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Bipartisan Racial Bungle

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

You voters asked for — no, demanded — bipartisanship, or for liberals and conservatives to reach across the aisle and join hands to get something done.

Unfortunately, you did not specify what they were supposed to do, and so this bipartisan compromise has gifted you with a new dimension of racial angst:

Where to draw the line on self-identification is an obvious question, and a fundamental one, Ms. Tuvel suggests in her paper. Think transracialism is tricky? It only gets more complicated from there. Her paper briefly considers other exotic forms of self-identification. How do progressives reckon with people who say they’re really “otherkins,” identifying as nonhuman animals? Are we morally required to accept “transabled” people, who are born physically normal but feel one of their limbs transgresses on their identity?

As with gender, Ms. Tuvel writes, “we need an account of race that does not collapse into a position according to which all forms of self-identification are socially recognized, such as one’s self-identification as a wolf.”

The Left insists that race is a golden ticket to permanent grievance politics; this advances the agenda of the Left, which is to break down organic civilization and replace it with artificial government, which defends the individual against the consequences of his actions by dissipating the damage as socialized cost.

The Right, in response, has claimed that noticing race at all is a form of “identity politics,” which is how mainstream conservatives slander identitarianism. The cost of their participation in democratic politics, which always lean Left, is that they deny any form of natural inequality and insist that we can all be made perfect through patriotism, religion and working hard.

In response to that rather silly gambit, the Left has doubled-down on race as Professor Tuvel did in her paper: they are insisting that it is, after all, biological and cannot be ignored. If the game is played as usual, the talking heads will be thankful for this misdirection and spend the next decade haranguing one another about it.

Reality as always hides behind the lies, partially overlapping each of them, which is what gives them believability to their audience. Identity is innate to each person much as sex, family, caste and natural abilities are. Those traits however are not equal, so egalitarians wage war against them in the most smug and passive manner possible.

Until the Right is pushed hard enough by the Alt Right, it will not publicly acknowledge that equality is a lie. Once we start saying that equality is a lie, as loudly and proudly as possible, the Left will be forced into a defensive position, and in so doing, will reveal further its actual agenda.

“Modernity Is Not An Option”

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

On Red Ice TV, philosopher Nick Land expands Neoreaction into an Alt Right critique of modernity, making for a highly interesting interview.

Land has packed every essential concept in the cluster of dissident anti-modern thought — postmodernism, aristocracy, post-democracy, religion, identitarianism and extreme libertarian anarcho-capitalist viewpoints — into a series of statements which explore the depths of each of these through their interconnections.

While this requires more time and patience than many interviews, being more of a graduate-level seminar than a pop media product, his breadth of understanding and analysis of the intersection of these different ideas makes Mr. Land’s interview an informative listen. Great to see the Red Ice crew bringing this influential thinker on-air!

They Cannot Assimilate

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Another terrorist attack, or three (one attempted). Another series of prayers, playing “Imagine” on out-of-tune pianos, piling up flowers and stuffed animals where the blood once pooled, and political speeches about how these terrorists will not damage our democracy and freedom. And then, nothing, except more reminders that we need to protect Muslims from racial animus in response to these attacks.

As in most times of confusion, people are focusing on what social groups reward them for instead of truth. Those who repeat the dominant ideology get ahead; those who do not, or oppose it, are pushed aside. It is thus logically correct to follow the herd. And so, all of our “facts,” news, politicians, experts, professors, scientists and writers are fake; their assumptions are lies and so all that follows must be.

This puts us in the unenviable position of having to wake up, make our way upstream against the current, and use unapproved methods — such as logic itself — to understand our world. Everything else resembles houses built on loose sand, falling down with the slightest shift, and so dedicated to stability even if it means affirming insanity as truth.

Let us apply logical fact to the question of class warfare, diversity, immigration and nationalism; contrary to what our wise leaders tell us, these are the same question.

Those who care for themselves will care for something greater than themselves because the individual does not exist without context. This context gives meaning: it shows that our inevitable sacrifices go toward something enduring, instead of vanishing in the moment, and by doing so, create a sense of poetry to existence, placing us in unison with our culture and world.

The context in which individuals exist could be described as a combination of civilization, nature and metaphysical or idealistic principles that guide our sense of what it is to be good, promote pleasure and beauty in life, and achieve improvement over our prior state. The opposite of this is individualism, where we take all of the above for granted as existing without our interference.

For this reason, civilization and its maintenance become important on par with our own lives. Without them, we are single creatures wandering alone, without any chance to build on what we create, and with no hope that it will have significance beyond us. At that level, everything we do is a ruin the instant it is created.

With stable civilization, we can pursue the other parts of our context — understanding nature, metaphysics and ideals — and know that we can build on what others have done and have others do the same. For this reason, our thoughts and actions endure and therefore, have a purpose. Without that endurance, they are pointless and mere fantasy beyond the basic needs for food, shelter and safety.

Civilization by that token serves as an extension of the individual that gives meaning to our striving. This then raises the question of how to make civilization last for as long as possible, such that it extends our work and gives it something approximating permanence. Possibly a civilization could become eternal, or self-renewing in perpetuity.

History shows us that most civilizations start out as nationalistic ones, or comprised of a group from similar ethnic backgrounds. By the time they collapse, these societies are beige, or of mixed ethnic background. Whether as a cause or consequence of civilization decline, the loss of nationalism heralds bad things for the future of that civilization.

In addition, nationalism makes sense because it eliminates internal conflict. A group of people of similar abilities and inclinations, sharing a culture, does not require much internal negotiation because people are all headed in roughly the same direction. There is a shared purpose and principles. Societies of this nature function more smoothly than those with high internal negotiation.

Further, having a common heritage means that not only is culture encoded in the genes of the population, but that people have a common identity which relates closely to the sense of purpose. Their civilization is not its government, money or victories, but both an end in itself and a means to an end of its purpose, which ties into itself. This seems elliptical at first but in fact reflects the ancient ideal of balance in that each part of the system works toward furthering other parts, so that none are divided from this core.

However, if nationalism is logical, then immigration — which adulterates nationalism — is not only foolish, but suicidal. It means the replacement of the civilization and its transition into the beige nation which will shortly thereafter fail, and become like all the other ruins of empires across the world.

The important thing to remember is that most people are self-destructive and groups doubly so because they avoid difficult thoughts, and therefore fail to address necessary questions, and leave themselves open to being blindsided by the reality that they deny. People view their survival as dependent on social cooperation with others, so they deny truth in favor of what pleases others to hear.

For this reason, most people will select insane ideas as a matter of course, and the more stress they feel, the more their social group will be stressed, encouraging them to retreat further from reality into a consensual hallucination of peer pressure.

Given that most people will, if not stopped, demand suicidal policies like immigration and its consequence, “diversity” or the existence of multiple ethnic groups in the same civilization, it becomes important to suppress the opinions of those who are prone to such thinking. At the upper end of human quality, in intelligence and character, are a rare few who can resist the self-destruction urge.

Class warfare arises when the rest, who are inherently self-destructive, decide that they are tired of being ruled by those who are competent. Those after all impede the will of those self-destructive people. As a result, they declare that all people are equal and none are more fit to rule than others, which then allows the self-destructive to implement their plans.

Diversity naturally arises from class warfare because importing foreign people allows the coalition of the self-destructive to have allies that they can use against the rest. Since people are equal, some system like democracy will result, and so having more warm bodies than the other side is how that coalition intends to win, and it imports those with an interest in destroying the culture.

This is the essence of diversity: despite its statements of all people being the same, it goal is to import those who are not similar to the rest of the population, so that this group can act against the interests of the majority. This is how all successful class warfare conflicts play out, even if they end in the collapse of the civilization.

In this way we can see how class warfare, diversity, immigration and nationalism comprise the same question.

Those who argue for diversity, especially conservatives, will argue that immigration is good if the groups “assimilate” or adopt the culture around them. This forgets that no group can assimilate because to do so is to self-destruct; every group has an interest in being itself, and individuals are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to make another group beige so it can be conquered.

No group can assimilate. Each group has a self-interest which includes its identity, and assimilation requires the destruction of that. Some individuals can assimilate, but they serve as an ethnic vanguard that dilutes the ethnic similarity of the population, making it ready for conquest by others.

For a group to assimilate, it must give up on itself, and so while “take only the immigrants that assimilate” makes for a handy sound bite, it has no relation to reality. No immigrants assimilate. They merely serve to unwittingly destroy the host population. Those who do give up their culture find themselves confused about purpose and values, and tend to act destructively.

The Americans know this from the contrasting experience of Indians and African-Americans. Indians were relocated to reservations where they kept their identity; African-Americans starting in the 1960s were “assimilated,” leading to ethnic conflict in the cities and crime spurred by resentment at the loss of identity.

Diversity does not work. It can never work because it demands that people either destroy their identity to be accepted, or become permanent outsiders. It makes enemies of all the groups involved, and eventually ethnically destroys the majority through outbreeding. This is why failed empires are “beige nations” filled with only those left over after the cataclysm.

Identity Provides A Cure For The Egomania Of Modernity

Friday, March 24th, 2017

We love to accuse strong leaders of megalomania. Stalin, Mussolini, Trump: the problem with them, we reason, is that they are driven by their egos. What we are experiencing is a classic case of projection. The gnarly fact of the modern West is that most people live in a bubble of their own megalomania.

In a society designed around equality, social status is geared toward a minimum. Demanding that everyone be equal means that all are accepted, but that any rank higher than that is delivered through popularity, much like how voting and consumerism make celebrities and billionaires. This creates constant competition for importance, which people signal through a sense of self-importance.

This pretense manifests as everyday egomania. It is not just the selfish choice to ignore the needs of others, but a total disregard for consequences in general. They act to make themselves look good, showing off what they own and their job titles and their position in a social group. This makes people hateful and negative toward one another.

Identity, on the other hand, requires one to shed that identity in favor of belonging not so much to a group but to an idea. A civilization is a tangible thing that is perpetuated by an idea. Like transcendentals, it is both immutable and ongoing, which means that people are always striving to achieve more of the idea.

However, most good things in life are this way. A novelist spends his life trying to perfect the expression of his theory of existence. An artist always tries to capture that one moment when the light was just right. A scientist discovers a process and then spends the rest of her days trying to perfect it and fully explain it. The same is true of civilization.

In contrast to this, most people choose to go further into themselves. They do not reach out to timeless, immutable and ongoing goals; instead, they focus on the tangible and immediate because it is less threatening. This separates them from the pursuits which will bring them a sense of meaning to their lives by virtue of being larger than the individual.

Identity presents itself as a transcendental in this context. One is no longer serving the individual or the group, but the idea of civilization as manifested in both. By pursuing principle, the individual is able to lose himself and gain a world. By doing that, he transcends the elements of his existence, and instead embraces something eternal.

For this reason, identity salves the question of mortality. Fragile individuality is transferred to an ongoing process, and the stronger parts of the individual are expressed as manifestations of this process as it is expressed as expressions of those inner values. The barriers between self and world erode, and a sense of unity prevails.

All of us recognize that the shallow/callow world of consumerism, celebrity and politics cannot provide a future for us. We do not even enjoy the present, and we know the future brings more of it and an intensifying form of it. The only alternate path is to start living for more than the abyss of self, and among the other transcendentals, identity provides a way.

The Alt Right Fights For Its Own Soul

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016


This week, the Alt Right fights for its own soul. It worries about how to keep itself from being assimilated like the mainstream conservatives on one hand, and on the other, if it has gone too far.

It should instead worry whether it has chosen the right method of going too far.

The Alt Right has a unique mandate in historical terms: the existing order of Leftism and globalism has spectacularly failed, and people are just barely catching on. The smart ones among us want an end to the immediate Leftist crisis, and to the conditions that have enabled it, namely the collapse of Western Civilization.

For the Alt Right, there are two missions as a result:

  1. Stop the Leftist insanity.

  2. Reverse the decline and fall of Western Civilization.

To achieve this, the Alt Right has to adopt a radical course that rejects the illusions of our time — equality, pluralism, utilitarianism, individualism — and replace them with a goal that rises above mere material and social convenience. That is not an easy task, but looking at those in the Alt Right, it is clear that we are up to it.

We can achieve that goal through the four pillars, which are actually more radical than anything suggested in the Alt Right so far. They combine Alt Right, Identitarian, New Right, Neoreaction and Traditionalist thought:

  1. Nationalism. Exclude all Others; rule by culture. Zero diversity, not even a drop.

  2. Aristocracy. Remove democracy and popularity. Give power and wealth to our best people.

  3. Hierarchy. Reward for performance. No subsidies, welfare, unions or socialism.

  4. Purpose. We find a goal that is not material or humanistic, like “excellence.” Good to the good, and bad to the bad.

These pillars have been mostly ignored by the underground Right because they are simply too extreme.

The White Nationalists want to combine all white ethnic groups and social classes into a single vanilla milkshake with no culture, origins or distinctions. This is just another form of Leftism.

The “civic nationalists” — fools using a term re-defined by the Left — want to make rules and obedience tests in order to make us all obey the right economic and political system. This and “culturism” are the same thing.

The theocrats want us all to simultaneously convert to Jesus or Odin, and forget about the other dimensions of our problem, some of which are in fact material, but can only be fixed by applicable of principle, which is not.

All of them have missed the point: we are trying to restore a golden age in which our civilization is the best because it seeks qualitative improvement in all areas.

We cannot do that with any vestiges of equality, modernity, politics, or other manipulations. We need to break free from all of this nonsense.

Most of these groups who are competing for control of the Alt Right make the same error: they are special interest groups who will achieve one change, but leave the system of modernity in place. Modernity is what got us to this stage. It must depart.

The real problem is egalitarian/individualistic thinking. This consists of individuals demanding their equal share, and in order to achieve that, forming mobs or “Crowds” who use their numbers to demand equality, in the name of the group but with the purpose of the individual. It is selfishness, collectivized.

The Alt Right has made great strides by denying the official narrative and instead pointing to the genetic and biological origins of culture, which refutes the egalitarian theory that a random group of people can be instructed in the same political and economic system and be as great as those who invented it. This is the magic dirt theory.

Against the magic dirt theory, the Alt Right suggests Nationalism: that each nation be defined by its founding ethnic group, and that all others be excluded.

Most people have forgotten what Nationalism means, but they can refresh their memories by recalling that World War Two was a war against Nationalism, or the nations that wanted “Germany for Germans,” and excluded all Others.

Nationalism remains controversial because it denies the modern conception of what civilization is:

Nationalism is the belief that political groups should be constructed around the idea of “nation,” or population group unified by culture, heritage and language.

As such, Nationalist is “rule by culture” where cultural values come before profit motive or popularity, which enables forward-thinking leadership instead. With profit motive, every object and idea and person is for sale, and society leads itself in circles. With leadership, society determines its goals and moves toward them.

The term “nationalism” comes from the term “nation,” which has a different meaning in current politics. Currently, the nations of the world are political constructions made of borders, legal systems and economies, called “nation-states.”

Nationalism is the core of the Alt Right. The “proposition nation,” a creation of liberal democracy — equality plus democracy — has failed, and Nationalists are pointing toward a better order.

The twentieth century consisted mostly of war against Nationalism in the name of liberalism or Leftism, which is the idea of the equality of all people, independent of race, ethnicity and caste/class.

This alone constitutes the line in the sand which separates those who are Modernist zombies from those who will make the next great civilization.

Normies cannot accept Nationalism, because it offends them because it violates equality.

Join us on the dark side. We reject The Enlightenment™ and other ideas of human equality. This is the Rubicon which must be crossed. It is also what defines the Alt Right, and why it is thriving while mainstream conservatism and liberalism die the same death.

Interview With Nathan Damigo Of Identity Evropa

Thursday, September 1st, 2016


Recently a new group called Identity Evropa has been making waves through the alternative Right underground through its formalized fusion of identitarian and alternative Right beliefs. We are fortunate to have interview responses from Nathan Damigo, leader of this group, for your reading pleasure today.

What does “European” mean to you? Does this mean people who reside in Europe, or those descended from the indigenous people of Europe? What about mixes?

Every day when I wake up I look in the mirror and see Europe. I see it in the face of my mother and that of my father. I see it in my nieces and nephews, as well as random passers-by when I traverse the country.

To me, European is both racial and spiritual. It transcends geographical location and informs us of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. Wherever I am, Europe is with me.

Only we can be us. There are many people in this world with partial European heritage. Our ancestors conquered the world, leaving their mark wherever they arrived to a greater or lesser extent. Some of the peoples who were conquered still bear that mark, they can see hints of it when they look in the mirror, however they also see that of their own indigenous people. They are not us, nor we them.

When did Identity Evropa form, and what was its purpose? Who was involved, and how did all of you arrive at this perspective on politics and society?

Identity Evropa was founded in March of 2016. It was born through the remnants of a previous attempt to create a network of people interested in fighting for our future. A small collective remained together after our decision to scuttle the project, which we felt lacked the “it” factor and was in need of rebranding with a new vision.

Those involved with the project were already a collective of Eurocentric individuals with a shared understanding of the world. They came to their understanding of race through different avenues, but all through intellectual honesty. They are unfortunately unable to receive the proper recognition for their work at this time, but their contributions have been tremendous, and we could not have accomplished what we have so far without them.

What do members of Identity Evropa do? What do you hope to achieve as an organization and as individuals?

At this stage, Identity Europa members attend meet-ups and build relationships with other members. This is a lifelong project. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Most everyone coming into this are meeting others with their views for the first time. We want everyone to feel comfortable in the emerging communities in which they are now a part of.

We are however gearing up to promote our organization as well as our ideas on college campuses across the country. Members will be able to participate in this, and other future projects that will gradually become more direct as we continue to make gains and progress in our capabilities.

What would your ideal society look like? What would everyday life for normal people be like?

An ideal society would be one that places human nature central in its premises and builds institutions around that, not in contradiction with it as we have today. It would be progressive, advancing the interests of its people (not individuals) through policies that increase the level of functionality within its systems. Its structural planning would not be myopic and given to the base impulses of the masses for short-term and selfish gains, but on that of eternity.

How do you think we can get to that state, and (approximately) how long do you think it will take?

It could be a matter of decades if we chose to utilize our collective agency. Already the West is stirring. We are more numerous than most people at this stage realize; change is always brought about by a small but determined minority. The longer people take to get involved, the longer this will be strung out.

How did you become “awakened” and leave behind the mainstream political, social and economic illusion?

I was raised as a minority in the most technologically advanced place on the planet, Silicon Valley. It was not some horrendous experience being a minority among mostly Asian children of parents who worked for tech companies and Latinos. They were for the most part friendly.

However, even as a child I noticed double standards. I found my friends shaped their political ideologies based on what was best for their racial and ethnic communities. I attempted in vain to instill in them a civic national pride and identity, only to be met with rejection. They were not interested in what was best for America, but only that of themselves. While this was never explicitly vocalized, it was the hidden lesson I learn.

I came to a point in my mid twenties where I realized that no matter how hard I signaled how non-racist I was, the majority of non-whites would never do anything but advocate their own racial interests. They did not care about my interests or that of the nation my ancestors created. When I finally acknowledged that this was the norm and nothing could be done to change it, everything else began to fall into place.

What do you think this illusion consists of?

Abstract fetishism coupled with cognitive dissonance with institutional antidialogic holding it in place.

What is your relationship to the National Policy Institute (NPI)?

National Policy Institute and Identity Evropa have a great working relationship. Richard Spencer has been very supportive of what we are doing, and our visions for the future of the identitarian movement. Our close work has lead many to ask if Identity Evropa was part of the National Policy Institute, but I can proudly say that we are an independent, grass-roots organization.

What is the alternative right? Do you consider your identitarian approach to alt-right in nature?

The alt-right is a loose, and in many ways disparate, coalition of dissidents who meet in their opposition of globalization, unregulated capitalism, multiracialism, and abstraction fetishism. As a coalition there are many different political ideologies, religious theologies, and strategies for achieving long-term goals, however the central theme of the alt-right revolves around race and identity. At this point it is primarily a cultural movement without political representation.

Identity Evropa’s approach is alt-right in nature and a natural extension of the counter-culture that has fomented and expanded for the last several years on the internet. We are meta political, with our primary focus at this point on fraternity and network building, creating a new community composed of those whose interests meet at the intersection of race and culture.

How can people keep track of what you are doing and support you?

Following us on social media is the best way to keep track of what we are doing, while joining our fraternity or investing financially in us are the best ways to support our growth. We have a lot planned for the future and hope that everyone would find a way to get involved. The future is ours, but only if we make it.

Lucian Tudor From the German Conservative Revolution to the New Right now published

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015


Conservative writer Lucian Tudor has published a book of essays entitled From the German Conservative Revolution to the New Right: A Collection of Essays on Identitarian Philosophy. It is accessible at the site of its publisher, Fuerza Nacional-Identitaria.

Although a review is forthcoming from this site, the background a reader must know is that Tudor writes convincingly on threads in common between different conservative philosophies, and essentially argues that an identitarian basis serves as the foundation of all modern conservatism. This makes sense of conservatism, which seeks to avoid the modern State and in its place have culture and the corresponding morality regulate society from within instead of by external pressure. That degree of social organization is impossible without identity, or the shared biological, cultural and philosophical origins that define a civilization.

More on this exciting new volume later, but for now it is exciting to see it on paper.

World Wide Pan Africanist Convention to be held in South Africa June 12-19, 2015

Friday, July 11th, 2014


World Wide Pan Africanist Convention to be held in Azania (south africa), 2015, June 12 to 19.


-We Aim to influence individuals in Africa and diaspora an open dialogue with and between their various REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT to work for the good common and the advancement of African people at home and diaspora.

–To identify and mobilize all GENUINE AFRICAN PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTIONARY FORCES, PAN AFRICANIST MOVEMENT AND BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS MOVEMENT with the aim uniting and forming-up one giant World Wide Pan Africanist Revolutionary Movement that must UNITE, ADVANCE and DEFEND ALL AFRICANS/BLACKS AT HOME AND DIASPORA.



–To inspire creation on a meaning-full partnership with the aim to identify and create SELF RELIANCE programs and projects that must support our struggle/organisation also must help to fight poverty.-eg: self-funding projects, news paper, TV, website, musicians, writers, recording studios, recording, photographers, designers and etc.

–To create one Pan Africanist Ideology College with the aim to stop political confusion and disunity among our organisation and our people at large with its research and development department.

Chris Sankara in Azania (PAC)”south africa”: Email
Contact: +2784 627 5805 or Skype Chris Sankara

Dr Malik Zulu Shabazz in US (NBPP/BLACK LAWYERS FOR JUSTICE) : Email shabazz/
Contact: +12023699986

Dr Hughie Rose in UK (NBPP):
Contact: +44774008151 or Skype Hughierose.

Mbarika Kazingizi in Zimbabwe (ZANU-PF):

Dr Ngila Michael Muendane (PAC): Email
Contact: +2774 8742245

Mafa Kwanisai Mafaa in Zimbabwe (ZANU-PF) : Email
Contact +26377334750 or Skype Cde Kwanisai Mafa.

Great Great-King Adeleye /Nicholas Idemudia – in Nigeria (Loggers Confederacists). Email:
Contact: +2348146624374

Vusi Oldman Mahlangu Mahlangu in Azania (PAC): Email.
Number: +2772 500 1455

Ras Aviwe Chimurenga Tyumre Poqo in Azania (PAC/RUF)
Contact: 0781109292


Why the American Revolution was a mistake

Monday, July 7th, 2014


I love America. That statement says nothing about America the political entity. The America I know is a network of good people who through hard work and sacrifice changed a lawless wilderness into a first-rate nation. Very few of them thought about politics much.

They fled instability in Europe where troubled regimes enforced ideological loyalty upon their populations. Americans took a different course: government would not control citizens but would instead provide a stable place for them to live while culture and individual moral choices ensured social order.

With the rise of America as a political entity, this process reversed itself. In 1781 the colonies won independence from England. But without a level of leadership above that of the colonies themselves, the confederacy of states rapidly fell into chaos. In 1789 the US Constitution went into effect and created a new nation-state to organize the unruly colonies

The new government quickly turned toward political control. During an undeclared naval war with France, the new nation-state passed the Alien and Sedition Acts which allowed imprisonment of people for speech critical of the Federal Government. The new government gained increasing powers with the Civil War and later the Great Depression, where it used crises to justify an ideological agenda and new powers.

As I write this, the news overflows with the beginnings of what will become the next American Revolution or Civil War. Much like the English colonial government taxed its people to death for purposes of political control, the new American regime rewards only those who follow its ideology and taxes the majority to pay for it. People are tired of this experiment.

This makes it clear to history, even if people now do not yet recognize it, that the American Revolution was a mistake. I can identify three major areas in which it has failed.

First, we have re-created what our original people were fleeing from. In the process, we have converted a prosperous superpower into a third world nation funded by an overtaxed majority ridden with guilt thanks to the ideological agenda of government. We are every bit as under the thumb of control as the citizens of Europe who first got into tiny boats and made the dangerous journey here.

Most of American law since the Revolution focuses on how to restrain government from becoming abusive. The unstated truth behind these attempts is that government has been trying to expand its power for two centuries. Expanding the vote has only accelerated the process because humans in groups make faddish decisions while as individuals they can make clearer decisions.

Second, the American Revolution caused the loss of our identity as a group. Before the Revolution, we were people from Western Europe who came to live together as British subjects in the New World. Now we are only people who make our residence in a place, obey its ideological agenda, buy its products and work as fodder in its jobs.

With the loss of identity came a refusal to have any social standards. We are no longer all from the same group, so we do not share values. Thus to impose standards on all is to favor one group over another. As a result, people became selfish. From this came both crass consumerism and the welfare state, culminating in a form of socialism which increases government power further.

Third, we have committed ourselves to controlling a beast that cannot be controlled. Elections do not work; in groups people follow social pressures and elect salesmen like Obama to the highest office in the land. No number of laws can stop government power, nor can rules make foolish people into good leaders.

We need quality leadership instead. While the English aristocracy provided an imperfect model at the time, it derived its power from a clear principle: put the most capable people in charge instead of the most popular ones. We, the people, are our own worst enemy. As the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said:

The only solution…is the despotism of the wise and noble members of a genuine aristocracy, a genuine nobility, achieved by mating the most magnanimous men with the cleverest and most gifted women. This proposal constitutes my Utopia and my Platonic Republic.

When we rebelled against the King, we thought we would set ourselves free. However, in doing so we threw out the principles of leadership established over centuries and the notion of group identity. This sent us down the path to an ideological agenda. As history now shows us, our liberation made us servants instead.

“Brave New Dead World” on American Renaissance

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014


I am fortunate to be able to announce that one of my recent writings, “Brave New Dead World,” has been published on American Renaissance, a rightfully well-regarded site on the American Right. This article concerns the nature of identitarian belief and its power in an age of liberalism causing dissolution of the American nation-state.

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