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There is only one human problem


Humanity doesn’t have problems. It has one problem: incompetence.

Stupidity, laziness, and denial go together. Wherever there are stupid people, these problems spread. Stupid people inherently have these problems, and enough stupid people together make them into a norm.

The solution is obvious but not simple. We need more smart people. We need fewer incompetent ones. This can be achieved by not allowing incompetents to have power and money, and by encouraging the intelligent to have more children.

A secondary problem presents through the tendency of smart people to make themselves stupid through neurosis. We can fight this by establishing strong families, giving people more time at home with their children and spouses, and removing ugliness and tedium from wherever it is found in our society.

Strip away the billboards and constant advertising; throw out the moronic blockbuster movie and chart-topping insipid rock music. Burn the modern “art” that expresses nothing but confusion, and tear down the hideous modern architecture that idolizes the box in all of its forms. Get rid of lines and triplicate paperwork. There is no accountability; you either have smart and honorable people in charge, or all is lost.

We suffer under the mistaken idea that the incompetent are “equal” to the competent. Such an idea violates logic and brainwashes people into tolerating incompetence.

None are equal.

Equality represents a false goal. We should instead seek supremacy, or becoming a better version of what we are, much as individuals improve through maturation, experience and facing the challenges of life. We must challenge ourselves and rise above our comfort zones.

Stagnation is death. It does not exist; when we stop moving forward, we begin drifting backward with the current, and other things take our place. Usually these are parasites, including the stupid, deceptive, corrupt, criminal, perverse and sadistic.

Our society made a positive goal out of stagnation with its quest for equality. This crusade always creates death because it denies our need to reward those who do good so that we encourage more doing of good. Equality amounts to an award for doing nothing, and it converts who nations into groups of incompetents.

This viewpoint has no political “side” or orientation. It is practical knowledge that can be derived from either logic or life experience, particularly experience in nature. Nature represents a mathematically optimized system which has adopted its form of anti-incompetence called “evolution.” In nature, those which are competent generally out-live and out-breed others.

In humanity, we have reversed this process. Now the competent cower in fear of the vast masses of incompetents who will band together and crush them. This leads to a dumbing-down of all ideas, a reversion to the mean in ability, a wave of crassness in all art and culture. It is the path to our slow but inevitable doom.

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