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Trump versus China

Election 2020 strikes me as pretty important stuff. We either reject the way we were going, or we give up on breaking free and following that way down the inevitable path.

The Clintons were funded by China. Obama likely was as well. With that in mind, Biden/Harris are as surely Manchurian Candidates as if Xi Jinping himself ran.

China learned from the Korean War. They saw that the West would resist their Genghis Khan style desire for world conquest, and that the West was still strong. Being cagey Asiatic chess-players, they stopped fighting us directly, and went for subversion, aided by the then-extant Soviet Union.

Nothing suggests to me that they suddenly stopped. If anything, they got cagier, and hid multiple layers of infiltration. Sure, we might catch the obvious ones — Chinese students smuggling home lab samples — but what about the mysterious baskets of cash which show up at DNC, Antifa, and BLM headquarters?

George Soros, in my view, is too obvious a culprit. He put himself out there as a distraction. No competent conspiracy involves people that you have ever heard of, and the media are compliant to China as well. They will not publish the real names.

My guess is that they control through careerism. If you are a journalist, and your editor says he will fire you if you run a story about China, you can it. Since your editor is buddies with the rest of the media, and it all leans Left, if you get labeled an ideological non-conformist, your future is toast.

The rest comes through cash. Leftists seem to have a lot of money these days. For the price of an aircraft carrier, China could buy every journalist and most academics in the US. Most will sell out for the price of a summer home.

Very few will have any scruples about this. Leftism at its heart is ironism, or rejecting the way reality works in favor of a social reality, or vision of the world comprised of what we and people like us want to think is how the world “should” work, if we are low in self-confidence.

Ironists always destroy their host society. They hate it for not making them wealthy and powerful, and they are addicted to the belief that if they just overthrow their leaders, everyone will get along with each other and a new Utopia will emerge. China, they are just friends! You see?

All of this comes from the plain and commonsense understanding of humanity that comes with experience, and really is not interesting enough to make a conspiracy theory. Leftists hate society and so will destroy it; people take bribes in order to help that happen. Psychology 101, probably.

In Election 2020, you either let China continue its victory streak that began with Bill Clinton and picked up with Obama. Biden will be another Obama, with Harris pulling the strings, and Hillary Clinton manipulating her in turn.

Either that, or you can say, “no thank you, I prefer to have America and to try to fix it,” and vote for Donald Trump.

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