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Why The Drugs Are Winning The War On Drugs

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

We were promised a drug free America. The Amerikans demand their free drugs now. According to Quest Diagnostics Cocaine, Mary-Jane and Meth Abuse are on the rise. It’s Reefer Madness, Baby!

Well, we can probably filter out Da Ganja. Colorado and several other states no longer criticize it, cuz they done legalized it and they want to tax the addicted consumers instead. But nobody who actually pays for the merchandise they carry out of Walmart or Dollar General is in favor of legalizing Meth. Cocaine isn’t high on any doctor’s list of potentially beneficial pain relievers. However, the marching powder is making a comeback and I don’t mean BC.

“This year’s findings are remarkable because they show increased rates of drug positivity for the most common illicit drugs across virtually all drug test specimen types and in all testing populations,” said Barry Sample, PhD, senior director, science and technology, Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions. “Our analysis suggests that employers committed to creating a safe, drug-free work environment should be alert to the potential for drug use among their workforce.”

So why the abuse of terrible, life-wrecking drugs? Because many Modern Lives are already pretty much wrecked. These people are headed to the Chemical Exit and I’m not going to go full Church Lady and blame them. If you set a world to deliberately immiserate your citizens, they will wind up puking their guts out in Hogarth’s Gin Lane.

I’m not averse to the occasional dose of reality abatement. I brew my own as a hobby. The old stoner maxim goes that life is a waste of time. Time is a waste of life. So let’s get wasted and have the time of our lives. Is a mind a terrible thing to waste or is waste a terrible thing to mind? I’m not sure what to think, but a lot of people around us think they’ll just have another one.

It happens when people are all medicating a creepy sense of ennui. To win the War on Drugs, win the war on pointless despair and despite. If reality around us is deliberately enstupidated to the level of the booger-snaffeling moron, it will be the default state of the poor losers who can’t handle their drugs.

After Equality Comes Mass Murder

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Bryan Caplan finds himself confused by the link between recognizing the importance of IQ and wanting most of humanity dead. He argues for acceptance of fact without rancor, but seems perplexed by the vitriol expressed (h/t Outside In):

My fellow IQ realists are, on average, a scary bunch. People who vocally defend the power of IQ are vastly more likely than normal people to advocate extreme human rights violations. I’ve heard IQ realists advocate a One-Child Policy for people with low IQs. I’ve heard IQ realists advocate a No-Child Policy for people with low IQs. I’ve heard IQ realists advocate forced sterilization for people with low IQs. I’ve heard IQ realists advocate forcible exile of people with low IQs – fellow citizens, not just immigrants. I’ve heard IQ realists advocate murdering people with low IQs.

…If someone says, “I’m more intelligent than other people, so it’s acceptable for me to murder them,” the sensible response isn’t, “Intelligence is a myth.” The sensible response is, “Are you mad? That doesn’t justify murder.” Advocating brutality in the name of your superior intellect is the mark of a super-villain, not a logician.

Generally, his point is agreeable, but that is mostly because human groups require a span of IQs to cover all of the roles in society. Every general needs soldiers, and every soldier needs a cascade of leaders in order to give him guidance so that he is not left alone and confused to make decisions he has no hope of getting correct.

However, as one of the misanthropes he describes — or as we might call it, a “human quality control advocate” — I can attest to the power of wanting to purge the weak. This comes more from the conditions of our time than an innate will to do harm based on this realization.

Let us look at the factors involved:

  1. Overpopulation. There are too many of us, and too few good ones, especially in power. The urge to purge the excess and pare away the useless is great because daily, we see many people whose absence would make life better.
  2. Idiocracy. The herd rules us. When we look at the products available and the decisions made by our leaders, it is clear that mass opinion sways the day, and like a demonic compass it always points toward full retard.
  3. Stupidity. Our time is stupid. The cities are ugly, the jobs moronic, the culture idiotic. We want a war on stupidity and bad decision-making, and associate it with the stupid people we see among us.

We also live in a time of lies. IQ is denied, as well as most other natural and intelligent things. When people “wake up” from the stupor of egalitarianism, they react as does any consumer who has been defrauded: with injured rage.

The temptation is to make a continental mass grave to remind future humans not to go down this path because it ends badly. This arises as much from the perception that all decency and truth are lost on this world, and that all is futile, which produces a suffocating rage.

A more sensible view is that we could divide the useful from the useless. A janitor who does his job in a conscientious way and does not live like a degenerate is necessary just as a rocket scientist is, but people of any intelligence level who are given to evil merely thwart the realization of the good.

This would be done informally, in a natural method, if applied intelligently. A hierarchy of natural leaders would be set up; they would decide who to retain, and send the others away. Those who could not find a place would have to relocate to easier places to live, like the third world.

Those Who Fail The Lessons of History Don’t Exactly Dominate Algebra II/Trig Either

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Take the consequences away, and make the world into a pink and puffy safe space, and the morons get to moron.

Boy #PresidentTrump is an ignoramus. He doesn’t know anything about what goes on in the world today. His remarks regarding Sweden were horrible. Just wrong. How could he possibly assume Sweden was experiencing violence? According to our former ambassador to Sweden, it’s all just the same prejudice we saw in Shakespeare’s Othello The Moor.

Gosh people who doubted the positive aspects of Socialism in Venezuela should eat some crow. The average Venezuelan has lost nineteen pounds in just one year! The calories are not just burned — they’re Holodomored! Exciting details of the weight loss magic follow below.

Prime Source: ¿El resultado? Una dieta insuficiente que no alcanza las 2.000 calorías diarias que cada venezolano debería consumir. Por esta razón, de acuerdo con la Encuesta Condiciones de Vida 2016 (Encovi), 74,3% de la población ha perdido al menos 8,7 kilos de peso de forma no controlada en el último año. Los pobres extremos afirman que han bajado más de 9 kilos.

English:In a new sign that Venezuela’s financial crisis is morphing dangerously into a humanitarian one, a new nationwide survey shows that in the past year nearly 75 percent of the population lost an average of 19 pounds for lack of food. The extreme poor said they dropped even more weight than that.

And then there was A Day Without Immigrants (following up on the equally unsuccessful A Day Without A Mexican). It was supposed to bring down the Iron Cuck on all who dared to support the idea that a sovereign nation should control its borders. The idea that Freedom of Association also has a negative component fries the circuitry of religious believers in equality above all other values. They therefore decided to take back their labor.

Diners in cities nationwide were greeted by locked doors at many of their favorite restaurants on Thursday, along with signs in the window expressing solidarity with striking workers participating in a #daywithoutimmigrants protest. Immigrants stayed away from work to show their impact on the economy, and some restaurants showed solidarity by shutting down their kitchens, or even their entire business.

Apparantly, these idiot Marxists didn’t even take the time to read thier own Marxism. St. Karl The Collectivist makes clear why Leftists really like lower status immigrants. You bring in the Reserve Army of The Unemployed so that you can ditch any individual soldier who pops off with a ‘tude in the middle of formation. Thus, a funny thing happened when these particular vendors failed to show up at the forum.

The 18 employees at Bradley Coatings, Incorporated in Nolensville, Tennessee told their supervisors on Wednesday they’d be taking part in the nationwide movement. Then, on Thursday, they were told they no longer had jobs. “We are the team leaders directly under the supervisors and they informed us last night that we could not go back to work and the boss said we were fired,” one employee said.

Now none of these similarly unrelated events seem connected, but they each are the result of a certain logic. They are a result of Progressive Logic – a logic that requires you to see the world as the world is not. Progressives remind me of the Pentecostal, snake-handling congregation that pass around Water Moccasins and Timber Rattlers and then wonder why Jethro had to leave the service on a stretcher and get filled full of anti-venom shots. Just because you want to reenact St. Paul’s night of being shipwrecked on Malta, doesn’t mean that God will give you a similar immunity to reptilian venom. An old proverb readeth: “He who playeth the games of the stupid shall winneth to him likewise unintelligent prizes.”

But the ignorant Progressive seems to think that consequences don’t matter if it feels right. That’s why they feel good telling people in Sweden to hold up the Rapefugees Welcome signs. That’s why they still tell us that Communism and its associated Kim Jung Il dietary proscriptions are humane and decent ideas. They can’t understand that when an employer sends you notification that you are expected to work tomorrow if you want to stay employed, you might just want to show up. Nope, the Proggie takes the day off to protest then can’t believe that some mean, old capitalist would fire them.

I personally blame Evil Amerikan Emperor Lyndon Baines Johnson for such continued stupid. In a consequentialist world, morons like these would get murder-raped, fired or go very, very hungry. Take the consequences away, and make the world into a pink and puffy safe space, and the morons get to moron. So what then is the issue?

The issue is that this is like putting life on the plastic. At some point the waiter shows up with the stupid tab and somebody’s wallet can no longer underwrite their fundamental dysfunction. This is where evil cascades from short-sighted pleasure-seeking to civilization failure. The raped Swedish women are stuck with a neurosis and a pregnancy resulting from being raped by at least five different guys who are now nowhere to be found, much less DNA tested. Someone else gets stuck with the stupid tab. The protesting workers get canned, the US Treasury sells more debt to put them on Gubbermint Life Support. The poor Third Worlders starve too much, the UN gets sad. Thousands of perfectly good, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines get turned into hamburger meat or potted vegetables to save them from a government that the Wogs themselves helped put into power.

It happens so often that people are acting in stupid and self-destructive manners with the implicit assumption that they will always get bailed out. At some point, I question whether these people have figured out a reality hack. That would make them evil rather than stupid. Thus, if I find the situations I described above to be stupid, then it may not be me that is standing next to stupid.

Who has the agency to allow this history to repeat itself in iterative fashion? Again and again. We seem doomed to eternally repeat this self-defeating history. That probably implies that we aren’t going to kick ass in Algebra II/Trig either. I’m not so sure the true weapon of the Cloward-Piven Strategy was the weight of the poor. It may just be the weight of the hidebound and the stupid. The relentless pressure to give more and more to bail out failure will be the end of us all unless we sober up and rebel.

Smart People Will Never Understand Dumb People

Sunday, May 15th, 2016


Most of us by now have heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect, where every person does not understand his limitations and will not comprehend anything more complex than his mind can grasp, thus will assume it’s nonsense and he is right.

But let us look at the flip side: to anyone smarter than certain person, the actions of that person will be mistaken for the actions of a smarter person, and misinterpreted.

The simplest way to see this in action is to watch Leftist and third-world grievance groups. These people are not the brightest even among their own ethnic groups. They come up with a stream of theories, perceived slights and injuries, and the like, and smart people sit down with a cup of tea and try to figure out what they are on about.


Smarter people — in degrees, depending on intelligence — look at a situation, come up with a theory, test it and act on it. They are generally driven by honesty because dishonesty leads to bad data, confusion and screwup.

Dumber people — also in degrees — know only what they personally want, and so when they encounter a situation, they find something in it they can manipulate to their advantage. They are driven by de facto dishonesty because they think of nothing but themselves.

Thus when Islamists take over a school and demand “respect,” or Black Lives Matter demands “justice,” or even white Democrats start hive-mind fetishizing about transgender bathrooms, there is no factual or logical underpinning to what they do. They are simply emoting from the Ego.

The sooner we learn to recognize and ignore this stupidity, the better off all of us — including liberals and third-world peoples — will be.

There is only one human problem

Thursday, September 25th, 2014


Humanity doesn’t have problems. It has one problem: incompetence.

Stupidity, laziness, and denial go together. Wherever there are stupid people, these problems spread. Stupid people inherently have these problems, and enough stupid people together make them into a norm.

The solution is obvious but not simple. We need more smart people. We need fewer incompetent ones. This can be achieved by not allowing incompetents to have power and money, and by encouraging the intelligent to have more children.

A secondary problem presents through the tendency of smart people to make themselves stupid through neurosis. We can fight this by establishing strong families, giving people more time at home with their children and spouses, and removing ugliness and tedium from wherever it is found in our society.

Strip away the billboards and constant advertising; throw out the moronic blockbuster movie and chart-topping insipid rock music. Burn the modern “art” that expresses nothing but confusion, and tear down the hideous modern architecture that idolizes the box in all of its forms. Get rid of lines and triplicate paperwork. There is no accountability; you either have smart and honorable people in charge, or all is lost.

We suffer under the mistaken idea that the incompetent are “equal” to the competent. Such an idea violates logic and brainwashes people into tolerating incompetence.

None are equal.

Equality represents a false goal. We should instead seek supremacy, or becoming a better version of what we are, much as individuals improve through maturation, experience and facing the challenges of life. We must challenge ourselves and rise above our comfort zones.

Stagnation is death. It does not exist; when we stop moving forward, we begin drifting backward with the current, and other things take our place. Usually these are parasites, including the stupid, deceptive, corrupt, criminal, perverse and sadistic.

Our society made a positive goal out of stagnation with its quest for equality. This crusade always creates death because it denies our need to reward those who do good so that we encourage more doing of good. Equality amounts to an award for doing nothing, and it converts who nations into groups of incompetents.

This viewpoint has no political “side” or orientation. It is practical knowledge that can be derived from either logic or life experience, particularly experience in nature. Nature represents a mathematically optimized system which has adopted its form of anti-incompetence called “evolution.” In nature, those which are competent generally out-live and out-breed others.

In humanity, we have reversed this process. Now the competent cower in fear of the vast masses of incompetents who will band together and crush them. This leads to a dumbing-down of all ideas, a reversion to the mean in ability, a wave of crassness in all art and culture. It is the path to our slow but inevitable doom.

Old man grumblings

Sunday, February 9th, 2014


Old men grumble in the frosty morning. Their fingers are stiff, their jaws set. They fumble with the difficult objects of everyday life.

Part of what makes them grumble is that, having a lifetime of experience to know the difference between mediocre and adequate, they realize the world quickly separates itself into incompetents and competents. And the incompetents are winning.

They might bemoan for example the cheap plastic nature of most gadgets now. “This crap won’t last a winter.” They’re right in spirit, although usually wrong in terms of length of time predicted.

But the bigger point is that the old men are right about the objects in our daily lives. That is the role of old men; they are less active in the bigger picture, and focus on the more day-to-day.

And yet, doing so makes sense. The day-to-day is what influences our moods, our outlooks, and how we’ll respond to the world. If the door lock sticks, and the garage door opener is a plastic piece of junk, and the spare on the car really sucks, is it surprising that people are embittered and negative?

Old man grumblings illustrate what is in my view the most destructive aspect of the modern world. In order for us to all be equal, we must ensure that our focus as a society is on methods and systems, not quality of individuals.

As a consequence, we set up an educational system and many metrics to measure merit. But do we really look at people as far as their intent, as whole people? We do not. And thus if Gary who manages the team designing the garage opener finds a way to make more profit by making it flimsier, Gary gets promoted.

It wasn’t always this way, which is what old men remember. Back when they were young, there was a strong culture. A culture that said that if you ship a piece of junk, it reveals you as a piece of junk. That you never make something flimsy because someone out there will be relying on it. That profit is only sensible when it doesn’t come at the cost of being what your culture says is a good person.

The neurotics, abused children and addicts who form the basis of the left found such an attitude enraging. Why should their free spirits be constrained by culture? Why should we have values at all? Let everything slide; then we’d be free. But free to do what, exactly?

Free to use flimsy garage controllers, to have fumble-prone locks, to replace disposable plastic gadgets, to drive down roads choked with people not paying attention, to wait in line while low-information workers bungle your order, to file paperwork so bureaucrats can lose it, and many more examples of everyday insanity and stupidity. That is what focus on method has produced. It’s easy to control from the top but results in the day-by-day are bad.

The free spirits are the same as they were seventy or a hundred years ago. Their problem is that they are neurotic, abused/angry, and strung out. Their problem was not a lack of freedom, but their own behavior. They’re doing exactly the same stuff their early precursors did, which is to be bohemian, “act different” and flaunt social mores. But like a broken record, these behaviors ring hollow now too. They do not lead to enlightenment. Even if we found they were not harmful at all, their utility would be dubious, since they do not get us someplace better. And yet the free spirits persist, because these behaviors are how they justify their position in life. They want us to look at them backwards, and see not people with problems, but brave innovators living on their own terms. This is why they invent those behaviors: to, like good actors, fit the role they are playing.

A modern person confronted with this dilemma will view the problem as insoluble. There is no other option, they think. But there is: stop the focus on methods and systems. Focus instead on quality of people. We’re not all equal; some are better in character, morality, ability and the talent to see the whole picture. Start getting those people into positions of power.

You can burn most of the laws, regulations and certificates at that point. Put good people in power. Put bad people in charge of nothing. Good to the good, bad to the bad. It works out much better than our automated assembly line governments which can focus on only one attribute at a time, thus leave us grumbling in the morning that everything sucks and no one is paying attention.

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