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American Election Devolves Into Penis Jokes


Elections have twists and turns, but what happened today was not an upset, but a culmination. The Clintons managed to simultaneously engage in blatant corruption and abuse those who worked under them, which produced a slow but steady pressure to hone in on not the details but the big picture.

Over time, a pathology of deception and extensive corruption emerged, which is an insult to any government worker, military member or law enforcement officer who takes the role seriously. It is a slap in the face to any who spend their days disciplining themselves to do things “by the book” or at least the principle of the law.

Our law enforcement agencies warned us of the seriousness of corruption as soon as it became apparent that the Obama regime not only allowed but encouraged gangster-style government under the aegis of Leftist egalitarian intent.

With the FBI effectively re-opening an investigation, it remains possible that Hillary Clinton will continue to skate on loose legal definitions, “I don’t recall,” and other subterfuge. But it will not happen silently, and in the meantime, endless weiner jokes will subsume any gravitas her campaign pretended to have.

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