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Smart People Will Never Understand Dumb People


Most of us by now have heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect, where every person does not understand his limitations and will not comprehend anything more complex than his mind can grasp, thus will assume it’s nonsense and he is right.

But let us look at the flip side: to anyone smarter than certain person, the actions of that person will be mistaken for the actions of a smarter person, and misinterpreted.

The simplest way to see this in action is to watch Leftist and third-world grievance groups. These people are not the brightest even among their own ethnic groups. They come up with a stream of theories, perceived slights and injuries, and the like, and smart people sit down with a cup of tea and try to figure out what they are on about.


Smarter people — in degrees, depending on intelligence — look at a situation, come up with a theory, test it and act on it. They are generally driven by honesty because dishonesty leads to bad data, confusion and screwup.

Dumber people — also in degrees — know only what they personally want, and so when they encounter a situation, they find something in it they can manipulate to their advantage. They are driven by de facto dishonesty because they think of nothing but themselves.

Thus when Islamists take over a school and demand “respect,” or Black Lives Matter demands “justice,” or even white Democrats start hive-mind fetishizing about transgender bathrooms, there is no factual or logical underpinning to what they do. They are simply emoting from the Ego.

The sooner we learn to recognize and ignore this stupidity, the better off all of us — including liberals and third-world peoples — will be.

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