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Brett Stevens Interview On Identity Rising Podcast

The team over at Identity Rising took the time to open up discussion with me about our recent DDoS attack, nationalism, identity politics, Generation X, Detroiting, identitarianism, and the downfall of modernity. You can experience Episode 16 of Identity Rising at their website or stream it below.

Thanks to the team at Identity Rising — John Wesley and Chillbro Swaggins — for an extended and interesting interview. They described the event as follows:

Identity Rising is a live podcast that airs on every Sunday at 11AM EST. We are identitarians who are passionate about the future of our country and identity. We realize that the “anti-white rhetoric” ensuing all across the country is putting our people in jeopardy. On Identity Rising we cover politics and culture extensively and bring you our take on current events.

We start the show interviewing Brett Stevens of (now Amerika-in-exile), and discuss the battle to regain his website back from the the grips of the leftist terrorist Tulio Baars.

We discuss the broader alt-right and its perceived contraction, revealing that the Alt-right is growing exponentially, but rather than publicly, it is growing silently and out of the view of the public eye

We explore the Detroiting of American towns and the cycle that continues wherein leftists move to less diverse areas and, because they are parasites, infect the new area with the same disease they were trying to escape previously

Look for more exciting content over at the IR site as this podcast grows.

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