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Another fake white guy in the media


Brian Encinia, the Texas police officer under fire for the Sandra Bland arrest, may or may not be guilty but one thing’s for sure: this guy is not white.

With clear Asiatic features and a prominent slope to his face, Encinia clearly has New World admixture which is usually a mishmash of Siberian/Amerind, Moorish or African and Spanish. He looks to be partially white, but the admixture renders him non-white, at least if we want to use the category in a meaningful way for Europeans.

brian_enciniaThis does not matter to the media, which is always looking for a great white defendant and a third world victim (although Sandra Bland will be a poor case, since she was clearly made delusional by some form of liberal ideology). In their view, even half-Jewish half-Peruvian George Zimmerman can be Adolf Hitler if the narrative calls for it.

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