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Do We Really Want To Live Like This?

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

One of the worst Cuck Jobs you’ll ever hear from the pulpit happens when your contemporary Reverend Iwanna SWPLToo opens The Good Book to Acts 10:9-18. After sitting through purge-and-vomit instead fire-and-brimstone, I wanted to log into to my training program at work and see if could claim that homily as my annual diworsity brainwashing session and skip the pablum from HR.

About noon the following day as they were on their journey and approaching the city, Peter went up on the roof to pray. He became hungry and wanted something to eat, and while the meal was being prepared, he fell into a trance. He saw heaven opened and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners. It contained all kinds of four-footed animals, as well as reptiles and birds. Then a voice told him, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.” “Surely not, Lord!” Peter replied. “I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.” The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.” This happened three times, and immediately the sheet was taken back to heaven. While Peter was wondering about the meaning of the vision, the men sent by Cornelius found out where Simon’s house was and stopped at the gate. They called out, asking if Simon who was known as Peter was staying there.

You see, Reverand Iwanna SWPLToo seems to believe we just need to take anyone into the church who claims to want in the door. That excluding them on any grounds makes you a sinner that fails to understand Christianity. Putting a high-pass filter in place would lead us straight down the broad thoroughfare of damnation that AC/DC sings about so nicely. He then informed us if we didn’t all agree with this message he would take his act back home to Arlington, Texas. I figured it was nice he favored open borders and free movement and hoped to someday soon bid him a fond farewell while the church looked for a minister who could read The New Testament and not imbue it with Progressive, New-Fangled Amorality.

So what’s wrong with the SWPL interpretation of this old tale from the scriptures? According to Der Spiegel, nothing the old East German Stasi couldn’t stitch right up. I mean once you’ve decided everyone, literally everyone, regardless of their standards of personal conduct are welcome, you get pretty much what you tolerate. It’s just plain common sense to ask if God would call sepsis clean. Maybe God would call intestinal rotifers and cancer tumors clean as well. It was pretty harsh of Old Jesus to discriminate against Legion for having an excremental résumé. He did ask Christ nicely not to render him homeless.

How would the secret police get involved in a theological discussion with Communism now consigned to corrupt, declining institutions like The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York? It gets involved once Reverend Iwanna SWPLToo’s vision completely dominates a society. You see Germany deigns to assume anything that crap and take a walk has been called clean by whatever they believe in since Nietzsche signed Gnon’s death certificate. So as the old game show trope goes, “Show ’em what they win, Dom Pardo!”

The assassin from Breitscheidplatz, Anis Amri, murdered twelve people and injured almost 100 more. Many of them are traumatized to the present day, some still in the hospital, some will remain nursing care for their whole lives. Could the attack have been prevented? In his report, former Federal Prosecutor Jost assumes at least that Amri could have been arrested in the summer or autumn of 2016 with “high probability” – if the police and the public prosecutors had done their work properly.

Pretty typical conclusion. Better police work would prevent criminals from doing crime. How does this even implicitly indict our true Cuck-Christian duty to !CELEBRATE! diversity? Umm, let’s discuss what proper police work has to entail in order to run the managerial state that can manage diversity.

The LKA observed Amri only for a few weeks. And even though the Berlin police in the meantime considered him to be the most urgent case in the capital, she observed the Islamists only sporadically during this period. Jost is sober: “All observations are limited to the weekdays Monday to Friday, even during the weeks in which Amri ranks first among the” Berliners “. On weekends and holidays, no observers take place.” The ex-federal prosecutor concludes that the findings of Amris’s Islamist activities alone would not have sufficed to put him under investigation. However, from his point of view, it would have given him a great opportunity to get him out of circulation because of drug trafficking.

So my questions are not whether the German neo-Stazis should have received better direction from Zee Merkel’s totally non-Communist politburo. My question is why do we allow elements into Western Society that require us to emulate the failures of the CCCP to avoid having them deliberately and maliciously blow us up or run us over at a Christmas Market? Who in their right mind wants to live like that? Acts 10 aside, we were told by a higher authority than Saint Luke that you can judge a tree by its fruits and that those who don’t bear the desired fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven are tossed into the fire and burned.

We have a theological duty to to read our scripture properly. The injunction is against rejecting that which God made clean. Where does Acts or any other book of the New Testament claim everything is de facto clean? It doesn’t. Reverend Iwanna SWPLToo is deliberately implying valid philosophical induction without an effective base case. Accepting Cornelius the highly decent and squared away Roman Centurian is several standard deviations away from accepting anything that walks out of Left Point with a commission as a 2LT. Peter knew it. Rev. SWPLToo and Angela Merkel know it well. Acts 10:9-18 is being used as a normative bait and switch. Buy not the used mechanical conveyance using an internal combustion engine from any preacher quoting Chapter 10 of Acts.

Why the dishonesty from people we should otherwise be able to rely upon and trust? Maybe I asked the wrong question when I asked who in their right minds would want to live in a society that requires a Stasi? The real question here is who benefits from deracinating a society and culture until it requires a Stasi. Importing fear imports the need for control. The need for control empowers the tyrant. The society that accepts literally everything can only be preserved in the end by a despotism. It can only exist under the baleful, watching glare of The Lidless Eye.

The Evil Emperors of The Amerikan Empire V: Cuck Dynasty

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016


Democracy fetishists like to claim that democracies will consistently avoid really bad leaders. They’ll readily admit to not exactly nominating Charlemagne for the presidency in recent US elections. But they’ll insist that the democratic rise of Hitler was far more of a Black Swan Event than the reigns of Roman Emporers Commodus or Elegabolus. And furthermore, you’d never actually get a run of bad leaders. The Barracks Emperors were strictly a non-democratic phenomenon and would never be possible given the wisdom of the common man.

Strip away the shrink-wrap cocoon of ego-gratifying, jingoistic Whig History and we discover that at least six recent Amerikan Emperors could qualify as legitimate evil emperors who have materially and morally worsened the commonweal of the average decent American citizen. Today we describe how Democracies can in fact produce rancid, inbred, rotifers of privilege worthy of a bicephalic spawn of the Spanish Hapsburgs. In fact, once you’ve got a good, thumping party system, you start getting whole strings of elections that more closely approximate a fued between the Capulets and Montagues.

As the crowd chants “Four more years! Four more years!” at Michelle Obama, we realize that Democracy not only fails to produce a eugenic source of wisdom and authority, but that it elevates the opposite. J.R.R. Tolkien had Sauron’s predecessor create the orcs to be a twisted, evil parody of the noble, decent elves. Modern Amerikan political parties created the Kennedy’s, The Clintons and sadly; the Bushes, as twisted Uruk-Hais of political privilege. Just as Rome had its Five Good Emperors, we have our antithesis: The Bush Family Cuck Dynasty.

So how does one become a Cuck Dynasty? Doesn’t being a Cuck imply a state of powerless, supine subjugation to the Cathedral? How could an entire family remain powerful while living under the cuck like an apprentice seaman on an old, wooden British Frigate? Well, they are serving the Cathedral in their role. They are essentially a puppet-nobility. They are placed at the head of the “Conservative Movement” to prevent anyone that would take a serious battering ram to the Cathedral from being able to consolidate power.

It began with George H. W. Bush’s failed primary campaign against Ronald Reagan. It was no Democratic Operative who coined the term “Voodoo Economics” to deride Reagan’s proposed opposition to the tax and spend Keynesian economics of miasma that gave our nation economic malaise. As a well-bred, Ivy League Bush, his loyalty was to those who sought to consolidate the power of the elite.

This loyalty to the entrenched continued when he followed Ronald Reagan into power and became known as “41.” The “New World Order” he proclaimed ushered in an era of international corruption. While others tend to claim this was an entré for the dreaded (((illuminati))), I tend to see it as a new public trough for the jetset hogs to lick slop at the common man’s expense. Everyone from Bono to George Soros has found this ingratiating. It wasn’t Bill Clinton who originally drew up NAFTA either. Bush’s New World Order is destroying many people’s Old World gainful employment.

The Amerikan Electorate forgot the prohibition against Titles of Nobility and then voted in “41’s” scion, George W. Bush (AKA “W” Aka “43”). By this time, the Bushes had abandoned the monied precincts of Connecticut for the warmer climes of Houston, Texas. George W. Bush tried his hardest to be Texan. It grated the way a fake nerd dressed like a Star Wars droid with an “IFLS” button grates. It particularly grates if said nerd couldn’t differentiate Planck’s Constant from The Shad Planking in Sussex, Virginia. W. was trying too hard to be a man of the people. In reality, he was a man of the elite.

You could sense his condescending elitism in his self-described ideology. “Compassionate Conservatism.” Savor the implicit insult for all those other sorts of Conservatives. You know who you are, you Uncompassionate Conservatives. Nick Land describes how Dubya’s implicit contempt and intense dislike for his own electoral base is lethal to Rightist movements.

“When someone is hurting, government has got to move” declared ‘compassionate conservative’ US President George W. Bush, in a futile effort to channel the Cathedral. When the ‘right’ sounds like this it is not only dead, but unmistakably reeking of advanced decomposition.

You see, the Cuck Dynasty that was the Bush Family just wanted all us Conservatives to be nice and behave. They were attempting to use guilt and socialization to control what Rightists could say and push for in the realm of public affairs. Sarbanes-Oxley was a necessity; Social Security reform had to be abandoned if it scared the Lefties. NINJA Loans were obviously not good ideas. A lot of smart economic and financial minds made a point of carefully explaining that to “43.” But you had to be tolerant if you really believed in housing equality. Housing equality, and all the niceness that went with it made the Cathedral happy. Therefore it was way more important than the fundamental value of the securities in some dumb hick’s retirement portfolio.

And then we get “43’s” brother. The man who took “compassionate conservatism” to the point of soggy dissolution. ¡JEB! believed this ideology should apply to everyone in the world. They could pray “Death to America” each and every morning, but if they ever hurt government had to move. And not only did it have to move, it had to move each these poor, suffering individuals right next door to you. And it had to give them H1B Visas so that they could work at 2/3 your salary and take away your job. Don’t complain you vile, Conservative ¡RACIST!

So, regardless of the outcome of the Presidential Election, Donald Trump has done our great nation a vital favor. By demonstrating that the logical, intellectual end point of the Bush Family ideology was a futile dead-end terminating in national suicide, he tore down The Cuck Dynasty. It is our job as the Reactionary Vanguard to insure this malignancy never raises its ugly head again. Compassionate Conservatism is by definition neither. The New World Order is by necessity a vacuum attached to your wallet and a revolver pointed at your temple.

Everything the Bushes pushed for was stamped pre-approved by the Cathedral. It was deemed polite, acceptable dissent. That made it no real dissent at all. That made the Bushes a vile Cuck Dynasty.

Cuckservativism Is Suicide

Thursday, June 9th, 2016


You show me a good loser. I’ll show you a loser. – Cameron Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers

Canadians are generally decent, soft-spoken people who offend virtually nobody. It doesn’t make them weak or unmanly excepting the subset whom I’ll speak of below. The Tories, Canada’s Cuckservative alternative!* Leave them alone with a knife and a 5th of Canadian Mist and they’ll never need birth control again. Once a supposedly conservative political party no longer stands for the proposition that a legitimate, traditional marriage involves the union of one woman and one man under the auspices of God the Creator; I can’t think of any particular aspect of Western Culture or societal values that they still give a rat’s rear end about preserving. Their own jobs and pensions maybe?

But it was not just how they went about it that signaled a changing party. It was what they did. While most attention focused on the resolution dropping the party’s insistence that marriage was “the union of one man and one woman,” that was far from the only noteworthy decision of the convention. For the Conservative party to vote to decriminalize marijuana, to take but one example, would not so long ago have been unthinkable.

And how did this capitulation make them feel? Liberated. They could have peace. What utter baloney. Canadian Cuckservatives are only liberated because the leftist rape phallus has temporarily shot its wad. They don’t have to throw in the towel – not when it would be more fun if they used it to go hang themselves. This is exactly what they are doing. Auto-erotic asphyxiation on the installment plan.

The Revolution™, you see, will never reach an end. They will have peace until the Thinking People need another dildo to distract the mob. I can garun-fricken-teeya they will be stuck with the tab the next time the eternal Progressive Visigoth Holiday runs out of beer. There is no such a thing in Realityland as the gubbermint dime. There is always an implicit (or real) bayonet at some poor producer’s throat for every last bleeding shekel of largesse. The vice will invariably be tightened time and again, as long as there is some discernable delta between Canada and Venezuela. As long as lootable fuel remains, they can always get made to once more feel the Bern.

This brings us around to where we pretty much should just acknowledge Cam Newton was one hell of a lot more politically astute than either Mitt Romney or John McCain. When a man advertises himself as the political equivalent of a boytwat, then the political equivalent of a priapic phallus will smell it on the wind. A “leader” like a McCain or a Romney is only necessary or wanted for something that can occur in the backseat of any Coupe Deville in five minutes or less. This tells the life story of the modern US GOP and the Canadian Tories as well. Cuckservativism Is Suicide. The Conservatives throughout North America deserve far better.

As for the Cucks…

*-When will we get decent html sarcasm tags?

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