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Thursday, June 8th, 2017

History runs in cycles because no matter what year it is, the same actions beget the same responses. When a civilization adopts democracy, it signs itself on for a Captain Ahab style pursuit of equality that will ultimately kill it.

Equality is power because it makes a room full of people sigh contentedly and nod. As things get worse, and they get more afraid, they want more of the magic drug that makes them feel good.

Praise the lowly drug addict, for at least he is honest about his need to get high.

As the West has drifted more Leftward, it has savaged its middle classes by engaging in wealth transfer programs that amount to class warfare, draining wealth from the productive to the unproductive, which means that opportunity goes away.

Funny, something similar happened in the Soviet Union. Oh, and, er, in post-Revolution France. Also in Cuba and Venezuela. And it is happening in Europe, although more slowly because they have a smaller group of third world underclass dependents to drop money on than the Americans do.

But now that the Left has won, even the sleepwalking press is noticing the disappearance of the American middle class:

The two retailers’ strategies of aiming at the furthest ends of the income spectrum highlight the widening gap between wealthy and poor Americans and the disappearance of what was once the most sought-after class of income-earners in the country.

“This is absolutely symptomatic of a deteriorating middle class, or at least what we used to consider to be the middle class in America,” Stephens told Business Insider.

…”From postwar to about the late 1970s, you wanted to be in the mid-tier of retail. That is where everybody was making a fortune, including Walmart,” Stephens said. “Then from 1980 onward, you wanted to pick a side, because it started to become clear that the middle class was evaporating.”

The deterioration of union jobs, the shift of manufacturing jobs overseas, and the growth of the knowledge economy that led to a boom in high-skilled jobs contributed to this trend.

Let us look at how Leftism achieved this: it assumed that the American middle class was a blank cheque, and raised labor costs with unions and regulations, then affirmative action, effectively driving production overseas. Then it saddled itself with huge social welfare programs — up to 60% of the budget — which drained money from its infrastructure and research, causing it to fall behind. Finally it replaced its Western European elites with new “educated” cosmopolitans of mixed-European heritage who promptly bungled and stole the rest.

Now you are looking at a type of bankruptcy that makes the Great Depression pale in comparison. Where the Great Depression was a dip in value, this is a depletion of value on a long-term and permanent basis. Even worse, by disenfranchising the Western European founding core of America, especially through civil rights preferences in hiring, America has driven away the people who can save it.

Where are they now, these people who once built this nation? They are Whites Going Their Own Way (WGTOW) who have dropped out, moved away from the big cities, set themselves up with rougher surroundings, and done their best to secede from political and economic life. They are earning less to avoid paying taxes, and doing more through barter and producing their own food, supplies and tools.

If you go to the outer suburbs here, every other house seems to be subsidized to some degree by reselling products on eBay or other internet work. The kids who mow the lawn are paid in canned food. A guy down the street swaps homebrew beer and tobacco for raw materials to make more. The carpenter takes labor in kind in trade, or goods, and just acquired a used car cheap this way.

Look at their 1040s. Every single one includes a home-based business that generates massive deductions, if they even bother to file one. The end result is that these people have converted themselves from tax cash cows into tax-eaters. They buy almost nothing new, and are fixing those old gadgets, cars, heaters, air conditioners and water heaters, especially since the old ones work better anyway.

When you need someone to help out, you go hang out at the local watering hole that now serves homebrew beer and allows people to smoke again. The band tonight takes payment in home-grown vegetables and homemade beef jerky. People are buying what they need online with BitCoin or through swaps via Craigslist. There is a neighborhood website where further transactions take place.

Many are working part time. They spend the rest of the time doing something that others need, like fixing cars, making cabinets, wiring homes, hand-loading ammunition, giving legal advice, rebuilding air conditioners, and many more things that previously would have been handled with a phone call and a check.

Others have simply gone entirely off the path. They report no income, have no credit cards, transact everything with cash or trade, and have turned their backyards into gardens. You can hear chickens and sometimes goats even in the formerly staid halls of suburbia. These people realize that their government and society has turned against them, and they refuse to support it.

Inside the city, the new Americans are earning good money at big name jobs. Cosmopolitan, educated in that way that involves memorizing lots of procedures but having no analytical skills, cultureless and obsessed with products, these are the new consumers. They favor novelty over endurance and live in debt, dependent on their jobs.

But out in the burbs and beyond, people are rediscovering real life. They work every day but they work less, and they suffer no office politics or hours wasted on commuting. Their interactions are based on trust and mutual esteem. They know their neighbors. They are rediscovering culture, turning off the televisions and checking out of Facebook.

As government in the West winds down into an abyss of debt and dysfunction, people are finding ways to live normal and successful lives in the oldest meaning of the term “successful”: family, homestead, friends, culture, church and community.

They are going their own way because they know that democracy is falling apart, and they do not want to be like the city people, standing around wondering aloud how this could happen to them on their day off, when the cash machines stop working.

Crypto-Anarchy: Another Form Of Secession In Place

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

It becomes clear that Plato and Sam Huntington are right and that democracy has destroyed itself yet again. As people flee liberal democracy, many of them want to re-live the Confederacy by attempting to withdraw. Some want to do this either in place or in small communities, an idea called “exit” or “micro-secession.”

The most recent idea is that some of us can bundle up with our bitcoin, blockchain networks and darknets contracts to micro-nations or to “secede in place” by setting up local communities and finding a way to evade the tax burden of corrupt and dying governments. This movement is now being called crypto-anarchy:

Crypto-anarchy is taking over the world, since millions now unwittingly rely on it for online security, and more are scrambling after blockchain and bitcoin ideas, desperate not to be left behind. At Parallel Polis the idea of wholesale adoption of crypto-anarchism by society is met with shrugged shoulders and obviously-they-have smirks. That governments, businesses and friendly liberal types are falling over themselves to import exciting new tech that has been explicitly designed to undermine them is a bit of an inside joke. Most of us chase their latest shiny toys and have no real understanding of what we’re doing.

The rise of crypto-anarchism might be good news for individual users – and there are plenty working on ways of using this technology for decent social purposes – but it’s also bad news for governments. It’s not a direct path, but digital technology tends to empower the individual at the expense of the state. Police forces complain they can’t keep up with new forms of online crime, partly because of the spread of freely available encryption tools. Information of all types – secrets, copyright, creative content, illegal images – is becoming increasingly difficult to contain and control. The rash of ransomware is certainly going to get worse, exposing the fragility of our always connected systems. (It’s easily available to buy on the dark net, a network of hidden websites that are difficult to censor and accessed with an anonymous web browser.) Who knows where this might end.

They forget that “empowering the individual at the expense of the state” was the original goal of democracy and that the voters ruined it, just like shareholders push large corporations into self-destruction for temporary profit, and these new digital anarchists will likely destroy their own systems with the usual mix of arrogance, greed and unrealism that distinguishes human populations everywhere.

In the meantime, much of America has already taken steps along this path by dropping out of the workforce, trading labor and product for goods, selling old junk on eBay and filing taxes full of deductions. When it becomes clear that government is failing, there is no point throwing good money into the system so it can do bad things with it before the end.

New Magazine Jacobite Details The Exit-Oriented Right

Monday, June 5th, 2017

A new magazine for the exit-oriented Right, or those who want to escape society into small Balkanized groups removed from the herd, picks up where the mainstream conservatives are still afraid to tread. To recognize exit is to realize that the West has fallen and most cannot be saved, but that small groups might be able to break away and live separately, presumably if they have nuclear weapons and are not simply walloped by whatever large tax-and-spend entity can physically reach them.

Helmed by veteran Libertarian-leaning conservatives Robert Mariani and J. Arthur Bloom, Jacobite has already attracted top-tier writers like Nick Land to write screeds proclaiming that our time is doomed and escape is the only solution. The magazine will be both online and in print, and you can explore more at the Jacobite website and on social media.

Early Writings On “Patchwork” And Exit

Monday, July 18th, 2016

From an early writing of mine (2005, based on late 1990s texts):

The Doctrine of Parallelism

We’re going to make a sizable leap here. As said before, this is an introductory document, a toehold into a philosophical system, and not a complete explanation. When you accept that there is a structure behind reality that acts in the method of thoughts, and when you observe natural surroundings and see how consistent this is, you then are ready to think in parallel. Put simply, parallel thinking is the ultimate refutation of the linearity and binary morality of modern society. If we are to construct right and wrong, they are specific to the situation at hand. Some will condemn this as “situational morality,” but holistic morality is a form of thought that is best applied in specifics; after all, a different rule applies to the wolf than the dove, and different standards apply to the behavior of plumbers, computer programmers, and political leaders. Some will see this as relativism, but under analysis, it’s clear that relativism is one standard of morality applied with forgiveness for disadvantages to certain situations or experiences of individuals; the morality of thinking in parallel says that there is no one standard except reality itself, and that many different types of things acting in parallel create this.

One area where this can be seen is homosexuality. For most heterosexuals, having homosexual behavior occur in neighborhoods or other areas where children are present is not positive; they would rather raise their children according to heterosexual role models and behavioral examples. However, homosexuality occurs, and the best data available suggests that in most cases it is inborn; obviously, some are induced into homosexuality much as many heterosexuals are brought into forms of deviant sexual behavior, through sexual abuse or conditioning in youth (hence the desire for normal, heterosexual role models; most heterosexuals also do not want promiscuity, coprophagia, BDSM, etc. occurring around their children even if solely in a heterosexual context). So what to do with homosexuals, for whom being raised in a heterosexual society can be oppressive, and heterosexuals, for whom having homosexual behavior around can be equally oppressive and deleterious? We think in parallel: some communities will choose to be heterosexual, and others homosexual, and when they meet on neutral ground, it is likely that neither will assert its morality as a dominant, inviolate rigid code. Morality after all is not something we can prove exists, but something we derive from natural structure in order to establish a civilization of the type we desire. Some civilizations will endorse promiscuity and coprophagia, but in doing so, they miss out on some opportunities granted to civilizations with a more disciplined moral code. The converse is also true. There is no one law for the ox and the raven; to do so is to commit tyranny.

Another area where this can be applied is that of recreational chemicals, which is our modern shorthand for perception-altering drugs. Some communities will deny alcohol and cigarettes; some will embrace LSD and marijuana and mushrooms and perhaps even go further. It is likely that the two will never find common ground except where the question of drug use does not arise (Wal-Mart?). When we see experiments in drug legalization, like British Columbia or Amsterdam or Christiania in Denmark, we see an artificial gold rush toward hedonism caused by the fact that, worldwide, there are few relatively safe places to go take drugs. Were it such that in every continent there were some area where the rules on such things were relaxed, it is likely that those who seek drugs could go there and pursue them at a fraction the cost of illicit use. This would not only curb crime, but keep drug use out of normal (heterosexual and homosexual) neighborhoods where such things are not desired as unintentional role models for children, and the cost of drug use – including, let’s be honest, increased laziness and pizza consumption – is considered funds misspent that could otherwise be directed toward bettering other aspects of the community. There is no one rule. We cannot “prove” that drugs are good, or bad, but we can see how in some places they would be helpful and in others, destructive. Do the Hindu communities where marijuana is a sacrament have greater crime and pizza consumption? Would Amsterdam have as many problems if it wasn’t the world nexus of marijuana tourism?

The area most controversial where this could be applied is the taking of human life, and the enslavement of others. Some communities, such as a community formed by those who live according to the doctrines of black metal music, would not have any prohibition on honor killings, death in combat, or even brutal removal of ingrates. In their worldview, honest combat produces a survivor (“winner”) and one judged less able, the dead (“loser”). Most societies find this concept reprehensible, and would never permit it, so it makes sense to have communities where combat to the death, duels and other honor violence, are seen as a way of selecting the more capable citizens. Further, in many communities, it would be seen fit to work by the old Texas standard, “Judge, he needed killing,” whereby bullies, cattle thieves, morons and other undesirables could be removed with tacit consent of community. While many communities would prefer intricate and expensive legal systems, in some areas, if a person was known as a child molestor or cheat or thief, it would be cheaper and easier to look the other way while a local hotblood challenged that person to a fight and attempted to murder him. Cormac McCarthy describes such places in his book “Blood Meridian,” as they are also described in Burroughs’ “Naked Lunch”: lands where there is no law except strength, and as a result, where all citizens are ready for combat and by process of evolution, over generations become more apt at it. Are all peoples warrior peoples? Clearly not. Would all communities tolerate this? No. But much as we need plumbers and computer scientists, we need warriors, and if some greater threat manifests itself, it is probable that the people of these warlike communities would be esteemed as valuable combatants.

Another controversial area where localization – the best thought from the leftist side of things has emphasized this theory under that term – becomes preeminent is that of race. Even mentioning race, or that there are physical differences between races, is currently taboo in the West and will get you fired, removed from office, drummed out of volunteer capacities, blacklisted in industry and crucified in the media. History tells us that human races evolved under different climates and different pressures, and therefore have different abilities. We cannot “prove,” objectively, that any one collection of abilities is superior to another. Communities are united by common belief, and some communities will opt for this to be a unification of culture, language and heritage. Some communities will opt to be cosmopolitan, mixed-race communities like New York City. Others will choose to be ethnocentric and to defend their ethnic-cultural heritage as necessary to their future; this preserves their uniqueness, and is the only realistic basis for true diversity. Without this bond, you have Disneyland-style fake communities which give nods to heritage but are basically products of modern time. Let there always be Finns, Zulus, Germans, Basques, Cherokee, Aztec, Norwegian, and even Irish – this is diversity; this is multiculture; this is all of the good things that exposure to different cultures can provide. This is the only mature attitude toward race, instead of trying to produce, as the Bush administration has, one global standard of liberal mixed-ethnic democracy that essentially destroys culture and replaces it with malls and television. The race taboo is propelled by those without a clear cultural heritage who want to revenge themselves upon those who do, much as in high school those with low self-esteem tried to antagonize both nerds and class leaders.

Still another area where localization saves us from our current civilization’s misery is that of intelligence. A nihilist has no use for social pretense that says we are all equal; some are fit to be leaders by virtue of their natural intelligence, and no amount of education or government programs can make someone else be able for that position. Some prefer to correlate this with race, but a nihilist has no use for this, either: even within what George Santayana calls the “favored races” there are many completely stupid people, especially those with the worst kind of stupidity, which is a combination of cowardice and bad leadership skills. Few people mind a dumb person who is humble and follows orders well, but dumb people who agitate for change that benefits dumb people quickly destroy any civilization. Some localities may opt to admit anyone without regard to intelligence or character, but others will wish to only accept those of a commensurate mental level to the best of their populations, and will therefore exclude morons, blockheads, fools and ingrates. This conflicts with the idea of universal rights, and shows us why the concept is illusory: if morons have the “universal right” to move anywhere, what about people who want the right and freedom to live apart from morons? Modern society tells us that the way to do this is to earn enough money to live in an exclusive neighborhood, but even then, one must interact with morons daily for goods and services, in addition to dealing with those morons who inherited money or earned it through stupid means. Social Darwinism, or the idea that those who are the best and smartest earn the most money, has two holes: first, not all intelligent people opt to chase the money wagon and second, most morons are greedy, and many of them succeed through luck or persistence. A nihilist naturally laughs at the idea of correlating money to intelligence, and would prefer to live in a community where morons are excluded.

There are numerous issues that divide communities which can be resolved through this model. Anti-abortion devotees might need their own community, as there’s no way to make a law that both pro- and anti-abortion people will find fair. The constant combat between different groups, whether divided by sex or race or preference of values, exhausts our current civilization because so much of its time and energy is spent on internal conflict. The major reason that we choose this insane method is that it enables us to believe we are united by the form factor of being human, and therefore, that there is no need for belief beyond that. It enables us to ignore nature. However, as Carl Jung observed, by nature humans are of several different personality combinations, and those serve a role in the larger social construct (for example, a Meyers-Briggs “INTJ” personality will be a philosopher). There is no single archetype of human, but different types which match different roles in nature, much as there are different ecosystems for which there are specific combinations of host species. Our environment creates a pattern, and we evolve in a form that matches its unique contours; in the same way, humans have adapted to a self-created environment, civilization.

Paul Woodruff, in his book “Reverence,” pointed out that in modern times we have lost the ability to revere nature and our world. Part of our loss of reverence is this insistence on one-size-fits-all rules for civilization; we are so unstable as individuals that we want a solid, clear-cut, and absolute rule, but nature does not fit this pattern and so we override. One step to regaining reverence is to stop judging objects, actions and people by a linear binary (yes/no) rule and to start thinking in parallel. In some places, there should always be debauchery, and in others, there should always be quiet conservative living. Communities will shed people from newer generations who do not find that type of locality valuable, and those will in turn have to find their own living elsewhere, and define their own path. In this, we escape the illusion that a perfect social construct can be engineered for us all, and that by forcing us through it, something Utopian will emerge. Such illusions convince us to be passive, and to think solely in terms of governmental solutions applied by rote force, which limits our perspective on the manifold options available in almost every situation.

Here you see what conservatives call localization but is referred to by Neoreactionaries as “patchwork”: the idea of communities based around a culture or other attribute of their population, not politics alone or geographic/economic convenience alone.

As with most concepts on the Right, I covered them from a Black Pill angle in the mid-90s through late 2000s while others were just preparing writings on that front.

The Problem Is Us

Thursday, July 14th, 2016


The ultimate taboo: people are not equal, and what people think they want is usually wrong. Civilizations are organic entities which require the best people at the top, because otherwise even those in the high end of the middle get things very, very wrong.

Imagine a country ruled by a typical CEO. These are no longer the brilliant people they once were; now, they are experts in probabilities and squeezing margins. This is why American companies can no longer provide good products at good prices and make profit; they are top-heavy with staff, including most prominently those required by government, and so their only option is to cut quality and raise prices, at which point consumers desert them.

But then, imagine a country run by the stockboy or bag-boy at your local grocery store. A different kind of error results. He has no idea how his actions will play out in wider reality, so he will undertake emotional and absurd acts. Societies of this nature fail like Soviet Communism did: after having bled out internally.

As a result, we are caught between the viciously self-serving and the cluelessly self-destructive. But what about people in groups, in general?

Our confusion lies in the word “people.” It is like saying “distilled water” to most, because we grew up under the egalitarian dogma. We think that there are such things as average people, and that they all react basically the same way. In reality, people are varied, first and foremost by level of ability. But more importantly, in groups, no matter how intelligent, they fall into the same pathologies.

The first pathology of any group is the kindergarten teacher fallacy, which is that things are well if “everyone is getting along,” which becomes a form of inclusivity by discarding conflicts, or a mixture of pacifism and authoritarian control that demands everyone settle down and listen to Big Mother.

The second pathology of any group is the path of least resistance fallacy. It is always easier to find something (or someone, gods help them) to blame or rely on, which are two sides of the same coin. This is why people are both hungry to scapegoat the rich and yet worship many of them as “celebrities,” including the rock-star CEOs and inventors like Tesla/Google/Marx who we hope will magically save us from our own actions.

Finally there is the individualist fallacy. Instead of seeing their fortune as arising from the smooth workings of the group, people start taking the advantages of civilization for granted and seeing themselves as the cause of all good things that happen to them, forgetting that without the platform of civilization none of that would be possible. This leads them to assume the only question is what they desire (want) or fear at the moment.

Under democracy, these become terrible things. The vote is everyone’s responsibility and the result is no one’s fault, so people weigh in with what they want and then blame each other when things go wrong. Even more, a game is introduced: get votes by extending the most pleasing mental image, like a salesman does. For this reason, politicians are dishonest and essentially actors, and never follow up honestly on their promises, because the voters demand this behavior by voting based on image. The problem is us.

Because people see themselves as the cause of their good fortune, they see others as the cause of any bad fortune. This creates a victimhood pathology by which the individual creates scapegoats to excuse their own low performance or the random events of life. Someone else is always to blame, unless the results are good; then credit is taken.

Groups cause a misleading reality as a result. When people like me say, “The problem is us,” that is not saying “We are bad.” It only says that when leadership and hierarchy are deprecated in favor of mass rule, the end result is that our own innocently-intended voting then leads us into the abyss. We can blame politicians or other scapegoats, but the problem is our behavior, both in groups and as individuals.

To ignore this and to look for a purely political solution is to solicit failure. As Bruce Charlton writes:

But this is regarded as effete and defeatist by the Secular Right of the Boromirosphere – so named by this blog’s commenter Ingemar after the (pre-his-repentance) Tolkien character from Lord of the Rings, and summarised by the phrase:

Hey lads, let’s use the One Ring to fight Sauron!

The Boromir Strategy correctly diagnoses that we are in a state of warfare with Secular Leftism/ Political Correctness/ Social Justice Warriors which are evil – but fails to recognise that this is essentially a spiritual war, which must be ‘fought’ with spiritual weapons – and that evil cannot be defeated by evil; and that the weapons of the Good are all Good.

The Boromirosphere is easily recognised by its tone of hatred, gloating Schadenfreude, and foul-mouthed invective. The Boromir strategy is that the opponents of Leftism need to beat Leftism at its own game – fight one-sided feminism and women-preference with one-sided macho posturing and women-oppression, fight antiracism with pro-racism, fight uncontextualised kindness with shock-and-awe cruelty – in sum, to be even-more ruthless, hardline, expedient, and materialistically-focused than The Left.

There are two elements here:

  1. The search for an ideology as rabid as Leftism. White Nationalists argue persuasively that their extremist views attract people who are fed up with problems. However, in doing so, they create scapegoats which both avoid the actual issue and create collateral damage such as The Holocaust and street violence.

  2. The nature of our revolution cannot be handled by politics alone. The problem is us; nothing changes until we change. That is, we cannot use law to shape our population into ideal National Socialists any more than we can shape ourselves into Communists. These systems are unstable just like democracy.

With the idea of a “spiritual revolution,” we encounter some problems. In this idea, Charlton is essentially restating Evola, who is partially restating Nietzsche who in turn is elaborating on comments made by Plato.

First, like environmentalism it is optional and so a small minority adopt that as their ideal, and do nothing else. This is the same thing American Republicans have done for years, which is to declare loudly that the world is going to hell and the solution is to work hard, study hard and go to church a lot. They stepped out of the dialogue and promptly got steamrollered by the Left.

Second, with the idea of individual spiritual renaissance, we are back at We The People revolting against the system and making change by acting toward our own pursuits. Choice is a great argument for morality, but not for civilization renewal. The spiritual war by itself is demotism is another form.

For these reasons, I suggest an alternate plan. We are not people of ideology, where one idea applied universally causes all people to act together to fix the problem. We are instead formed of organic groups, and those need their leadership restored and cultural standards to reign again. This cannot be accomplished by a single ideological act, but by a practical series of adaptations — the “toolbox” approach.

Tolkien wrote of the toolbox approach when he sent nine people of different backgrounds on the quest to dump the ring in the fires of Mount Doom. There was no one right way, nor was there individualism. Instead, each of these people sacrificed their individualism to work together by their different strengths and approaches, in contrast to the individualism of the ring which granted power and long life to its bearer at the expense of others.

Charlton is correct to reject the mindless cruelty in the name of “they did it first” which leads to anti-Aryan acts like murdering families. But his endorsement of the Benedict Option, like Neoreactionary “exit”, is off-base, although his intentions are good.

Exit was disproven by the American Civil War. The Benedict Option has been disproven by the failure of American Christianity. The White Nationalists, while they do wrong, are not wrong in that their methods will work, at least to a degree, even if they will then collapse in chaos as happened in 1945. But when the other thinkers and doers of the right engage in drop-out-ism, then the White Nationalists take over.

A more sensible approach is a dual strategy. Our society needs political direction to reverse its decline, and simultaneously, a rebirth of not “spirit” but culture — because in culture there lies the ability to understand spirituality and an affirmative joy taken in one’s own people. Without both of these, we go nowhere because the problem is within us, but it is not solved by demanding more egalitarian solutions, including the idea of voluntary spiritual renewal alone.

Those who want to know what to do should go back to Plato: if our problem is that we have gone too far in a cycle that runs from aristocracy-timarchy-oligarchy-democracy-tyranny, then our solution is to skip tyranny and assert aristocracy, because this choice is available to us. Any other solution will fall short and/or self-destruct, if not (like the Benedict Option) simply failing to achieve anything except cloistering aged disaffected conservatives in the same club.

Western Civilization Is Not Western Government

Saturday, June 11th, 2016


Leftism has so brainwashed people that they view the upcoming crash of Western governments as the collapse of Western civilization. While the two are related, they are not the same. Western civilization has been in decline for several thousand years because of fading spirit and will toward moral good among its people; Western government is collapsing because, typical of Leftist regimes, it was inept and spend itself into oblivion.

Let me spin you the most likely scenario for the future:

The bungling Western governments are headed for default because their people have stopped reproducing, and the “new citizens” will not produce as much wealth; this is the classic “Brazil scenario” that Leftists create everywhere. A remnant of people with a clue, who are of unbroken Western European heritage, remain and these are about 40% of the population.

Right now, this group cannot oppose government because government still has a monopoly on force. As conditions dissolve to Brazil/Mexico levels, this will no longer be so, especially after a default or other political crash. At this point, local communities will start to break away, and the first thing they will do is purge themselves of those who are lackeys for the government: minorities, Leftists, incompetents and criminals. Those will be sent elsewhere under good leadership, and silently murdered under bad.

At this point, the power of the West will collapse. The even bigger bunglers and incompetents in Eurasia and Asia will make their gambit for conquest, but in doing so, over-extend themselves and collapse, as they are near this point already. At that point, modern government will cease to exist and local warlords will predominate. This historical pattern happens time and again.

In this different world order, the “Clash of Civilizations” will become apparent. People will associate strictly with their tribe, which will be a cascade of — from most general to most specific — race, ethnicity, politics, caste, and religion. In this great separation, the founding populations of the US and EU will pull away from the newcomers and cease funding them, and murder them if they rebel.

A great migration will happen from the West. Bigger migrations, by percentage of population, have occurred in the ancient past. The West will restructure itself around city-states and citadels, strongholds and hamlets, and trade will be managed by mostly robot-driven corporations which will exist at the sponsorship of certain city-states.

In the meantime, the third world will collapse because of its dependency on reverse colonial dollars. This means that it will cease organized activity and return mostly to subsistence farming. At this point, natural mortality will take hold and regulate the population once again.

The future people who will rule the city-states will be both fascist and anarchistic. There will be some things they utterly do not tolerate, and the penalty for these will be exile, which means that unwanted people will be sent to wander the wilderness between regulated zones and most likely be killed or enslaved. The anarchistic side means that these will not be like modern governments, with public education, regulation and a political agenda. They will be rule by powerful men who interfere as little as possible in the lives of citizens except to reduce threats to society itself.

At this point, the only safety will be found in tribe. Those who stay with their fellows will be protected and enjoy the benefits of civilization; everyone else will be caught in the lawless zone. The rich will retreat to this zone but find their holdings confiscated, which means that unless they are entirely technologically self-sufficient, they will quickly fail. Those who are technologically self-sufficient will find themselves alienated, and will end reproducing at too low of a level to exist for more than another few generations.

The Kali-Yuga will end in fire and iron, but not in the grand cataclysm way that people (and Hollywood) like to think. Instead, it will be many small battles for supremacy over local territories, and to exclude foreigners. Xenophobia and moral rectitude will be the highest values of these tribes, and they will view polluters as foreign agents and execute them.

It seems scary to think about government failing. Upon analysis however, Kinder And Gentler Big Brother is the source of our belief that without government we cannot live. We need some form of local order and protection for the good, but otherwise, the rest can be handled by private industry, and will be. Ideology will be viewed with suspicion and hierarchy present everywhere.

The type of neurotic people who today populate academia, government, media and government-mandated areas of business (i.e. bureaucracy and diversity) will find they have zero place in this world. They will retreat to the third world mixed race zones of the Middle East, North Africa and South America, where they will be genetically eradicated, leaving only primitive peoples as were there before.

The Death of “Exit”

Friday, May 27th, 2016


Yesterday in Paris, France the concept of exit died on the floor of the Google headquarters. Leftists worldwide have realized how wealthy the technology sector is and they want their money so they can pay for the bennies that keep the citizens complacent and stupid:

A dawn raid was launched on Google’s office in Paris yesterday as part of a probe into ‘aggravated tax fraud’ and money laundering.

Around 100 police officers, five magistrates, 25 computer experts and about 100 tax officials entered the US internet giant’s premises at 5am as France ramped up its efforts to clamp down on alleged tax evasion.

Google is accused of owing the French government £1.2billion in unpaid taxes.

While Google is arrogant enough to hide its money however possible, let us be honest: this is a shakedown. If you have the money, Leftist government will take it because all of the voters want it. Leftism creates a perpetual cycle of not having enough and working too much, and this makes workers angry at anyone who is not in that condition. These shakedowns are frequent and eventually kill off industry so that the Leftist cancer can enter its final phase.

The reason that the concept of “exit” died is that a principle has been formalized: if you have money, They will come to take it from you.

The notion of fairness in laws or some kind of reason existing behind the whole process is fallacy. The French have creatively interpreted their laws, which democratic societies produce in vague abundance, to legitimize the theft of money from Google (who creatively interpreted tax and accounting codes for the opposite purpose). This is what Governments do. They also wage war.

Most “collapse” scenarios are like most human thinking, linear and binary. Suddenly there is a huge SNAP! and society just falls apart, leaving a smouldering ruin through which starvation-crazed people wander. In reality, collapse is like Brazil: a society slowly fades away into third world levels of hygiene, wealth and order. It never really fails, it just becomes useless, kind of like ancient Greece and Rome.

When an empire dies, you are left with vast monuments in front of which illiterate peasants squat to defecate. Brazil is in approximately that condition now. This does not mean an absence of government however, nor the more important problem caused by herd mobilization. In every society, the people create the government. When the herd needs money or fears the competition from an exit-stage, politicians arise who will promise to take action.

This creates the They mentioned above: a vast and desperate herd, needy for plunder, and its enablers — who also have a motive of corruption themselves. The enablers will in fact work both coming and going by taking protection money from businesses, and then confiscating a few to demonstrate their power and keep the rest in line. And when the herd calls for Google’s head? Then government will do whatever it has to in order to generate a pretext for seizure.

Not surprisingly, Silicon Valley will react with evasion as it is already doing in response to government demands that it decrypt its customers’ data:

In Silicon Valley, there’s a new emphasis on putting up barriers to government requests for data. The Apple-FBI case and its aftermath have tech firms racing to employ a variety of tools that would place customer information beyond the reach of a government-ordered search.

The trend is a striking reversal of a long-standing article of faith in the data-hungry tech industry, where companies including Google and the latest start-ups have predicated success on the ability to hoover up as much information as possible about consumers.

Now, some large tech firms are increasingly offering services to consumers that rely far less on collecting data.

Tech companies have already figured out that against governments, especially third world regimes, they cannot win. The internet exists in its wires, switches and servers, and all of those are located in the physical world, and can be controlled. Markets can be closed.

If we had a true Terminator-style collapse of civilization that was nice and crisp and binary, this would not be a problem as people could set up a bootleg internet and keep it running with energy generated from flatulence or something. But in Brazil, there is still government… corrupt, incompetent, and slow, but still able to feed itself.

The anarchist fantasy turns out to be far from the reality (although it sounds cool):

Night City was like a deranged experiment in social Darwinism, designed by a bored researcher who kept one thumb permanently on the fast-forward button. Stop hustling and you sank without a trace, but move a little too swiftly and you’d break the fragile surface tension of the black market; either way, you were gone, with nothing left of you but some vague memory in the mind of a fixture like Ratz, though heart or lungs or kidneys might survive in the service of some stranger with New Yen for the clinic tanks.

Biz here was a constant subliminal hum, and death the accepted punishment for laziness, carelessness, lack of grace, the failure to heed the demands of an intricate protocol.

Alone at a table in the Jarre de Thé, with the octagon coming on, pinheads of sweat starting from his palms, suddenly aware of each tingling hair on his arms and chest, Case knew that at some point he’d started to play a game with himself, a very ancient one that has no name, a final solitaire. He no longer carried a weapon, no longer took the basic precautions. He ran the fastest, loosest deals on the street, and he had a reputation for being able to get whatever you wanted. A part of him knew that the arc of his self-destruction was glaringly obvious to his customers, who grew steadily fewer, but that same part of him basked in the knowledge that it was only a matter of time. — William Gibson, Neuromancer

Human illusions always favor solidly defined and rigidly delineated events instead of the gradualism with which natural events occur. Decay is a natural event, since it is not deliberate like a human command, but the result of human actions in the world and the consequences created by those. This often resembles a “conspiracy of details,” with humans accomplishing their goal but experiencing unintended results as well.

For this reason, the concept of “exit” has died: there is no way out of a dying civilization except to overthrow the parasite (the government, the elites, and the less-than-honorable portion of its populace) and deport it, then set up a more sensible social order. This is why the wisdom of our forebears was always to stand and fight rather than try to escape, because in the end, there is no escape from the consequences of our actions, whether individual or collective.

Upward Exit

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

When you’re going through Hell, make damn sure you keep on going. – Old Folk Aphorism


Amerika is post-modern Hell. We want out. We are trapped here and we want, yeah verily, the fvcking-fvck out. The walls close in. Like the trash compactor in the old, good, original Star Wars movie, they approach ever closer and make our space more and more constrained. You don’t want to sink. You have no lateral degrees of freedom. The only way out is the hard climb up. Upward exit is the pathway out of this hell.

So that is the new emerging demographic: the merging elite. They inhabit a bubble –- a select, pampered world of isolated zip codes. As Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle predicted, they have the Billion Dollar Safe Space.

To understand the path of the upward exit, we must understand the Hell from whence it leads. We here at Amerika borrow a theory from French Existentialist and attention harlot Jean Paul Sartre. Hell, quite simply is other people. Not in small numbers, not at a leisurely pace. Hell is other people packed butt-to-flank. Hell is other people acting in a concerted zombie apocalypse of the low double-digit IQs to enforce their mediocrity as if it were the beneficent commonweal. Hell, Monsieur Sartre, is Crowdism.

You do not know it, but you are a slave. You are not enslaved by a central authority, but by the Crowd. Their opinions determine what you can say; their product-buying choices determine what’s on the market; their government preferences create a “window” of acceptable ideas and anything else is excluded. This is tyranny by the Crowd…

The Wealthtopia thus features large estates of low population density. It allows selective disconnect from the madding crowd. The Wealthtopia is a gated community. They build high the very walls Mr. Trump is castigated for having the unmitigated gall of suggesting we build on our nation’s borders.

Post-modern Hell is Socialism. Marx was to poli-sci and econ what Anton LaVey was to theology*. So you escape it. You personally escape it. But it can be useful so you weaponize it.

Socialism gets the camel’s nose into the tent through the funding of public goods such as a minimum retirement, roads, prisons, schools and armies. It then gets perverted via Crowdism until it’s a “Get Out of Stupid Free” Card for the common, lazy parasite. Also, it is procured on the behalf of the billionaire via regulatory capture. Then it becomes a way to fund the negative externalities that would potential accrue to the powerful such as the risk inherent to some of Wall Street’s investment strategies. Any mere mortal who lost that much of other people’s money would get the Nino Brown treatment.**

Finally, the upward exit is one to both altitude and distance. They are immune and aloof to many of the forms of legal and societal consequentialism that the rest of us are forced to obey as matter obeys the laws of physics. See the diligence with which France pursues George Soros. Or the vengeful fury with which the DOJ went after Governor Corzine.

But there’s more to the upward exit than merely amassing possessions. This is the cruel truth. There are social as well as material requirements requisite to joining this invisible American peerage. Like Jay Gatsby, the average person is drawn towards this upward exit as a moth is drawn to a candle flame. If you can just make that leap. Being the next Gates, the next Zuckerberg –- it’s a ticket to the train to Jordan.

But the invisible barriers intervene. The dream never comes true. Daisy Buchanan never leaves her kind and all the money in the world will not buy true acceptance. In the end, the upward exit is an illusion. The stairway to heaven is nothing more than an old Zeppelin tune. The illusory exit is nothing more than a larp amongst the cucks.

*-Put that on your frikken’ SAT or ACT Test.
**-“Money talks. Bullsh!t runs the marathon. See ya’ but I wouldn’t wanna be ya!”

The Origins of Cuckservatism: The Slow Retreat, The Benedict Option and “Exit”

Sunday, April 10th, 2016


What went wrong with conservatism? It has opposed the Left for centuries and yet been defeated to the point where, before the rise of Donald Trump at least, all visible conservative politicians endorsed Leftist ideas and all the “extremists” wanted Left-hybrids of a more totalitarian sort.

The term “cuckservative” irked the political establishment because it revealed how conservatives have compromised the ability to be anything but captive opposition doomed by changing demographic trends. With soft genocide, or demographic replacement, the option for anything but flavors of populist Leftist leaves the building.

As Occam’s Razor would point out, the most direct explanation is that conservatism shares an origin with liberalism. I identify this problem as individualism, or thinking in terms of the individual only and not as part of a larger organic structure. Conservative individualism consists of the idea that the individual doing right (and “working hard”) somehow makes society work out okay.

From this notion comes the conservative concept of retreat. That is, society itself is a dead loss because — as we all know, if we search our intuition — groups of humans turn toward delusion. For that reason, conservatives retreat and keep doing what they see as right, but in so doing they do two crucial things that are highly destructive:

  1. Concede. That which is not challenged because the standard, not just physically but culturally. This is how Leftism has steadily infiltrated every area of society and become seen as the de facto “moral right” approach.
  2. Subsidize. Conservatives retreat to their farms, businesses and jobs but keep pumping money into the liberal state, usually while throwing vegetables at their television screens before stomping off to bed with a glass of warm milk.

The conservative retreat takes many forms. The three divided extremes which no one can seem to unify on the right are:

  1. Religion. Conservatives retreat to a religion-oriented view that seems to desire a theocracy. This misses the need for religion and reality to be synchronized, or religion becomes ideology and pragmatism becomes immoral.
  2. Economics. The libertarian movement is a conservative retreat into a hybrid of Leftism. The idea that if everyone just does what is profitable, a good result will be achieved, is another restatement of the democratic principle because much as individuals do the voting, they do the buying.
  3. Demographics. Some conservatives notice demographic replacement and class warfare and resist those. They have trouble connecting this to other areas of politics however.

I propose a simpler model which is the organic theory of civilization: our goal is to have a civilization and to make it thrive. This requires treating it as an organic whole, or a living body with parts of many different functions that must work together unequally. It also requires that the three planks above work together instead of becoming, like Leftist ideology, causes in themselves toward which we are means to an end.

Conservative retreat — and cuckservatism — begins with the idea that we cannot fix civilization and must rationalize the decline, or “lie back and think of England” as it happens, as the saying goes. Instead of fixing the problem, conservatives propose we compensate by defending our individual right to stay outside of the decline.

Unfortunately, this approach totally fails for several reasons. One, stated above, is that Leftism then replaces culture and turns everyone into a zombie. The second is simple economics: Leftist societies impoverish themselves while simultaneously forming mobs based on the idea of their own entitlement. If there is a wealthier community or wealthier individuals nearby, those will be raided and assimilated so that the Leftist mob can keep itself from starving.

Conservatives have never really grasped the fact that in Leftism, competence and success are the enemy. Those who succeed are presupposed to be morally bad, which means that those who are naturally competent — and thus prone to succeed — are bad news. The Leftist denial of race, genetics, IQ, and HBD through the “blank slate” phenomenon finds its roots in this psychology.

Let us look at the conservative disease in its most admirable form: the Benedict Option.

What matters at this stage is the construction of local forms of community within which civility and the intellectual and moral life can be sustained through the new dark ages which are already upon us. And if the tradition of the virtues was able to survive the horrors of the last dark ages, we are not entirely without grounds for hope. This time however the barbarians are not waiting beyond the frontiers; they have already been governing us for quite some time. And it is our lack of consciousness of this that constitutes part of our predicament. We are waiting not for a Godot, but for another—doubtless very different—St Benedict.

The “Benedict Option” refers to Christians in the contemporary West who cease to identify the continuation of civility and moral community with the maintenance of American empire, and who therefore are keen to construct local forms of community as loci of Christian resistance against what the empire represents. Put less grandly, the Benedict Option — or “Ben Op” — is an umbrella term for Christians who accept MacIntyre’s critique of modernity, and who also recognize that forming Christians who live out Christianity according to Great Tradition requires embedding within communities and institutions dedicated to that formation.

One might view this as a hybrid between monasticism and bourgeois hopes that working hard, getting good grades and a good salary, and then going to church and raising moral children “is enough.” Like that option, it fails because it refuses to tackle the actual problem, which is civilization in decline and the tendency of its leaders and popular opinion to enforce that decline on all dissenters and non-conformists.

The important part there is that both dissenters and non-conformists are targeted. A dissenter is one who disagrees, but a non-conformist is one who merely fails to agree enough to get with the plan. The conservative view is both dissent and non-conformity, but there is no lesser punishment for the latter.

The gay cake dilemma illustrates the methods that are used to subvert conservative communities. If you set up your nice conservative community, a couple of gay people who want attention will drive a few hundred miles to go to your community to demand their gay wedding cake or some other offensive idea (a pederasty children’s party, a sodomy-themed church, etc). If not gays, it will be ethnic outliers or angry blue-haired feminists.

What that does is create a pretext. Society at large intrudes on the non-conformists and, because it demands the unreasonable which it insists is reasonable, provokes a reaction, which then makes society at large see itself as a victim. At that point, retaliation is warranted, and it will come through seizure of the bakery, church and eventually local government. Then the Leftists will “re-educate” everyone starting with the young and assimilate that community.

Conservatives love the idea of dropping out into alternative societies however because it is easier than taking on the task of civilization decline, which is the elephant in the room in the West and the issue that no one wants to tackle. Here’s another fond view:

But we must not think that the state is the only institution, or even the most important institution, that shapes culture and impacts our lives. There are other divinely appointed institutions with their own scopes of authority. The family, churches, private associations, and local government structures also have “legitimate roles to play in a justly ordered society.”

Chuck Colson championed the importance of these other institutions, which Edmund Burke referred to as “little platoons.”…And so, one of the best things Christians can do in this election cycle is to spend ample energy on rebuilding those “little platoons” that are upstream from politics and that strengthen civil society. After all, the best way to have a healthy state is to have a healthy culture. And the church and family are best suited for that.

The problem with strengthening civil society is that it stabilizes the dying patient so that the dying process can continue in a prolonged and more miserable form.

In addition, this approach creates targets. Those churches, private associations, local governments and even the family become identifiable outliers, and the Leftists will systematically exterminate them.

It is not surprising that conservatives have utterly failed to resist Leftism. Their methods are paradoxical to the core.

Unfortunately, these methods are also popular, and as history shows us, what is popular always wins — until the result collapses and everyone blames something else. Viewing history as a geographic process is a type of fatalism because, without intervention of sane leaders, everything always fails. To be “on the right side of history” is to support decay.

Reversing decay is easy: stop doing the stupid and illogical stuff we have been doing. That starts with every well-meaning, bourgeois/prole endorsed institution and program based in the idea that equality is the source of moral good. Instead, we should see equality as what it is: entropy.

There are even more interesting and cryptic statements of the retreat notion:

The basic idea of Patchwork is that, as the crappy governments we inherited from history are smashed, they should be replaced by a global spiderweb of tens, even hundreds, of thousands of sovereign and independent mini-countries, each governed by its own joint-stock corporation without regard to the residents’ opinions. If residents don’t like their government, they can and should move. The design is all “exit,” no “voice.”

…The essential inspiration for Patchwork is the observation that the periods in which human civilization has flowered are the periods in which it has been most politically divided. Ancient Greece, medieval Italy, Europe until 1914, China in the Spring and Autumn Period, and so on. Burckhardt once observed that Europe was safe so long as she was not unified, and now that she is we can see exactly what he meant.

We should call this “the Amish model,” and point out that the reason the Amish and Mennonites are tolerated is that they come across as total lunatic religious fanatics and so few people want anything to do with them. But when a group goes outside the Amish model and becomes prosperous, the nearby parasite community will assimilate it, probably by sending in a gay black orphan to get a patently offensive cake made, then invading in the name of equal rights.

Moldbug also misses the crucial ingredient in the success of these divided groups: those that lasted for any length of time were unified by culture and race, and often if not religion itself, a perception of common values with the dominant religion. Those that seemed to thrive, and then collapsed, missed this vital factor.

This shows us that the three conservative platforms of retreat — religion, race and capitalism — cannot be considered alone but are each important. In other words, we cannot deconstruct the process of civilization into a singular method that, in emulation of the Leftist ideological model, orients everything else around it.

Until now. In my forthcoming book, I propose a new idea, parallelism, which includes the notion that civilizations are organic wholes and therefore, must find a way to synchronize different platforms like religion, race, culture, capitalism and leadership around a central set of values. This originates in culture, but must have some aspect of the transcendental to it, or it equates the symbolic with the literal in the way of Leftism and signaling replaces understanding.

We live in exciting times. Liberalism/Leftism — they are degrees of the same thing — has won because “the right side of history” is always with inertia, which among human beings is the illusion of equality. However, because it has succeeded, it now has no victimhood strategy except of course wiping out non-conformists. But without a big enough scapegoat, it cannot explain its failures.

And so as the West settles into a disaster created by democracy and consumerism and other forms of egalitarian mob rule, Leftist ends its arc yet again. (Like all evil, or illusions, it is reborn anew every time someone needs a scapegoat to blame for their own failure).

With Leftism ending its arc, we have both a need and an opportunity to re-create our civilization in a way that does not fail. I suggest conservatism as principle, which is distinct from conservatism as an organize group (Republicans) or individualistic notion (Libertarianism). This idea instead suggests treating society as an organic whole and fixing it instead of retreating from the disaster and hoping enough of us survive to say “I told you so” among the smoking ruins.

With this, our civilization quest comes full circle: we are facing the same task we did before civilization was created, which is to come up with a way to live together. Egalitarianism does not work, and retreating from egalitarianism to let it destroy society also does not work. The four ideas suggested in parallel — nationalism, aristocracy, capitalism and transcendental goals — do, and if we refuse them, we are choosing retreat and doom.

This blog would be a lot more popular if it offered up easy non-solutions which consist of clever ways of rationalizing decline and thus avoiding the elephant in the room. Most who offer these are well-intentioned, meaning that they are hoping against hope that the task is not what it seems. But it is, and we either rise to the challenge or fade away into the dustbin of history.

The Easy Path To Secession From The USAR

Thursday, March 31st, 2016


At this point, most people who have been paying attention have realized that the USA is on its way out. It is dying for the same reason the USSR did, which is that it created a System to control its people, and that system chose the obedient and moronic over the good. Decline in a nutshell.

The Union of Socialist American Republics (USAR) replaced the USA in the 1990s when we let the 1968ers hit their forties and take over government. Zombie Boomers and brainwashed Generation X kids came together to praise Bill Clinton and the new “looseness” of American culture. It was not just rotten like the 1960s, but combined its rotten Leftist core with 1980s-style slick business acumen.

The result in the USAR is essentially a Communist country, but it fuels itself with the fires of capitalism. You must obey the official ideology to not be fired from your job and driven into hiding. Those who parrot the right memorized responses, like talking about how tragedy will bring us together and diversity is our strength after every terrorist attack, get ahead. Those who notice reality are marginalized.

The idiots won, you see. Leftism is the philosophy of idiots, or at least protecting idiots. That is what “equality” means: an idiot is as good as a genius. Sure, we pay the genius more… maybe… but that means he pays lotsa taxes in order to support the idiot. The smartest are enslaved to the dumbest, and because the dumbest are the largest group and growing in number, we have a permanent single-party system for the Pro-Idiot Party, who happen to be Communists Socialists? liberals.

Many talk about “exit,” or trying to peacefully withdraw, but we see how well that worked for the Confederate States of America (CSA) last time, and common sense tells us that when a liberal government needs money, those who “exit” will be the first to be forcibly re-absorbed. The beast will never have enough. But one option is to use a variant of the Putin/Orban strategy and try to drive away the morally pretentious North.

Vlad Putin and Viktor Orban are not fools. They know the West thinks a certain way, and that it is liable to make war on those who express public disagreement. But they have learned something from the response by American liberals to the American South: if you make those Coastal liberals think that there is nothing in your land but rednecks and crazy people, they will want you to leave. Their disgust will make them let you go.

As a result, Orban and Putin have approached their ideological shift cautiously while appearing to use Trump-style bravado. They make laws against public gayness, maybe throw up an immigrant fence here and there, and make public statements that seem overblown. In each case, they are cagily advancing their own interests while camouflaging them as rednecky incompetence so that Western liberals just give up.

We can see this process in the response of Coastal states to North Carolina’s enactment of a bathroom gender law. Under this law, you use the restroom which corresponds to the gender listed on your birth certificate. If you are a transsexual, you change your gender on that certificate and then you are able to use the bathroom of your new sex. The bill carefully avoids forcing business owners to have only two bathrooms and permits them to have unisex bathrooms. On the whole, it is a fair and sensible bill.

But that is not enough for the Coastal liberals! The fire god wants blood, you see… and blood is shown by forcing an ideological agenda for the sake of appearance, not reality. First the West Coast liberals claimed this bill was anti-LGBT (a fancy term for “not biologically heterosexual”) and then the New Yorkers chimed in. Now the sharks circle for the kill… and yet:

New York state has joined the cities of Seattle, San Francisco and New York in restricting non-essential public-employee travel to North Carolina. The moves are in response to a newly passed North Carolina law that critics say is discriminatory to the LGBT community.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order bans “all taxpayer-funded trips trip to North Carolina, unless they’re essential to public health or law enforcement,” NPR’s Hansi Lo Wang tells our Newscast unit.

Great hope can be found in this. This mostly symbolic act shows the disgust that Coastal liberals feel for someone daring to have another opinion. This disgust is a weapon, but it can be turned around on them. I suggest all of the Southern States should pass similar bills, and go even further. Tax birth control and tampons. Demand everyone go to church. Get extreme and act as crazy as you want, so long as you do it in a way that makes those Coastal liberals get queasy.

The only place safe from the ever-greedy belly of socialist-style government and the neurotic fatwas of Coastal liberals is the place that no one wants. Become that place. Make the South look utterly terrible to these Coastal neurotics and schizoids, and let them pull back. If they want a wall, let’s build that wall. Let us seal ourselves off from the North forever because we are so disgusting to their eyes.

In the meantime, cut free of their neurosis and the easy-money jobs of the cities that make people into robot zombies, we can rebuild civilization and eventually have enough tactical nukes to vanish them if they charge over the wall. Let the Coastal liberals face the fate of their reality-denying, misery-spreading Leftist mental health issues. We must break free, and it begins by making them not hate us, but be grossed out by us.

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