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Smart versus Moral

An old folk aphorism admonishes as follows. “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Yet, sometimes the people who dominate the Amerikan Antipathocracy are the set of individuals that a philosophical and political blog has to write about in order to remain relevant to current news. Therefore, I was very happy this morning to be able to write about JD Vance for suprisingly correct and praiseworthy reasons.

Mirabile Dictu! A man who appeared to personify The Cuckservative’s Cuck may well have had a sly trick up his sleeve. Professional Swamp Figure JD Vance has leveled up his decency kung-fu.

@JDVance1 explains why he opposes a No Fly Zone in Ukraine. “It’s not in our vital national interest. I’m in the minority up here…we have our own problems in the United States to focus on.” #OHSen

Vance’s apostasy may not be completely accidental. He may have successfully hid about twenty-five IQ points behind an effective chameleon virtue signal. Cloaked in an Up-From-Appalachia superhero origin story that would make a cynical and hardened buzzard puke, Vance always seemed like a National Review Online Neo-Con Swamp Monster. A veritable Ben Sasse wannabe awaiting the blessed day when he slithered into a US Senate seat for a long operational life as a low-wattage Neo-Neo-Con. When I looked at JD Vance, I imagined smelling the methane from the DC Swamp.

Then he hit the Kakistocratic Dichotomy. He reached the point where he could not be stupid enough to get under Cuck Conservatism’s barrier to entry. In the inverted world of demotism, the current moral codes required by our supposedly apositional political factions are exactly that. They are algortihms, which set up filters that prevent apostate barbarians from making it into The Bohemian Groves of political power.

The specific filters are wedge issues. Nobody caring about unborn children or impregnated, impoversihed teenage girls when they ask the abortion question. “Are you Pro-Choice, or Pro-Life?” This is not an honest inquiry about a horry and conflicted political issue. It is a challenge that a sentry would issue to a stranger approaching a military perimeter. That paranoid sentry will shoot at the sound of nuance.

“Do you oppose or support Affirmative Action?” Asks The Racial Torquemada of Wokeness (TRTW). Asking for clarification is like asking the real-world Torquemada to offer an anatomical description of how The Immaculate Conception worked as a biological event. TRTW has nary the flipping clue and cannot admit his own ineluctible ignorance. He upholds a company line and any questioning is a sign of heretical dissent.

“Would you willingly support having NATO enlarged to include Moldova and The Ukraine?” Asks Senator “Four Deferments” Romney. This is not an honest foreign policy interogatory. It is an .And. logical gate. There is only one acceptable set of two identical answers to both parts of the question. Like a Facebook or Google search restriction, no results remain visible that do not get through that .And. condition.

This degraded morality of exclusion determines the limited and inferior set of talent from whence we get leadership in Amerika’s Antipathocracy. This disgenic set of limitations leads to the degradation of Amerika’s Elite. It explains why JD Vance took a risk by failing to hide what most normal Americans would consider native common sense. He becomes that nail that sticks out too far above the cheap, carcinogenic, Chinese particleboard. Does “Four Deferments” Romney now seek out a passive-aggressive hammer to pound JD flush?

JD Vance may have taken a calculated rather than an exasperated risk. Another old aphorism states. “One man of courage makes a majority.” If the antipathocracy has rotted out, JD Vance isn’t hammered. He gets to be a visionary instead. The man did possess the determination and moxie to go from detested White poverty to Yale Law. Suddenly that treacley, Right-Woke origin story could actually signify some legitimate cutthroat moxie.

As JD Vance travels through Amerika’s Valley of The Shadow of Mediocrity, he may no longer fear Cuckservatism. God may not be with JD Vance, (Yale may well deny admission to anyone allowing Christ to legitimately indwell), but he may have just leveled up his decency kung-fu.

Some would argue JD Vance just got lucky. Yet if you ask Oprah, she would tell you. “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” It would be awesome if JD Vance drops a false Neo-Con mask and then goes Batman on the rotting Gotham City that is Washington, DC. He sure took a risk when he chose being smart over being what Amerika’s Antipathocracy considers moral.

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