a higher particle, and that packet of energy would be the next particle on the evolutionary hierarchy.

Cosmological constant:

The quintessence of negative energy is the food of mass, mass is the compound of negative energy – and that packet of quanta/ mass is called positive energy. It is buoyancy of the most universal form. Gravity is not massless, it is a phase of mass, much like gases, and the ‘mass’ we think of, as in the solid objects that sink, they are a solid – there is a greater quantity of mass within it. And with that bullet cluster – If you could measure the speed at which the stars orbit, they would slow down, the gravity would be reduced, would it not? because their is reduced dark matter there in the collision, it would be reduced in proportion to the dispersal.

The gravitons with collect together in the right conditions and fuse, it’s the best solution to ‘where’ all our matter came from, our atoms fused in our stars so why not quantum particles in singularities? Why are balckholes black? Maybe, just maybe, it could be the source of dark matter, or maybe a different phase of it alltogether, Gravity so dense that it solidifies, or turns into a plasma and time reaches ‘infinities’ and other ‘mathematical’ loopholes that they are completely obliterated by. The goal of science would be to explain in the most economical way as many observations as is possible.

Gravity is not massless in my sense, if I use ‘gravitons’ I mean mass – the base of ordinary mass, if they are massless (or anti-mass) then that is dark energy rather than dark matter. From dark matter evolving onwards, from there is the positive energy, beneath the hierarchy is the algae of the cosmos, the dark energy that it feeds on. The only reason we think gravity is massless is because we can’t weigh it as such, ‘because it passes right through us and is indifferent to mass’. Dark matter, also, is very similar and if it is not gravity in itself then it is a very close relative of it, a subtle difference.

If we had dark matter in our hands right now, we would expect that it would fade right through, just like gravity, so how do we measure it? ‘gravitational’ lensing, the same way we detect gravity, the curvature of light – the very same process, put an object over a light and just see how the light ‘curves’ around an ordinary matter body, light bends in relation to our mass, our gravity – our dark matter than sustains ordinary matter from decaying and ’sinking’. And gravity waves as well, what’s the solvent it is passing through? We can’t just say oh it’s a particle and a wave! (as most physicists do) That is creating more problems then it is solving.

 Dark energy/ quintessence/ cosmological constant is the base, dark matter/ gravity/ positive energy/curvature is the next, it’s our middle caste of the cosmos and above that, on the pinnacle, the elite part is our very positive energy, our ordinary matter. And life does not form at the very peak, but revolving around that on cooler planets and such, life evolves downwards by creating structures that preserve form whereas before it would just not exist – by compounding the substance into higher forms, from atoms to compounds to life – that is what symmetry breaking is! cosmic evolution!

Non-renormalizability is the paradox that we hit when we cannot overcome different phase transitions that occur through space-time. Certain areas go from our ‘normalized’ liquid flow, our happy pleasant earth existence, toward the ‘non-renormalizable’ infinities of a void or of a singularity, solid and gas/plasma. Time would be effected accordingly, blackholes have infinitely slow time transfers as you approach the event horizon (Einstein and Hawking would agree) as to completely freeze and slow our perception of it completely – space-time solidifies.

Then as you go over the event horizon, you reach a certain ‘pressure’ a positive pressure in space so great that no negative pressure around it, no dark energy can escape, and so the solid space-time through the horizon begins to melt and the ‘laws’ of physics are scrambled, unsolified space-time – magma. Our perception of space-time is irrelevent inside the core of the cosmos, because the structures that have evolved to create our laws are at a temperature that breaks all bonds, all forces and gives us the ‘unification of all forces’, the ‘destruction’ of all forces.

Our forces will never be unified by maths alone, though it will conceive half of it and will never cease due to the fact that evolution is constant, the rest is for life to evolve with those laws and generate byproducts along the way, from which new laws emerge to shape and evolve those byproducts even further (ordinary matter).

Maths is great and in the future has the potential to become more interconnected with our languages, for now we must realize that symbolism comes second from observation, we observe a process in nature and try to represent this as best we can – if we start from symbols, sure it helps us with the maths in general, but we indirectly observe it, I like to see with my own eyes, to see it before we symbolize it. Reality with all its warped senses toward idealism. It also helps us intuit reality without the need for masses and masses of ‘evidence’ – we become more philosophical, more economical in our representations of reality.

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