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Western Civilization Is Not Western Government


Leftism has so brainwashed people that they view the upcoming crash of Western governments as the collapse of Western civilization. While the two are related, they are not the same. Western civilization has been in decline for several thousand years because of fading spirit and will toward moral good among its people; Western government is collapsing because, typical of Leftist regimes, it was inept and spend itself into oblivion.

Let me spin you the most likely scenario for the future:

The bungling Western governments are headed for default because their people have stopped reproducing, and the “new citizens” will not produce as much wealth; this is the classic “Brazil scenario” that Leftists create everywhere. A remnant of people with a clue, who are of unbroken Western European heritage, remain and these are about 40% of the population.

Right now, this group cannot oppose government because government still has a monopoly on force. As conditions dissolve to Brazil/Mexico levels, this will no longer be so, especially after a default or other political crash. At this point, local communities will start to break away, and the first thing they will do is purge themselves of those who are lackeys for the government: minorities, Leftists, incompetents and criminals. Those will be sent elsewhere under good leadership, and silently murdered under bad.

At this point, the power of the West will collapse. The even bigger bunglers and incompetents in Eurasia and Asia will make their gambit for conquest, but in doing so, over-extend themselves and collapse, as they are near this point already. At that point, modern government will cease to exist and local warlords will predominate. This historical pattern happens time and again.

In this different world order, the “Clash of Civilizations” will become apparent. People will associate strictly with their tribe, which will be a cascade of — from most general to most specific — race, ethnicity, politics, caste, and religion. In this great separation, the founding populations of the US and EU will pull away from the newcomers and cease funding them, and murder them if they rebel.

A great migration will happen from the West. Bigger migrations, by percentage of population, have occurred in the ancient past. The West will restructure itself around city-states and citadels, strongholds and hamlets, and trade will be managed by mostly robot-driven corporations which will exist at the sponsorship of certain city-states.

In the meantime, the third world will collapse because of its dependency on reverse colonial dollars. This means that it will cease organized activity and return mostly to subsistence farming. At this point, natural mortality will take hold and regulate the population once again.

The future people who will rule the city-states will be both fascist and anarchistic. There will be some things they utterly do not tolerate, and the penalty for these will be exile, which means that unwanted people will be sent to wander the wilderness between regulated zones and most likely be killed or enslaved. The anarchistic side means that these will not be like modern governments, with public education, regulation and a political agenda. They will be rule by powerful men who interfere as little as possible in the lives of citizens except to reduce threats to society itself.

At this point, the only safety will be found in tribe. Those who stay with their fellows will be protected and enjoy the benefits of civilization; everyone else will be caught in the lawless zone. The rich will retreat to this zone but find their holdings confiscated, which means that unless they are entirely technologically self-sufficient, they will quickly fail. Those who are technologically self-sufficient will find themselves alienated, and will end reproducing at too low of a level to exist for more than another few generations.

The Kali-Yuga will end in fire and iron, but not in the grand cataclysm way that people (and Hollywood) like to think. Instead, it will be many small battles for supremacy over local territories, and to exclude foreigners. Xenophobia and moral rectitude will be the highest values of these tribes, and they will view polluters as foreign agents and execute them.

It seems scary to think about government failing. Upon analysis however, Kinder And Gentler Big Brother is the source of our belief that without government we cannot live. We need some form of local order and protection for the good, but otherwise, the rest can be handled by private industry, and will be. Ideology will be viewed with suspicion and hierarchy present everywhere.

The type of neurotic people who today populate academia, government, media and government-mandated areas of business (i.e. bureaucracy and diversity) will find they have zero place in this world. They will retreat to the third world mixed race zones of the Middle East, North Africa and South America, where they will be genetically eradicated, leaving only primitive peoples as were there before.

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