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A dose of reality:

We all want to be with people like us.

That includes race, ethnicity, class and values.

This is an obvious truth denied by 99% of humanity.

The goodthinkers deny it so they sound “more educated” and “more Progressive” — it’s a way of being holier-than-thou.

Globalism causes racism because it stops an honest desire to associate with people who share our culture, values, language and heritage.

I prefer realistic thinking.

I define racism as: the desire to make others serve in a certain role because of their race and ethnicity.

I define anti-racism as: the recognition that every person wants to be with people like them, and that it’s oppression to force us to “mix it up” so that some people can feel morally superior.

Nationalism creates no racism. Making nationalism seem taboo, and fearing it, forces those who see it as natural to act against other races.

Globalism is basically internationalism, or the replacement of each population with a generic, racially-mixed, culturally-deprived, religionless group of workers.

You’re against globalism? Then be against racism, and for nationalism instead.

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