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Humanity Divides Between The Functional And The Dependents

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Humanity in the West is rapidly separating into two groups: an increasingly-emboldened realist wing, and then those who want to continue the path of the last century toward accelerating Leftism.

Most have phrased this as a heartland-versus-the-coasts division, but increasingly, it is looking more like a separation between those who can live independently of this system and those who depend upon it:

In an important essay for The Washington Post, Will Wilkinson recently examined President Trump’s consistent rhetorical hostility to cities and noted the salience of the urban-rural divide for understanding the outcome of the 2016 election. “The bigger, denser, and more diverse the city, the better Hillary Clinton did in November. But Trump prevailed everywhere else — in small cities, suburbs, exurbs, and beyond.”

And so it has been in other places as well. In the Brexit vote, London strongly voted to stay in the EU, while less densely populated industrial centers and more rural areas voted to leave. Most recently, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s anti-democratic referendum in Turkey narrowly passed despite strong opposition in Istanbul and Ankara, because it was strongly supported in outlying areas. The same is likely to happen in France’s upcoming presidential election, in which Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front will do well outside of Paris while losing the capital in a landslide.

Since the time of Aristotle, political philosophers have noted that those who live in cities have a different sensibility than those who live in the countryside. The American constitutional framers were certainly aware of and concerned about the difference. Thomas Jefferson famously declared that republican government needed to be founded on the virtues practiced and fostered by yeomen farmers — and fretted that commerce encourages vices that could be incompatible with it.

The above sets up two groups. The first are not as diverse, in smaller cities, suburbs, exurbs and rural areas. The second are diverse in large or dense cities as one finds on the coasts. The difference between these is that people in the rest of the nation have to be more self-reliant, where city living is inherently interdependent, making social influence more important. This means that people get their political opinions from what the hive thinks.

Someone in the suburb or a small city must figure things out for themselves, have some money set aside, own their own tools, and so on. In the city, there is no room to store tools or possibly even have a car. For this reason, people are more interdependent than independent.

Even more, we have to look at the cause-and-effect dimension here. What type of person wants to live in a city? A highly social one, possibly one accustomed to codependent relationships. Who strikes out for the burbs, smaller places or rural areas? Those who like recognize that society is a farce, that life is a solitary pursuit, and that meaning must be had outside of the world of socializing.

With the Battle of Berkeley, we see the sides being formed. On one hand are the Leftists who want full Socialism or more, and on the other, an awakened roots Right that merges Nietzschean and commonsense sentiments in a view that our civilization has collapsed, and we have to tear out the bad and rebuild.

To a city person, this view is apocalyptic because it will infringe on their lifestyle right now. They do not care about twenty years from now, or the future beyond their own lifespan. They want the convenience they depend on in order to make city life workable, even if that leaves a cloud of doom after them.

This attitude is consistent with a lack of independence. To be independent, you have to be willing to give up convenience for solid values, and this requires discovering how things work, which in turn provokes an appreciation for the timeless and incessant. It is an entirely different mentality.

It is possible that this split shows us nature separating humanity into new species. One species for example might totally turn its back on our hunter-gatherer heritage and become more hive-oriented, like ants or bees. These humans will probably be dumber, more social, and exist as either leaders or drones. They will operate exclusively through swarms. And, they will always produce the same type of hive, with the same activities, dead-ending evolution.

The other is going to pick up the mantle of evolution as produced the West. These independent creatures will be community-oriented because having a stable civilization serves the cause of independence, and not individualistic, because asserting individualism before realism weakens the individual. They will also be ruthlessly self-focused and view most of humanity as an aggravated screw-up which will go nowhere, and therefore will brush it aside and push ahead.

Our ancestors were like this, but were interrupted when the power of socializing came about. For the last few thousand years, humans have been beguiling and manipulating each other with social symbols, and this has brought on an age of decay. Now the groups are separating: those who wish to liquefy the assets of society and live on the proceeds, and those who want to rebuild and restore a renewed Western Civilization.

How To Restore The West

Monday, November 21st, 2016


Bruce Charlton writes a plan for ending the decline in the West:

The implication is clear – which is that no constructive change is possible until after there is an ‘us’, as well as a ‘them’. We first need to undo the corruption of spirit which pervades almost everybody in The West. We need to make an ‘us’.

We don’t need to undo Leftism in everyone all at once (which is anyway impossible) – but there does need to be a start made; there needs to be a substantial number and proportion of people, a cohesive group, who actually have repented and reformed themselves sufficiently; who have identified their own key errors and sins, and repented them; there needs to be a group of (more or less) spiritually enlightened people.

…This is why I keep banging-on about the absolute necessity for Spiritual Awakening – and that this must come first. It must come first because if it does not come, then we will just be having Left-versus-Left office politics, and Establishment infighting – jostling for power to impose various rival brands of Leftism.

Looking at this from a more abstract level, what we need is a sense of Us and a will to do what is excellent, instead of what merely accommodates human feelings.

Spiritual outlook is undeniably part of this, but before on can undertake a quest to understand metaphysics, there must be a will toward survival and with it, a desire to understand life as a pleasure, not an obligation.

In the view of life as pleasure, one sees obligations — food, shelter, water — as “means to an end,” with that end being the experience of life. Similarly, one wants to have the best experience of life possible, which requires a drive beyond utilitarianism, such as an impulse to excellence.

From this moment, one finds oneself asking the question: What would ideal life look like for me?

Our immediate answer involves peace, security, plenty and other items of material comfort. Let that one float in the air for a few moments, and doubt starts to appear. We already have those things, and they are not difficult to achieve.

Out of the silence comes a more nuanced and disturbing answer: we also want greatness, and with it, some prospect of adventure. The cozy suburbs are only meaningful once you have seen the chaos of the world and fought with it. We need mountains to climb, enemies to vanquish, and things to fix and improve.

Think of the people you know. How many of them go nuts for old military movies, Westerns and re-runs of This Old House? People need challenges. They need something to rise to. They crave difficult tasks, even if — at first mention — they claim otherwise.

The spiritual revolution of the West begins with the realization that we need an Us based not on the backward-looking notion of “doing good” as the Left describes it, but on aspiration and soaring to new heights.

That in turn begins with identity. Nationalism serves a cultural and spiritual role through identity: creating existential framing and self-esteem. From that we can say, “We, all of us, like to do these sorts of things.”

A nation or civilization is at heart nothing more than a collaboration. People come together on shared values and mutual ability to contribute toward making them happen. When the West lost its purpose, this declined.

The reason the West lost its purpose is simple: we succeeded at our first purpose, which was to form a functional civilization. After that, we fell into boredom and depression. Then the decay came, and it has been gaining on us for a thousand years.

Now, as the Kali-Yuga ends, people are again discovering purpose. With that, they rediscover life is a pleasure, the need for nationalism, and the utility of spirituality. Only together as a bundle do these things have meaning.

The long years of horror are ending. Modernity is a horror not because of technology but because in the absence of purpose, we filled the void with our own egos. “Me first” became more important than excellence, beauty and goodness. To hide that fact, we created ersatz versions of those things through Leftism.

But for this renewal to continue, it requires our effort. As Charlton points out, it starts with a conception of Us that includes positive, forward logic. In this thought scheme, we think of what we desire as ideal and make it happen, instead of reacting to what exists now and using it as an argument for what we should do.

This is a fundamental revolution in thought the likes of which has not been seen for many centuries. It will unnerve most people. Now is the time for all of us to unite on this simple concept, and push it further toward existence.


Friday, September 2nd, 2016


Bruce Charlton writes about a concept from Tolkien, the eucatastrophe. In this configuration, everything seems lost until the end, when a twist brings about not just a positive result, but one better than can have been imagined.

It would seem like nonsense, except that this pattern appears so often in life. Imagine early humans: the species of monkey which could not hunt like the rest, and started to rely on tools, exiled from the group. Instead a great series of civilizations arose.

At the risk of sounding slightly cheerful, let us look at a possible eucatastrophe for humanity:

AD 2016

Defying all expectations, Donald Trump is elected President of the United States. Whatever he does next matters less than the fact that his election has re-shaped a mood from liberalism to common sense realism. The United States ceases its relentless pro-Leftist propaganda worldwide, and starts looking inward.

A ripple effect of right-wing parties take root in Europe and Asia. The electorate, having seen now that any Leftism leads inevitably to something like Communism, want off of the crazy train, and they are willing to gamble on the comeback kids in the far-right. Attitudes shift.

Pitfall: The temptation here is to stop with this, and to assume that our solutions are political in nature and need only one strong step, instead of many small and unique ones guided by a handful of over-riding principles.

AD 2020

Let us leave politics. People have changed. There is a recognition that the last few thousand years have been screwups, death by a thousand cuts at a very gradual pace, and so people are changing how they live. The old values — honor, pride, race, culture, reverence, excellence, cosmicism — are back.

People begin to rediscover God. By the principle of mythic imagination, he does not “exist,” at least until people use their creative minds to see the possibility of his existence, knitting themselves into a pattern of the universe that includes both God and man. Soon His presence is felt again, and doubt disperses.

Simultaneously there is a revolution against the consumer lifestyle. With big picture goals, people no longer need to find false gods in products and salaries. A movement toward smaller cities and towns, more time off and less time at work, takes root. People find their gadgets have no souls.

Across Europe, a low self-confidence perpetrated by two sadistic and fratricidal World Wars begin to lift. People sing “Wir sind wir” on their daily walks through their towns and cities. A great exhalation occurs; relaxation and hope arrives.

Pitfall: When one starts to feel good about oneself, the usual response is to stop striving, but this enters the death-cycle of calcification. That ends the process that provides the sense of well-being.

AD 2024

There is no mass awakening. Instead, the guardians shake off their slumber. Intellectuals — those who think for the sake of thinking — are deposed not by more nerds, but by intensely practical men of infinite faith in existence who want to create the best.

Laws are torn down like unwanted advertisements, bureaucrats and politicians are ejected from jobs, media is bashed back to its rightful place as a servant. The upper fifth of the population by intelligence becomes hard, seeing not trendy grey areas but lines in the sand, and it rejects the parasitic and self-serving.

The far-right trend continues, but these parties now have a different focus. It is like an unstated agreement that the non-indigenous must go, but now they focus on making life better. Instead of many regulations, they create cultural change that rewards more time at home, more reverence, and a zeal for excellence.

As far as the non-indigenous go, the exodus is in full swing. First the benefits were cut off, then the laws against discrimination went. Soon they had no welfare and no jobs, and they were evicted. When they rioted, whole sections of the city were blocked off and fire trucks were not sent in. As they stood in the ashes, they realized they had defeated themselves.

With nothing for them there, the non-indigenous leave. The miscegenated find themselves similarly excluded, and in a huff, proclaim their hatred for the societies that birthed them and depart for happier ground in Africa and Asia. No one blinks an eye. Ancestral traditions return.

The night is again full of spirits.

AD 2028

What amazes everyone is that this revolution has occurred without murder. Former enemies, having seen the writing on the wall, shrug and give up on the ideas that they trusted to animate their lives, but which did not bring them joy. In fact, a focus on joy and reverence as balanced principles has returned to Western European civilization worldwide.

People know now that they will be rewarded for doing not just good, but right. And so, punishing thieves is common, as is resigning from a job if the company pollutes. The mega-cities evaporate as people move to smaller cities and towns. A sense of morality returns, this time as a prerequisite for tolerating someone else.

Among those who read literature and history, a discontent arises. Our gains have been so great — but now what? An interest in ancient history arises, and some even peer back into the dark early ages of humankind to see an entirely different social order, one based on hierarchy and excellence.

What were once cynically called “cultural events” become commonplace. People welcoming the new moon at midnight is a regular sight. Nature-worship returns, and large groups collaborate to remove unnecessary buildings and parking lots and plant trees again.

A massive exodus occurs out of Europe. Many if not most are discontented with this new order and hate it with all of their hearts. They move to Brazil, Singapore, and Dubai. Somehow life goes on, in fact with fewer glitches and less neurosis than before.

Pitfall: One cannot stop halfway on a path. This is only the beginning. To see it through to its end requires people of a certain understanding, but now they have the foundation for it.

AD 2040

The world has changed. History is dead; it has been replaced by an endless present, where every moment is sacred and none is the center of existence. People live for eternal things and so lose sight of time. In every town, there is silence, broken only when necessary, as people drink up this state of mind like a parched man seeks water.

Men come home to their families and experience ineffable joy. Farmers see the potential of infinity in their fields. Warriors thirst for the clash of armies. People report feeling a sense of place that they cannot articulate. As if they have come home.

Technology resumes advancing. Massive improvements are made in manufacturing and space travel. The night sky opens with potential, both within the soul and out there, in the undiscovered vastness made by the gods. People begin to dream again, to relish life, and to worship nature both red in claw and green in gentleness.

Third world peoples, having returned to their lands of origin, begin to discover what type of society works for them and stop caring about what the rest of the world thinks. The mixed-race begin to be absorbed into these populations, with outside influences vanishing into the more genetically-diverse locals.

The human retreat from cities liberates the land for a new type of arrangement: half of it goes to humans, and the rest is wilderness. People realize that more than having to do this for preservation, they must do it to keep their own dreams alive. Of a wild place, wild gods, and infinite possibility. Television stations shut down in cascades.

When they look back on the recent history of humankind, people now see a nightmare of several thousand years, culminating in the disaster of democracy. If you tell a person from this time that he is “equal,” he will punch you in the face for denying him his uniqueness and role.

Illusions collapse like dominoes. Entropy retreats to the corners of the world. People live with purpose again, and embrace the tragedies and warfare as a necessary part of life that leads to more eucatastrophes. As that is what everyone agrees has happened: it was darkest before dawn, and then the sun broke over the horizon.

Seven Layer Dip (An Explanation Of Parallelism As Applied to Politics

Saturday, July 30th, 2016
Photo Credit: "Dishin' With Di Recipe #42"

Photo Credit: “Dishin’ With Di Recipe #42”

Seven Layer Dip can be found at quality parties throughout the American southwest. Layers of cheese, meat, guacamole, salsa, bean dip, sour cream and vegetables are stacked and eaten with corn chips. However, it also provides a potent metaphor.

In the forthcoming book by this author, Parallelism1, the text describes a philosophy where all factors are considered instead of only those factors which the human notes because they are convenient for his thesis. Where modernity operates through the method of quantitative change, or selecting one element among many, parallelism takes the opposite approach and considers all elements at once.

When we talk about how to revitalize the West, this comes into play. Some say we need a renewal of religion, others want an end to democracy, still others demand hierarchy, some want race war, and some say we need rigorous capitalism to burn out the parasite infection. None of these are wrong, but all are incomplete.

Restoration of the West will require a combination of extrinsic and intrinsic factors. The intrinsic factors are a change in our attitudes and cultural outlook, but the extrinsic factors are what protects and nurtures the develop of those intrinsic factors. Liberalism is a lie; there is no “single idea” that can fix our problems, but a cluster of related notions united by principle.

For example, if our principle is the idea of an ascendant society, we can choose to orient that society toward existential well-being, or people feeling safe and secure. That requires in turn a stable type of society, which will correspond to the four pillars: methods which have worked since the dawn of time and will work for any intelligent species at any time.

In this way, our restoration plan works like the seven-layer dip. Religion, race, culture, values, government/anti-state, economic system and intrinsic renewal leading to attitudinal change work together toward the same goal. All are there, in every bite. This is the only sane model and those who reject it are focusing too much on what cultivates an audience, and not enough on what works.

1 — Looking for publishers at this time. Rejected by the big three. Too controversial, or just too inept?

Make Humanity Great Again

Saturday, June 25th, 2016


A popular trope among cucks goes this way:

The past that people romanticize never existed! Now, everything has changed, and it will never return. The best thing to do is give up and move to Costa Rica, so that you can at least live cheaply and watch it all collapse. There is no point trying to save it.

Wonder what disguised ideological theory we have here? Oh, right: progress. See, it’s $currentyear and so nothing is ever like any other time in history, and our problems are the result of us changing through progress, so the only solution is to abandon everything and go with new unproven theory!

Cucks love any excuse to duck out on the obvious: our problems exist because of poor leadership and are easily fixed by removing that poor leadership. At that point, we are in a state like the past, and much as that was the result of natural growth and evolution, we will naturally grow and evolve to greatness.

But what if Plato was right, and many civilizations have gone through a “civilization life cycle” where they choose poorly and ended up destroyed? And by implication, what if we could either avoid going down the death-path or, finding ourselves on it, reverse course not by “going back” but by “choosing differently”?


When one makes choices in life, and they are wrong, those choices can often be reversed. When the question is one of a difficult situation, but to fail to reverse those choices means death, then the difficult must be tackled as it was in the various seemingly insurmountable wars and depressions previously. And as we find out with the various panics that did not kill us, the hype is usually far greater than the actual threat.

With that in mind, I present several tiers of solutions:


  • End democracy. Elect representatives to change constitutions, collapse government, engage in rebellion or subvert from within. Any will work, and all are relatively frequent methods of regime change. Instead of choosing those who have the most and deciding they are our best, we should choose our best and give them the wealth and power so they will not abuse it and use it to increase our joy in life.
  • End diversity. Revoke all affirmative action, civil rights and anti-discrimination law. Restore freedom of contract. Recognize that immigration is illegal and arrange for the deportation of all who do not belong here. Resume using strong ethnic identities of the people features in movies, advertising, books and public life.
  • End overpopulation. Cease all welfare states and any laws which protect people from their own actions. End immigration, foreign aid and other aid programs. End mandatory and subsidized medical care. Form a union of Western Europeans among whom we trade and share technology, and exclude the rest of the world.
  • End government. Reduce taxes to the bare minimum required for defense and roads. Sell off all other divisions of government on the open market. Invalidate all regulations and laws made since 1790. End public education and health programs.


  • Strengthen culture. Build institutions like libraries, schools, churches, volunteer groups and local governments in the mold of the classical education our great-grandparents knew. Eliminate all triviality. Create the notion of the “cultured person” which is available only to the above-125 IQ people who come from the descendants of our First Families. Everyone else goes to the undistinguished levels of hierarchy. Promote the good as being above the rest in all ways.
  • Restore religion. Religious leaders today follow the example of commerce: offer something convenient to the herd. This however drives away anyone who wants actual religion, and attracts people who will find the same thrill at a rock concert… and after a time, depart for that easier and more convenient option. A general retirement plan for all the panderers, and promotion of those who take religion for what it is, will drive away the fly-by-night people and create a solid core. This core will then expand as its relative happiness shocks the triviality-dedicated people.
  • Renew racial consciousness. A generation ago, heroes like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone were considered normal and healthy, but under the stern gaze of “racism” they become demons. Using the power of mass consciousness, these heroes can be restored to their position as role models. This will drive away the neurotic, and affirm the masculine and assertive aspects of our culture.


  • Reduce promiscuity. Bring back shame and guilt as a means of public order. Set an example, use scorn as a weapon, and allow people to freely associate so that deviants get sidelined.
  • Undo anonymity. Create tax incentives for smaller cities and moderately sized towns instead of mega-cities and emphasize personal connections over C.V. in hiring.
  • Reduce media. Remove the protections granted media against piracy and tax the living heck out of them. Allow the movie industry to die. Remove any protections for promises or assertions made in advertising.

Civilization is only as good as its social order. However, like many classic designs, these work whenever applied. We need a spiritual revolution, yes, but it needs support from the behaviors created by the choices we make in designing our civilization. The past is not dead; it is not even past.

Clarity about our task

Friday, September 11th, 2015


For those who oppose the current civilization in the West, it becomes clear that we must backtrack to our original error and reverse it. Our greatest fear should be that we will not backtrack enough, and will instead legitimize the same path as we are on at an earlier stage, while convincing people the threat is over. While we have the attention of our people, it makes sense to fix this once and for all.

As an alert reader will have guessed, this presents a difficulty because getting to the root of this problem requires attacking some of the sacred cows of our society that most people believe are their only defense against it. Because we live in a democratic time, we see individual rights and equality as well as an extensive system of laws which apply uniformly to all as our firewall against crazy government and even crazier public opinion, with the sinister predatory eyes of raw commerce in the background. And yet, like heroin addiction, our reliance on these protections comes at a cost which perpetuates the need for such protections.

With that in mind… we need a change of direction away from democracy and equality to a society based on both results and creating a higher qualitative level of existence. This corresponds to the conservative ideals of consequentialism and transcendentalism linked by a sense of social order, values, morality, practicality and a sacred nature to life itself. In other words, we are looking past The Enlightenment™ to what existed before it, in part by recognizing that society is not a linear path from “primitive” to “civilized” by a cycle based on what ideals are adopted. The liberal democratic ideal is part of the death-cycle, but the conservative ideal, part of the springtime of a society in which it grows and matures with a zest for life.

This leads to confusion among conservatives, who believe they are supposed to “conserve” a previous state of society. This misreads conservatism: we conserve that which is both realistic and transcendental, wherever it is found, and this conservation includes pushing our society to higher levels of quality. We cannot defend something simply because it once was, nor do we adopt something “new” because it has not been done, as occurs with the novelty fallacy inherent to liberalism. Our goal is to re-make society according to what should be conserved, not defend how things have been going along here before some Other intervened. Inevitably, that Other originates in a scapegoat, and the hope is that by removing the other we end up with what is good. In reality, we will end up with disorder, because what made the past work will have been forgotten and we will have failed to re-connect it to the ideal that originally made it valuable.

Defense of the norms of people who hate you is the ultimate “cuckservative” failing. Most people act by convenience, and what is popular is usually wrong because it appeals to the lowest common denominator, enacts compromise, and consists of the greedy demands of a herd with zero accountability. Conservatives do not defend norms; they strive for ideals which are based in reality. Convenience is our enemy, as is popular opinion, because both of these shift the focus from what is optimal to what involves the least amount of stress on those around us. We must remember that we arrived at our present state by going down the path of public opinion, convenience, popularity and appearance. Our goal is to avoid that path entirely.

This world is incompetent and ruined. Under democracy and equality, our customs have been abolished, our people removed by soft genocide, and our leaders and elites turned into comic book figures who gesture vividly to appeal to the crowd and by thus avoiding real issues, steer us into disaster and then retire to riches.

We are fighting a war of sense versus public opinion. Our nation will be great again when it has a strong identity — formed of culture, AND heritage, AND values, with religion shared between values and aesthetics, a subdivision of culture — and by that nature develops a strong cultural resistance to parasites. The parasites we fight are found among our own people; parasitic ideas like liberalism, guilt, egalitarianism and victimhood form the basis for our internal division and self-destruction. The Other appears as a beneficiary of this, but by the foolishness of our own people, and not as an origin in the Other itself. For this reason, every minute we spend on Jewish conspiracy theories or cruelly denigrating African-Americans is a strong and energetic step away from what we must be doing. We need to fix ourselves.

Most people get confused because they think in terms of categorical logic, which uses broad mental containers to categorize actions by appearance. The simplest form of this is the destruction of morality by making it categorical, creating social constructs called “good” and “bad” which categorize by method and not goal, which measures itself in terms of results; the two are inseparable. Fools and parasites want us to measure our actions by social categories of good and bad, which judge in terms of appearance, which is what regulates method, because appearance is the basis of social interaction in groups. What looks good to the group, and is convenient for them, they approve; goals — which require results for comparison — and principles remain invisible to the herd. They like it that way. Goals, principles, values, heritage, culture and morality of the honest sort strike terror into the herd, because it threatens to divide the group by having a purpose, which means that some will be visibly falling short and thus be bumped down to lower social status. The herd unites itself on acceptance of all based on having no social order and no values system beyond the bare minimum, which enables it to become powerful and take over societies.

Our enemy is public opinion created by social factors instead of logical ones. Look to structure, not appearance; ultimate results, instead of convenience; and most of all, not what people think but what we can show is true. Truth is more important than popularity, and until you get to that point, you are only repeating one other variety of Enlightenment™ jive instead of looking at the root of the problem. We are under assault by this delusion of the Enlightenment™ among our own people, not the third world or The Jews, who are proxies used by our liberals who have been made into zombies by leftism. They use these proxies to destroy us, but they are the symptom, and not the cause. The cause is the neurotic delusion which creates the herd and from it liberalism/Leftism, and it is this we must defeat in whole if we wish to have a healthy enough society to sleep soundly ever again.

When did the Kali-Yuga begin?

Friday, June 20th, 2014


The Kali-Yuga — the age identified by the Hindu sages as being of both iron and degeneracy — brings about the doom of mankind during its reign and then, as it ends, the liberation of mankind to a new golden age. Anyone who looks at a window with an open mind can see a society in decline and a species lost for direction. When did this begin, and when did it end?

Ancient sources give us the dates of the Kali-Yuga in a semi-metaphorical fashion which has caused much debate over the last few thousand years. Some converted the text into cosmic years by multiplying by a constant, which leads to ridiculous figures in relation to how long modern humans have been around.

However, its duration seems clear. According to ancient sources, after 5000 years of Kali-Yuga we have either an end to it or a 10,000 year golden age within the Kali-Yuga. This leaves the question of when the iron age began. If that date is 3102 BC as some sources suggest then that puts the end or pause at 1898.

Text 50

sri-bhagavan uvaca
kaleh pancasahasrani
varshani tishtha bhutale
papani papino yani
tubhyam dasyanti snanatah


The blessed Lord said:
On the earth 5,000 years of Kali
Will be sinful and sinners
Will deposit their sins in you
by bathing.

This interpretation fits with the horror of the 20th century and suggests synchronicity of the late 19th and early 20th century as being visibly an “age of iron,” as the christening of the SS Kaliyuga — an iron ore hauler — suggested. Ironically, the SS Kaliyuga sank in early 1905.

We have presently passed through just over 5,000 years of Kali-Yuga. As was predicted by Lord Krishna, this period from the end of the previous age to the present comprising 5,000 years was a period of great degradation and darkness. The great and ancient Vedic culture of India was lost and the so-called followers became ritualistic practitioners, interested only in the bodily conception of life.

The four pillars of spiritual life, namely truthfulness, austerity, cleanliness, and mercy are practically nonexistent today, even in the so-called holy sites of pilgrimage. The general mass of people have no interest in God, and any remnant of religion they might still follow is simply for the purpose of economic development. In the name of God many sinful acts are being carried out throughout the world.

Killing of innocent animals, intoxication, illicit sex, and gambling have become common and “natural” activities supported by the governments and religions of the world. All of these points confirm Lord Krishna’s prediction regarding the first 5,000 years of the Kali-Yuga. Western sources also acknowledge this transition:

Now in this island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire which had rule over the whole island and several others, and over parts of the continent, and, furthermore, the men of Atlantis had subjected the parts of Libya within the columns of Heracles as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia. This vast power, gathered into one, endeavoured to subdue at a blow our country and yours and the whole of the region within the straits; and then, Solon, your country shone forth, in the excellence of her virtue and strength, among all mankind. She was pre-eminent in courage and military skill, and was the leader of the Hellenes. And when the rest fell off from her, being compelled to stand alone, after having undergone the very extremity of danger, she defeated and triumphed over the invaders, and preserved from slavery those who were not yet subjugated, and generously liberated all the rest of us who dwell within the pillars. But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea. – Plato, Timaeus

Across the world ancient sources speak of a golden age long before their time and the powerful and noble civilizations that existed then. In contrast, they point to their own civilizations as fallen, which might seem amazing to modern people who consider those ancient civilizations superior to our own in arts, culture and thought.

The texts of the ancients reveal to us a cycle of civilization. Humanity rises above its base nature and creates a golden age, then complacency sets in and people begin to focus on controlling each other instead of collaborating toward a divine purpose. What results is a dark age of using tools to control our world which culminates in great disaster.

After the disaster, humanity can forget civilization as it was and focus instead on civilization as it could be. We now see how far we can rise above what we are now, since we have become disgusted by what we are and its base/crass nature. As we adapt to the collapse of the Kali-Yuga, we can look toward the stars and again dream of what can be.

Rebirth of a Nation

Saturday, May 17th, 2014


Dear readers, I need you to visualize something for a moment. Visualize the presence of Interim President Brett Stevens. He is in power because things got very bad.

The liberals out-maneuvered their politically inept opposition and created a permanent liberal majority. By brainwashing kids in the schools, importing third-world populations who always vote leftist, and creating scores of dependents on government aid, liberals essentially bought a permanent voting majority and stole away the country.

However, this victory was in fact a defeat. For every bit of power that the liberals concentrated, they got less goodwill from the cash cow they hoped to milk, which was the remnant Northwestern European (“white”) population in America. The new population lacked the same awareness and capacity of the original. Where the originals had a sense of community, and would look for opportunities to be useful, the third world populations would shrug off obvious problems and do nothing for communal purposes. The result was massive decline in institutions, safety, and public welfare, and a massive rise in crime, corruption, filth and confusion.

In fact, an inhabitant of USA in the 1960s would not even recognize this new place. First, it looks like any of the mixed-race third world nations in the world, Bangladesh or Hyderabad, Pskov or Mexico City, Baghdad or Hanoi. The people are Caucasian-Asian and then mixed elements of African or Indian. The result looks Eurasian but darker, sometimes looking Jewish or Arab, but has no clear line. It is the mixed generation. Second, no one is paying attention — to anything. People jostle each other in line, constantly pushing to get ahead. They step over the bodies and when faced with corruption, simply pay the toll and move on.

The truth of the situation is that what steered us wrong was a decision to focus inward, instead of toward something we hoped to achieve. We chose to avoid having values because those were exclusionary. We wanted, like the harried kindergarten teacher, for everyone to “just all get along” but at any cost. We gave up on having more than we had, or getting better than we were, because that requires that some become excellent and get ahead of others, and that’s not a popular notion. In many ways, our society held together as long as it had struggles or wars, but as soon as it was fully settled, people gave up on anything but bickering, stealing from one another, and finding new ways to grant themselves license for their activities.

Thus it came to ruin. There needs to be a “Berlin 1945” moment before people realize that a society has failed and with it, the “approach” that it took toward civilization. The liberal democracy Berlin 1945 moment will be a conspiracy of many internal details resulting in a third world society that drains all wealth from its population in order to subsidize itself. It will lose all wars, have constant riots and crime, and become a society where lies are the norm instead of truths. As a result, the people who have spent their lives trying to avoid that fate will drop out and cause it to fragment, as they did in 1861.

In the midst of that dysfunction, the West will find itself facing opportunistic invaders as it did with the Mongols so long ago. It will be a do or die moment. And in that moment, the chattering neurotics who proclaim liberal ideas from their gated communities will for a moment be quiet. An opportunity will arise. Strangely, this opportunity will not consist in radical action so much as the removal of radical action.

Interim President Brett Stevens would begin as a destroyer. He would remove affirmative action and Civil Rights legislation, including HUD and equal opportunity employment. He would gut the welfare program and abolish all public schooling. He would remove all regulation except the most basic safeguards. He would remove all initiatives unrelated to being effective, such as public relations, diversity, outreach, etc. He would send 2/3 of government workers to the army, knowing the remaining 1/3 can do the job just as well.

He would do this because he would present to other politicians a choice: join in the great un-doing, or be seen as part of what is holding us down to failure. We’re just lightening the load. We no longer have the money to run a subsidy state. If people don’t have jobs however, we do have the military. He would make two categories of military, one for professional warriors, and the other for the masses at large. The latter would be our front-line forces and would be deployed to outnumber any enemy.

Some new laws would be created. For example, Stevens would create a bounty hunter law. Anyone who catches another person or company polluting or doing anything else damaging to social well-being can sue that company, and will be paid a portion of the proceeds recovered if the suit succeeds. He would institute a universal tariff that equalized currency differences between other countries and our own. Unions would no longer be protected, meaning that companies could fire all union staff and face no trouble from the law.

Cops would be put back on the basic duty of stopping crime, but this time, the goal would be to stop all crime. People who committed serial crimes would be sent to special isolation cities where they would victimize each other. If they kept it up there, they would be deported to the first nearby land without an active government. No welfare would exist, and no immigration. The country would declare itself American nativist, or devoted to the Northwestern Europeans who made it out of a rough and dysfunctional land. Reparations with mandatory repatriation and loss of citizenship would be created.

The real effect of this however would be a cultural alteration. The nation would make it clear that it wants people who notice problems and fix them, not people who ignore problems or wait for government to solve them. It would stop rewarding people who were best at extracting money from consumers, or best at memorizing details for tests, and start rewarding those who were morally good and did things that made life better.

However, it would be anti-Utopian. It would not seek to permanently fix any problem because no problem can be permanently fixed. Instead, it would operate on the contagion model: isolate good people from people with problems. The insane, the criminal, the perverse and the dysfunctional would be isolated from others and, if they couldn’t get it together, exiled. The goal would be protecting the vital institutions of the nuclear family, the honorable person and the happy middle-class community. Usury would be made illegal.

This would have brutal repercussions for some industry. The speculative investors would collapse, replaced by agriculture and manufacturing. The internet robber barons would also collapse since they depend on a subsidized audience of do-nothings clicking away on ads for products they don’t intend to buy. The entertainment industry would find itself demoted as well. But everyone else would thrive by making useful products with reasonable margins.

This would not be a society of happy oblivion either. People who refused to contribute anything would find that no permanent rights, including to citizenship, existed any longer; “you get what you give” would be the rule of the land. Cuba would be invaded within 24 hours and its Communist population deposited in Venezuela, and any citizens caught hiring someone without paperwork would be deported along with their illegal labor.

But one group would come out ahead: the normal American nativist middle class population and their interests. This population is the basis of a thriving society and has been the cash cow that has been milked by government for too long, especially after the WWII and Baby Boomer income surge. This interim president would reverse that parasitism, throw out the parasites, and restore order by removing the impediments thrown in its path.

The goal is the soul

Friday, May 16th, 2014


Considering the death knell of civilization sounded here on Amerika, it may seem paradoxical that what we really want is in fact civilization itself.

The paradox is only skin deep, however.

What we are pointing out is that what we have now in the modern West is in fact not civilization at all but the empty husk of a once-great one. The soul has left the body and maggots are consuming the corpse from within.

For a civilization to be alive and well, a goal is needed. The goal is to create and nurture a soul. It is what separates the living from the dead, and the rising from the falling. And the downfall of our civilization is at the most basic level a matter of the vanishing of a great goal.

It is like a once bright and shining star, that has collapsed into a black hole. Where there used to be light, now there is all-consuming darkness.

Once upon a time, the individual was nothing separate from the family, the family nothing separate from the community, and the community nothing separate from civilization as a whole. This order wasn’t enforced by rules, ideology and self-important governmental propaganda — it simply Was — in such a natural way that no one would even consider to question it.

To even think of criticizing this order would have been as useless and foolish as shaking your fist and yelling angrily at the sun.

He is blind who does not see the sun, foolish who does not recognize it, ungrateful who is not thankful unto it, since so great is the light, so great the good, so great the benefit, through which it glows, through which it excels, through which it serves, the teacher of the senses, the father of substances, the author of life. — Giordano Bruno, Explanatory Epistle, “The Expulsion of the Triumphant Beast”

But alas our sun has collapsed. What used to be an outpouring of light, love, energy and truth has become self-absorbed, voracious and inward looking.

In the place of a goal, we have an anti-goal which is called by many names: equality, liberalism, solipsism, leftism, consumerism, radical individualism and fatalism. These are nothing but different aspects of the same beast, a terrible dragon with seven heads.

The dragon lives by dragging down. Everything, that was once high must be made low, as a sacrifice to the anti-goal.

In return it promises satisfaction. All your desires will be fulfilled. Your wildest dreams will come true. You too can become the untamed, unrestrained, all controlling One. But only if you pay the dragon its due.

When our goal collapsed, everything was inverted. All that was once recognized by everyone as the good, the true and the beautiful became cursed with the outward appearance of evil. And in turn, all that was once recognized as evil was made to look attractive and self-evidently good.

As a result, the masses, who never wanted anything but to live for the simplicity of life itself, guided by the ever apparent light of the goal, not questioning, simply following, have reverted from the steady pulse of a life of duty and day-to-day joys to an uninhibited life of impulse and desire.

Where they once were humble cells in the civilizational organism, animated by the soul of the whole, working for themselves for the benefit of all, they have become a self-referential, cancerous forces of destruction, guided by nothing but unquenchable, indefinable desire and the restless rush towards the next temporary fix.

And so civilization itself must be sacrificed for the sake of community, community sacrificed for the sake of family, family sacrificed for the sake of the individual, until, finally, the individual must sacrifice himself to the dragon of desire, realizing at last the true nature of the dragon: death is the only thing, that makes us all equal.

Recognize the anti-goal for the transition that it is. A black hole is a gateway to a new universe: a passage between dimensions.

What we are seeing now in the great civilizational collapse is that there was always darkness hidden within the light of our once shining, life-giving goal, just as death has always been at the end of life. Those who look to the past with the humble attitude of understanding what made it great will at some point realize that there is also light hidden within the current darkness.

The body dies, but the soul lives on in a new form, as surely as the corpse that is put in the earth will eventually dissolve into nutrients for bushes, trees, flowers and grass and thus in death sacrifice itself to life. Before religion dissolved into empty ritual and symbology, this was the center of spiritual awareness: a realization of the nature of reality itself. It is not religion, nor politics, nor philosophy. It is all of the above and infinitely more.

This is why we here at Amerika do not concern ourselves strictly with ‘issues,’ but with spirituality as well, because we are seeking to cultivate a spirit that strives beyond itself, and reaches towards the dawn of a new sun.

In this striving we must realize, that the great goal may have all but vanished from civilization, but that it lives on inside of us as a drive to reach beyond ourselves. Not inward, but outward, towards the greatest challenge of all: Laying the foundation that will at some point support civilization yet again. It is impossible to realize this journey, without at the same time realizing, that this future goal has always been what we were working towards, even in our darkest, most pessimistic moments, where we were most doubtful about whether it could ever be.

The slow collapse of society may have forced us, the individuals, to withdraw, and to look deeply into ourselves. Why did we reject what society at large propagated as ‘good’? Because it wasn’t right, as we deep inside knew the good to rightly to be. It was so far removed from that magical something, which we clearly recognized in the remnants of ancient cultures, that simply giving up and accepting ‘what everybody knows to be true’ wasn’t an option.

We have taught ourselves as we went along, becoming evermore certain that there was something missing today. And the final realization of this indefinable something is, that this something had been teaching us. Something called soul or spirit. Something to be found within — but which, once found, transcends the individual — that and makes him or her something infinitely greater than this perishable vessel of flesh and blood.

The dragon itself is nothing but the spirit of collapse. It is evil; true. But rightly realized, it will become a guide, that will eventually lead beyond evil, just as the faint light of the morning star, that the Christians called Satan, the father of sin and death, is also a messenger of the coming dawn. The dragon, like tornadoes and epidemics, is beyond good and evil. It is the last step, and the first step toward what comes next.

Those who do not see the dragon for what it is will ultimately give their lives to something unfulfillable, namely their own desires, or what they think that they want, thus having led meaningless lives. And that those of us who do see it will, by the ego-crushing immensity of it all, develop an inner certainty, that makes life a joy and a challenge. We will rediscover a purpose and a soul as we create the civilization of tomorrow.

This is our goal: To nurture the soul. To rise above the dead and the dying, by joyfully sacrificing our own desires on the altar of everything there is – and thus to affirm the ever turning cosmic wheel of reality itself. To encourage others to do the same. And thereby to strive towards transcendence, with every living breath. We want life and we choose it with every breath. They fear death, and their breathing is nothing but buying time, before the inevitable. We are as different from them, as day is from night.

Feel free to join us.

We are the future.

Where Conservatism, Inc. went wrong

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014


In the USA, we have three silos of political reasoning: Liberal, Conservative and conservative. Note the lowercase “c.”

The main party of lowercase-conservatives is the GOP, which many refer to as being part of “Conservatism, Inc.” or those who profit from offering conservative opinions, stirring conservative rage, selling conservative products, and then losing elections or otherwise fumbling it so that the politics of outrage can continue. They are a parasitic thing, industries, and making conservatism into an industry was no exception.

What defines the lowercase-conservatives is that they have accepted liberalism as bedrock. They are inclined toward compromise and working within the system. You will recognize them by statements such as this:

The idiots are running amok in Washington again, so we’ve got to double-down on the fundamentals and hold that line. We need a strong economy and strong defense. Free market capitalism and American military power will save the day. We need to be inclusive and reach out to the common man, the minorities, women and homosexuals. It’s a different world than the one my grandfather grew up in, but like any good business, we need to adapt and move forward. The liberals get these people in to vote, so we can do the same. Just give them what they want. If we can compromise with the liberals on the big issues, we can hold that line on the economy and military. We can all get along.

If you think you recognize a zombie in those words, you are right: this is someone beginning the zombie ritual. The zombie ritual is the modern march to the end that is best exemplified by World War I: “This sounds insane, but everyone else is doing it, so I guess I’ll follow along in the assumption that someone somewhere thought about this and not just their own prestige, power and wealth.”

Several types of zombies populate the American countryside. The most dangerous are the infectious ones who actively patrol around looking for brains to eat. These are generally of the type that want nothing to come before their egos, so they invent a crowd-based philosophy which boils down to everyone doing whatever they want, and enforcing this “right” via group retribution. When they bite into your brain, you see a glimpse of heaven you will keep chasing for the rest of your undead life. But really, you’ll just be stumbling about looking for some brains to replace the ones you lost. Nasty business, those.

Then there’s the helper zombies. These are like enablers in quit-drinking programs. They help hold others down for the bite, and feast on the leavings. These are the ones you see standing in the shadows of the doorways of places they used to know, vacant-eyed and drooling, often holding the half-eaten forearm of a loved one. Conservatism, Inc. fits into this group. They can’t stop the infection, so they’ve “learned to live with it,” but as a result they have no direction. Thus they keep going through the motions, taking in the money and dishing out the product, with no endgame in sight. They do not believe they can ever escape zombie status, and so they do not act boldly, cleanly and decisively. Their best hope is for coexistence and that the inevitable nightly beatings, gulags, mass executions, etc. are “kinder and gentler” thanks to their bipartisan approach.

The zombie ritual encloses us all. Every day, we walk past its destruction and have to endorse it because it is what we have for a society. We have to shop in the same stores that sell products for zombies, whether big blockbuster films about the bittersweet lust for human flesh, or the more extreme variants that populate convenience stores across the country. We have to use government institutions, and comply with their regulations, even though we know they’re insane and in that intention, totally destructive. Even more, we see zombies among us and we’re not allowed to lock them up and administer medication to cure them of their lust for human flesh.

Conservatism, Inc. went wrong because it settles for compromise. There is no longer any active principle in it; it exists to defend, and to coexist, but never to remove the unseeing eye of the zombie from the land. It doesn’t even strive to actually better life in America. It has rejected everything radical about the conservative tradition, which is actually the only radical tradition there is. Conservatism starts from the principle that a society is the sum total of its people, not the product of institutions. Thus high moral caliber must be maintained on every level. Liberals try to replace this with institutions, rules and equality, but that translates to license to behave badly for most of society and so unleashes social decay so profound it crumbles once-thriving societies into third-world ruins.

Remember when France was the world leader in military and economic power? Remember when Russia was the cultural capital of both Europe and Asia? Something went wrong, and kept going wrong. Remember when Athens was the pride of Greece? The victim-states of zombie attacks never even get a chance to scream. A zombie arrives, and they tolerate him out of good intentions, but then zombies start appearing everywhere. The inspector who licenses your shop is a zombie; the local car mechanic is a zombie; your maid is a zombie, and your local rich man has a daughter who’s a zombie too. Soon to be anti-zombie is to be anti-patriotic and you’ll end up in jail. The ritual begins yet again, with unseeing eyes and the insatiable thirst for blood.

Conservatism, Inc. went wrong when it stopped the conservative tradition of order and moral basis to government. No one can be both moral and a zombie; zombies are allies of Death and Evil, not growth and health. They are a cancer within the civilization in which we are each cells. What held the zombies back was strong culture rooted in the idea of a constant moral duty toward every task we do, and this is the essence of conservatism. Conservatism, Inc. forgot this, and it’s why they hate themselves and drink alone in the dark.

Our new future involves replacing this self-pitying and empty emotion with a resurgence: neither you, nor I, nor anyone else needs to be a zombie. It’s just part of the ritual, following others to our doom, trusting in the system. Conservative renewal begins when we attack this notion and show its empty core to the world.

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