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Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Leftism destroys societies. It starts out by claiming that it defends individual rights and is “moderate,” but once it becomes more powerful, it attempts to eliminate any competing non-Leftist voices from the dialog through its “no platform” agenda. Finally, when it seizes complete control, it takes on aspects of tyranny, like a parasite host using a civilization as a means to enforcing an ideology.

Realizing this tells us that all Leftists are the same because they share the same ideology and it is an absolutist and universal ideology, so can be applied in degrees, but the goal does not vary by degree. “Moderate” Leftists are simply those who are willing to temporarily hold back on radical enforcement. When given power, these moderates become radicals.

If you burrow into Leftist ideas, you will find that “equality” is the root and core of every one of them. Their basic concept consists of making the parasite equal to the host, so that the parasite — which has fewer obligations — can take over with its lazy, narrowly-focused drive toward control.

The Leftist parasite, which is an idea as well as a social movement by individualists who want a guaranteed share of the pie, first protects its host, helping it succeed; then, once the hook is in, it induces the host to suicide, so that it loses any sense of self. Then the Left entirely takes over its brain.

Biological metaphors for Leftism have appeared in the past with Toxoplasma gondii and Ophiocordyceps unilateralis sensu lato, both of which follow the pattern of first protecting and then destroying the host.

Now, we have a new metaphor with Diplostomum pseudospathaceum, an eye fluke that keeps its host safe until it is time to breed, then sacrifices the host by making it commit suicide by predator:

The eye fluke Diplostomum pseudospathaceum has a life cycle that takes place in three different types of animal. First, parasites mate in a bird’s digestive tract, shedding their eggs in its faeces. The eggs hatch in the water into larvae that seek out freshwater snails to infect. They grow and multiply inside the snails before being released into the water, ready to track down their next host, fish. The parasites then penetrate the skin of fish, and travel to the lens of the eye to hide out and grow. The fish then get eaten by a bird – and the cycle starts again.

…[F]ish infected with immature fluke larvae swam less actively than usual – making themselves less visible to predators – and were harder to catch with a net than uninfected controls…The team found that [rainbow trout harbouring mature eye flukes] swam more actively than uninfected controls and stayed closer to the water’s surface.

…Immature parasites “are too young and innocent to infect a next host”, he says, so their goal is to protect the fish they are living in. Mature parasites, however, are ready to reproduce – and to do so they need to get inside a bird’s gut…This fits a pattern of young parasites decreasing their host’s likelihood of being preyed on, while older parasites increase it, says Nina Hafer, a parasitologist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Plön, Germany.

This points to an interesting relationship between parasite and predator: the parasite weakens the host, and then the predator kills and consumes it, creating a feedback loop of codependency between parasite and predator. Both have one thing in common, which is that they wish to use the host as a means to their own ends.

Any species which wishes to survive must throw off the parasites and predators. In the struggle for survival, there is no absolute and universal truth, only many different threads of life struggling for survival and then supremacy. Leftism reverses this, parasitizing civilization so that individuals can life off it without being obligated to support it.

Toxoplasma Gondii As A Metaphor For Egalitarianism

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

The search for a metaphor for Leftism goes on. It resembles the tree of forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, the ring of the Lydian Gyges in The Republic, the One True Ring in Lord of the Rings, the white whale in Moby-Dick, and even the ring in the Nibelungenlied: something that abolishes mortality by giving any human the powers of the gods.

It beguiles people and drives them into a state of utter conformity and obedience. It is like a seduction or drug, and very few can resist it, because it touches the core of our fear of being insufficient in a Darwinian sense. If there is a social order or standard, we can prove unable to meet it, and then we lose status. Instead, we want a ring that makes us invisible, or any other power to quiet the fear.

Some are analogizing to Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that paralyzes the human mind and makes us vulnerable to suggestion:

The brain-dwelling parasite Toxoplasma gondii is estimated to be hosted by at least 2 billion people around the world, and new evidence suggests the lodger could be more dangerous than we think. While the protozoan invader poses the greatest risk to developing fetuses infected in the womb, new research suggests the parasite could alter and amplify a range of neurological disorders, including epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, and also cancer.

“This study is a paradigm shifter,” says one of the team, neuroscientist Dennis Steindler from Tufts University. “We now have to insert infectious disease into the equation of neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy, and neural cancers.” The findings are part of an emerging field of research looking into how T. gondii, which is usually transmitted to humans via contact with cat faeces (or by eating uncooked meat), produces proteins that alter and manipulate the brain chemistry of their infected hosts.

Like other parasitic organisms, Toxoplasma gondii modifies our mental state so that we do what it needs. In this way, it is like egalitarianism; for social reasons, we cannot say “no” to the idea of equality, and it salves a fear within ourselves, so we let ourselves be swept into the crowd and our inner sense of right and wrong be dominated.

In nature, parasites form one of the most numerous categories of organisms on Earth. They have an easier path: instead of trying to exist alone, they find something that is thriving and live off of it, removing the extra energy it needs to improve and thus, over time dooming the parasite. In the same way, Leftist-dominated societies tend to implode. Maybe we can learn from nature in this regard.

Unions Were Always Nonsense, But Now We See The Damage

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

In addition to the public unions in Dallas running out of money, private unions are also collapsing because their business model never made sense:

Chmil is one of roughly 4,000 retired Teamsters across New York State suffering a fate that could soon hit millions of working-class Americans — the loss of their union pensions.

Teamsters Local 707’s pension fund is the first to officially bottom out financially — which happened this month.

…“This is a quiet crisis, but it’s very real. There are currently 200 other plans on track for insolvency — that’s going to affect anywhere from 1.5 to 2 million people,” said Nyhan.

…“Municipal and state plans are the next to go down — that’s a pension tsunami that’s coming,” he said. “In many states, those defined benefit plans are seriously underfunded — and at the end of the day, math trumps the statutes.”

Math trumps the statutes. In other words, voting so that something will be so is different from making it so that it can be so. Voters have never understood cause and effect, and confuse them with one another, so they assume that what a plan says it will do is what it will do. Until of course the math trumps the statute and everyone ends up broke.

As usual in democracy, what wins is what people will vote for, even if it is total illusion. In the media, what wins is what people wish to believe was true and therefore will buy media products affirming that vision. In consumerism, the promise of the product wins, even if the planned obsolescence kicks in and it falls apart after a few months.

People are unlikely to protest these problems because they are rationalizing animals, which means that whatever comes their way they explain as good by reversing the thought process from cause/effect reasoning to circular, effect-based reasoning. And so time after time the voters approve of insane, illogical and obviously unworkable plans.

The politicians then abscond with the money and fame, knowing that it will be decades before the bomb that they have set goes off. The same is true of unions themselves. Workers demand more from an industry than they are worth, and use threats of strikes and laws to enforce it. The response by industry is to outsource or automate, because they cannot compete at union rates.

Now, for the first time, the average American worker is realizing that unions can lie and therefore, these promises may not ever materialize — but the union leaders will get paid on time, of course, and they have private retirement plans.

As the Right explained back in the day, unions are a scam. They take from the business and give some to the worker, but keep most for themselves. This is why they are always associated with organized crime. Then, they drive away the business and only the union leaders get paid. This makes it hard to feel much sympathy for these people whose pensions have “suddenly” bottomed out.

Western Civilization Is Collapsing Like Roman Civilization Did

Friday, August 19th, 2016


For some time now, people have been noticing our current situation and that of fallen empires in Greece and Rome. To Amerika readers, this will not be a surprise, since we realize how broken the current West has become, and that all empires fall by the same methods.

Britain is experiencing the same decline as Rome in 100BC, with the collapse of civilisation inevitable, a scientist has warned.

Dr Jim Penman, of the RMIT University in Melbourne, believes Britons no longer have the genetic temperament to advance because of decades of peace and a high standard of living.

He claims that the huge success of the Victorian era will not be repeated because people in the UK have lost the biological drive for innovation.

Instead, Britain is existing in a period similar to the decades before the fall of the Roman Republic where social tensions were rife, the gap between the rich and poor was increasing and extremism was growing.

I have to disagree with him here: the majority of the damage is behavioral. Over the past two hundred years, we have crammed people into cities, made them waste their days on unnecessary and tedious jobs, and subjected them to more red tape and putting up with the stupidity of others than anyone can handle. We have broken them the same way the Communists broke them: by cucking them, and forcing them to humiliate themselves by obeying the insane rules and horrible conditions which exist for no good reason.

Who is “we” in that sentence? The voters, of course, who in groups vote by pretense and not any vestige of realism. This pretense forms a social bond that takes over in lieu of hierarchy, culture and values. People are afraid to push back against group pretense, which forces them to accept the insanity and compensate with personal behavior.

People act badly when they are thrust into a mentality of compensation, justification, and excuse-making. This causes a reversed cognitive process where instead of aiming for something and achieving it, they accept what is and then rationalize it.

As a result, they become bratty and entitled, mainly because that is their method of compensation.

Similarly, the hive-mind around Leftist ideas seems to arise from a compensatory impulse.

The current forms of genetic degradation are casual sex, divorce, caste-mixing, and the general misery caused by working for 8-10 hours a day doing nonsense work for idiots. This makes people desperate and they engage in other compensatory behaviors like perversity, alcoholism and general apathy.

After the collapse, the genetic degradation will be most extreme. As is usual for a falling empire, we have imported in the cheap labor of the third world, and will gradually incorporate it into our gene pool. At first, this “seems” like a win, because you have picked the best of these people to breed with. Then slowly over the centuries, it becomes clear that it is fatal: the problem is not bad DNA, but inconsistent DNA, which leads to lower abilities as specialized traits are lost.

Naturally anyone with a functional brain can see this, but none can say it, because they will have their jobs, families, money, property, and friends taken away from them for indulging in wrongthink.

This decay can be turned around within a few weeks. Deport everyone but the indigenous European tribes from their homelands, and anyone but Western Europeans from America, and undo all of our laws and government. Put in place an aristocracy and let them rule local communities. Allow culture to do the rest.

At that point, the potential for parasitism will be destroyed, and so that parasites will go elsewhere, as is the nature of parasites and criminals: they look for an easy score because they are morally lazy. When the West announces that it is hostile to parasites again, its strength will return.

Metaphor For The Enemy: Locusts

Saturday, July 30th, 2016


Parasites. Do we look any further? No: the easiest role is as one who takes more than one gives, and then hides that fact — if a language-enabled creature like humans — behind a sociable, or flattering to others, justification like altruism, egalitarianism or pity.

the locusts have no king,
yet they advance together in ranks. – Proverbs 30:27

Parasitism is easy because it requires no plan. In fact, it is the anti-plan: the idea that there needs be no goal, no method of achieving a future, and no principle. Only take what is convenient. Opportunism, narcissism and moralism coincide in the mentality of the parasite, which takes what it wants without considering consequences, then excuses itself with some broad platitude about how everyone deserves to eat.

Our society is swarming in parasites. Yes, the poor are mostly parasites, but so are many of the “successful” who knowingly take on useless jobs for the salaries and power. And the news reporters, politicians, lawyers, self-help instructors, populist priests and psychologists? What do they do that is not parasitic, but thickly disguised?

Humanity finds it hard to believe that, having vanquished nature, we find the same roles that exist in nature cropping up among us. But it is true: people are either docile prey animals, predators, parasites or the (rare) independent creatures of lawless atavism.

If humanity survives, future generations will look on this time as the age of publicly legitimized parasites. They will say that without scorn, only cold emotionless diagnosis, which is why such undramatic clarity is so massively feared in our time.

In defense of self-interest

Saturday, September 26th, 2015


In an egalitarian time, the greatest sin is to withhold from someone else when you have more than they do.

While many people do this all the time, they carefully hide the fact. The most troubling circumstances resemble those in which I found myself yesterday.

At a convenience store, I purchased an item for my companion, and as we set out into the sun, a voice called out. “Sorry to bother you, sir, but I’m just trying to get something to eat…” called the plaintive soul.

Without hesitation, I said, “No.” He didn’t ask for an explanation — too many other marks coming out of the door, fattened on moon pies and Budweiser — but the reasoning is worth sharing.

Self-interest is the only moral course of action.

With self-interest, a direct correspondence occurs between the intent behind any action and its application. There are no proxies; the homeless-looking guy says he’s broke, but maybe not. The charities say the money goes to help people, but maybe not, and there may be secondary consequences. Those who give money are on a practical level chumps funding unknown evils in the name of the “good” whispered in their ear.

Further, Darwin winks at us. I use my money to the best of my judgment. Those who are poor at spending money wisely will end up being poor; those who are good, will rise. This benefits all of us by putting the most competent people both in charge of the money, and in a position to use it.

Next, I disagree with the idea of subsidy in any form. If I have to work, it is theft to allow others to skate by without it when they have need. I will spend my money on my family, and they will spend it on theirs. If an economic downturn comes, I want them starving so they bang on the doors of banks and investment houses and demand a fix. But do not steal from me. Karl Marx was right: time is money. When parasites show up and demand a handout, they are not just taking my money, but part of my irreplaceable life that I now have to work to pay for them, the parasitic bureaucrats who administer to them, and the businesses that crop up to take advantage of the free money handed out by the idiotic (apparently) voters.

There is only one legitimate use for collective income in society: toward things that benefit us all. We all take benefit from an opera, for example, pushing culture upward; we all benefit from roads, a military, courts and police. We do not all see any reward from charity, which takes from the successful and uses it to subsidize the unsuccessful like a crop no one wants to buy. And yet they grow. The more we give, the more of them there are.

This does not mean at all that I believe in Atomized Man, who owes no one a thing but himself. We all owe a debt to participate in society, and that is why we go to jobs and fund things like roads. The most important aspect of this however is the one no one mentions, which is supporting society itself — through labor. It takes work to maintain a culture, values, heritage, standards, customs and social order. These things do not show up on ledgers but they are more important than money. You can make it through a bad time with those, but not a rich time without, as our society is evidence daily.

One final reason exists for taking gleeful delight in self-interest: to do otherwise, to any degree, creates a victimhood mentality. If you give someone money, he must categorize it in his mind as either that he was wronged and is owed, or that he is a parasite. He will choose the former and the people handing out the money — all politeness — will do the same. This creates a mentality that spreads through society like an epidemic: first the poor feel wronged, then the middle class consider themselves victims, then the rich do. The problem is that victimhood is compensatory behavior. When someone feels wronged, they will “take it out” on other parties with the compensatory excuse and rationalization/justification that they were (actually) owed this, and did not receive it, so they are right in taking it. If you want to increase criminal mentation in your population, produce victims.

It is entertaining that our media is quick to defend various murderers and pedophiles with the excuse that they were abused when they were young. And yet, most abusers recreate their abuse trauma, so if possible, we should avoid abuse. Unfortunately for us, the perception of abuse — “I was wronged!” — functions exactly like abuse in the human mind. Handing out free subsidies is creating future abusers. It is immoral for the reasons stated above, as well as impractical, but it is downright suicidal for the reasons stated in this paragraph.

A victimhood mentality makes all of geared toward having non-goals. When they are at a job, and the stated goal is to make widgets, their actual goal becomes to do as little as possible to reclaim what was “stolen” from them. People pad bills, waste time, throw out working materials and otherwise sabotage society at large — which foots the bill through externalized costs — because they feel victimized. This quickly spreads to outright revenge, in which they would rather destroy everything everyone has than let another second go by without their “victimhood” being addressed.

Victim mentality creates a sluggish society. No one works toward task, but they also stop aspiring to anything beyond that theft of time and resources. They stop dreaming and hoping, and go into “resistance mode,” where like suicide bombers they simply hope to take down others with them when they go. They give up working toward anything and merely work against each other. Soon there is a giant mass of monkeys, each trying to rip all of the others off, with anyone who chooses to remain a decent person becoming the target of not just parasitism but outright violent crime. All of this arises from the welfare/socialist psychology.

White people got depressed and started dropping out of society at the point where it grew powerful governments. As the 1800s gave way to the 1900s, governments rose in power in replacement for monarchies and culture, and people became miserable. This occurred because government works through a victimhood Narrative which enables it to create victims, justify/rationalize the expansion of its power on their behalf, and then use that to force everyone else to obey and not notice its gross incompetence. When was the last time we had competent leadership? No one can remember, because it was not in our lifetimes, and in fact ended long before that.

Our current situation has us beset by parasites, most of whom do not intend to be predatory. They grow up in this society, get told they are victims, and then become addicted to the steady flow of benefits and welfare. On the other end, people become accustomed to easy jobs and stealing away whatever time and money they can, including by externalizing cost. Our current immigration crisis, as well as our constant class warfare, arises directly from the victimhood mentality created by our handouts because government wanted to be more powerful, and the voters approved it.

Self-interest includes that which benefits everyone, not just in the world of money and government, but things like the environment, natural species, clean air and preservation of culture and race. Without self-interest, those things are assumed to be someone else’s problem, and people work against them because they see any other costs as taking from what they are “owed.” Our society became hateful when we turned out back on these shared things for an endless cycle of finding pitiable peasants and trying to “lift them up” by giving them money, then finding out — it must be magic — that in the next generation there were more of them.

White people went into decline when we got into the government/welfare loop. Like bacteria or mosquitoes, our dependents multiply and drain us of energy. Soon good people stop caring, stop trying to get anything right, and finally stop reproducing and being moral. That is the condition white people were in by the time 1968 rolled around, like weakened patients watching helplessly as the host attaches. The parasite has sucked us dry and the only way to keep it at bay is to hold up the principle of self-interest rigorously in every area of life, all the time.

Government is a parasite like its favored elites and pity-objects

Thursday, April 24th, 2014


Consider beer. It is something that, for ill or not, many people purchase. The purchase price is not arbitrary. It reflects what they can afford. Prices are usually calibrated toward an inclusive sense of what people can afford, meaning it’s as high as it can be and still have people buy the object.

Then impose taxes on that beer. Say, 25% of its purchase price. What happens now? Prices can go up, but then sales go down, because some of the people who normally buy it will not be able to. Raising prices by the full 25% won’t work. Instead, the manufacturer is going to do the only thing it can do to not lose audience. They will reduce the cost of ingredients.

Now our beer is of lower quality. Probably the manufacturer raised the price 10% to signal to the buyers why the beer is more expensive and less good, but lowered the ingredients costs to make up the remaining 15%. Instead of barley, hops and yeast, we’ll use high fructose corn syrup, industrial ethanol and artificial flavoring. It’s basically a soft drink with alcohol added, but that’s what most beer is.

Government, as conceived of by the modern state, is a parasite. It never reduces its own size, only grows. It takes money through taxes and channels it into hiring people. To justify having those people around, it invents “moral” reasons for its existence: foreign aid, child protection, anti-racism, women’s rights, gay marriage, and so on. The list will never end.

The reason the list will never end is that life is inherently unequal. There will always be some group doing less well than other groups. Government loves such groups. It makes them into pity-objects and launches vast public relations campaigns so that we all know these people are failed, suffering, miserable and deserve our pity. Pity is a substitute for actual civic activism, and like a greeting card is a few moments of warm feelings suffusing us as we think pleasant thoughts about ourselves for helping the broken.

Good pity objects do not exist where the group is able to help itself. The best pity-object is self-destructive and will never succeed. That way, it will be a perpetual justification for more money, more jobs, more laws and more powers for government. Poor people who are poor because they buy moonshine and lottery tickets instead of shoes are a good pity-object. So are urban groups who devote themselves to crime and drugs instead of food, shelter and warmth. They will never change. Government likes that.

Why does government exist? Long ago, we were convinced that any kind of actual social order was oppressive. It limited our pleasures, they said, and thus it was bad. A better way is for everyone to do whatever they want in the pursuit of pleasure, and for government to herd this group toward doing the right thing. This then produced a power structure with more pervasive control than the kings, albeit fewer lawyers and no oversight at the individual level.

This produced a society that is always backward-looking. Since the individual is above oversight, we permit all sorts of crazy behavior. There’s nothing wrong, we think, until a victim is produced. Thus the budding serial killer tortures cats in his basement, the hoarders in the suburbs grow crazier and crazier, and the urban types vandalize anything given to them. Until there’s a victim, government looks on approvingly.

Government itself inevitably trends toward socialism. Think of your first day of school: you brought school supplies and gave them to your teacher, and she dumped them in a big basket, and then handed out equal amounts to everyone. She did this in order to maintain order. Teachers love it when everyone gets along, and they will sacrifice anyone to achieve that end. The best way to keep everyone together is to buy them off and force them to tolerate one another. Except that in the long term, that creates hatred.

The same approach exists at all levels of government. It wants stability and is willing to destroy anyone — that is, any individual — so that it can achieve conformity among all. It does this (paradoxically) in the name of individualism, or the individual pursuit of pleasure. When people in groups agree on a standard of non-standards, they become a single entity that destroys outliers for not going along with the plan.

Elites are those who benefit from government. Most do so indirectly by using government’s power to create loopholes for themselves. For example, government regulates beer sales. That means that the first person to get the paperwork and money together to buy a liquor license will probably be the foundation of a liquor sales monopoly. The citizens, generally oblivious as people are, just march down to the bar and pay the higher prices, which they then take out from what they would have spent on their families. The cancer spreads.

The big point is that government exists because “people power” creates it. When you demand individualism, you get collectivism. The more we rely on pleasant thoughts about how we are oppressed, the more we will get oppressors. Government grows and justifies itself by pity because we, in relying on self-pity and victimhood, create this monster called Government every time we go down that path of thought.

Consider beer. We can moralize it, but the fact is that people drink it. We can then choose to either make that act more destructive, or minimize its destructiveness. A king might ban beer and drive the drinkers away to a neighboring kingdom. A government on the other hand will take this social ill and nurture it like a pet, make more of it to justify more government, and ensure that we are never free from the bad effects. Nor we will ever be free from government, its elites and its pity objects, none of whom are useful in any way.

The knockout game isn’t what you think it is

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

happy_turkey_day_turkeysPress and government are alike in that they act after the fact and tell us what to think about what happened. They aren’t there before the tragedy happens, because it isn’t news or a crime yet, technically. They live on the other side of that thin line.

You shouldn’t be surprised that they are late to the realization that “The Knockout Game” is a popular way to express racial antagonism in the USA. In this game, urban youths (usually black) sneak up on a passerby (usually white) and punch them unconscious.

The Knockout Game is part of something so old that it’s surprising these people don’t recognize it from their Bibles or history courses. In fact, it’s amazing that anyone does not see it. The Knockout Game is provocation and our response to it will determine our future.

It’s important first to take a note of race here on this blog. We don’t have opinions; we make predictions. One prediction, grounded in 6,000 years of history, is that diversity — of any form: ethnic, religious, cultural or caste — is non-functional and destroys civilizations as trying to make it work consumes them from within.

The important takeaway from our analysis of diversity is that the problem is not x group or y group, but diversity itself. Diversity destroys because it forces a removal of values systems so that different values systems can “tolerate” each other.

It also causes antagonism. Unless perfect equality is achieved, there’s always going to be tension between those at the top and those at the bottom. If that splits along racial lines, even if it’s perfectly fair, resentment will occur and will never go away.

Thus the Knockout Games of the world are invented to exploit this situation. The people with money and power fear the chaos possible in citizen revolt, and so they’re willing to buy off their underclasses with welfare, bread and circuses and so on.

The Knockout Game, like other forms of mau-mauing, then becomes a way to demand more from the people with money and power. It’s a way of saying that the existing benefits aren’t enough, so cough up more cash and maybe the beatings will not resume. However, this starts a cycle from which there is no escape.

The primary cause of this cycle is the nature of poverty itself. We like to describe it as a disease, but that’s social flattery. Poverty is caused by inability. In some cases, it’s intellectual; in others, it’s merely the time-honored saying being proven true: “Poor people have poor ways.”

Why is it that every ghetto on earth is the best place to find drugs, booze, hookers and card games? How is it that even the poorest seem to have money for cigarettes and lottery tickets? Or even televisions and video game consoles? Poverty results from poor life decisions more than anything else, with a tiny (1%) minority of poor people being the result of a temporary setback.

Even worse, poverty expands to fill the space allotted to it by society’s handouts. When society creates welfare, poor people are incentivized (as economists would say) to stay home and reproduce. The more mouths they have to feed, the more benefits. We make them into parasites to neutralize them.

If poverty is allowed to expand enough, which only happens in wealthy societies, it eventually leads to revolution. This is because of The Knockout Game: poor people are trained by such systems to keep making poor decisions, and then to keep rattling the cages for more cash. At some point, there isn’t more, usually because of a recession or war. Then there’s no choice but for the poor to back down and look weak, which they’ll never do, or push onward to full-blown revolution, at which point they have to invent a mythos of their own oppression to justify the orgy of theft, murder and destruction that inevitably follows.

We know The Knockout Game from international politics. The biggest player is North Korea. Any time they’re short of cash, they do something insane, usually involving nuclear weapons. The rich nations of the West show up and buy them off, in echoes of Neville Chamberlain, which helps the Norks feed their starving Communist masses for another season.

The Knockout Game is also being played in American politics. It’s a fascinating insight into who the actual target — the perceived rich and powerful — are. Obama’s decision to close embassy in Vatican is ‘slap in the face’ to Roman Catholics, say the headlines. But that’s the point. It’s the Knockout Game. He’s going to keep on slapping your face until you give in and buy him off. But if you buy him off, he’ll just demand more the next round.

Another article discusses the ugly synergy between liberal acts such as fake hate crimes reports, knockout games and the 50% of Greek HIV patients who have infected themselves in order to get government benefits. There’s a parasitism cycle here and it corresponds to the knockout game. Offer benefits; create resentment; then be forced to make even more buyouts to avoid revolution.

Humanity has faced this problem in all ages: what to do about the differences between the haves and have-nots. Leftists, who argue from the individual, think we should pay out if anyone has less than others; rightists, who argue from consequences, think we should set up some form of quasi-meritocratic system that exchanges reward for labor/risk. An even older point of view sees this as a moral issue.

In that view, to which I subscribe, it’s amoral to hand people things when they need to show some participation. The more we hand out, the more parasites we create. The less we encourage poor people to change their ways, the more they stay poor. This way each gets what he or she deserves, and none are penalized in order to appease others.

This viewpoint is entirely compatible with Darwinism. Evolution demands we set up standards and reward those who meet them, and do nothing for the rest. This is how nature slowly refines simple species into highly competent ones: it rewards competence and fails to reward incompetence or mediocrity.

If there’s a takeaway on The Knockout Game, it is that the game itself shows us who the targets are. Who’s rich and powerful in America? Not our media and financial elites, but our normal middle class white people. Why: we are the majority. We are presumed to be in control. But most importantly, we’re the ones who will actually foot the bill for more appeasement.

This isn’t changed from any other time in history. If you look at the upper half of the middle class, you see slim, attractive, healthy, athletic and intelligent people whose biology reflects their Norse-Germanic heritage. That’s the American majority, and it’s what most people on earth want to be. But there’s only one path there, which is through evolution.

Most of those who are wishfully wanting to take part realize that. They will not be able to be from this naturally-favored group. Their next response is to demand money from it, to try to control and dominate it, and when they bleed it dry, to destroy it.

This pattern plays itself out throughout history. The weaker masses envy the stronger and end up murdering them. Evolution is reversed, and the poor get even poorer, since the cash cow middle class has gone away. France, Russia, Latin America, Eastern Europe… what’s left afterwards is an impoverished warzone.

On this turkey day, when we give thanks for what we have, we should remember how to make the hardest decision, which is to not be turkeys. We should take a hard-line moral view and reward only those who contribute, and give nothing to the rest. Their threat of revolt will be empty if we never become their sugar daddies in the first place.

The death of public schooling

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Unless you live in a small city or elite suburb, the quality of the public schools around you is so low that you will need to find another method of schooling your children.

This means that you will pay property taxes for a school your kids will never go to, and then pay in addition to that for books and supplies, and then on top of that, will spend your time either homeschooling them or driving them to private school.

And yet there’s no option for you to avoid paying the property taxes, because if that option were available, public schooling would immediately collapse. It’s a form of collective punishment: you pay so that other people’s kids can get schooled and then those kids dumb down the quality of that education.

This is yet another way that civilization itself can be parasitic. As soon as you have more takers than givers, civilization becomes a process of the intelligent and industrious subsidizing the dysfunctional. In the case of schooling, it results in intelligent children being undereducated and bored.

During the last sixty years, American public schooling has gone from being a worthwhile education to being a jail sentence. Kids memorize material instead of learning to think because not every student has the raw capacity to think. They receive more political indoctrination than real knowledge.

Then when they go off to college, the process begins anew. More political dogma. More dumbing down the class for Muffy with her rich daddy or the various special interest groups who need only be of that group, not necessarily competent.

The result is that we pay a huge amount of money for a vastly ineffective education. No one would mind the cost if the education were worth it, but it’s barely better than leaving the kids at home with the books and paying them $20 to take a comprehensive test each month.

For these reasons, people are yanking their kids out of the public school system at a record rate. This is further dooming the public school system, since this removes the smart kids who otherwise kept it from falling into the true abyss of a total lack of intellectual curiosity.

You need to have one spouse stay at home to do that. It doesn’t matter which spouse, but the most stable kids seem to come from homes like this. This is yet another way that America is divided by the culture wars. The smart homes are two-parent, one-worker, homeschooled and generally conservative.

Originally, American public schooling was perceived as necessary to keep our nation literate. Now, between the parasitic parents, leechlike teacher’s unions, political dogma, affirmative action lowered standards, and general refusal to make education competitive (which offends people), an American high school education is worthless.

This kicks everyone up to the collegiate level to prove they can write a coherent sentence, which in turn makes college degrees worthless, even from top schools. This is then forcing people in droves into graduate programs, which are getting dumbed down in turn.

It never ends unless we end it. Doubtless there will be screaming, but eventually, we will have to simply cancel public education. This will return education to its competitive state, and give our kids more to look forward to than a four-year sentence with no hope for parole.

Anatomy of a parasite

Friday, October 21st, 2011

As you read this article, try not to react until you have finished reading it, gotten a cup of tea and sat down with a cookie to nibble, and then thought it through in a systematic and logical factor.

You are subject to the most powerful media machine ever created, and its support from the most powerful system of government ever created, and a vast social network of people who regurgitate what both of those instruct them to think. Your brain is already programmed to react badly to this article.

For that reason, you will need to breathe deeply, take this slowly and then proceed as you would if analyzing data in a lab. Read; assess; hypothesize; test; compare; repeat. Match the ideas here to your own knowledge, before you’ve self-censored it to be socially acceptable.

Here it is: much of what you’ve been taught about history is wrong. Instead of an elite few oppressing the masses, the masses in every case have oppressed the elite few. Elite groups improve hygiene, medicine, crop yields and civic life by organized and systematic application of knowledge. This allows the people who are not elite to thrive, and because they have no control over their sexual urges, they procreate at a much faster rate than the elites. At some point they outnumber them, and overthrow them. This is what has happened in Revolutionary France, Russia, ancient Athens, Rome, ancient India, and even in the new world among the Maya, Inca and Aztecs. It is a universal pattern.

Right now, your cities are being occupied by people who claim to be working for justice. Do not listen. They are parasites, working for parasites. They want you to stop drawing a line between competence and incompetence, moral good and moral bad, and even diligence and apathy.

They want everything and everyone to be OK anywhere at anytime. This way, parasites thrive because the host is immobile.

This is not a statement about “working hard.” Working hard is second to working smart. Competence is more important than spending lots of hours grinding away on something. We all know plenty of people who “work hard” for mediocre results.

Occupy Wall Street, like the protests of 1968, are the people who do not work smart because they are incompetent, morally bankrupt and apathetic. These people pursue their own pleasures and ignore long term goals; they’d rather have $5 today than $20 in two days, because they can spend that $5 right now.

Here’s a brief summary of the actual beliefs of the protesters:

[T]he movement doesn’t represent unemployed America and is not ideologically diverse. Rather, it comprises an unrepresentative segment of the electorate that believes in radical redistribution of wealth, civil disobedience and, in some instances, violence. Half (52%) have participated in a political movement before, virtually all (98%) say they would support civil disobedience to achieve their goals, and nearly one-third (31%) would support violence to advance their agenda.

The vast majority of demonstrators are actually employed, and the proportion of protesters unemployed (15%) is within single digits of the national unemployment rate (9.1%) ….

What binds a large majority of the protesters together—regardless of age, socioeconomic status or education—is a deep commitment to left-wing policies: opposition to free-market capitalism and support for radical redistribution of wealth, intense regulation of the private sector, and protectionist policies to keep American jobs from going overseas. – The Wall Street Journal via The Volokh Conspiracy

If we accept the narrative that every Hollywood movie, government pamphlet, and pitying conservation thrusts at us, we believe that these protesters are champions of the victims of a vast and crushing forward motion of “capital.”

That almost makes sense, until you consider that in the past, people blamed their kings instead. In pre-Revolutionary France, advances in hygiene had created a population boom that submerged the available resources. The people were starving because food was scarce, as a result of which the economy had crashed.

They blamed their leaders. Let me repeat that: the people who had caused the crisis by breeding recklessly then turned around and blamed those who were trying to stop them from doing that self-destructive act.

Nevertheless, people continue to believe the old lies. For example:

Inequality in this country has hit a level that has been seen only once in the nation’s history, and unemployment has reached a level that has been seen only once since the Great Depression. And, at the same time, corporate profits are at a record high.

In other words, in the never-ending tug-of-war between “labor” and “capital,” there has rarely—if ever—been a time when “capital” was so clearly winning.

Put differently, this is the lowest percentage of Americans with jobs since the early 1980s (And the boom prior to that, by the way, was from women entering the workforce). – Business Insider

One way to explain this is to say that they rich have gotten richer.

Another way is to point out the more likely scenario: the rich have gotten less numerous because the non-rich have reproduced and immigrated far more rapidly.

We probably have the same number of wealthy people as we did in 1980. However, because there are more non-rich people, the wealth appears to be more concentrated. Because these vast hordes of people pour money into consumer products, the wealthy are getting wealthier as well.

All of this originates in the population explosion of the non-rich.

Pastor Timothy Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City makes this keen observation: Until the 20th century, most cultures held that having too high an opinion of oneself was the root of most of the world’s troubles. Misbehavior from drug addiction to wars resulted from pride that needed to be deterred or disciplined. The idea that you were bigger or better, or more self-righteous, or somehow immune from the rules that govern others — the absence of humility, in other words, gave you license to do unto others what you would never allow them to do unto you.

These days it’s a different story. Being humble rubs against what millions have been taught under the banner of “self-esteem.” Even as so many of our schools in big inner cities fail to teach children elemental facts and skills, they somehow manage to teach them to feel good in their ignorance. They manufacture excuses for them, form support groups for them, and resist making moral judgments lest they hurt their feelings. – “Humility: A disappearing virtue?” by Lawrence Reed, The Times-Herald

Among the non-rich, there are normal people and then there are leftists. The leftist non-rich do not like divisions between competent and incompetent, moral good and moral bad, those who apply themselves and work intelligently and those who plug away on drudge jobs.

They are essentially parasites who want to use morality to paralyze the rest of us. They want the popularity of an idea to trump its actual trump value, and for that popularity to be used to “make peace” with our population through wealth redistribution.

The past 200 years have shown us that wealth redistribution leads to nothing but misery. Why would anyone advocate it? The only answer is that they don’t care about the consequences of their actions.

This mentality fits in with how Plato described drones, or what we’d now call proles. He viewed them as people who would forego long-term positive consequences for short-term pleasures, appetites and distractions. In his view, they became parasites on the organism of society.

It’s not surprising that every civilization that has fallen has had an abundance of such parasites. They breed more rapidly than good people, and are irrational but vociferous in their demands, leading to them first (a) crushing the economy and (b) using that as an excuse to take over society.

Once they do that, they implement more unworkable plans and the nation spirals downward.

What kind of mentality does a parasite have?

So, what are prostitutes planning?

Usually, they have no plan, except to find a rich foreign guy willing to support them. They live day to day. They don’t make much effort to think proactively. They just follow and react to others in their environment, passive.

If they have a plan, then it is to sit at home and watch TV all day, gossip with their friends, and go shopping.

If you expect them to cook special food for you or do other considerate things — for them to put out the same level of effort for you that you put out for them — then you’re usually setting yourself up for disappointment. In fact, you will be lucky if they can even manage the maid and gain the respect of one for long. – “Good guys trying to help often get burned,” by Mark Evan Prado

There are no plans, for parasites. Plans are left to the host organism, which is responsible to them for providing nutrients. They want to drink its blood, and then do nothing. This is how parasites think. In their view, their own selves come before the world as a whole. The self is all.

As a result, they do not care about the consequences of their actions or even if they destroy their own civilization. They’ll just move on to another. In the meantime, those who worked their whole lives providing for the host will be left with nothing, and a new mess to clean up.

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