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Blood Will Out (#1)

It turns out that our latest Russian spy worked for the special forces for three decades, giving information to the Russians for most of that time:

Capt Debbins’ mother was born in the former USSR, the press release said, and partly for this reason he developed an interest in Russia, travelling there numerous times between 1994 and 2010.

He married the daughter of a Russian military officer he met in the city of Chelyabinsk in the 1990s.

The press release says he frequently expressed loyalty to Moscow to his Russian handlers and described himself as a “son of Russia”.

As it turns out, there is a parallel lesson that we can learn from the latest Chinese spy caught handing over our intel to China:

Court documents said 67-year-old Alexander Yuk Ching Ma of Honolulu was charged with violating U.S. espionage laws. Prosecutors said he joined the CIA in 1967 then served as a CIA officer until he retired from the agency in 1989. For part of that time he was assigned to work overseas in the East-Asia and Pacific region.

Twelve years after he retired, prosecutors said Monday that Ma met with at least five officers of China’s Ministry of State Security in a Hong Kong hotel room, where he “disclosed a substantial amount of highly classified national defense information,” including facts about the CIA’s internal organization, methods for communicating covertly, and the identities of CIA officers and human assets.

So, civnats: assimilation? Integration? Loyalty to our values?

Identity is what makes you different; in diversity, this leans toward the foreign in order to distinguish yourself from the masses of otherwise majority people.

For this reason, our series is crowned by pictures of Chloë Sevigny, a person of mostly Western European heritage:

Ethnicity: French-Canadian, English, Scottish, Polish

Therein is the twist, however, in that the Other looms large through the Asiatic-admixed Polish:

Chloë’s maternal grandfather’s surname was Malinowski.

Thus when it came time to find a partner, did she favor the Western European? No: she went for the Asiatic.

Chloë has a son with her partner, art gallery director Sinisa Mačković.

“Blood will out” is an old Texas phrase meaning that you can disguise your origins by changing names and having money, but eventually, your roots emerge in your behavior.

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