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A culture of weenies

True virtue is facing a problem head-on and doing what is right regardless of the cost.

Heroes do this. When faced with certain death, they don’t wimp out; they charge ahead and figure that being dead and known as a man of virtue is better than being dead and known as a pants-shitting coward.

Virtue means being ready to wage war at all times. You wage war against the problem, which means you act aggressively to fix it and you don’t care what the cost is to yourself or others. You do what is right.

No matter what the situation, there will be a majority of people who sit around whining that you are trampling on their rights, feelings, investments, conventions or other passive-aggression things. These people are usually useless at anything but complaining about their rights. Ignore them.

In our modern culture of weenies, we have become more concerned with not offending anyone than with fixing problems. This cuts men’s balls off. It makes us into permission-asking, sits-to-pee weenies who cannot discover our inner man, who wants to grab a sword/axe and fix the damn problem.

Ryerson computer science instructor, Ilkka Kokkarinen, is under fire after making what are being called sexist and homophobic comments on his blog, Sixteen Volts.

After being alerted by The Ryersonian, computer science chair, Alireza Sadeghian said the department neither accepts nor condones Kokkarinen’s views.

“I will personally suggest to Dr. Kokkarinen that he enrol [sic] and participate in appropriate seminars to obtain a proper understanding of human rights and discrimination,” said Sadeghian in an e-mail. – Steve Sailer

What was this world-renowned, highly-praised computer scientist’s crime?

He dared tell a whole truth:

On April 1, Kokkarinen wrote in his blog: “The female overrepresentation is heavily concentrated on the fluff fields that … which makes these fields suit the female mind better…basically all fields that don’t require any mathematics or logical and analytical thinking beyond the elementary school level.”

The news article cut it to hell, but all he said was that females concentrate on easier fields.

Some have noted that this happens because a woman must find a career that can be split in half for a two-decade period in which she raises her children.

The best careers for her then are ones that are more “fluffy” than hard computer science, which requires many hours of reading and experimenting every year just to stay current.

Womanhood and motherhood are more important than careers, anyway. We can live without computer science; without motherhood, we cease as a species.

But in the eyes of the greedy and stupid, this becomes an unforgivable offense:

Mandy Ridley, a RyePride co-ordinator, found his comments to be harmful.

“He’s clearly promoting hate upon women and queer-identified women.”

We need to promote hatred (we speak English here; hatred is the noun form) against all forms of fence-sitting, whining, passive-aggression and other testicle-slicing weenie behavior.

Those behaviors are moral cowardice because they put people’s “feelings” and pretense in the path of fixing problems. Fixing problems comes first, or should.

We have made ourselves into a culture of weenies by listening to the complainers before we care about fixing a single problem.

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