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Outbreak of LARPing Could Destroy The Alt Right

The Alt Right has outlived every prediction by a credible source and continues to gain momentum. Essentially an updated European New Right that incorporates social conservatism and ejects the reliance on socialist-style government, the Alt Right forms a cultural wave that has successfully upended politics in the late stages of liberal democracy.

However, right now the Alt Right suffers for its success, because in becoming a voice of authority, it has attracted a wide range of people to that voice, including the type of angry losers who were in actual hate groups back in the day and the type of resentful and pointless internet fedora-toffing neckbeard basement dweller NEET that we all know from Reddit, which apparently infiltrated 4chan some time ago and took over large portions of it.

White nationalism 1.0 never went anywhere for a number of reasons. It denied caste and ethnicity, and had no plan beyond race war now, for starters. But worse, it attracted a lot of antisocial and dysfunctional people who then hijacked it to become a social movement for them, instead of a political movement with actual goals.

Most of us have no idea what the world is like beyond our small social groups, which are already heavily filtered by class, race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religion, and political alignment. But out there, lurking in the suburbs and cities of America, are many people who are maladjusted in the old fashioned sense of socially inept, with few prospects, and filled with revengeful anger.

White nationalism during the 1990s managed to attract quite a few of these because the antisocials were looking for some place where they could gather socially and indulge their Cluster B borderline personality disorder behaviors without someone noticing and saying, “Hey, you’re screwed up.”

There is no better place to abnormal and deviant than a political movement. Your presence is guaranteed because they need warm bodies to demonstrate and propagandize their ideology, so as long as you swear by the dogma, you are fine until you really go overboard and shoot up a bus full of orphans. And even then they may take you back; they badly need true believers.

Like any other fringe movement, White Nationalism 1.0 bulked up on antisocials and then, because these people wrote checks and bought products, they took over from the five percent or so of the movement who had all the brains, guts, and vision. This meant that your average white nationalist gathering was nineteen tables of beer, violence, and crass racism, while one group sat in the corner talking sense, mostly ignored.

It was no surprise that it failed to achieve anything. Its main contribution was to keep certain writings alive, but to get to these, one had to wade through an assault of angry monotonic music, ill-considered ethnic grievance screeds, and many people ranting with great fervor about The Jew although they had never met one in real life. It was comedy of tragic proportions.

But again, as long as you were in the group, you were cool. This made white nationalism more like Leftism than anything else because it was an egalitarian movement, except that now, you were equal if you could demonstrate some plausible claim to being “white,” a definition that became thoroughly abused to mean anyone of mostly European descent. It was good that white nationalism failed, because if it had succeeded, it would have left behind a population of three-quarters European and one-quarter mystery meat like those in so many failed civilizations around the world.

I will share only one story to show what WN 1.0 was like. On a certain large white nationalist forum, there was a very popular user named CelticMaiden88. Basically, most of the guys white knighted her on a regular basis, and she always got in the last word on any topic because she was strong on the holy trinity of WN 1.0: hate Negroes, blame Jews, and support government welfare and entitlements because half of the forum was on those anyway.

CelticMaiden88 had a great avatar, knew all the cool in-group sayings, obviously was very familiar with white nationalist writings, and had the ear of every male in the group. Until one day. One fated day, someone started a thread titled innocently enough, “What health struggles are you overcoming?” or something to that effect.

The thread chortled along in an embarrassing but predictable course. Master race? Uh… quite a few of these people had serious ailments or general bad health. Many were older and went on at length about their medications and pains. Finally, in popped CelticMaiden88 to reveal that she was afflicted with chronic arthritis, dwarfism, scoliosis, diabetes, and several other ailments. The mental image of her went from the slender Viking warrior priestess of her avatar to that of another lonely, probably drunk person in a wheelchair, hammering away at a keyboard while living in disability payments in a sad apartment or trailer somewhere.

That was white nationalism 1.0. An illusion that was easily pierced, it crumbled at the first touch of any real-world activity, which just empowered the idiots. “But what do you do in the real world?” became their favorite phrase for shutting down anyone who was down with the agenda of the antisocials. If you said that maybe we should drink less, fight less, and commit fewer crimes so that we could instead have a clearer and more appealing message, they just pointed out that unlike you, they were real-world activists who put 106 flyers just last weekend.

As the old saying goes, the movement had too many chiefs and not enough Indians, or maybe that is too many Fuehrers and not enough Speers or Goebbelses. Luckily it burned out. If the Alt Right spends any time on the antisocials, however, the Alt Right will follow White Nationalism 1.0 into the grave. The antisocials may get disability checks, but they spend them profligately on books, music, donations, and postage, so they become “the customer base” and any movement foolish enough to let them in finds itself pandering to their simplistic, violent, emotive, and single-minded tastes.

Add to that group of antisocials another band of misfits, the neckbeards. As open-minded people, none of us fear or dislike misfits generally; most of them are simply eccentrics or socially inept, but neither of those signal bad guys. The new type of misfit however is the internet hikkikomori who essentially gave up on the world early on and is possessed by a fervent impulse to destroy because to him, everything is broken (well… this is true) and hopeless, so the only solution is a final bath of fire for all that is. These tend to combine red pill, black pill, and fermented teenage angst with a steady diet of self-loathing, masturbation, avoiding social situations, and scapegoating various others for their own troubles as well as those of the world. For this group, political thought and personal resentment of how life has not worked out are mixed together, and this causes them some difficulty in understanding what they believe.

These groups share something in common: they are LARPing.

LARPing was originally an innocent thing. The term comes from Live Action Role Playing, which used to mean dressing up in Renaissance Faire costumes and whacking each other with foam-rubber swords. When the internet got its grasp on this term, it made it into a metaphor for anyone who is acting out a fantasy of themselves as more important, profound, wise, brave, or sexually attractive than they are. In netspeak, LARPers are actors who do not get paid, pretenders, scenesters, hipsters, or even… poseurs. It is a quick way to say that someone is insincere about what they claim are their goals, and are using the renown or notoriety of their movement as a way to advance themselves personally.

In other words, LARPing is how the antisocials become social: they pretend to be big, scary, bad-ass crazy guys on the internet and this is how they attract a social group to them.

Those of us who criticize to nurture on the Alt Right frequently refer to one group as “hitLARPers.” These people act out the bold Nazi on the internet, but seem to never do anything effective, which is a different category from periodically doing something violent. Real Nazis — one might presume — would act toward achieving their goals; hitLARPers act toward having an image as the baddest-ass dystopian Nazis out there, a combination of American History X and Romper Stomper rolled into one, and they murder any group or movement that accepts them because soon everyone is acting like a movie fascist and no one is focused on doing anything effective. Government agents and their paid employees, informants, capitalized on the power of hitLARPing early on.

That one’s from Tom Metzger and “A. Wyatt Mann,” both talented writers from back in the day. Government agents and informants specialized in hitLARPing so hard that they often ended up running the organizations they were infiltrating, and their modus operandi was to encourage others to engage in illegal activity so that they could be arrested, brought down to the station and told their options. These options consisted of (1) go to jail forever, or (2) take $500 a month to inform on others and encourage them to hitLARP harder. It is no surprise that many of us estimate that half of the public white nationalism 1.0 was either informants or agents.

All of the above is prelude because without understanding it, nothing that follows here will make any sense.

The Alt Right faces a maturity crisis. As part of its adaptation of Evolan Traditionalism, European New Right, and American anti-socialist paleoconservative leanings to a new political movement, it adopted the “big tent” approach that says that those who can agree on a few basics work together even if their viewpoints diverge after that. This was obviously the right approach, but now we are dealing with the fallout from being inclusive, which means that there is no clear internal hierarchy or class structure within the Alt Right, so like anything else in an inverted society, the loudmouths rule the day.

One of the many ways that these people LARP is to take out their frustrations with personal dating experiences on women in general. We know that many women are “thots” — “that ho over there,” analogous to slag or slut — who essentially attention whore their way through life, using sex as a weapon, and then want to settle down with some nice nerdly “beta” who goes to his tech job and brings in the bucks while ex-party girl wifey is getting busy with the pool guy or interracial sex. This complaint has showed up enough that it cannot be all wrong, but by the same token, it is both all wrong to apply it to all women, and the wrong strategy.

In our egalitarian society, nothing is more taboo than discussing caste. Some are born to sweet delight, and some are born to the endless night, as William Blake and the Calvinists remind us. There are also levels in between. The person who is born to be an aristocrat (Brahmin/Jarls) has greater force of intellect and force of character than his knights (Kshatriya/Carls) who in turn have more of those abilities and inclinations than the merchants (Vaisya) and peasants (Sudras/Thralls/drones) below them.

The European caste system was even more direct than the Indian: Jarls (aristocrats, kings, priests, scholars) were above Carls (warriors, artisans) who were above Thralls (peasants, merchants, freeholders). This captured the hierarchy of moral character and intellectual ability: some are born to lead, others are born to be generally directly, and some others only understand the world of immediate material reward and since they are toxic to leadership, they are kept in a position of no power. That latter group includes most of our wealthy people today.

Caste and moral character reflect one another. For example, peasants have always been a bit sexually licentious mainly because they are simple people who “date” and sleep around until a baby happens, at which point there is a marriage, and then they reproduce relatively haphazardly as they see fit. Not all of them, of course, engaged in the basest behaviors, because there is a hierarchy within each caste level and the best of them would rise by not being like the lowest. But they were known for their promiscuous behavior, and the exception proves the rule.

Lower level women, therefore, are likely to behave like reckless sluts. These are the only people for whom “white sharia” makes any sense, although it will surely backfire because they will cleverly find a way around it, which means that people relying on white sharia will deceive themselves and breed more slutty people instead of allowing natural selection to do its work. When you do not tell a woman what to do, and she openly reveals her character, she will breed with someone like her, and the man who wants a non-slutty woman will be able to find her and breed non-slutty or at least less-slutty children, although he’s going to have to look in the library, fields, small business, churches, volunteer organizations, schools, and out-of-the-way places to find her, instead of in the bars, restaurants, movie theaters and other artifacts of Vaisya culture.

The point is that the more we make rules and formal, externalized, and managerial organizations, the more we destroy ourselves by lifting up those who should be allowed to fade away. If you are a prole, and you understand not to be a whore, then find a woman who understands the same. You two and your future generations will rise, while the others will fall, all while keeping both Darwinism and morality intact.

Now that we have talked about caste, it is time to talk about realistic expectations. Many of the men that one sees online complaining about women are outraged that they can only find women who, using the infamous 1-10 scale, are sixes. But it is important to hold up a mirror as well: what is the number scale rank of these men? If you are a six, and you can only find sixes, you are right where nature wants you to be. If you can upgrade to a seven, you are doing well… if you find an eight through ten, there is something wrong with her because she is dating lower. Many of these men are looking for someone well above their own stature and find her, only to later discover that she is a two-timing slut or otherwise broken. That should not really surprise anyone. No one who is sane dates out of pity.

We also should look at the behavior of men. So you want a nice, chaste, intelligent, thoughtful, and traditional woman… what does your behavior say? If you are slumped in a dive bar, ranting into your beer about how all women are whores, shortly before you settle for a portly blue-hair to take home for the night, it is time to raise that mirror again. All of us are coming out of a broken, horrible time and as we wake up, we are realizing that what we were either taught or allowed to believe was “normal” is in fact toxic and a path to total degeneracy, decay, and death. This means changing our behaviors and not in the easy ways. The easy ways salespeople will tell you that it is about hitting the gym; the hard reality is that it is about gaining self-discipline, mental clarity, improving your behavior across the board, and becoming morally aware and mindful at all times. You want to be traditional? You have to live like traditional people. No trad women are interested in guys who are still narcissistic, addicted to porn or video games, using drugs, bangin’ sluts, etc.

Part of the Alt Right emerged from the convergence between Human Biodiversity and the study of sexual behavior known as Pick Up Artist (PUA) and Men’s Rights (MRA). These fields observed a simple truth: the sexes are different, and respond differently based on their needs. Women need to be appreciated more than men, and men need a sense of purpose more than women do. These differences allow the sexes to work well together by covering all possibilities independently; you want someone of a different mindset than you on your team so that what your mind naturally misses, theirs catches, and vice-versa. These fields got broken with Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) which was essentially a declaration that having a normal relationship was impossible, so a life of videogames and sexbots was the future.

That mentality reeks of fatalism. It interprets a failure of the world as a personal slight, and then retaliates against the world by withdrawing and refusing to engage in a necessary process. Biologically, it is suicide, and mentally, it seems to have a similar depressing and bleak outlook. It also encourages resentment and revengeful behavior, which is what we see on too many Alt Right comments threads, podcasts, and in the tendency of a minority of Alt Righters to attack women in the movement. Instead of recognizing that our civilization has failed, and that the disaster of sexual liberation is part of this and driven by the same narcissistic individualism as all the other elements of failure, people are assuming that they can scapegoat one part of the problem and by dominating women, feel better about their personal hurt.

Their hurt is real, but their methods are inept and destructive. Our goal on the Alt Right is to restore Western Civilization. That requires men and women working together. It also demands that we recognize that the recent past has been a nightmare, and very few of us have acted in the way that we would have done so if we knew then what we know now. This means that looking for a virginal Traditionalist woman is asking a bit much; finding a good woman, and working with her to start a family and have a sane lifestyle while also working toward restoring Western Civilization is hard work but the only rewarding game in town. She will not be perfect; neither are you. Accept what is there and build on it, refining both of you in the process, and you will find the truth of the complementary roles of the sexes: men and women have different domains, but only through cooperation do these domains become functional together.

We do not need more people LARPing about how they will virtually enslave women. We all realize that sexual liberation and feminism were mistakes, but swinging to the opposite extreme just gets dumb. While there is a need to purge the dying West of degeneracy, it cannot be achieved by simplistic methods; instead, we need to continue our cultural wave to gather up all the good people and unite them in quality behavior, and then to exclude those who fall below our standards. If we simply control those people, we will include within our group many low-quality people, which will weaken our future. Darwin as always stands supreme: to make a race healthier, drive out the weak; to make it weaker, retain the weak, who have an advantage over the strong owing to superior numbers.

This brings us to #Thotgate. Apparently, to some it is still shocking and new that people who make their living by capturing public attention might have some dramatic behaviors. Again, it is also unrealistic to expect people who discovered conservatism two years ago, and traditionalism a year ago, to suddenly have been perfect since birth. We cannot police ourselves by going after bad examples; we need to hold up good examples, and fortunately, there are a number of those rushing into the void caused by the Alt Lite breaking away from the Alt Right. More and more quality women are showing up, writing articles and making podcasts, and they are showing the way for others. This is the ultimate solution to thots and bad behavior: raise up good women, which causes those out there who can be saved to emulate them, and then cut the rest out. Exclude them; if you antagonize them, that merely gives them the attention they seek and, since that seems like success, encourages others to emulate them.

Despite being a movement with murky objectives, the Alt Right seems to agree on some basics, namely that we are against individualism and in favor of civilization instead. Our current civilization is torn apart by people who either want individualism through subsidies, or by profiting off the rest at the expense of social order, and both of those extremes are part of the disease of modernity. We are tired of modernity and want to escape individualism, “become who we are,” and restore social order. We want to rebirth the greatness of ancient Western Civilization by looking toward the future and the stars.

For us to get there, we need to avoid getting sidetracked by the immature behaviors of many of the people drawn to us. We can point to the obvious cases, like people struggling with mental health issues like David Crowley, James Fields or Jeremy Joseph Christian, but we also need to call out the hitLARPers, neckbeards, profiteers, spergs, and others who are — regardless of how correct their statements are — not adequately matured to the point where they can control themselves and be productive, and therefore will hijack the movement for their own needs, inverting it to the point where it will eventually become Left-converged because of its reliance on egalitarian ideals.

We can do this without failing to recognize where the Alt Right overlaps with the concerns of these people. For example, people may bemoan any mention of Hitler, Pinochet, eugenics, genocide, and slavery, but having some yahoos to scream out offensive words widens the Overton window of what is acceptable political discourse, mostly by widening the window of what people expect to hear in conversation and on the internet. HitLARPers have helped normalize many formerly taboo topics that would have been instant hate crimes back in the 1990s, and for that we are grateful, but if we start taking these symbols seriously and allow them to become our direction, we lose sight of our larger plan and intentions. We need people more interested in working for Western Civilization than acting out against whatever hurt them personally.

We are still a young movement — the cross section of Neoreaction, Human Biodiversity, Deep Ecology, New Right, Radical Traditionalist, Nationalist and Identitarian cultural waves that is colloquially referred to as the Alt Right — and we do not need to have an end goal in sight. We need to know roughly what we want, and the details will become clear as we approach that point. In the meantime, as all quests do, the quest itself will mature us, much like how courtship and marriage force both partners to really understand themselves and accept someone else wholly. We were born into an evil time where most people delight in failure and rationalize destructiveness as personal convenience, and our first battle is to make ourselves rise above this mess, and in that maturity, to do what is necessary and not to act out emotionally or attention whore as a means of salving our past social failures. Our treatment of women will entirely reflect our degree of maturity, and instead of scapegoating them, we need to “man up” and integrate them into the solution to this horrible time as unequal but necessary partners.

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