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A popular trope among cucks goes this way:

The past that people romanticize never existed! Now, everything has changed, and it will never return. The best thing to do is give up and move to Costa Rica, so that you can at least live cheaply and watch it all collapse. There is no point trying to save it.

Wonder what disguised ideological theory we have here? Oh, right: progress. See, it’s $currentyear and so nothing is ever like any other time in history, and our problems are the result of us changing through progress, so the only solution is to abandon everything and go with new unproven theory!

Cucks love any excuse to duck out on the obvious: our problems exist because of poor leadership and are easily fixed by removing that poor leadership. At that point, we are in a state like the past, and much as that was the result of natural growth and evolution, we will naturally grow and evolve to greatness.

But what if Plato was right, and many civilizations have gone through a “civilization life cycle” where they choose poorly and ended up destroyed? And by implication, what if we could either avoid going down the death-path or, finding ourselves on it, reverse course not by “going back” but by “choosing differently”?


When one makes choices in life, and they are wrong, those choices can often be reversed. When the question is one of a difficult situation, but to fail to reverse those choices means death, then the difficult must be tackled as it was in the various seemingly insurmountable wars and depressions previously. And as we find out with the various panics that did not kill us, the hype is usually far greater than the actual threat.

With that in mind, I present several tiers of solutions:


  • End democracy. Elect representatives to change constitutions, collapse government, engage in rebellion or subvert from within. Any will work, and all are relatively frequent methods of regime change. Instead of choosing those who have the most and deciding they are our best, we should choose our best and give them the wealth and power so they will not abuse it and use it to increase our joy in life.
  • End diversity. Revoke all affirmative action, civil rights and anti-discrimination law. Restore freedom of contract. Recognize that immigration is illegal and arrange for the deportation of all who do not belong here. Resume using strong ethnic identities of the people features in movies, advertising, books and public life.
  • End overpopulation. Cease all welfare states and any laws which protect people from their own actions. End immigration, foreign aid and other aid programs. End mandatory and subsidized medical care. Form a union of Western Europeans among whom we trade and share technology, and exclude the rest of the world.
  • End government. Reduce taxes to the bare minimum required for defense and roads. Sell off all other divisions of government on the open market. Invalidate all regulations and laws made since 1790. End public education and health programs.


  • Strengthen culture. Build institutions like libraries, schools, churches, volunteer groups and local governments in the mold of the classical education our great-grandparents knew. Eliminate all triviality. Create the notion of the “cultured person” which is available only to the above-125 IQ people who come from the descendants of our First Families. Everyone else goes to the undistinguished levels of hierarchy. Promote the good as being above the rest in all ways.
  • Restore religion. Religious leaders today follow the example of commerce: offer something convenient to the herd. This however drives away anyone who wants actual religion, and attracts people who will find the same thrill at a rock concert… and after a time, depart for that easier and more convenient option. A general retirement plan for all the panderers, and promotion of those who take religion for what it is, will drive away the fly-by-night people and create a solid core. This core will then expand as its relative happiness shocks the triviality-dedicated people.
  • Renew racial consciousness. A generation ago, heroes like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone were considered normal and healthy, but under the stern gaze of “racism” they become demons. Using the power of mass consciousness, these heroes can be restored to their position as role models. This will drive away the neurotic, and affirm the masculine and assertive aspects of our culture.


  • Reduce promiscuity. Bring back shame and guilt as a means of public order. Set an example, use scorn as a weapon, and allow people to freely associate so that deviants get sidelined.
  • Undo anonymity. Create tax incentives for smaller cities and moderately sized towns instead of mega-cities and emphasize personal connections over C.V. in hiring.
  • Reduce media. Remove the protections granted media against piracy and tax the living heck out of them. Allow the movie industry to die. Remove any protections for promises or assertions made in advertising.

Civilization is only as good as its social order. However, like many classic designs, these work whenever applied. We need a spiritual revolution, yes, but it needs support from the behaviors created by the choices we make in designing our civilization. The past is not dead; it is not even past.

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