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“The Future Is Female”

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Leftism operates by inversion. It tells you that what is obviously true is not in fact accurate, so that you can throw away the idea of making sense at all. This allows it to abolish all standards, culture, families and allegiances and like a malevolent virus take over a society, which serves the underconfident individual by removing challenges to their perception of absolute autonomy.

Neurotic Leftist Hillary Clinton has returned to politics by appealing to her special interest group, single women and minorities, by proposing that the hierarchy which naturally favors the intelligent and family-oriented by replaced by neurotic single people:

“Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that yes, the future is female,” said Hillary Clinton, the former U.S. secretary of state.

“Just look at the amazing energy we saw last month as women organized a march that galvanized millions of people all over our country and across the world.”

…On the day of the Women’s March, Clinton took to Twitter to thank those who had participated, saying she believes that “we’re always stronger together.”

Here we see the division between public and private (text and subtext) that is inherent to ideological societies and championed by Leftism:

  • In public, Clinton promotes something which sounds good which is that theoretically vulnerable members of our society are given attention, care and concern. This is an effect masquerading as a cause, in that she is promising to achieve something by force, without setting up the conditions necessary for it to actually occur, a.k.a. “cause.”
  • In private, Clinton continues the 1960s efforts to destroy anything like normal life so that it can be replaced with Communism, at which point every individual will feel safe because they are no longer pressured to demonstrate ability and moral conviction. Individualists want to remain in worlds of their own intentions, and anything that forces them to demonstrate relevance to the world will puncture that bubble.

The image above comes to us from Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011), perhaps one of the best films in recent memory that the herd missed while flocking to tired repeats of the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises. It shows a common slogan from the 1960s and 1970s.

What that tells us is that Leftism never changes. Its goal is always to destroy the natural sources of power and replace them with the angry herd and its appointed leaders, who hope to profit from the experience like Hugo Chavez who died a billionaire in a country full of starving people. When Leftists say “the future is female,” what they really mean is that females are useful idiots who can be used to create a totalitarian state.

The Left And Its Media Cannot Comprehend A Trump Victory

Friday, November 11th, 2016


Nobody gets what happened in this election except for a bunch of quiet, average, frustrated Americans. Not too many of the important people care what they think. They would probably fail to get it if they did. Which explains why Donald J. Trump’s election was like D-Day. It was only the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end.

Hillary believed that Donald J. Trump was a joke. She chose him to run against. It was in the bag. Hillary had done her Operations Research. She had made the fight completely unfair and was now destined to be our next president. Only one thing held her back from fabulous victory. It was what she truly believed about average, everyday Americans.

Hillary Clinton lied frequently during her professional career; but not when she talked about The Basket of Deplorables. She spoke from her wretched, hoary heart. This was what this woman thought of me, personally and socially; as a human being. I was irredeemable. I was lost and needed to be buried in the cat box. In the parlance of The Right Stuff Blog, I’m ovenable in Hillary’s Amerika.

You know who else thought Trump was a joke? The party he LBO’d, gave back to the people, and dragged kicking and caterwauling across the line to victory. They were warned. They were vastly too intellectual to listen.

You just have to laugh. If you don’t understand that you are being deliberately played. He wants you to scorn him so that he can use you as a foil. He sets it up like it’s him against the world and that big, bad world is goin’ down like The Andrea Dora! This is boffo showmanship. I can think of an even better analogy than H. Ross Perot. There was that time Jesse Ventura ran for Governor of Minnesota. We all laughed at Jesse. His candidacy was a joke. It was so funny Ventura got elected. Kinda makes those jokes about THE DONALD stop seeming so funny.

So how could the sideshow known as THE DONALD evolve and maneuver until he was President Trump? Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t the only person in Amerika to want to put all those ovenable Trump in a Basket of Deplorables. The Kakistocracy Blog gave us a 10-point message that the GOP geniuses had for Trump voters.

1) Not Hillary
2-4) Trump sucks
5) You’re in a cult
6) I’m the professional, not you
7-9) You’re idiots
10) Vote Republican

So these people in the Uni-party just fed the fire. They kept feeding the fire. It burned them. But they just don’t get it. We get accused of “Whitelash.” I’m afraid I’m just not interested in any of Van Jones’ fetishes this fine morning. Leftists who desire to actually become as smart and with it as they like to claim they are should do what they typically do and read Maureen Dowd in the New York Times.

“As flawed a candidate as Trump was, he had his finger on the pulse,” Kevin said. “The polls were off because nobody wanted to admit that they were going to vote for him. But it’s a populist revolt and a lot of people believed in Trump’s message: too much regulation, too much government. The whole thing is a bunch of guys getting rich on Capitol Hill and not paying attention to the people who elected them. They stay in Congress a couple years, then move on to K Street and call on the same people who replaced them.”

But everybody is smart enough to figure this out. There is very little in Washington, D.C. worth respecting since the Leftist big takeover. The Liberals and the Cucks both know this. It is a wilful ignorance inspired in part by greed and in part by fear. Everything wrong with Wall Street is wrong with Washington is wrong with Amerika. If they don’t start getting this, or if they are not all fired or replaced, the end will come for the United States of America, and deservedly so.

Brexit And The Trump Election Were Not Triumphs of Populism or Democracy

Friday, November 11th, 2016


Good enough is the enemy of good, goes an old saying, and for the Alt Right, the risk of this has never been higher.

There is no doubt that having Donald Trump elected as President of the United States is a good thing. This victory spanks down the globalists and their Leftist masters, rejects political correctness and unlimited immigration, and will have ripple effects across Europe as other countries fire their big government, pro-Leftist regimes.

Even more than in practical terms, the Trump Revolution™ is a symbolic victory: Americans, like Britons before them, pushed back against the idea that we cannot have self-interest. For years, we indulged political correctness because we thought it was right, but now we see it is one-sided, and take our side instead.

As such, it is an excellent first step, like Brexit: a political event used to jump-start a cultural revolution.

This cultural revolution takes the form of the founding groups of European nations asserting their right to self-interest. Where previously it was seen as “politically correct” to demonize these groups so that other groups could participate, the new wisdom is that diversity does not work; balkanization is the future, and each group must be expected to act in self-interest.

This lets us see the world through the lens of tribes. Each tribe acts in its own self-interest, and these never completely overlap although they experience temporary and partial overlap on certain issues. Instead of having an obligation to every other tribe, we have obligation only to our own tribe.

In other words, the great Leftist dream of equality, diversity and unity has died. There are borders for a reason. Social class exists for a reason. People separate and spend time with people like themselves. They are not interested in being part of other groups, or feeling guilty for the misfortunes or failures of those groups.

If we could designate a second Declaration of Independence, the election of Donald Trump would be it. “I owe nothing to anyone but my own tribe,” it said. Gone is the guilt for whatever condition other groups find themselves in. Gone is the moral guilt sensation that urges us to support them. Instead, we act independently, for ourselves.

The Trump victory is a revolution against Control, which is the habit of making people into atomized (“equal”) units so universal ideological rules can be applied to them all, essentially “herding” them so they support the agenda of those that control them.

Control resembles a broken family unit. If the other members have needs that are inconvenient to those of the parents, they are ignored and explained away as non-important. Those in power remain there, independent of the realistic demands on the family.

If Control has a motto, it is “Don’t Inconvenience My Ego,” which is the motto of tyrants everywhere. They want what they want, and any exceptions are to be struck down so that the intent of those in control can continue to express itself. Control is basically reality-denial, where humans feel that power in human affairs is more important than reality.

You can see this in the small in everyday life. People fear insignificance, death, error, risk and isolation so they create some position of importance for themselves and go into a little mental world where they are a supreme being. They do this with business, social status, ideology and religion. It is life-denial through death-denial.

The West has fallen into the hands of Control because we are not unified by culture, values and religion. That occurred when we first encountered diversity and stopped believing that we could have social standards in common. Alienation spread; problems remain. Class warfare and Leftism arose from this event.

Until we fix this problem, the West will not rise again. We need unity and it can only occur through sharing the same purpose, which we work toward in unequal roles, but all benefit from what it provides, which is mental stability, a joy in life itself, and a belief in life being worth living — even with death in the wings.

This is why, despite our jubilation at the results of this election, we must keep a focus on the core issue, which is ending modernity, which starts with egalitarianism and extends to democracy, sexual liberation, diversity and moral relativism. As one analysis of the Trump win tells us:

This election has at best delayed the agenda of the far-left, if that. Some day they will come back and use the institution of democracy to further that agenda.

Hence we find our real enemy. The institution of democracy is what will be used to continue the dispossession of productive whites and traditional families. If not today, then in four years, or eight, or twelve. It doesn’t really matter exactly when, because the clock is ticking and it is only a matter of time. When, not if. There is going to come a point where European stock all over the world will have to accept that the number of warm bodies at the ballot box is an insufficient justification for rule. Otherwise, we will be destroyed by vindictive incompetents. We will have to stand up and yell: “I don’t care how many billions you number your horde, I will not be ruled by you and yours under any circumstance. I will not allow you to have any say over myself, my family, my people or my nation. Get out.”

Leftism is insanity or evil. There is no compromise or “bipartisanship” with it because it destroys individuals and civilizations in its deranged quest for total ideological control. Ordinary people go along with it because the ideas of equality and pacifism make them feel warm fuzzies and get weak.

The point is that we either end Leftism, or it ends us: our civilization, and our exceptional individuals.

The Right usually fail to understand Leftism. They look at it as a logical argument, when in fact it is an emotional impulse that is then justified with theory. Leftists do not think, in an analytical sense; they act out impulses and then later invent reasons for them.

There is no way to coexist with the Left. They exist in an entirely different reality; where the Right aims to adapt to Reality, the Left aims to deny it. The result is that the two groups talk past one another without realizing it, but the advantage goes to the Left, as they get taken seriously instead of being (rightly) written off as neurotics.

The Left supports Control. They want to set up one rule and make everyone obey it. The Right is a revolution against this control because our preference is to use results in reality instead of human judgments as a measure of what is correct. Trump was Rightist in that he was a revolution against the narrative advanced by the social group that is the Left, which asserts this narrative is more important than reality.

Crowds favor the Left however. Its message of individualism, where every individual is accepted despite failings, and of pacifism, resonates with the fear in all human beings. Like good salesmen, the Left manipulate feelings and channel them toward purchase of Leftism as the singular solution to human problems.

For this reason, democracy always swings Leftward. Both democracy and Leftism are based in the idea of individualism and, with it, equality. Democracy has led us astray for many years, accelerating after WWII and the fall of the Soviet Union because it had eliminated its ideological competition.

If anything, the phenomena of Brexit and Trump are a revolution against democracy as usual. They upend what is popular, and replace it with what is real, not because it is a democratic event but because this is a revolt against democracy following the standard pattern into ideological insanity.

Democracy favors ideas that sound good and offer simplistic pleasant illusions instead of nuanced truth. When left unchecked, this process veers toward the type of doctrinaire ideological fanaticism that we see in both Hillary Clinton supporters and the Soviet Union.

Trump and Brexit were a backlash against this dysfunction. They were not democracy as usual, but a frantic attempt to correct the delusions into which democracy had drifted. In the future, salvation will be found by skipping the middleman and abolishing democracy in favor of sensible, realistic leaders who deny the Crowd consensus.

One of the — many — problems with democracy is that it produces a consensus based on what is socially popular, and this denies reality. As even Leftist rag The New Republic notes, this consensus is both inaccurate and designed to belittle those who reject the narrative in favor of a more detailed view of reality:

Americans outside the big cities may not identify with conservatives, but they identified with their neighbors, both physically and culturally. And they heard the popular culture laughing at them.

Popular culture is like the popular kids in high school. It flatters those who are in a group of cool kids because they support the illusions that each member needs, and derives its power from excluding others.

Groups like this form because it gives their members power. Like a street gang or union, they attack in groups and withhold approval from any who do not agree to help them in achieving their agenda. The anonymity of the group makes them bold, and the fear that someone might see through the illusions of the group drives them to cruelty.

They created a shield to defend their doctrinaire opinions called political correctness. At first it was assumed to be a moral improvement through language, but over time it became clear that political correctness served only to silence those who disagreed with the narrative. At that point, people turned against it.

In fact, some allege that Trump was elected because of abusive Leftist behavior which caused people to realize that political correctness was not neutral, but one-sided and manipulative:

Trump won because of a cultural issue that flies under the radar and remains stubbornly difficult to define, but is nevertheless hugely important to a great number of Americans: political correctness.

More specifically, Trump won because he convinced a great number of Americans that he would destroy political correctness.

Trump has destroyed political correctness. He marched forth, said all the things that the “smart” people in the elites of our media, academia and government said were wrong, and then triumphed. Political correctness thrived by forcing people to apologize for noticing non-narrative facts, and then destroying their lives.

With Trump, this ended. They could not destroy him. When their attempts failed, the Left were revealed for their true form: fanatics who are essentially cowards. They attack in groups to force others to agree with them especially when reality conflicts with their ideas, and for them, dissent equals enmity.

No society can live under this, and so as with Brexit, the rise of Trump signaled a desire for even the mentally sedentary electorate to break free from the moribund path that liberalism promises. Ideology in conflict with reality can only accelerate because to do otherwise is to lose its perceived legitimacy.

This problem is inherent to democracy. By proclaiming all people equal, we in fact declare that bad is equal to good and therefore, that good is a disadvantage and bad is more efficient. This creates a proliferation of bad. Democracies all follow this path, leaving behind ruined societies ruled by tyrants.

If we seek a solution, it is found by extending the symbolic success of Trump into reality, and recognizing that there is no such thing as equality, and that people need to be placed into hierarchies where the sane once again rule over the rest, who tend toward insanity.

This requires us to realize the contrary truth to the democratic lie, which is that Darwin was right and nature is right. We must, instead of trying to preserve all people as equals, choose the ones that are useful and give them power, while deporting those who are destructive. Nature provides a powerful metaphor:

Shaken by the knowledge that some plants produce and others merely target productive plants, Danny realized he had to judge plants by their actions rather than treating them all as identical. This was at odds with what his Marxists professors had told him, and contrary to the instruction from the news readers on the screen who filled time between commercials for unhealthy products.

Eventually, he gave in to traditional gardening techniques, ruthlessly killing weeds, ripping thorns away, and having no mercy for poison and stranglers. He wanted the good plants to have a chance to grow unhindered and no longer tolerated senseless doctrine and phony morality from fools trying to teach false nature.

People are not all good; in fact, most are varying degrees of bad, and if given power, will behave as the Left do. In fact, the Left is composed of such people. They are not good people, but those who will destroy anything given them and make the rest of us pay for their insanity.

As the Trump administration progresses, the Alt Right will serve an important role: it will carry on this symbolic power by denying the comfortable and convenient illusions of democracy. This shows the power of the Brexit/Trump backlash: we have finally split with years of illusion, and are ready to assert realism again.

A “Hard Reset” Is Coming

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016


Whatever the outcome of this election, a permanent schism has occurred. The con man and his “mark” (victim) have recognized each other, and the relationship is now adversarial.

For years, Americans and Europeans slept in a consumer wonderland. They were told that the evil of Hitler had been banished and now everything would be Utopian. This required giving much of their income to the State for use in social welfare benefits, but it did not seem expensive, to avoid these problems.

Over time, views have changed. Instead of mitigating problems, the government made them worse. Where once there were only a few angry minority groups, now much of America seems occupied by third-world populations who blame the white people for the poverty, disorder and crime in these areas.

And yet, when actions are taken to fix this, they are never enough and if they fail, white people are blamed. The third-world portion of our society is entirely dependent on the white middle class for taxes that pay for the benefits it demands, and whenever someone balks, the race riots come out.

Finally we elected a black president. The thought was that now we could all get along. Instead, divisions are more clear than ever as white people realize they, too, are a minority group and can represent their own interests just like any other special interest group. This has incensed the dependents.

At the top of the pile, government waves its magic wand and makes problems go away; that these problems return in greater number and severity is fine by government, because it wants an excuse to increase its budget. We already spend more on education, healthcare, policing and public welfare than any other first-world nation, and now we are $20 trillion in the hole with debt.

There is nowhere for this to go but collapse. Government will continue to grow, draining wealth from the middle class who will become impoverished. Third-world immigrants will become the majority, and all elections will be won by Leftists. White people will die out from poverty, violence and existential misery.

The Alt Right rose because it recognized that ethnic identity and variations between individuals are more important than the doctrine of equality. We can build an empire on homogeneity and hierarchy, but not on equality. Equality is a type of entropy that drains all energy from the system and leaves it depleted.

White people in the US and EU are realizing now that Leftism is a pathology that will never stop. Its goal is Utopian, and not measured in reality-based metrics, but in feelings and symbols. It will grind us into the ground and leave a smoking wasteland, and never consider that it might do so.

The Leftist train — single women, unhappy neurotics, ethnic minorities and sexual non-conformists — will push for total control and displace all things that make a healthy and happy society. White people are the sacrifice to this end, both as a cash cow to be milked for taxes, and an enemy of the state against whom discrimination is encouraged.

In the meantime, all of the elements of the Leftism dream have failed. Diversity has created social chaos. Sexual liberation has destroyed the family. Consumerism has burned itself out, and globalism become a threat to the world economy. The environment is savaged, social order ruined, and wealth dissipated through Leftist policies.

People are beginning to have some realizations.

They are recognizing that the current system was sold to them on the basis of lies, and therefore is null as a contract. What was promised was not delivered, and the opposite was delivered instead. They voted for racial reconciliation, charity and tolerance, and got a Soviet-style ideological authoritarian government.

They are seeing that the current social and political order cannot stand because it is toxic to the experience of normal, healthy life. The proposition nation of different ethnicities cannot work, nor can the social welfare programs, nor even the public education. Democracy has failed by self-destructing.

They are observing that ideology is a popularity contest that always finds the wrong answer because it is based on symbols and feelings, not reality. Whatever uses a popularity contest to find answers will create dangerous lies and destroy all who notice that these lies are in fact untruths.

They are perceiving that democracy = Leftism because once one drop of egalitarian thinking taints the pool, the whole thing becomes infected with a rapidly-reproducing virus that leads people to self-destruct in pursuit of an emotional goal. It is simply an evil, deceptive and corrupt idea.

They are also getting the feeling that “birds of a feather flock together” works, while the rainbow nation turns every group into a victim and forces them to fight one another.

The core of the Alt Right — and what normal people are noticing — is that population is politics. Genetics are our destiny, both as a group and in the different abilities of individuals. One rule for everyone is not a workable strategy. Mobs are destructive.

A thought closely related to this then appears: “Systems” — labyrinths of rules designed to reach the right answer — do not work. Putting the best people in charge does, and by the same token, the crazy and chronically unhappy people out there must be disenfranchised and oppressed or they will destroy us.

Systems create proxies, or intermediate measurements through rules and measurements, that are quickly gamed because they are simpler than reality and easy to manipulate. Without good people stopping the insanity, it increases itself and quickly reverses the meaning of all good intentions.

Instead we need an organic understanding of society, and that conflicts with equality in all and any forms. In organic systems, many parts of unequal roles work together by pursuing basic concepts like self-interest. They are kept in check by those above them, forming a hierarchy.

This method of civilization has worked since the dawn of time. Democracy, equality and diversity were experiments, and now we have our answer.

All of those involved in the counter-reaction to the Leftist reign of the past two centuries share these basic observations or inclinations. We went along with the plan while it seemed to work, but now we realize it is a path to doom.

Whatever happens in this election, the schism is permanent, and will result in the separation of different groups by identity. These will not be inclined toward Leftism, at least for whites, and they will be forced to defend themselves against the other 95% of humanity that wants to dominate them and take what they have.

In short, we stand on the precipice of a new dark age. Unlike the last couple centuries, this one is based in reality and so can provide for us a healthy and normal life, if we are brave enough to accept it. As of right now, the conflict rages in our hearts, but soon it will spill out onto the streets.

Stockpile ammo and canned goods.

The momentous choice on the cusp of the political singularity

Monday, November 7th, 2016


Imagine a spacecraft whose captain has succumbed to space madness being drawn ever faster towards its doom at the center of a collapsed dead star, a black hole. Upon any of the crew who express concern at their impending fate, the captain inveighs condemnations, declaring them hateful and divisive.

It does not matter how she rationalizes her mad quest to join the gravitational singularity; what matters is that if the few remaining crew who retain their sanity fail to stop the captain and then make immediate course corrections, they will all end up dead and compacted into a neat burial in the universe’s deepest grave.

Action is necessary, but the choice to live is binary. After a successful mutiny the range of directions the spacecraft will take is wide, and a small change in velocity before the near miss with the singularity will have a huge effect on which direction they end up speeding off afterwards, due to the gravitational slingshot effect the huge mass of the black hole provides. After the rendezvous, the high momentum will make changes in direction require more energy. As such, the mutineers must give thought to where they’d like to end up now, while they’re escorting the captain to the airlock (“Airlock her out! Airlock her out!”).

The gravity of this election provides us a similar opportunity.

The news media have exchanged their valuable but ephemeral capital of public trust for election influence, and while this will cost them in the future as their audience turns elsewhere, for the moment it has bought them what they wanted. A recent poll shows that “most voters say they think Hillary Clinton broke the law by using a private email address on a personal server while she was secretary of state”, but that these concerns may have been blunted by unproven “allegations about Donald Trump’s behavior toward women.” The frenzied lies and bias of the media have contributed to the current state where most people do not care about government corruption, in part because their minds are distracted by non-issues.

What they really care about is their side winning. If a guy on your team sneaks in an illegal hit against the other team, you cheer, but if a guy on the other team does it, you shout and clamor until the ref does something about it. You tell yourself when your guy hits, it’s OK, it’s good, because your teams needs to win — winning is more important than the rules of the game, or even the purpose of the game.

At this point in the election, the gloves have long come off and all the players are just brawling. Conservatives want to resist this, because they have an aversion to cheating and a desire for everyone to play by the rules, particularly themselves. We need to remember that we are not playing a game; we are deciding our future, including whether or not we survive. This transcends party politics, and so it makes no sense to hold ourselves to standards that the other side has long abandoned — we instead have our own standards to which we hold ourselves.

Stephan Molyneux, a man who strongly adheres to the ideals of rationality, skepticism, and a scientific results-oriented view of the world, has not only taken a side in this election, but describes our current predicament with passionate conviction: “The future of everything you treasure, everything you hold dear, everything your ancestors built is right now hanging by a thread.”

Everything’s looser now, more chaotic. People still go about their daily lives as usual, the truckers still deliver goods, the janitors still clean, and the engineers keep the electricity and oil flowing. But in their minds are doubts about the current reigning order. Most dislike the way we’re governed, but know no alternatives, and a hidden anxiety grows rampant. The heat is on, the whole system is more energized now so that pathways that were previously barred due to high activation energies now appear within reach. This whole election has been a catalyst for an until-now slowly growing reaction.

The next few years will require a consistent, strong fight. Possibly this will take the form of putting into action America’s massive civilian arsenal, but hopefully we will be able to simply maintain pressure on President Trump to not veer from his mandate. In such a chaotic environment where opposing forces escalate to unknown ceilings, we may not now see the specific paths that will open up. What will serve us best at this moment before the plunge is a clear vision of where we want to go, of what we want to build when we emerge on the other side.

Binary Choices

Monday, November 7th, 2016


Most of the time, we get a range of choices that we can make in response to a need. If we wonder what to do with that empty field at the back of the property, for example, dozens or even billions of ideas spring to mind, and we eliminate most of them as impractical or too expensive.

We do not get that luxury when a choice is thrust upon us. For example, the neighbor to the east offers to sell his land at a certain price. There is a yes, or a no, and any other options are variations of those two. This is the situation we find ourselves in with this election, and with Leftism.

Both of those things — Leftism and this election — originated from outside of us, and presented themselves to us like a stump in the middle of the road we are otherwise whipping through. We are no longer making choices, but are forced to make a decision about something that we did not choose.

Those who have been around this green Earth for a little while find that emergency situations are of this binary nature. Most people cannot induce their brains to recognize the threat before them and that it is real. As a result, they go into denial, or distract themselves with tangents.

A few always click with the danger right away. To them, a binary decision has arisen: they either deal with the problem, or it deals with them… and so, they choose to deal with it. At that point, the facility of choice returns because there are multiple ways to deal with it. But first they had to get over that hump and admit that it was real.

With Election 2016, as with Brexit, we are being forced to snap out of our ordinary slumber and recognize a real threat to all of us. That is, a toxic occupying force controls our lands and through its methods — equality, permissiveness, diversity and government control — it intends to destroy us and replace us with useful idiots.

Who those useful idiots are matters a lot less than the fact that our inertia is carrying us toward this fate, and we have a binary choice: either we accept the reality and get some choices, or we go into denial and then the choice will be made for us.

No one wants to wake up one day to the realization that they are in a failing civilization and that their government is hostile to them. No one thinks about how great it would be to live through the decline and fall of an empire as great as Rome (or at least close). But this is upon us, and it divides us.

In this election, there are two groups. Some grasp the situation and are able to act. The rest are hovering around in mental nonsense land, wondering if the candidate “clicks” with them or what their feelings are. They have dodged the question entirely because it is more convenient, comfortable and easy to remain in spaced-out narcissism.

For those who recognize the problem, the entire political landscape shifts. We are no longer talking about issues, laws and working the system. We are talking about averting a crisis which has crept up on us because we were busy taking the system at face value. We can no longer do that; now, we are revolutionaries and rebels.

Half of our society will remain in the low self-esteem space where they listen to society, take it at face value and act as it tells them to. They cannot or will not recognize that these people are deadly and results will be horrible in short order, and that the smiling faces on the television are lying to us and want us destroyed.

The other half is people like you, dear reader. You were comfortably in the ego-bubble of consumer products, entertainment, social pressures and comforting words in strong voices from government and media. Now, you have seen through the illusion, and you are terrified because you realize the enemy is among us.

Whatever happens tomorrow, you must stand your ground. You cannot go back to comfortable oblivion. You must go forward. Whether that is with the ballot, or the bullet, remains to be seen. But what you see is real, and by recognizing it, you have made the binary choice. Now the only question is how to defeat the enemy.

Election Plans

Sunday, November 6th, 2016


It has been decided that in this house, we will hope for the best in the election, but spend the day watching Lord of the Rings and thinking on what it is we want for society. That movie series follows the quest of a motley band of officially unimportant citizens in their quest to restore a Western monarchy.

Oddly, that follows with about what the modern West needs. The yeoman hobbits play a vital role in coming together with others to restore order when threatened by insatiable evil. Along the way, the characters involved discover within themselves supernatural awareness and a deep existential longing for social and moral order.

There will be snacks of a mostly-healthy nature, possibly fermented beverages, and no shortage of pipe weed (“…a variety of Nicotiana…”). While the world struggles with whether it wants to live or not, and people outside rage onward, we will contemplate our deepest hopes. All else has been canceled to allow this, not like anyone will get much done on this momentous and historical day anyway.

What are your election plans?

Victor Davis Hanson Comes Close To Seeing The Brutal Truth

Sunday, November 6th, 2016


From one of the more exciting pieces to be published at National Cuckold Digest, Victor Davis Hanson tells us all about the Clintons:

For the Clintons, power is the narcotic of being sought out, of being surrounded by retainers, of bringing enemies to heel and enticing sycophants with benefits. Liberalism and progressivism are mere social and cultural furniture, the “correct” politics of their background that one mouths and exploits to obtain and maintain political clout — and to get really, really rich without guilt or apology.

But at the same moment, he gets it horribly wrong because he fails to note the cause-and-effect relationship here.

People who seek power as a narcotic are always liberal/progressive, because to be a good grifter, you must have a product — an image — that you can sell to the unwary mark. There are a few big things that always succeed: immortal life, easy money and… oh… Utopia.

Leftism, liberalism and progressivism — at best, degrees of the same thing like the relationship between socialism to communism — are based on a single idea, “egalitarianism.” This is the belief that if we enforce equality upon the human population, we will end our internal conflict and live in paradise.

A savvy observer will note that this is basically a restatement of pacifism. If you ensure that everyone has the same amount of stuff, the reasoning goes, then they will have no reason for conflict with one another. Nevermind that most conflicts on earth occur for non-stuff related reasons like struggles for identity, doctrine and power.

Power is the motivation of Leftist desire, and what better way to mask it than behind Utopia? Carmakers sell you big trucks with the idea that you will do “hard work” with them, watery beers pitch the idea that you will be surrounded by hot babes, and Apple snidely sells computers with the implication that owning one will make you cultured, sophisticated and wiser than all those pseudo-science superstitious rednecks out there. Like those, Leftism is selling you an image to sell you a product, and the product is power, for the Leftists.

Victor Davis Hanson cucks because he assumes that the Clintons are atypical Leftists. They are not; they are the norm on the Left, which specializes in taking over wealth and seizing it, then leaving everyone else impoverished as a good con man will. Think of Venezuela, where Socialist leader Hugo Chavez died a billionaire while his country starved. Or the Soviet leaders and their luxuries in a country where people fought over beets. Or even the USA, where a third-world underclass has been imported to live in Section 8 housing and vote Democrat.

Leftists have a primitive caste system. There are “leaders,” who attention whore by being outrageous and pulling political stunts, and then “useful idiots,” who accept the leaders in the same way a consumer accepts that what is on the shelves in his grocery store are his only options. Together, they work to fleece the rest of society of its excess wealth, which goes mostly to the leaders but, as its justification, also goes to the useful idiots in what seems like a generous amount. (Later, they find out that giving everyone free money actually devalues that money, and so they need more, always more).

We must realize that our future has two branches: we can follow the realists, or we end up following the ideologues, who all tend toward Leftism because the nature of ideology — versus time-proven solutions and principles — is that it is conjectural and therefore, emotional in nature. We know what the future under ideology looks like, and it is at least more often than not the Clinton future: a few privileged elites ruling the rest of us, and bleeding us dry like the criminal parasites they are.

Outrage — Not Despondency — Can Save Conservatives After FBI Betrayal

Sunday, November 6th, 2016


After the FBI betrayal, the Left is counting on two things: first, the Leftist base will be energized with a sense of entitlement and revenge, and second that conservatives will as usual become despondent and resignedly throw in the towel as they have for most of the past seven decades.

Outrage, not despondency, is our best weapon at this point. If you must have an emotional response, and it is difficult not to be emotional at this time, view the situation this way: the betrayal occurred because government has been so thoroughly penetrated by Deep State manipulation that it is impossible to fix it.

This is why we need an outsider like Donald J. Trump: he needs to go in there and make government accountable to results, in the part displacing the Red Guards who currently rule by ideological purity alone. They say what makes their base happy and then ignore the mounting failures of these pleasant words when put into practice.

If we do not turn away this beast, we will see only more of the same from now until the end, which will not be far off. We will follow the path of Venezuela, Cuba, the Soviet Union and other societies which went down the ideological rabbit hole. All of them ended up in a state of failure because ideology is inherently a denial of reality.

Let the anger flow through you. You have been lied to, betrayed, deceived and victimized by those who are raiding the public wealth for their own personal benefit. Hillary was not a wealthy woman until she began selling political favors for money, and now she is quite wealthy. This is the face of corruption.

Conservatives need to get over their tendency to write off the world as broken and hopeless because idiots are ruling it, and instead, fight back. It takes 2-5% of a society to come together on an idea to force change. We have to be that unit, and to drive these corrupt and horrible people out of our country because they will do nothing but betray us, time and time again, ever and ever after.

FBI Creates Two-Punch Boost For Clinton

Sunday, November 6th, 2016


By now most have realized that the FBI, after beginning an investigation with much fanfare, has declined to charge Hillary Clinton with a crime. The timing was suspicious and now is impeccable.

When Director James B. Comey announced that he was re-opening the investigation, outrage was unanimous on the Left — which should have clued us in. We know that the Left media conspire via backchannels and in this case, they most likely were.

Their plan was simple: bemoan the event, cry out as if injured, and goad on the Right. This caused the Right to assume that an actual injury had occurred, and therefore to praise Comey and his FBI. Now that, several days later, Comey is no longer doing what the Right wants, they cannot exactly rescind that praise can they? The source they approved of has now done the bidding of their enemies.

Even more, this event comes at the right time: 48 hours before the vote, which is enough time to embolden the Left voters and get them to the polls.

The FBI has set forth a two-punch event. The second punch is the rumor of al-Qaeda attacks on Monday, which should have clued us in since al-Qaeda has been invisible for years. If attacks occur, they would help Trump by showing that terrorism is live and active. But if nothing happens, then it makes the terror threat look like nonsense dreamed up by “bigots” to further exclude the brown.

This subterfuge can be fought. The message is this: the media is corrupt, they have corrupted the FBI, and now they want to put the Deep State candidate Hillary Clinton onto the throne to pardon them all and continue their nearly uninterrupted rule since the end of WWII. Trust no one who benefits from the current system, and get everyone you can to the polls.