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Rebirth of a Nation


Dear readers, I need you to visualize something for a moment. Visualize the presence of Interim President Brett Stevens. He is in power because things got very bad.

The liberals out-maneuvered their politically inept opposition and created a permanent liberal majority. By brainwashing kids in the schools, importing third-world populations who always vote leftist, and creating scores of dependents on government aid, liberals essentially bought a permanent voting majority and stole away the country.

However, this victory was in fact a defeat. For every bit of power that the liberals concentrated, they got less goodwill from the cash cow they hoped to milk, which was the remnant Northwestern European (“white”) population in America. The new population lacked the same awareness and capacity of the original. Where the originals had a sense of community, and would look for opportunities to be useful, the third world populations would shrug off obvious problems and do nothing for communal purposes. The result was massive decline in institutions, safety, and public welfare, and a massive rise in crime, corruption, filth and confusion.

In fact, an inhabitant of USA in the 1960s would not even recognize this new place. First, it looks like any of the mixed-race third world nations in the world, Bangladesh or Hyderabad, Pskov or Mexico City, Baghdad or Hanoi. The people are Caucasian-Asian and then mixed elements of African or Indian. The result looks Eurasian but darker, sometimes looking Jewish or Arab, but has no clear line. It is the mixed generation. Second, no one is paying attention — to anything. People jostle each other in line, constantly pushing to get ahead. They step over the bodies and when faced with corruption, simply pay the toll and move on.

The truth of the situation is that what steered us wrong was a decision to focus inward, instead of toward something we hoped to achieve. We chose to avoid having values because those were exclusionary. We wanted, like the harried kindergarten teacher, for everyone to “just all get along” but at any cost. We gave up on having more than we had, or getting better than we were, because that requires that some become excellent and get ahead of others, and that’s not a popular notion. In many ways, our society held together as long as it had struggles or wars, but as soon as it was fully settled, people gave up on anything but bickering, stealing from one another, and finding new ways to grant themselves license for their activities.

Thus it came to ruin. There needs to be a “Berlin 1945” moment before people realize that a society has failed and with it, the “approach” that it took toward civilization. The liberal democracy Berlin 1945 moment will be a conspiracy of many internal details resulting in a third world society that drains all wealth from its population in order to subsidize itself. It will lose all wars, have constant riots and crime, and become a society where lies are the norm instead of truths. As a result, the people who have spent their lives trying to avoid that fate will drop out and cause it to fragment, as they did in 1861.

In the midst of that dysfunction, the West will find itself facing opportunistic invaders as it did with the Mongols so long ago. It will be a do or die moment. And in that moment, the chattering neurotics who proclaim liberal ideas from their gated communities will for a moment be quiet. An opportunity will arise. Strangely, this opportunity will not consist in radical action so much as the removal of radical action.

Interim President Brett Stevens would begin as a destroyer. He would remove affirmative action and Civil Rights legislation, including HUD and equal opportunity employment. He would gut the welfare program and abolish all public schooling. He would remove all regulation except the most basic safeguards. He would remove all initiatives unrelated to being effective, such as public relations, diversity, outreach, etc. He would send 2/3 of government workers to the army, knowing the remaining 1/3 can do the job just as well.

He would do this because he would present to other politicians a choice: join in the great un-doing, or be seen as part of what is holding us down to failure. We’re just lightening the load. We no longer have the money to run a subsidy state. If people don’t have jobs however, we do have the military. He would make two categories of military, one for professional warriors, and the other for the masses at large. The latter would be our front-line forces and would be deployed to outnumber any enemy.

Some new laws would be created. For example, Stevens would create a bounty hunter law. Anyone who catches another person or company polluting or doing anything else damaging to social well-being can sue that company, and will be paid a portion of the proceeds recovered if the suit succeeds. He would institute a universal tariff that equalized currency differences between other countries and our own. Unions would no longer be protected, meaning that companies could fire all union staff and face no trouble from the law.

Cops would be put back on the basic duty of stopping crime, but this time, the goal would be to stop all crime. People who committed serial crimes would be sent to special isolation cities where they would victimize each other. If they kept it up there, they would be deported to the first nearby land without an active government. No welfare would exist, and no immigration. The country would declare itself American nativist, or devoted to the Northwestern Europeans who made it out of a rough and dysfunctional land. Reparations with mandatory repatriation and loss of citizenship would be created.

The real effect of this however would be a cultural alteration. The nation would make it clear that it wants people who notice problems and fix them, not people who ignore problems or wait for government to solve them. It would stop rewarding people who were best at extracting money from consumers, or best at memorizing details for tests, and start rewarding those who were morally good and did things that made life better.

However, it would be anti-Utopian. It would not seek to permanently fix any problem because no problem can be permanently fixed. Instead, it would operate on the contagion model: isolate good people from people with problems. The insane, the criminal, the perverse and the dysfunctional would be isolated from others and, if they couldn’t get it together, exiled. The goal would be protecting the vital institutions of the nuclear family, the honorable person and the happy middle-class community. Usury would be made illegal.

This would have brutal repercussions for some industry. The speculative investors would collapse, replaced by agriculture and manufacturing. The internet robber barons would also collapse since they depend on a subsidized audience of do-nothings clicking away on ads for products they don’t intend to buy. The entertainment industry would find itself demoted as well. But everyone else would thrive by making useful products with reasonable margins.

This would not be a society of happy oblivion either. People who refused to contribute anything would find that no permanent rights, including to citizenship, existed any longer; “you get what you give” would be the rule of the land. Cuba would be invaded within 24 hours and its Communist population deposited in Venezuela, and any citizens caught hiring someone without paperwork would be deported along with their illegal labor.

But one group would come out ahead: the normal American nativist middle class population and their interests. This population is the basis of a thriving society and has been the cash cow that has been milked by government for too long, especially after the WWII and Baby Boomer income surge. This interim president would reverse that parasitism, throw out the parasites, and restore order by removing the impediments thrown in its path.

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