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Before “The System” — What Was Naturalism?

Few people can understand the thesis of this site, which is that human groups tend toward insanity by denying scary parts of reality for social reasons, and that the motivation is for personal success in the social group by flattering and stimulating others with edgy contrarianism and bold denial of the obvious.

Fewer still can understand our take on diversity, which is that diversity itself — not which ethnic groups are involved — is the problem. Put more than one ethnic group in a society and you abolish culture, at which point government takes over and the society consumes itself. It is another variation of the first problem mentioned.

Even fewer can grasp the notion expressed here that the genetic health of a population is everything and that Cro-Magnids, a unique population, need to be protected because everyone else is gunning for them, especially since they are one of the most analytical, creative, and realistic ethnic groups. People want to take what winners won.

Let us try something else that no one will understand.

Our problem is not a system, but any system. Once you have a system in your society, it becomes a proxy for reality and effectively replaces it in the minds of others. People do not so much try to game the system as to succeed in it as careerists, which requires they become anti-realists as well.

When your society has a system, no matter how complex, your ability to work the system determines your success. You are no longer struggling against nature, but against bureaucracy. The system measures you through simplified assessments that you contort yourself to fit into.

Any proxy for reality serves as a replacement for reality. Morality is such a proxy; instead of thinking in terms of “what will the results of this be?” people think in terms of good and evil, categories that are inevitably applied to method and not goals, removing the ability of people to think of goals, reality, and intuition.

Systems replace success in nature with struggling for a position in the meritocracy. A system controls the methods that people can use, since it has no goal except perpetuating itself. It uses external forces to influence internal thoughts, instead of people changing their internal knowledge to address external needs.

The systems that do best are those that do little and keep naturalism in operating. This means a respect for the patterns of nature, including tradition which is human culture and a knowledge of transcendental goals and the union between the universe and the intuition.

Tradition emphasizes goals and patterns, cause and effect, ends-over-means, and natural selection. It does not control; it simply rewards what is function. Systems on the other hand are means-over-ends, since control operates by limiting methods in order to influence thought and replace the soul.

Every human civilization so far has made this mistake at some point, and they have all paid with their lives.

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